Chrissy Finds a Girlfriend

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Chrissy Finds a Girlfriend

Early in the morning, Chrissy slowly woke up. She had received a solid fucking last night. After multiple wet orgasms, her lover left, allowing her to have a deep, satisfying sleep.

She finally raised out of bed, slowly walking into the kitchen to start her coffee maker. Sitting on her stool, waiting for the coffee pot to fill, she picked up her cell phone. As she expected, she had several dating site responses. Rolling through the messages and pictures, she was not really impressed.

Looking at a sixth message, however, she suddenly became interested. It was from a woman. Chrissy wondered if it was a mistake. Although she enjoyed being with a woman, sometimes preferring a woman, she had specifically indicated she was looking for a man.

She opened the message. Hmmm. It was intended for her. The message was specific to her, by name, and referenced her preferences and favorites. Chrissy looked at the picture. It was an attractive, middle aged woman, seemingly slender with what looked like a nice set of breasts.

Chrissy went back to the message. This woman, Veronica, said that she was happily married to a man, but was missing something. She had female friends, but she was looking for a woman to “be something more”.

Chrissy wondered what “be something more” meant. As she poured milk into her coffee, she began fanaticizing. She looked at Veronica’s picture again, hoping to find more, but there was only the one picture.

Chrissy wondered why Veronica chose her to message. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Chrissy wrote out a response: “Hi Veronica. Thanks for your message. I’m surprised by it, but I think I’d like to follow up with you.”

Chrissy hit send, and drank from her coffee cup. Now she was becoming anxious for a response, but she knew it could be days.

Chrissy continued with her day.

Around noon, just starting her lunch break, Chrissy took her phone from her purse. She quickly went to messages, and to her pleasure, there was a message from a dating site. She opened it, and, even better, saw it was from Veronica.

Veronica messaged, “Hi Chrissy, I’m glad you answered me. Yes, I know it’s a surprise to get a message from me, but I saw your picture, your age, marital status, children and interests. I just took a flyer, and wondered if you would be willing to get together, maybe at a Coffee shop.”

Chrissy was pleased, and she knew the ball was now in her court. Chrissy wondered if she should answer now, or would that make her appear too anxious. Maybe she should wait.

Chrissy thought about it while she ate, and finally thought “Aw fuck.” Chrissy responded on her phone “I think we should meet at a coffee shop. Do you have a place and a time?”

Chrissy hit send, and nervously watched, not knowing how fast Veronica would respond, “I’m being silly. She won’t respond for hours.” As she wrapped up her lunch and trash, she heard a ping from her phone. Picking it up, Chrissy saw a message from Veronica. “How about today? I’m pretty excited to meet you.”

Chrissy sat down, surprised at how quickly Veronica responded. She had to think about her schedule today. Did she have time? Should she put this off for a day or two?

Well, what the hell. Chrissy messaged, “Today is fine, I’ll want to go home to change. 6? Do you have a choice of coffee shops?”

Within a minute, Veronica responded, “6 is fine. How about the coffee shop at 7th and Main?”

Chrissy was excited, and nervous. This was happening very fast. Checking on her phone for the coffee shop location, she responded, “6 tonight, 7th and Main is great.”

There. All set. Chrissy went back to work.

At 6am, Chrissy stepped into the coffee shop at 7th and Main. She had her phone in front of her, with Veronica’s picture on the screen. She didn’t need to.

Veronica stepped in front of Chrissy, extending her hand. “Hi.”

“Oh, hi. I wasn’t sure …” Chrissy took her hand.

Veronica led her to a table she had saved for them. There was already a coffee drink there, so Chrissy said “Coffee for me. I’ll be right back.”

When Chrissy returned, Veronica was sitting, smiling. “You’re as pretty as your picture.”

“So are you. How are you doing? I was surprised, pleased, but surprised when I got your message.”

“I know. I was just cruising women when I came across you. I was just drawn to you, your picture, your background. Like I said when I messaged you earlier.”

Chrissy said, “You’re married, Veronica?”

“Call me Vera, and yes, twenty-five years. We have two children, both out of the house. You?”

“I’m divorced, two adult children. No boyfriend, but I get laid now and then.”

Vera laughed. “That’s good. I don’t. And I don’t want a boyfriend.”

“That’s strange, being married so long, and you don’t have sex with your husband.”

Vera leaned forward, like to tell Chrissy a secret. “I get laid occasionally, but not as much as I need. Since my husband doesn’t fuck me, and I don’t want another man, I thought maybe I antalya escort could have a girlfriend.”

Chrissy thought for a second, “Have you been with a woman?”

“Once. While on a trip to see my brother’s family. It was a one-time thing, just a simple hook-up.”

“How was it?”

