Chrissie Lynn’s Candy

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Chrissie Lynn_

Jack was coming home for Halloween! When he left for college, it was “only” 120 miles away and I thought I might see my baby boy a little more often, but clearly he had adopted well to college life, made friends, seemed to be passing his classes (so he tells me) and even was seeing a young lady.

A young lady! I guess our special weekend at the lake had indeed given him the confidence to find a girl who would savor the treasure his cock was. I remembered the sight of him flopping naked around the cabin, lean and muscular, penis on parade, hazel eyes flashing, and that big grin. That memory would put my pussy in a wet peach, but I pushed the thought from my mind before I needed to change my panties. I was proud of the man my son had become and proud to have been some small help and I certainly wasn’t going to get in the way of this new attachment.

Besides, the experience of making love to Jack had opened me up as well. I was seeing someone new for the first time in three years, although I hadn’t mentioned this to Jack yet. Things were still early days and I needed to see how it was going to shake out. Eric was nice enough, relatively easy on the eyes, and not bad in the sack. He’d left town on business two weeks ago and I hadn’t heard from him and was getting a little antsy, not to mention horny, which is may be why the thought of Jack coming home for the Halloween weekend had my head spinning. I opened a bottle of wine and had a long bubble bath.


Road trip! My roommate Derrick was a guy I knew from swimming. He was a year older and had gone to our big rival high school, and he could be a bit annoying about it, but he did seem to know all of the girls and was apparently banging most of them. Basically he was okay. And he did introduce me to his sister, Kitten. The Halloween road trip back to our mutual home town was Derrick’s idea. I think there was an old girl friend he wanted to see (naked), and Kitten was coming too. We were even going to dress up and help my mom with trick-or-treating and then go to a party Derrick knew about.

I liked Kitten. She was a brunette, like my mom, although she didn’t have Chrissie Lynn’s spectacular bosom. Kitten’s breasts were more like a handful apiece, firmer then my mom’s and she had petite nipples which wasn’t’ exactly my fantasy, but I was getting used to them because Kitten was letting me. She had a nice ass, too. And she was letting me get at that as well. In fact she insisted on fucking as often as possible, and she seemed to know what she wanted and was teaching me. I never asked her, but I think she was pretty experienced even though she pretended that I was her first.

Chrissie Lynn_

Friday was Halloween and we get a lot of kids coming through so I need to have plenty of candy on hand. I like to get dressed up for the night, usually as a black cat. But so far I had only gotten as far as a pair of snug fitting black leather pants and the kimono I threw on when the doorbell rang. No bra, but I figured I looked reasonably modest. My first little visitor was an absolutely adorable honeybee about three years old. Her mother, a nice suburban housewife stood back a little, watching me with suspect eyes. Dad was out on the sidewalk. When I looked at him my heart stopped.

It was Eric!

That bastard was married?

My pulse began racing at about a hundred miles an hour as the happy family moved on down the street. How could he bring his daughter here? He knew this was my house. How could he…? I nearly broke down. Bastard! Bastard! This is how you tell me its over? I needed a drink.


The two hour drive home took about three and a half hours because we stopped for gas and snacks and then hit traffic coming into town. That’s what caused us to hit the traffic, I think, because we took way too long at the gas station. Kitten and Derrick both had to use the facilities which were around back and there must have been a line because it took awhile. When they finally came back she was tense and he was cocky, so I figured they must have had an argument and Derrick won as usual. He could be very smug about stuff like that.

But Kitten at least was 21 and so she bought some beers, and Derrick and I drank in the back seat while she drove. So we got into town later then expected and Halloween had already started, but there weren’t too many kids about as we tumbled out of the car and rang the bell. “Trick or Treat!” My mom answered the door and I was instantly in love again. She looked amazing and hot and was smiling that wide gorgeous smile of hers.

She fell into my arms with a shriek, “Jack!” and it kind of caught me off guard so I couldn’t quite get my left arm around her. Instead, I found myself with her splendid right knocker covered in nothing more then a thin silk kimono and my hand. Being Chrissie Lynn, it was more than a handful. She gave me a chaste mom kiss and a tight lover’s hug and made no effort to remove my hand . Happy poker oyna Halloween!

Thank god Kitten was around on the other side and couldn’t see it.


