Christy, Chris, , Jack Ch. 03

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Lost in his fantasy, Jacks hand quickened its pace to match the speed his phantom Christy was sucking. He felt the unmistakable burn of semen at the base of his dick, and prepared for release, when he was suddenly blasted from the reverie of dream-Christy’s hot mouth by a jet of ice-cold water. “Gwaaaaa!” screamed Jack as his blood filled penis instantly shrank and his aching testicles retracted close to his groin.

Jack shivered violently as he used cold water to rinse the soap from his body and shut off the tap. Muttering imprecations and swearing under his breath, he stumbled out of the shower, groping for a towel, and tripped over the bathmat. Lurching forward, he fumbled for the sink, but off balance and wet, all he managed to do was knock several things crashing to the floor, and firmly smash his head into the wall.

The door to the bathroom flew open, and in the doorway stood Christy. A look of horror and concern washed over her as she rushed to help her fallen friend. “Oh, Jack! Are you all right?” she asked as she ran experienced fingers over his nose, face, and shoulders and down his arms. A surgeon by profession, she immediately went into “fix-it” mode as she knelt ankara escort next to the dazed man splayed out on her bathroom floor. As she pried his right eyelid open and gazed into it, Jack suddenly realized that the person he’d just been fantasizing about while he beat off in the shower was now kneeling next to his wet, sprawling, and completely nude body.

In an instant, both his eyes were open, and with a startled “AWK!” he tried to cover his crotch with both hands while scooting backwards away from her ministrations.

“Don’t move.” Christy said plainly, firmly. “I’ve got to assess your condition and make sure you don’t have a concussion or a serious head wound.” Jack was flabbergasted. He’d never heard Christy take this tone with Chris, or with anyone for that matter. It was as if she was a different person. Dizzy from smacking his head, he sat still with his back against the toilet, and let her touch him while he tried to cover himself, as best he could, with his hands. All he could do at this point was hope she didn’t notice, which was unlikely.

Jack was acutely aware of her–her scent, her body, her fingers. He wanted to reach out, rip open her robe, and drive escort ankara himself deep within her. He wanted those big, brown, eyes of hers to open wide, and hear her gasp and cry out.

Christy was aware of him too. She didn’t miss his burgeoning erection, and she was surprised at how thick it was. She’d seen her fair share of penis’ in her time–but she’d always been intreagued by the really thick ones.

For just a moment Christy thought, “How easy, it would be–I’d just sit on him–and I’d find out.” Her fingers slowed down, she tightened her grip on his shoulders slightly, and shifted her weight. Her eyes drifted down to his hands, and the cock sticking out.

She reached down and genthly touched his hands, “It must be at least two and a half inches wide!” she thought. “Chris isn’t nearly that thick…” Christy licked her lips.

“She’s gonna eat me!” Jack thought–panicking.

Moments later, they were joined in the bathroom by a Chris, clad only in a towel, who roared with laughter at the sight of his buddy desperately trying to cover himself with his hands as Christy clucked and cooed over him. Chris pulled his wife to her feet and handed Jack a towel ankara escort bayan off the rack. When Christy objected, Chris said, “Woman, if he was really hurt he wouldn’t be trying to hide his light under a bushel.”

Turning to Jack, she realized he was bright red with embarrassment, desperately trying, and failing, to hide an enormous erection under his hands. “Well, he’ll might have some swelling, but I don’t think anything important is broken…” Jack’s eyes opened wide, and Chris laughed harder. “He’ll live,” Christy pronounced. “Chris, you help him up, while I get dressed.”

After Christy left the room, Chris helped Jack to his feet. Chris smiled at his friend and walked with him down the hall to his room. At the doorway, Jack turned to Chris and said, “I just want you to know, I didn’t touch her…”

Chris grinned, replying, “Don’t worry about it. I have that problem anytime I’m around her. She’s hot, that’s why I married her.”

The men grinned at each other for just a moment, and then each went to his room to get dressed for church. Jack put on clean underwear and socks, a pair of khaki pants and a blue polo shirt. Then he changed his mind and put on a pair of black dress pants, a blue button down shirt and a tie. He had just enough time to, run his fingers through his hair, put on his shoes, and check his forehead in the mirror when Chris knocked on his door to tell him it was time to go.

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