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Big Tits

I grew up in New England. My mom was a Sales Director for Boeing and starting when I was ten, moved to the West Coast for six months out of the year which left me at home with my dad. He was also a Director, but for an Investment Firm, so needless to say I had a great childhood especially being an only child. Everything was pretty good until I turned 18. When I was born, my parents opted to leave me uncircumcised. Since my dad had grown up that way, he felt like it was a natural thing to do. Nothing was out of the ordinary and I definitely didn’t notice any difference until I turned 18. I began having difficulty urinating and sometimes the end of my penis would get sore for no reason. After a few months of this I told my dad who promptly took me into the bathroom to inspect me. I was always a VERY shy kid, so this invasion of privacy made me very uncomfortable. I remember pulling down my pants and sitting on the counter in the bathroom as my dad leaned down to look at my little dick. I remember the cold tile on my butt and worrying that something was really wrong. My dad used his thumb and forefinger and gently massaged my dick back and forth. I remember him asking me if that hurt in which I shook my head `no’. I remember that it felt good in fact even though he was obviously not doing it for that reason. After several minutes of inspecting me, quite close I might add, I did the natural thing and began to get hard. It wasn’t very big of course, but I was quite excited. My dad noticed immediately and stopped massaging my dick. He looked a bit embarrassed as well, but then told me to jump down off the counter, slip off my pants, and step into the tub. He moved over to the light switch and turned on the heater fan. Once I was in the tub he told me that he was going to show me the proper way to clean myself since he suspected that was the problem I was having.

I remember him sitting on the edge of the tub as he turned on the shower head. He turned my body to face the wall and slowly began soaping up my crotch and pubic areas. He did this slowly and gently. I remember looking up at him. He had on his glasses and seemed very focused on what he was istanbul escort doing. “Now try not to get hard,” he said as he took my penis in-between his large fingers and pulled back the foreskin. He took his other hand and gently began washing my exposed cock head. The feeling was immense and I instantly got a major erection. My dad just shook his head and grinned like he thought it was rather funny. “Now you have to make sure, when you take a bath to clean BENEATH the skin like this. Otherwise you could get an infection. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing the irritation when you have to pee.”

I didn’t tell him that the irritation and inability to pee were not related, because the truth was I was enjoying his hands on my little cock too much to think about it. He also ran his hands all over my little balls and ass, pretty much giving me a thorough bathing which he hadn’t done since I was really little. When he noticed how much I was really enjoying his washing me, he stopped and began rinsing me off. I really don’t think my dad was sexually turned on by what he was doing looking back but I did think he was rather fascinated by my body. I think he thought that my erection was a totally normal thing to happen, but then I’m still not sure.

After he rinsed me off, he towel dried me and again seemed to focus on my dick, pulling back the foreskin and inspecting me rather closely. “Looks a bit red,” he said frowning. I guess it didn’t have anything to do with him jacking me off for the last 10 minutes. This I didn’t say of course. After that session I got dressed and he told me to “run off and play”. A few days later I was still having trouble urinating and was becoming worried something was wrong. I told my dad again who made an appointment with our family doctor. Once at the hospital, I had to get undressed and slip into one of those blue gowns. My dad helped me as I climbed up onto the examination table. Needless to say I was pretty scared. At the time I wished my mom were there. Now, looking back I’m pretty glad she wasn’t.

Anyway, the doctor came in. He was I think Russian or Ukrainian and very clean-cut. He was very nice too halkalı escort and told me that he was going to inspect me. I once again felt odd and overly self conscious, but he was after all, a man. I laid back on the table as he lifted up my gown. I felt his cold hands at once on my little dick. He did the same thing my dad did, but slower. He pulled back the foreskin of my penis and I remember him turning it this way and that. He also felt my testicles and asked me if I had any pain `down there’. I said no. He then went back up to my penis and told me that he was going to massage me for a bit and that I might get excited, but that it was totally normal and just to relax and spread my legs. I did as he suggested as he began fondling me. It was odd at first and in all reality I was getting my first hand job from a doctor. In no time I began to get hard. He was EXCELLENT at stroking my cock and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. MUCH better than when my dad did it. He also stopped now and then to feel my balls. His hands were so smooth and gentle. I couldn’t see my father’s face, but I knew he was watching. I wondered what he was thinking. That’s when the doctor told my father to step up to the table. The doc was holding my dick in-between his fingers and stopped as he pulled back my foreskin.

“See right here,” he said I guess pointing with the other hand. “He has some scar tissue that’s preventing the full retraction of the foreskin. I think that’s what’s preventing his urine flow as well as causing discomfort in the morning due his nightly erections.”

My dad just nodded. “Does that hurt, son?” my Dad asked me looking over at me. I just nodded my head and said a little. In reality I wasn’t sure how it felt. At one point it felt really stretched when the doctor was stroking me, but then in another way it felt really good. REALLY GOOD. In fact, the doctor wasn’t stroking me anymore, but continued applying the lightest amount of pressure on my cock which was sending me into convulsions. Of course I didn’t say anything when I felt my dick start to pulse. I wasn’t sure what was happening but suddenly I remember mecidiyeköy escort thrusting my hips forward as I felt an intense pressure build in my groin. I think I let out an `ooohhhhhh’. I’m not sure, but if I didn’t say anything I’d sure be surprised because jets of cum started shooting out of the end of my dick. I think I was as surprised as the doctor was as well as my dad. Cum shot all the way up to my chin and instead of the doctor letting go of my shooting cock, he held on continuing to lightly stroke me. “What the fuck was he doing!” was all I thought and what was all this stuff. Fortunately, my parents being very educated had taught me about masturbation and sex education when I was only 8, so I knew what was happening in a round about way.

After I’d cum all over my gown, the doctor got some Kleenex from a box next to the bed and proceeded to wipe me off. He handed some to my dad who also wiped me off. Looking back, all of this was rather strange. Here I’d just had my first orgasm in front of my own dad and a complete stranger. The doctor wiped my penis with the Kleenex and again inspected me. At this point I was very sensitive and every move made me squirm. My dad’s face was always hard to read, but he seemed quite nervous. I didn’t know exactly what he was thinking. That’s when the doctor simply covered me up. Patted my stomach and told me they’d be right back.

A few minutes went by and Dr. Andrew Muchesko (Dr. Andy) came back in with my dad (and a sucker) and informed me that I would have to have a circumcision. He went through all the information about the procedure and told me that it was a totally natural thing and that most kids have it done when they’re babies. The only reason it needs to be done later is if there were complications like I was having. It was supposed to be an overnight procedure. I’d get to get out of school for an entire 4 weeks, or at least until the `new me’ healed.

My dad called my mom that night and told her what was going to happen. She was of course very concerned and told my dad she was coming home to be with me in which he refused telling her that it wasn’t necessary. It was only an overnight procedure and that I should be back home the next day. Since she was so busy, she reluctantly agreed to call me before the operation. Honestly at the time, I was just glad to get out of college for a whole month. Cartoons all day I thought!!! Heh, Little did I know..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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