“It was pretty good. Actually, very good. We met in the bar of the hotel I stayed at. She was younger than me, and she was kinda aggressive, so it wasn’t hard. I just closed my eyes, went to her room, and she took me.”

Chrissy was becoming interested.

Vera asked, “Have you been with other women?”

“Yes. I had a girlfriend, but she moved. She comes back occasionally, so my lover and I have a threesome with her.”

“Your lover?”, Vera asked.

“Yeah, I don’t really have a boyfriend, that’s why I’m on a dating site. I want to find somebody reliable, who is as good a fuck as he is. I actually think of him as my fuck-partner, rather than lover.”

“Jeeze. I never thought of a threesome.”

Chrissy was becoming comfortable with Vera. Maybe this is what she was looking for. “I’m not suggesting it. It’s just what happened. I don’t know if will ever happen again. I do want a real boyfriend, but I also want…”

For the next hour, Vera and Chrissy talked. And talked. And talked.

Suddenly, Vera looked at her watch. “I have to go.” She stood, and looked at Chrissy with expectation.

Chrissy stood, and said with some anxiety, “Can we meet again?”

“I’d love to. What is your email address? Or phone number?”

The two women exchanged both.

Walking out to their cars, Chrissy put her arm into Veronica’s arm. “I’m very glad we did this.”

At Vera’s car, she turned to Chrissy. “So am I.”

Chrissy leaned forward, taking her hands, kissing Vera lightly on her lips. “I’ll text you tomorrow about getting together.”

Vera smiled.

Two days later, Vera and Chrissy met at their coffee shop. Both were comfortable with the coffee shop setting. Comfortable setting with coffee which allows for easy, quiet conversation.

After a while, Vera asked Chrissy, “Where do you go when you have a date with a woman?”

“Like, for dinner?”


“Or for intimacy?”

Vera giggled, “Yeah. That too.”

“I like to go to Ventana Canyon. Nice bar, nice pool, nice restaurant, and a very nice suite. The bathroom is really nice with a great shower and bath.”

Vera was enthralled. “Wow. That sounds exciting.”

“It is. I also go there for my threesomes.”

“Wow again.”

“Would you like to go with me sometime?”

“I’ll love to go. I have to schedule something so my husband is ok with being gone. Do you spend the whole night?”

“I like to. Drinks, maybe a little pot…”

Vera was surprised. “I’ve never had any. My husband is against marijuana.”

“OK. You don’t have to take any. I’ll vape a little. Maybe a gummy.

“Are you interested in going with me? Next Tuesday night?”

“Ok,” Vera said. “Let me verify it.”

Chrissy leaned over, taking her hand. “I really can’t wait. I’ll bring my tool box, too.”

“Tool Box?”

“Sex toys. Vibrators, dildos, anal crystals, lube…”

“Oh my God. What have I got myself into?”

Chrissy laughed as she stood, taking Vera by her arm and leading her out into the dark. The two women walked arm-in-arm to Vera’s car. When they got there, Vera unlocked her door, but turned to Chrissy, leaning her back on her car.

Chrissy leaned into Vera, passing her hands lightly up her sides, stopping when her hands were under Vera’s breasts. Chrissy lifted the breasts, feeling their weight.

Vera put her hands behind Chrissy’s shoulders, pulling her to her mouth, which she opened, wanting to taste Chrissy’s tongue.

They held each other, Chrissy lifting Vera’s breasts, Vera pulling Chrissy into her mouth. After a few seconds, both women released each other, and smiled, not wanted to be seen caressing each other.

Chrissy breathed into Vera, “Bye, baby. I can’t wait for Tuesday.” Chrissy turned and left, feeling a tingling in her pussy as she thought about what was going to happen.

Chrissy was sitting in the bar at Ventana Canyon Resort. She had been served her dirty martini, and was waiting for her new lover.

In a very few minutes, Vera walked into the bar with a travel bag over her shoulder. She was wearing a colorful summer dress, probably no bra, maybe no panties, and loose sandals.

Vera smiled broadly when she saw Chrissy, and skipped over to the table. She wanted to kiss Chrissy, but was still unable to show public affection. The waitress came over and Vera ordered a white wine.

Chrissy was becoming very excited. This was exactly what she wanted. She loved cock, but she wanted to take the softness and warmth of a woman’s body. Soft breasts with erect nipples; moist pussy; soft hands exploring her body; open lips and hungry tongue. Whenever Chrissy thought about Vera, these were the things she yearned for.

After antalya escort bayan finishing their drinks, they went up to the room. They threw their bags in the corner and for the first time they were able to hold each other’s body without concern. Chrissy and Vera began frantically undressing the other. Chrissy was pleased that Vera wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Chrissy reached down and kissed Vera’s erect little nipples, talking them into her mouth and rolling her tongue over and over.

