Chris , Janice

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God the gym I go to is filled with females who wear those long black workout spandex pants that absolutely drive me nuts. Well, today I was there and there was this one female with the rounded ass I ever saw in black spandex pants. I was so worked up that I finished my workout and decided to write a story about her and here it goes.

Only a few more sets Chris told himself as he went over to the water fountain and sipped down a few gulps of water when out of the corner of his eye he saw walk in the gym the most beautiful female he ever laid eyes on. She had on a small black top and a bare mid drift and ultra tight black spandex workout pants.

Chris just watched as she went over to one of the leg machines and began to do a set. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her beautiful ass. It was so round and looked so hot in those pants and she filled them out quite nicely. The gym was quite empty and Chris went over and did a set and watched her as she laid down on the gym floor and began to undo her sneakers.

She undid the laces and slide off her socks and put them aside and did the same with her other sneaker and then got up and walked over and put them in her gym bag as Chris just looked on in astonishment. She then went over to one of the smith machines and began to do lunges barefoot.

Chris was in total misery as he had never seen a girl work out barefoot and never one so hot as this one. He watched as she did several sets, trying not to look so much. Chris then went over to the hamstring machine and laid down and did a set when he was about to get off he heard a voice.

“Hi may I work in with ya” and as Chris turned around there was the barefoot girl right there. “ah..uh sure” Chris managed to stutter out of his mouth as he got up and watched the gorgeous lady wiggle under the machine and began to do a set.

Chris didn’t want to seem like a big pervert so he moved down a bit so he wouldn’t be in line with her butt. He did manage to sneak a peek at her bare feet which were starting to get a bit dirty on the bottoms as he made a quick beeline for the water fountain. When he got back she was done her set.

“Uh by the way i am Janice and I am new to the club and the area” she said she extended a hand and Chris managed to also stick out his hand. “Seems like a nice gym” Janice said as Chris and her made small talk.

“Hey would you mind if i worked out with you the rest of the time as I am doing legs as well” Janice asked as Chris couldn’t believe his good fortune. “Yeah we can do legs” Chris almost whispered.

“I hope the club doesn’t mind me working out barefoot, those sneakers will killing my feet” Janice said as Chris laid down and began to do a set and muttered under his breath that he didn’t mind and unknowing to him Janice heard that little remark as she watched Chris do his set.

She was checking out his hot big body. Chris had a nice pair of legs and a strong back and Janice eyed him up and down. Janice watched as Chris finished his set and then got under the machine ever so slowly and even wiggled her butt a bit more as she got in and did her set. Chris was so damn horny now he was dying inside.

He wanted to lick and rub that ass sooooo bad he could just taste it. He didn’t take his eyes off her round ass the whole time she did her set. Janice slowly slide up from under the seat as the two finished their workout as Janice pretty much walked all around the floor in her barefeet without a care in the world.

30 min later

“Chris I was gonna go for a walk around outside want to join me I could use the company” Janice said as Chris said “Sure” as they both picked up their bags and headed out the door. “Let me put my bag away before we go” Janice said as they went over to her car.

Chris had thought at this point that she was going to put her sneakers back on, but much to his surprise she left them in the bag and she threw the bag in the car. “Let’s go” Janice said as she slide her feet across the black paved parking lot and onto the dirt trail behind the gym.

Chris was hoping his cock wasn’t going to start getting big cause here he was with this beautiful woman and he didn’t want to blow things by having something embarrassing happen. They walked around the trail a few times and then out of nowhere Janice completely surprised him.

“So I saw you looking at my ass did you like what you saw” Janice suddenly blurted out without warning. Chris was cut completely off guard and couldn’t even get any words out. “I could see by the way you were looking you liked what u saw” Janice said as she got in front of Chris and smacked her butt cheeks.

“It was the pants you had on that drove me mad” Chris confessed. “Oh really now” Janice said as she bent over just a bit and began to rub her sides with her long fingers.

“You mean these little pants got you going” Janice teased as she pulled them out a bit and then let them snap and it smacked her skin. “Yes” Chris said as his face was flustered güvenilir bahis red now.