But I saw it. Not that I blamed Jack for wanting to cop a feel off his mom, because I certainly wanted to. But to actually do it? And she was letting him? Wow! I remembered her now from our old high school swim meets. I only saw her a few times, but she was someone you remembered. I think I even jerked off fantasizing about her once. And now this… well, this was worthy of some consideration.

Apparently Jack’s mom was lonely. And she’d been drinking. And I think she had been crying. Wow.


Chrissie Lynn_

Apparently Jack planned a “private” moment when he saw me. He was discrete, and I don’t think anybody saw him, but we’d have to have a talk later about being faithful. After embracing Jack, I smiled and held my hand out to his girl. Kitten was pretty in a sly kind of way. Petite and saucy, she affected a well worn leopard print cocktail dress and black fishnet stockings with several stylish tears in them. My first thought was that she was well named.

Her brother, Derrick… I recalled him, now that I saw him. He had filled out into a big broad-shouldered fellow with an easy eye that seemed to inhale me and a smile that was more of a smirk. He could be popular and he knew it. He’d come as a pirate, but should have dressed as a pussyhound, because he had it written all over him. I wondered if Jack could see it. I could tell that Kitten did. Jack went off to look for the mummy costume I had laid out on his bed.

Derrick began currying favor while keeping his eyes well south of my chin, “I’m already dressed, Mrs. B. Can I help you pass out the candy?”

“Call me Chrissie Lynn, Derrick. Jack does, and so can the two of you. Why don’t you start, and I’ll show Kitten to my bathroom so she can finish her make-up, and I need to get dressed, too.”

“You look swell like that, Chrissie Lynn.” Despite the obvious leer in his comment, I blushed and walked away feeling oddly flattered. I could feel his eyes following my ass, so I waggled it for him. Kitten punched Derrick in the arm rather hard then caught me up and forged on ahead. We stopped by the kitchen so I could pour another glass of wine, and Kitten poured one for herself too. What the hell. They’d be drinking later at their party, I had no doubt.

We took our drinks down the hall to my bedroom and the master bath. Our route ran past Jack’s bedroom. My idiot child had left the door open. As we passed I saw Kitten peep in and then giggle. Trailing her I turned to see Jack facing the door while pulling his mummy costume down over his head. Its made of cotton and should be worn with undergarments on cold October nights, but Jack had chosen to go commando and so we were treated to the sight of his enormous penis swinging erratically as he struggled.

“Jack, what am I going to do with you?” I snarled as we passed.

“I’ll think of something fun, Chrissie Lynn.” He slammed the door. “Peeping Tinas.”


Chrissie Lynn didn’t like me. Their moms generally don’t, and so naturally I didn’t like her. Plus there was something heated about her and Jack together. That hug! That was full body contact, no lean-in there, and they lingered, and no bra. And the way she was preening for Derrick. Lots of women did that towards my brother but he was a slut and so were they. And then at Jack’s bedroom door… she stayed for a good look. I’ve seen his big cock before, I’m his girlfriend, but she’s his mom. I’ll bet she hasn’t seen it since he was five, and I’ll bet the sight of that monster gave her a start. But she did stay to look. And what did he mean by that comment about “something fun?” There’s more here than meets the eye, methinks. Weird. But her wine was quality.


I felt kind of good in my mummy costume. My mom had made it for me about five years ago and it still barely fit., but it was even better that way. I felt sort of exposed, like I might burst out and that’s the way I’ve always thought a mummy should feel. So my girl and my mom saw my dong out. Big deal. I’m so over being self-conscious about my attribute. If they’re weird about it, they can just get over it. I was feeling big and half hard when I came back out to find Derrick giving candy to the kids.

“Time for you to take over, Jack. I’ve got to make a run to the can… its down the hall?”

“Go for it, dude.”

Chrissie Lynn_

I will say that Kitten looked pretty cute in a trashy sex pussy way when she came out of the bathroom with her own cat make-up completed and her wine glass half empty. She has pretty almond shaped eyes which she had highlighted in an exotic style. She drew little whiskers on her cheeks and a black spot on her nose. The leopard print dress fit her like a skin and her bra was half exposed and was more about lace than coverage. I saw no sign of a panty line canlı poker oyna so I assume those torn fishnets were it. Cute shoes with cat faces on the toes, though. I wouldn’t have minded having a pair of those myself. I rummaged through my closet for a top. Finding what I wanted, I tossed it on the bed, followed by my kimono. Now for the right bra.