Vera anxiously took Chrissy’s bra off, holding her breast up to her mouth and pulling her nipple with her lips.

Chrissy suddenly stopped the sexual exploration. “We have plenty of time. Let’s get dressed and go to dinner. I want to do something down there that will please me and surprise you.”

Twenty minutes later, Chrissy and Vera walked into the restaurant. Chrissy wanted a table off to the side, so they were mostly away from everybody else. Chrissy seated Vera so she had her back to the restaurant. After the waiter gave them menus, he left them alone. Chrissy took her phone from her purse.

“Let me take a picture of you.”


“No. Slip a nipple out of your blouse and look sideways.”

“What?? Never.”

Chrissy handed Vera her phone with a picture of Chrissy holding her breast in the very same restaurant. Vera took it, and gasped. “That’s beautiful. And sexy. And exciting.”

“Yes, and it’s what I want from you. Look around, and when you’re ready, pull out your nipple. I’ve already kissed your nipple, so there’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Nobody else will see it?”

“Only if you give me permission.”

Still unnerved, Vera looked around, then slid her hand into her blouse, and took out a breast with a very erect nipple. Chrissy took the picture, and Vera hurriedly pushed her breast back into her blouse.

Chrissy showed Vera the picture. Chrissy said, “It’s a beautiful picture.”

“Yes, it is. Now what other perverted things are you going to make me do.”

Chrissy laughed. “Oh, many things. Many things.”

The two women returned to their suite at Ventana Canyon. They slid together like two magnets, grasping each other in complete lust. Vera lost her hesitancy to be with Christy. Vera was desperate for her body to be taken.

Chrissy separated from Vera, taking her by the hand to lead her to the bedroom. Chrissy faced Vera and began taking her clothes off, giving her a light kiss with every garment removed. Finally, Vera stood in front of Chrissy completely naked. Chrissy stepped back, and Vera began disrobing Chrissy, also kissing her lightly.

Finally, both were nude. Chrissy had heavier breasts, larger nipples, a shaved pussy. Vera had smaller breasts with smaller nipples. Vera had a full patch of pubic hair.

Chrissy stepped up to her new lover, putting one arm around her shoulders and covered her breasts with one hand. Chrissy leaned down to kiss Vera’s nipples. Vera leaned back, putting her arms around Chrissy’s neck and sighed as her nipples tingled from Chrissy’s kisses.

Chrissy raised from Vera’s nipple to her lips. She sucked open Vera’s lips, then slid her tongue into her mouth. Vera sucked on Chrissy’s tongue, sliding her hands up to raise her breasts. Vera released Chrissy’s tongue, leaned down and lightly bit her


Chrissy pushed Vera away, turned, and pulled the bed covers down. She then pulled up a box onto the bed. Opening it, Chrissy began pulling out sex toys. There was a blue, curved rubber dildo, a slightly curved dildo made of glass, a curved vibrator, an anal plug with a coyote tail, and a strange leather harness.

Vera sat on the bed, and lifted the sex tools, one by one. She looked up at Chrissy, “Do you use these?”

Chrissy leaned into Vera, taking the glass dildo from her, and gently said into Vera’s mouth, “I use every one. And I’ll use every one on you. And you’ll use every one on me.”

Vera kissed Chrissy, grasping the glass dildo over Chrissy’s hand. Vera laid on the bed, head on a pillow so she can watch Chrissy. Chrissy, on her knees, slid between Vera’s legs. Chrissy slid the glass dildo into her mouth, making the dildo slippery. Chrissy used her hand to caress Vera’s pussy, slowly widening her pussy lips. Vera pulled her feet back, widening her knees. Chrissy leaned down to lick Vera’s pussy lips, stopping at her clitoris, gently sucking on her sex bud.

Vera arced her back, moaning, holding her breasts, twisting her nipples. Chrissy slowly slid the glass dildo into Vera’s pussy. Then she slowly pumped the dildo in and out, while rubbing the clitoris with her thumb. Chrissy watched Vera’s face as she jacked off her new lover with her favorite tool. Finally, Vera uttered a moan, contorting her face as she had a deep orgasm, maybe the deepest she ever had.

When Vera relaxed, Chrissy removed the glass dildo and laid next to Vera. Chrissy looked at Vera, and slid the dildo into her own mouth. Vera watched Chrissy with renewed escort antalya lust. She reached over, took the glass dildo from Chrissy’s mouth, and pulled it into her own mouth. Chrissy slowly pumped the dildo into Vera’s mouth. Finally, Chrissy removed the dildo, laid it on the bed, and leaned over Vera to kiss her. “Do you like the taste of your cum?”