“Oh poor baby I bet these pants have caused a lot of cocks to turn from soft to hard and you know what i love it…love going to the gym and turning heads, its fun and good for the ego” Janice said as she laughed a bit as she slide her feet along the dirt. “Why don;t we go back to my place and maybe if your lucky I’ll take these pants off for you” Janice said as Chris didn’t need to be told 2 times as they walked back to her car and off to her apartment they went.

Janice got of her car still in her bare feet as she parked the car in the street and walked right up her driveway which was full of oil and dirt from her old car. She walked like a woman in control and by the looks of things didn’t care where she walked or where she stepped in.

“Make yourself comfortable” Janice said as she opened the door and went into the kitchen to get both of them some water to drink. Janice returned and slide right under Chris as she laid on her stomach and that beautiful ass was only inches away from him.

“Like the view i hope” Janice giggled as she sipped on the water. “Oh my god yes your ass is just so perfect” Chris replied as Janice went around and took a finger and ever so slowly pulled up her spandex an inch and slide a finger and itched for a few sections. “I had an itch above my butt” Janice squealed as she leaned over and pulled out a bottle of baby oil from her purse.

“I want an all over massage and if you do a good job on the top half you can to the bottom half.” Janice said as she reached behind and unhooked her top and felt Chris kneel down beside her. He lifted up her hair and took the bottle and tipped it ever so slowly as the oil spilled onto her upper back. Chris with his 2 strong hands began to massage the oil on her neck and upper back as Janice just laid there taking it all in…moaning as the 2 strong hands massaged her upper lats and back.

He moved over and worked on her shoulders as well as he massaged the oil in for all he was worth. His fingers dug in deep as he massaged her tired muscles. “Oh god that feels so good” Janice said as Chris moved along and got a bit bolder and moved a bit lower. Janice, he could tell had been working out for a bit as she had a nice set of lats and her back was nice and strong. Reaching over with a free hand he poured some more oil along the middle of her back and rubbed it deep in her as Janice moaned.

“Chris you can go lower” Janice said as she took 2 fingers as Chris watched in astonishment and slowly slide down the spandex off her hips and exposed about an inch ofthose 2 round buns of steel.

Then Janice had an idea as she pulled up the spandex covering up the 2 round cheeks and slapped the spandex back in place. “Crawl down to the bottom of my spandex and lick my spandex all the way to the top” Janice groaned as Chris made his way from her lips down to her ankles. Chris looked down at her feet and saw for the first time how dirty they had become and he groaned in agony as he wanted to lick them. Janice heard him groan and had no idea, but something had got him going she thought to herself as Chris planted his lips on the bottom of her spandex and began to kiss and lick on them as he worked his way up to her calves and onward.

God was his cock growing as his tongue worked his way her legs. the spandex were tight and clung to her body as his tongue left wet marks on her clothes as he got closer up her thighs she spread her legs. “Chris i did an aerobics class in these and didn’t shower” Janice teased as that only made Chris increase the licking as he tried to suck some of the sweat off the spandex.

Getting to her mid thighs, Janice slide back her hands and pointed at her ass. “Give it a rim job through the spandex” Janice moaned as Chris moved his tongue up and began to pepper her soaked ass with kisses. making his tongue stiff as he slide it between her spandex coated cheeks and began to suck the pussy juice and sweat which had mixed together.

This caused Janice to jump and she was more more horny than ever as Chris slide his tongue in and out from between her cheeks which were only covered by a thin line of black. In and out that tongue jammed from between the cheeks like a well oiled machine. Janice wiggled her ass to let Chris know what he was doing was awesome. Chris then like a dog began to lick the crotch up and down slowly teasing her as his long tongue went from her asshole to her now soaked crotch.

Pressing his mouth and lips on her crotch he sucked in as much juice as he could. Janice spread her legs and then closed them with Chris’s head wrapped in between as he went to work. Juice filled his mouth and covered his lips as he went to work. Janice couldn’t take it anymore, She just had to feel Chris’s tongue on her skin and body. She flipped over as Chris was on his knees. She took each leg and placed it on his shoulder. She planted her feet right on his shoulder as Chris looked türkçe bahis at her soles and just rolled his eyes and Janice saw, but couldn’t put 2 and 2 together as she told Chris to watch her.

