Christmas Vacation Ch. 01

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“I don’t want to share a room with him, Dad,” I whine.

“I’m sorry, Darian, but that’s not going to change. You’ve known you were sharing with Cameron when we told you about the trip back in July. We have six people and three rooms, you do the math,” Dad says, sitting down at the kitchen table with his coffee and a book of crosswords.

“Yeah, but as the only girl, I need my privacy. Cammy can bunk with Adam and Ben,” I suggest as an alternative.

“Nope. Not gonna happen,” Dad says. “Young lady, you’re sharing with Cameron, and that’s that.”

I plop down in the chair next to him. “But he smells, Daddy. Have you forgotten that we share an apartment at school? I smell him every single day even when he’s not there.” I shake my head slowly. “And you want to subject me to it during my Christmas vacation, too? I thought you loved me.”

“I do love you, pumpkin,” he says with a chuckle. “But, you still have to share a room with your brother when we’re in Hawaii, okay?”

“Fine, but when the cops arrest me for his murder, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” I announce grumpily.

“Why do you have to be so melodramatic about everything? Is this what you’re learning at that college of yours?”

“Well, I am a theater major, but no, this is something I picked up in the nearly twenty years of having a doofus for a twin brother,” I say with a smile when Cameron walks in the kitchen.

He sneers at me. “What makes you think I want to share a room with you, itty-bitty,” he asks, using the nickname the boys called me back in middle school.

Taken aback, I quickly stand and the chair crashes to the floor. I hiss, “You’re such an asshole, Cam.”

I hear Cameron and Dad calling me to come back, as I run out the kitchen, and up to my room. I slam the door, locking it behind me, and throw myself onto my bed.

The downside of living with someone who knows everything about you is having them know everything about you. Cameron knows how much that nickname upsets me. It brings back unpleasant memories of the merciless teasing I endured.

In middle school, I was a late bloomer, and the boys never let me forget that I hadn’t developed like the other girls.

I thought laughing it off would stop the teasing, but it didn’t. And the self-esteem I always prided myself on having started to take on significant damage.

Cameron got into a lot of fights defending me. I told him he didn’t have to if it meant he’d get into trouble. His reply was, ‘No one makes you cry, Dari. I might not win all the time, but I’ll fight anyone who hurts you.’ He was there to comfort me even when I wanted to be alone. I cried on his shoulder, and he would tell me everything would be okay. He said the guys at school were boneheads, and they would regret ever teasing me.

Cameron always made me feel better. But not this time, he is the one who hurt me, and I never thought he would.

There is a soft knock on my door.

“Go away,” I whimper loudly. Sitting up, I grab Miss Daisy, my stuffed teddy bear that I have had since I was a baby, and hug her. She is my second source of comfort after Cameron.

The doorknob rattles, and there is another soft knock.

“Darian, I’m sorry,” Cameron’s rich baritone voice calls out softly. “Can you unlock the door please?”

“I don’t want to talk to you, Cammy,” I say with a shaky breath as tears roll down my cheeks.

“Darian, open the door,” he pleads.

I hate hearing the desperation in his voice, but I need him to give me some space. I whimper loudly, “Cameron, please, just go away and leave me alone!”

He doesn’t say anything else, but I hear his footsteps retreat from my door and downstairs. I play with the ears of my bear when I hear my phone vibrating. I walk over to my desk to see who is bugging me. It’s Cameron, but I don’t answer. I put the phone down, strip off my shirt and shorts, and stand naked in front of my full-length mirror. I look at myself from every possible angle. There are no physical signs of that awkward girl from seven years ago, but the mental part of her remains.

It has taken time for me to get comfortable with my body, but young Darian shows up now and then, messing with my newly gained self-confidence.

Puberty was late coming, but very good to me starting the summer of my freshman year and ending somewhere in the middle of my sophomore year of high school. The flat chest replaced by perky 34C’s. Years of track & field and playing softball transformed my five-foot-eight gangly body into a well-toned machine. I’m curvy in all the right places. My raven hair no longer stringy and oily, but thick, wavy and bouncy. My clear olive complexion is no longer acne-ridden. My sea green eyes only enhance my exotic look.

Cameron was right. The guys who teased me in middle school were begging me for dates in high school. They apologized, I accepted, but I never forgot. I never dated any of them either. I could never respect myself for dating someone who never showed me respect.

I take another poker oyna long, hard look at myself and relent to the fact that this is who I am now. I am no longer… itty-bitty.