“Oh yes. Sometimes, when my husband is asleep, I’ll jack off, and taste my cum. I love it. Now, I want to taste your cum.”

Chrissy adjusted herself into the middle of the bed, on her back, and spread her legs. Vera shifted until she was between Chrissy’s legs. She gently spread her legs, pulled back her hair, and leaned into Chrissy’s pussy. Vera licked Chrissy’s pussy with her tongue, slowly, wiping from bottom to top, stopping at the clit, which she softly bit.

Chrissy groaned, putting both hands on the back of Vera’s head. “Oh, fuck, baby, lick my pussy. Make me cum in your mouth.”

Vera dug her tongue as deep into her pussy as she could. Chrissy wrapped her legs around Vera, and began humping up and down.

Chrissy blew her wad into Vera’s mouth, moaning loudly. Chrissy laid in the bed, totally spent. Vera rose from between Chrissy’s legs, fingering the cum from her face into her mouth. Chrissy was exhaustedly satisfied, and so was Vera.

Vera pulled the covers over Chrissy and her. The two snuggled, whispering into each others mouth.

Vera said, “God, that was so good.”

“You know I’m not through with you?” Chrissy repositioned so her fingers were running through Vera’s hair. She pulled Vera closer to her so she could kiss her.

Vera whispered “I have to sleep a little.”

“OK. But then we’ll take a bath, then I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to use my strap-on.”

“Oh my God, what is that?”

“You’ll see, baby, and you’ll love it.”

The women, holding each other, fell into a satisfying sleep.

Two hours later, Chrissy stirred. She woke up immediately knowing where she was, what she had done, and with whom she did it. Chrissy was immediately aroused.

Chrissy leaned into Vera’s face, and gently kissed her awake. Vera arced her back, extended her arm, and luxuriously stretched. Chrissy leaned over Vera and kissed her nipple. “Let’s get up. Let’s go down to the pool.”

The women got up, gathered their swim suits. They helped each other put the swim suits on, kissing whatever parts their lips came close to. Finally, with robes and towels in hand, they went down to the pool.

It was 10:00pm. The pool was open, but with few swimmers. Vera and Chrissy dropped their towels and robes on a chair, and slowly entered the pool, arm-in-arm.

The water was comfortable, so Vera pushed off, swimming off. Chrissy sat on the steps, watching her new lover from behind. Chrissy slid her hand into her swimming top, and lightly pulled her nipple. She wished they had remained upstairs, but, after all, this was her idea.

Vera swam two laps. Chrissy, holding and teasing her nipple, watched.

Finally, Vera swam over to Chrissy and asked, “Are you going to swim?”

“No, I’m just here to watch you.”

Vera laughed lightly, and stepped out of the pool. As she passed Chrissy, she passed her hand lightly over her lover’s breast.

Both went to their towels, dried off, put on their robes, and headed up to their room.

In their room, the women dropped their swim wear and went to the shower. With warm water washing over their body, they gently soaped each other. Chrissy spent considerable time soaping in between Vera’s spread legs, making sure her pussy was free from the pool chlorine. Vera, in turn, rubbed soap over Chrissy’s breasts. Finally washing soap off themselves, they stepped out of the shower and toweled each other off. Finally, Chrissy led Vera back to the bedroom, and onto the bed.

Moving the tools to the side of the bed, Sara positioned Vera on her back, in the middle of the bed.

Leaning into Vera, Chrissy asked, “If you’re not satisfied by your husband, why do you stay with him?”

Vera reached up and rolled her fingers in Chrissy’s hair, pulling her down to Vera’s lips for a warm kiss.

“I don’t know. If I had somebody to be with me like you’ve been, I might have. I just think a separation would be terribly complicated.”

Chrissy remembered to her divorce. It was complicated. Chrissy shook her head to clear unpleasant memories, something she didn’t want in her head while she had Vera under her.

Chrissy put Vera’s head in the crook of her arm and raised over her, sliding her tongue into Vera’s willing mouth. With her other hand, Chrissy grasp Vera’s breast, closing her fingers on her nipple, lightly pulling the nipple. Vera felt burning desire between her legs. She didn’t want her husband’s cock, she wanted whatever Chrissy was going to do with her.

After several minutes of amazing foreplay, Chrissy rolled off the bed, and took the strange harness, and began strapping it on her body. Straps between her legs, around her waist, tugging to tighten the leather pad over her pussy. Chrissy took the glass dildo and twisted it into the leather pad, twisting the dildo so the curved arc of the dildo imitated a man’s cock. Chrissy took the lube from the bed and dribbled some semen-like liquid down the dildo’s shaft, stroking the dildo so the lube covered all of the surface.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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