He turned his attention back to her as she took 2 fingers and slide them under the spandex and began to pull them down. Lifting her hips up off the ground she slide the spandex down off her stomach and down her legs. Lifting her feet high in the air giving Chris an unholy view of 2 very dirty soles, Chris’s eyes almost popped out of his head as Janice again noticed this as she kicked the spandex away and she was now naked as could be. She spread her legs wide and invited Chris in.

Chris didn’t need to be told again as he put his head right down and began to kiss and lick around her pussy, which was bald. Janice took her hand and spread her lips as Chris teased her by just letting the tip of his tongue touch her pussy as Janice moaned in pleasure.

“Suck me off…suck it good” Janice told Chris as he dove in and began to lap away like a madman on her soaked pussy lips. Lapping away as juice trickled into his mouth he swallowed every drop as he found her clit and locked on it like a homing device and began to lick away at it as he wanted Janice to cum hard and furious. Janice grabbed his head and pulled it in as she was getting ready to cum. Janice grabbed his hair and rocked him back and forth as she flooded his mouth with her juice as Chris’s mouth lips, and throat were dripping with Janice’s juice.

As she calmed down she let go of his hair and took a finger and moved it around his mouth taking her juice off his chin and depositing it in his mouth as she watched him clean off her finger. “mmmmm Chris god you eat pussy like a pro…damn that tongue has a mid of its own and knows what spots to hit…damn your good…lets see if it as good on my other half” Janice said as she flipped over and exposed her round butt to Chris.

Chris slide between her legs as Janice moved her butt up so Chris could lick it easier. Chris just stared at it and then began to give it soft kisses as he worked his way toward her hole. He grabbed and rubbed her butt as his tongue left a wet trail of salvia all over her cheeks and then he took 2 fingers and spread her cheeks wide and jammed the tip of his tongue as far as he could right in her puckered hole. Janice felt his tongue jam into her ass as she was getting wet again. Chris slide his tongue around clockwise as the asshole opened for him and he tried with all his might to jam that tongue in there.

Spreading the cheeks, his made his tongue stiff and slide it in there. In and out like a small cock his tongue drove in as with each thrust the asshole opened more and more. Giving it a few flicks, he then pushed his whole face in there as his tongue explored the open asshole and also licked up the sweat from the spandex. Moving his tongue away, Chris slide a finger into her wet pussy and then moved it along her hole teasing her. “Yes slide a finger in me” Janice demanded as Chris took his finger and slide it between her ass cheeks as the asshole opened and accepted the new visitor.

He slide the finger all the way in and then back out as Janice moaned in total pleasure. “Chris i need your cock in my ass, but if i let you i want you…all of you” Janice said as Chris had no idea what she meant, but hell he was in total lust now and would have done anything Janice wanted as Janice laid on her side. “I want to watch you as it goes in” she said as she spread her legs up in the air and rested a foot on his big shoulder as Chris got some pussy juice and lubed up his 8 inch cock. Stroking it a few times to get it wet he looked down at Janice as she winked at him and pressed the tip against her hole.

“Ohhhh yeah Chris shove it in there” Janice cried as the tip went in as Chris just looked at Janice as she nodded as he looked down and the head disappeared into her asshole, Chris applied a little more pressure and the next inch slide it, but very slowly as Janice was damn tight. He rocked back and forth a bit as Janice stuck her tongue out and in went more of his cock. He rocked back and pulled back and then in more he went as Janice moaned for him to go in all the way. Lifting her leg up he pressed more and pushed more and then in popped his cock all the way in.

He slide it back and inch or 2 then pushed back in as her ass was opening up and wasn’t as tight as before. Her bare foot accidentally hit his cheek as he moaned as her dirty foot was only inches from his mouth. He moved her foot off his shoulder and just held it inches from his nose, eyes and mouth as he began to fuck her ass faster as her foot moved back and forth and for the 1st time Janice noticed her foot was quite dirty.

Chris’s eyes were transfixed on her foot as he was looking at how dirty they had gotten from the gym and the walk. Janice then looked over and saw where his eyes were and then it dawned on her that Chris might have a foot fetish, but her feet were güvenilir bahis siteleri quite black so she just didn’t want to thrust them in his face as she thought that might turn him off. He began to slow down the pace as he popped his cock all the way out and then slide it back in and Janice very carefully moved just and inch or two so that her feet would be even closer and as she did this, she could see Chris was getting more turned on, if that was even possible.