There are several more dings on my phone, but I ignore them. It feels foreign not to reply to Cameron. Out of everyone in my life even my ex-boyfriend, he is the only one whom I answered all his calls and texts, no matter what I was doing.

Knowing what I need to get me in a better mood, I reach for my mp3 player and cycle through my songs. I smile seeing one of my favorites and select it. The drumbeat followed by the bass riff of ‘Dance, Dance’ by Fall Out Boy fills my room from the wireless speakers. I can’t help bopping my head along to the infectious beat.

I dance naked around my room to several songs, when I notice something move out the corner of my eye. I scream seeing someone crawl through my window. The person falls with a heavy thud. I grab the bat by the side of my bed and prepare to swing until I recognize the person in front of me.

There’s a panicked look on Cameron’s face as he quickly stands, holding up his hands. “No, don’t, Dari! It’s me!”

I glare up at him with the bat still ready to swing. “Jesus, what the fuck were you thinking crawling through my window like that? You scared the hell outta me, Cameron!”

“I’m sorry,” he replies, reaching out to cover my hands. “Please, put it down.”

“Your head was about to become another notch on my homerun post,” I snarl, dropping the bat at our feet and put my hands on my hips. His eyes move up my body lingering on my breasts before looking away. I quickly put my shirt and shorts back on and turn off the music. Annoyed, I cross my arms. “Get out!”

Cameron slowly shakes his head. “What was I supposed to do, you were ignoring me, Darian.”

“That’s because I don’t want to talk to you,” I hiss, unlocking my door and opening it.

“Dari,” he pleads, his own sad, sea green eyes staring back into mine, “tell me how to fix this, and I’ll do it.”

With a clipped tone, I say, “You can fix it by leaving.” He stays standing in the middle of my room. His six-foot-one frame hunched in defeat, but the fact he won’t do as I asked makes me madder. Exasperated, I yell downstairs. “Dad, come get your son please!”

There’s no answer.

Cameron mutters, “He’s not here. Mom called. She was having trouble with her car, so he went to go get her.”

I roll my eyes. “That’s great.”

It’ll be at least two hours before they get home with rush hour traffic the way it is this time of day.

There’s a long pause before Cameron whispers, “I shouldn’t have called you that stupid name. It was a jackass move.”

“Yeah, it was,” I say, walking over to my window, closing it to keep the frigid Philadelphia air out of my room. I sit crossed-legged on the bed, grab my bear, and hug her to my chest. Cameron sits in front of me. I can only see his profile as I take a quick glance at him. Neither of us moves or speak for a couple of minutes, and all the while, I ignore the natural pull to be near him.

He turns towards me and whispers, “I’m so sorry, Darian.”

“You really hurt me,” I announce quietly, not looking at him.

Cameron places a hand on my upper thigh. He moves in closer, takes Miss Daisy from my arms, and puts her on my nightstand. Running the back of his hand down my cheek, Cameron lifts my chin with his other hand. I look him in the eyes, and he says. “Baby, the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you and make you cry.”

His touch makes me more emotional. Tears pool in my eyes, but I wipe them away. My voice wavers when I ask, “Then why’d you say it when you know how that name makes me feel?”

He sighs softly, shrugs his shoulders, and whispers, “Because I’m a fucking idiot. You’ve always been better at this acting like we’re just brother and sister. So, when I heard you talking to Dad, I had to come up with something to tease you with, and that’s what slipped out. I regretted it the second it came out my mouth.”

“I know you do, but this isn’t any easier for me, Cameron. I hate having to act and treat you as if you’re not my entire world because it feels wrong,” I say looking into his eyes and covering my heart. “But I do what I have to so no one can take you away from me.”

“I wouldn’t know how to survive without you,” he says as his voice breaks.

“We only have to pretend a little while longer. Then we can stay in California and be a real couple.”

“I can’t wait for that day,” Cameron whispers turning to face me. “I’ll stop teasing you, okay?”

“I don’t have a problem with the teasing if it’s done in fun. I can take it as much as I can give it, but not against that name. You can never, ever call me that name again, Cammy,” I say, wiping away a tear.

Cameron holds his hand up. “I promise I won’t. Can you ever forgive me?” He asks, the sadness heavy in his voice, as he wipes away a tear from his cheek.

Cameron’s my twin, my other half. I hate seeing canlı poker oyna him like this. He hurt me and is trying to take that pain away. I hurt him in return by ignoring him, and I want to take away his pain.