She stopped at the door for an appraising look. I only had my tight black leather pants and stiletto heels on and not a stitch more. She took in an eyeful, “You look good for your age, Chrissie Lynn. You should come along to our party. I’ll go help Derrick with the candy.”

“You look like the candy,” I thought to myself and had another gulp of my wine. I was getting tipsy, thanks to that bastard Eric. That plus my own heartbreak probably accounted for my less the generous thoughts about my son’s girl. I had my back to the door so I didn’t realize she had left it open as I pulled the right bra out of the dresser. I had slipped the straps over my shoulders and adjusted the cups over my breasts when I heard a quiet presence enter the room. Jack.

Reaching behind me I held the clips out. “Would you snap me up?” He slid quietly behind me and took the ends. Then with an expert shake he flipped the straps back off my shoulders and had my bra off in a wink. It fell to the floor at my feet and I giggled then leaned forward to pick it up. “You goof. Now is not the time.”

His hands gently held my waist as I leaned forward, conscious of my big knockers swinging forward heavily. As I stood up clasping my bra, his hands slipped around front and stroked my belly to come up under my boobs which settled on top of them. I closed my eyes even as my warm tit flesh kissed the backs of his hands. He turned up his hands to grasp their weight from the underside and then ran his hands up over my nipples while allowing my twins to sag back into place. His big hands hungrily kneaded my breasts, his fingers digging deeply in, pressing them up against my chest and consequently, pressing me up against his body.

I wasn’t surprised to find him hard. I was surprised he wasn’t bigger, and by how much of my boobs he was able to grasp. I think my gasp was audible in the next room when he spoke, ” You’re a beautiful woman, Chrissie Lynn.”



I slipped behind the door to Jack’s room as Kitten came bouncing down the hall, and then tip-toed out to find the master bedroom. Ah, there was Chrissie Lynn now. Her back was to the door and she was stripped to the waist. Quietly I entered as she began putting on her bra. “No point in that,” I thought. When she offered me the snaps, I knew what to do, and then reached around to take her warm soft breasts into my hands. The heat off of her body was intense. Her breathing was heavy, panting, really. And I could hear her whimper a little with pleasure. I still think its what she wanted me to do despite throwing me out.

She turned around to face me, boobies quivering. “Derrick! This is inappropriate and wrong. Please leave my bedroom this minute.”

“Really? You’re giving me a whole minute? A lot can happen in a minute.” I grinned and admired her talents.

“Go back and help with the candy, Derrick, and I’ll be out when I’m decent. We’ll just forget all about this.”

Well, the sight of her wobbling boobies and flushed cheeks was not something I’d quickly forget. Her nipples were hard and long with excitement. She made no effort to cover up and allowed me a good long look. I think she even straightened up a little, thrust ’em out. Jack’s mom wasn’t so different from her younger sisters. S he was definitely aroused at the prospect of Derrick the Shaft watching ’em bobble.

“We won’t forget about this. You liked it, Chrissie Lynn. You know you did. I know you did. And I assure you, I liked it to.” Then it struck me, “Did you think I was Jack? “

She slapped me, which set her boobies swinging wildly. “You’re mistaken, Derrick. Now get out of here. Now!”

Well, I had my answer, and I went back to find Kitten and Jack. Jack was a motherfucker, or at least he wanted to be. And Chrissie Lynn wanted him to be as well, even if she hadn’t admitted it to herself just yet. We had much in common.

Chrissie Lynn_

My god, what a night. Eric had dumped me and now Jack’s roommate was putting the moves on me. And I let him! Had I? I wasn’t sure. I consoled my self with the last of my wine, and convinced that I had properly given him the right about, put my bra on. Then I looked at the black corset and bustier I had selected for the evening and shrugged. I wasn’t going to let that young punk ruin my Halloween fun. But when I saw how much of my boobs pillowed over the top, I put on a little black bolero jacket and applied my own cat make-up to match Kitten’s. I took a deep breath and went out to join the kids.