“Chris now fuck my pussy” Janice pleaded as he pulled out of her ass and then Janice laid on her back and put her legs on his shoulders as his cock went right in with one thrust and he began to pound on her for all he was worth. Grabbing her ankles he thrusted in deep and hard as his balls slammed into her asshole. Janice crossed her legs at the ankles as Chris had a full view of 2 dirty feet and as he gasped out loud, Janice uncrossed them and slide her toe in his mouth.

“That will keep you quiet” she whispered as Chris opened his mouth more and Janice slide in all 5 of her toes. “Lick my feet chris..that would turn me on so much” Janice asked as Chris kept on ramming her pussy as his tongue licked her toes. Janice came again as Chris has his mouth locked around her toes as Janice let loose with another orgasm as both just slowed down for a minute and fell to the floor exhausted.

Janice then got up and gave Chris’s cock a few tugs as she laid down and put her feet right next to his head. “I want you to lick my feet..they have never been licked before, please I want to see how it feels” Janice begged as she didn’t want Chris to know that she knew he was into feet. Chris sprawled out beside her as she crossed her foot and offered it to him.

“Remember I said I wanted all of you..well now its my turn” Janice said as before she started she wanted to watch Chris lick her feet. Chris just looked at her foot as he inhaled the foot aroma and then took a deep breath as Janice looked on and began to slowly lick her dirty feet.

wow Janice said to herself he really is into feet and damn it felt good. Starting with her big toe he sucked each toe and let his tongue ride over the entire toe trying to suck off the dirt as Janice looked at Chris’s big back. She took her hands and began to massage his back as she watched Chris suck her feet. God it felt so good. Leaning over she tilted her head back as she reached over and got the bottle of baby oil and squirted some on Chris’s back and rubbed it in as it dripped down his back.

Chris moved off the toes and onto her soles as Janice couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting by having her feet and her dirty feet licked no less. She watched on as Chris was really into doing what he was doing. She stopped rubbing his back as she watched on as Chris cleaned her feet. That tongue that had done wonders on her ass and pussy was really doing a number on her feet. Janice watched on as the dirt went off her soles onto Chris’s tongue as he licked her feet for all he was worth.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh Chris I am so horny again” Janice said as she lifted her feet away. “Chris it is time for me to give you some pleasure” Janice said as she had Chris lie down and she got out the bottle of oil. “Time for me to have all of you” she purred as she began to massage his back as the oil dripped down his back. Watching oil drip down to his butt she watched it fall off his hips and down onto the floor.

Moving down lower she deeply massaged her hands down his lower back and onto his butt cheeks. Sliding her fingers along his tight muscular butt cheeks she let out a small smile as she went over and grabbed more oil. Taking 2 fingers she spread open his butt cheeks and poured the oil between the cheeks and began to massage it all in. Rubbing up and down on his hole she had him sit up on all fours as she rubbed his balls and stroked his cock a few times as she then took one finger and moved it between the crack getting the oil in deep. Sliding a finger around his hole she gathered up some oil and pressed her finger against his hole and then slide in her finger inside his tight ass.

She heard Chris moan as her finger disappeared into his asshole and then she slide it back out. Leaning over Janice grabs a silver dildo and turns it on. All you can hear in the room is the buzz of the toy as she takes the tip and runs it around his ass cheek and balls. She gets out some more oil and drips some on the dildo as she watches the toy get covered in baby oil. Pressing the tip against his hole she decides to get bold as she wants him to feel what it is like to get a cock in his ass.

Moving his butt more she pushes the head against his asshole and moans “Oh my god this is such a turn on…bout time you know how it feels” Janice cried as watched as his asshole opened and the tip found its way in. “Ohhhh yes there ya go..take my cock all of it” Janice cried as she pushed it in deeper and his ass opened more and in the silver toy went. “oh god look at you take it” Janice cried as she twisted the toy and began to slide it back and forth deep in his ass. With her free hand she began to jerk his cock back and forth and slowed the pace and then went faster, teasing him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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