“You know I will,” I answer honestly, gripping his hands tight, and kissing them.

To someone on the outside it looks like I gave in too quickly, and maybe I did, but I can’t be distant with him anymore. It feels wrong. The tension in the air loosens as the relief sets in not only him but me too.

“I love you, baby girl,” Cameron says softly.

“I love you, baby boy,” I reply, matching his tone.

Cameron leans forward. The moment his soft lips touch mine, I feel my remaining anger begin to melt away. But too soon, the kiss is over, and his forehead is against mine; when he moves to leave, I pull him back renewing the embrace. He has my shirt off and pulls me under him all in about three seconds. I tuck my feet behind his lean, muscular thighs to hold him close like I had earlier this morning when we quietly made love. I whimper brokenly at feeling his jean-clad bulge rubbing against my pussy through the thin fabric of my pajama shorts.

I moan at the dueling tongue exploring my mouth. The warmth of Cameron’s body moves to lie beside me, and he cradles my neck on his arm, kisses my ear, and caress my breasts with both hands. Feeling the slight mix of pleasure and pain of him pinching my nipples has me panting. His right-hand continues to massage my right breast, while he slowly moves his left-hand down my flat stomach and inside my shorts, to the wet heat between my legs. He teases my clit with the lightest of strokes. When I roll my hips to increase his touch, he stops, and I mewl in frustration. He chuckles when my hand covers his and forces it to rub harder. His pace quickens at my urging. My whole body feels like it’s on fire, and nearly fall over the edge when he licks and sucks my earlobe.

“Cam,” I moan quietly.

The glide of Cameron’s tongue behind my ear and the circular motion of his thumb on my clit has breathy moans slipping from me nonstop. He moves kneeling between my legs. With the tip of his tongue, he licks a straight line to my belly button and tugs playfully at the shiny bejeweled ring attached to it with his teeth. I feel a twinge in my aching pussy when he sucks on it. Suddenly, my shorts are off, and he kisses and nips my inner thighs, and each time he does it, my arousal for him strengthens.

His nose hovers over my neatly trimmed mound, and he inhales deeply and moans.

Our eyes connect, Cameron moves in, keeping his eyes on mine, and his mouth surrounds me. The expert skill of his tongue against my sex has my body shivering in delight. My head falls back against the bed, and I play with my nipples, tugging and rubbing them until their hard pebbles. He continues to eat my pussy like it’s part of an all you can eat buffet. The pleasure he’s giving me is so overwhelming that I’m on sensory overload.

My moans, pants, and whimpers string together in a hodgepodge of eroticism. Cameron’s once perfectly styled hair is now in disarray from me running my hands through it. He slides his middle fingers inside me, thrusting them repeatedly while spreading my dripping lips apart with his pinky and index fingers. Whining, I ride out the sensation of his fingers moving in and out of me so quickly. I nearly scream when he nips my clit slightly before sucking on it hard, but I clasp my hand over my mouth to stifle it.

Shuddering when he starts pushing against my g-spot, I begin to chant quietly, “Oh, fuck.”

From his movements, I can tell Cameron’s on a mission to make me come fast and hard. And moments later with urgency, I whisper, “Cam, you’re gonna make me come. You’re gonna make me come.”

His tongue furiously flicks against my clit. I emit a sustained whimper. I grab fistfuls of his hair. My body arches off the bed as my pussy bucks in Cameron’s mouth with each orgasmic convulsion. But he doesn’t stop, his endless lapping and sucking, and finger fucking bring on two more orgasms.

“Cam, please stop! I can’t take anymore,” I cry out brokenly through my third consecutive orgasm. My body twists at a weird angle. My hands ball into tight fists. My chest heaves trying to catch my breath, and the sweat that is covering my body starts to dry, cooling my skin.

“Dari, you’re so fucking sexy when you come,” he says with his deep voice.

Cameron gives one last lap of his tongue against my overly sensitive clit. I whine clasping my legs together trapping his head between my thighs. He chuckles reopening them with a simple nudge. He crawls over me. His mouth glistens with my release.

He kisses me, swirling his tongue against mine. Tasting myself on his tongue gives me a second wind. With a low growl, I flip him onto his back, making quick work of his belt and zipper, pulling his jeans off to expose his hard member. Cameron moans softly when my lips wrap around the tip of his cock.