My mom looked spectacular when she came back out to help with the candy. Kitten and Chrissie Lynn internet casino each complimented the other on her look, but said almost nothing to each other after that. Derrick kept leering at Chrissie Lynn, which seemed to irritate Kitten although my sweet mom didn’t seem to notice. But I did get a lot of attention from Kitten who was flirty with me, smiled a lot, laughed at my stupid comments and made sure to rub up on me. The three of them started in on the wine again, but I was to be the designated driver so I held off. When it came time to go to the party, Derrick insisted that Chrissie Lynn come along and to my surprise, she agreed.

But the party turned out to be something of a bust. About fifty people in a rented house, and the marijuana came out early so by 10 PM there was a lot of sitting around in a stupor or necking… fucking in the bedrooms… that sort of thing. My mom was ready to leave.

Chrissie Lynn_

We were only at the ‘party’ for maybe an hour. The first half hour was dull, but the second proved to be eventful. At about 9:30, Derrick came on to me again. I was in the back yard, (they did have some lovely plantings), when he came up from behind. He had a drink in his hand, but even more, it was clear that he had inhaled. “That’s one mighty fine caboose you got there, Chrissie Lynn. Jack sure is a lucky dog.” I was instantly on edge.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

He mumbled something I couldn’t catch, then tried to reach around my waist and kiss me. But I was more than ready for him this time, and pushed him off. “Don’t touch me, Derrick, ever again.” I barged past him and went back inside to the wasteland this party was becoming. I was furious, and joined a small group of kids huddled around the counter in the kitchen. Jack and Kitten were no where to be seen. When they passed a toke this time, I took a hit. Just one, but it did mellow me and I wandered off down a bedroom hall after a bit.


I don’t know where Jack had gotten himself too, but was a cool party and I was getting a nice mellow high when Derrick caught up to me in a black mood. That dumb bitch Chrissie Lynn had blown him off, and I knew my brother. He would cause trouble before the night was over if I didn’t take charge of him. So I pulled him into an unused bedroom.

Chrissie Lynn_

A voice from a nearby bedroom caught my attention. “Come here big boy. Its time for a little Kitten.” The door wasn’t really closed, and I could partially see in. Was Kitten seducing my son? Feeling like a pervert I crept in close. I could hear a rustling of clothes and what sounded like a zipper. “You want it ,sis? Have a mouthful, bitch.”

Derrick. Again. This kid was getting to be a problem. Did I want Jack to continue rooming with him? And Kitten… this didn’t sound healthy. As these thoughts began to coalesce, Jack and some buddy of his came rolling down the hall, beer in one hand, pipe in the other. Jack winked at me as his buddy hit the door to the bedroom where Kitten and Derrick were doing… something. Before I could protest, the door was flung open and we stood there staring.

Kitten was one her knees with her brother’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth with measured rhythms. His eyes were closed and he had a look of bliss on his face. Between his cock and the smoke, I don’t think he even knew he was being watched. She had good seal around his shaft and began moaning softly. Her eyes were closed, too and I think she must have been as high as he was.


Kitten pulled off of Derrick with a plop and began licking up and down his length, then she opened her eyes to see the three of us watching. My buddy grinned, “Can I have a turn?”

Chrissie Lynn punched the kid, “That’s Jacks’ girlfriend.”

“Dude, is that true?”

And I nodded, “And that’s her brother, my roommate.”

“Dude, your girlfriend is sucking your roommate’s cock, and he’s also her brother? You down with this?” And he went laughing out the hall to announce it to the conscious world.

At about that time, Derrick was able to come and sploshed his jism all over Kitten’s face. She didn’t try to gulp any. And Chrissie Lynn decided it was time to go.

No shit it was time. I’d have left them right there, but we had come in Kitten’s car, and she had the keys. Fortunately she had enough presence of mind to realize we had to go and helped us to get Derrick out to the car. He was barely coherent by now and had settled down some now that he’d had his orgasm. We made quite a spectacle as we passed through the living room. Pretty much everyone still alive stopped and stared. There were a few giggles and whispers, but I just pushed us through. I had Derrick from one side, and Jack carried the bulk of his weight with the other.

Somehow Derrick still had enough awareness to try slipping his fingers into my cleavage. I still had the bustier on, and his arm was draped around my shoulders so his hand lay down across my chest. I felt his fingers foraging between my boobs. Some kid held the door open for us and grinned at the sight when we passed. I put my heel down on his foot, hard. “Sorry, sweetie.” I smiled, “He’s had a little too much.”

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