At a girthy, six and internet casino a half inches, I have to take my time and let my jaw adjust to his size. Within five minutes, his eyes are half-lidded as they look down at me, he bites his bottom lip, and his eyelids begin to flutter. It’s a sign that he’s close. I promptly stop to keep him from coming and wait a few seconds before I align my opening with his cock. Slowly, I lower myself onto his hard shaft, whimpering as he fills me wholly. When Cameron rolls his hips, I rock mine slowly, and he palms my breasts in his hands. It’s not enough to touch them, but he sucks on them too. He lifts his head encasing my right nipple and then my left into his mouth. While alternately sucking on my breasts, his hands move to my waist to aide his sharp thrusts.

The warming pleasure growing within me has me tilting his head back and whimpering, “I want to feel every inch of you inside me.”

He wraps an arm around my waist, moves to the side of the bed, and I wrap my arms and long legs around him. He quickly stands, turning around to lay me on my back. Deeply embedded in me, his lips brush against mine. Each thrust is meant for me to feel how hard and strong he is. The upward curve of his cock touches my spot causing me to gasp at the pleasure and moan. I tuck my legs tight to his sides with my toes slightly turned under his ass.

Cameron’s tongue moves all over my neck licking random spots. He won’t mark me, not while we’re home. I can’t have our family questioning me as to how I got it. He moves to sit back on his knees while pushing mine up to my shoulders. With gentle but firm pushes forward, he takes me.

A few minutes later, he bites his lip, and his eyes flutter, and announces, “Baby, I’m gonna come.”

I grab onto his waist as he moves faster. With a low grunt, Cameron buries himself deep inside me, and his hips repeatedly buck against mine as he fills me with his seed. My whimpers come out strangled with each push. He releases my legs, and I pull him towards me. Our tongues glide along each other. He slowly but surely softens and slides out of me. I love feeling his body on top of mine. I stroke his back and gather my breath. His head rests on my shoulder with his face buried in my neck.

“You didn’t come did you?” Cameron whispers moving his head back so I can look at him. I can hear the hint of sleep in his voice.

“Uh, yeah, you made me come three times like fifteen minutes ago, not including the two from earlier today. I think I can let this one slide,” I say with a chuckle smoothing back his hair from his eyes.

He smiles and closes his eyes, but I nudge him awake. “Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“You can’t sleep in here. We’re in a world of trouble if Mom and Dad catch us. I’m taking a shower, and you’ve gotta go to your room!” I say, pushing him away, and sliding off the bed.

“Want me to join you? I can definitely give you number six,” he says with the waggle of his eyebrows, sitting on the edge of the bed.

I stand in front of him, place a hand on his neck, and shake my head. “As tempting as that sounds, you need to go sleep it off. You think you can act like a normal person when they get back?”

“I’m not some spastic dork who looks at you like I’m in love,” he answers, but he sees my skepticism. “Okay, not all the time, but I’m getting better at hiding it.”

“Yeah, you’re getting better. We just need to get through this Christmas break, Cammy. Then we’ll be back at school and in our apartment on the other side of the country,” I say running my hands through his hair. “I miss being alone with you.”

“I miss waking up with you beside me,” he whispers sadly. “It gets lonely at night without you.”

I kiss his forehead. “We’ll be in Hawaii in two days for a week sharing a room. I’ll be there lying beside you every night and every morning. But we still need to be careful. Neither of us can make a mistake because we got caught up in the romance of the island.”

“You’re so calm, cool, and collected for being the youngest,” Cameron says, sighing with a smile.

Winking, I smile. “What can I say, your baby sister is amazing.”

“It’s so weird when you say that considering I’m only six minutes older.”

I chuckle as Cameron grabs my waist and places a kiss on my stomach. I sigh quietly as his lips traverse the terrain of my torso and breasts. He stands, and his lips move to my neck and ears. Eventually, he frames my face in his hands and kisses me within an inch of my life. Stepping in closer my hands glide down his chest to his waist.

The kiss ends slowly with him pecking my lips. He looks into my eyes and smiles, and I return it.

“I love you so much, Cameron,” I whisper.

“I love you, too, baby,” he counters, wrapping his arms around me. I lay my head on his shoulder, and he moves his hands all over my back. I hold him tighter to me not wanting him to stop. Eventually, he clears his throat. “Go take your shower. Later tonight, we can sneak away, buy a tub of strawberry ice cream, and have a romantic date out on the boat.”

My face lights up. “Really?”

“And if you’re good, I’ll eat a scoop off your already sweet body,” he says, turning me towards the door and swatting my ass lightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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