Cleaning Lady

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She worked for the hottest and richest butch in Texas. And since the day she was hired she had had the wettest dreams about her. Alone in her room, she masturbated as she thought of her. For a whole week her wardrobe became skimpier and skimpier in the hopes that she would soon get laid.

Today it was a black crop top and a tight black mini-skirt with four inch heels. She had stopped wearing panties days ago and took every opportunity to bend over or uncross her legs in her presence. As far as Monique knew, her boss hadn’t noticed once but, she kept trying.

Josh was relieved when the cleaning service sent Monique over. She was a young and hot little Spanish number with a luscious body and from what she could see a big wet pussy. Josh couldn’t wait to fuck her any longer. Today she’d learn what Monique’s pussy really felt like.

Monique was elated when she learned Josh worked out of her home. Different woman came and went every night but never during the day. She was sitting at her desk in front of the computer when Monique decided to make another go of it. She walked into the room and Josh felt her but, didn’t look up.

“Oh, Mr. Mattera, I had no idea you were in her. I’m so sorry. I’ll come back later.” She said as she backed out of the room.

“It’s all right, Monique. Come in and please stop calling me, Mr. Mattera. Call me, Josh. Mr. Mattera makes me feel old.” She said.

“All right, Josh.” She said. She went about dusting the furniture. Josh watched her without letting on. She loved her calves and her perfectly round ass. Josh knew any minute now she would bend over and show her her pussy.

When she was dusting the leather chairs in front of her desk, Monique dropped the feather duster on purpose. She bent over very slowly and Josh could see her pussy glistening.

“Nice ass.” Josh mumbled and got up from the desk. Monique smiled but, didn’t move. Finally, she thought.

“Did you say something?” She asked. She saw Josh coming up behind her.

“Yes, I said you have a very nice ass.” Josh said spanking it.

“Oh, thank you.” Monique said. “I thought you’d never notice.”

“How could I not notice it, you keep showing it to me.” Josh said as she barely rubbed Monique’s pussy. Monique moaned. “So, you haven’t worn any panties for a week now, was that on purpose?”

“Uh-huh.” She said rubbing herself against Josh’s hand. She slipped a finger inside Monique just to tease her. “I don’t usually do this but, oh my ….” She said. “You’re so sexy and I….I….oh….” Josh put two fingers inside her and tested how long her pussy actually was. poker oyna

“You?” Josh asked.

“I….I just want you to fuck me.” She said.

“I see.” Josh said. “I wouldn’t think a woman like you would

Have a problem getting fucked.”

“My problem is I can’t find someone to make me come.” Monique said.

“Then, let me see what I can do about that.” Josh said as she slipped four fingers inside her.

“Oh, yes.” Monique moaned. “I’ve been fantasizing about this since the day I was hired.”

“So have I.” Josh said. “Your pussy feels good.”

“Your dick feels so big.” Monique sighed.

“You have a nice tight and big pussy. I’m going to fuck it good.” Josh said as she slid her fingers in and out of her. Monique held on to both chairs as Josh rocked her. It was so much better than her fantasies. Her pussy just kept getting wetter. Josh stroked her pussy slowly enjoying her velvety walls. Monique looked so fucking hot with her ass up in the air. Josh was so glad she hired her. Monique was very vocal and Josh loved that. “So, what do you think baby are you going to be my little slut now?”

“If you make me come, I will.” Monique said.

“Oh, I guarantee I’ll make you come.” She said.

“Then consider me an open invitation.” Monique said. “Oh, oh yes, harder, harder.”

Josh pushed herself deeper into her. “I want you to work naked from now on.” Josh said. “Easier access and I can fuck you when I want.”

“Whatever you say.” She said bucking her hips. “You’re the boss.”

“Don’t you forget it.” Josh said. She spanked her ass again and Monique creamed her fingers. “Oh, I bet your pussy squirts, doesn’t it?”

“You’re about to find out.” Monique said moving faster. “Fuck me, faster. Oh please, oh fuck me, fuck me….” She screamed as her pussy exploded in a gush on Josh’s hand. Monique sank to her knees as she tried to catch her breath. “Oh, oh that…that was sooo fucking good.” Monique said.

“So, how often can I fuck you?” Josh asked.

“Whenever you feel like it.” Monique said. “But, you have a different woman every night, why me?”

“No expectations. No complications.” Josh said.

“Sounds good to me.” Monique said.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you saying later that I took advantage of you or have a jealous woman on my hands.” Josh said.

“First of all, I practically begged you to fuck me. I think I know the difference. And I don’t want to lose my job with you or the service. Besides, I’m not the jealous type. As long as you make me come like that, I’ll never complain.” Monique said.

“Baby, canlı poker oyna you just got yourself a raise. One more thing I don’t care who else you fuck or who fucks you as long as it’s not in my house and my associates are off limits.” Josh said.

“Understood.” Monique said.

“Now I have one question.” Josh said. “Do you fuck as good as you look?”

“Try me.” She smiled.

“I think I will.” Josh said. She cleared her desk. “Take off your clothes and get on the desk.” Without another word, Monique removed her clothes and sat on the desk.” Monique turned around to face her. “Lie down and spread your legs.” Monique laid back and spread her legs wide. A moment later, she heard the familiar sound of a vibrator and she smiled.

Josh rubbed it along her thighs and her pussy while she squirmed and moaned. Monique played with her big tits and made her nipples hard. She was turning Josh on. Monique slid one hand down her body and between her legs where she began to play with her clit.” Josh smiled.

“Here let me help you.” Josh said and slid the vibrator inside her.

“Oh yeah.” Monique sighed. “That feels so good.”

“It looks good.” Josh said. Josh fucked her slow and fast. She drove her to the edge and brought her back down. Just when she was beginning to get frustrated Josh removed the vibrator and bent over to eat her out.

“Oh Josh.” Monique said. She tangled her fingers in Josh’s hair and gently pushed her head closer. Josh’s tongue worked fast and furious as Monique wrapped her legs around her head and hung her legs over her shoulders. The desk began to shake with their intensity. “Your tongue is so hard.” Monique moaned. Josh felt her pussy tighten. Soon she was coming all over Josh’s face.

“Mmm, you taste good.” Josh said. “I can tell I’ll be eating your pussy a lot.” Monique smiled. She sat up and began to unbutton Josh’s shirt. Josh looked at her. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Returning the favor.” Monique said.

“Fine by me.” Josh said sitting back. Monique removed Josh’s shirt and her bra. She bent down between Josh’s legs and sucked on her tits while she undid her pants. She never took her mouth from Josh’s body as Josh helped her remove her pants. Monique picked up the vibrator and switched it back on. Josh hoped she wasn’t going to try to put it in her pussy. She placed its head up between Josh’s legs.

“Hold this for me.” Monique said. Josh closed her legs around it. Monique positioned herself over it and guided it into her pussy. Josh was extremely turned on by the sight of her bouncing up and down over her.

“Ride internet casino my dick, baby.” Josh said. Monique held on to Josh’s shoulders.

“Oh yes, it’s so fucking big, oh yes.” Monique said. Josh sucked on her big tits and played with Monique’s clit while she called her name over and over.

“Come on me, baby. Come on my dick.” Josh said. She moved faster.

“Oh, oh Josh, I’m…..I’m gonna come.” Monique said.

“Yes, baby come for me.” Josh said as Monique let out a high pitched scream. Monique kissed Josh’s neck while she removed the vibrator and got off of Josh’s lap. She kissed and licked her way down Josh’s body. She rubbed Josh’s stomach and thighs. She let her hand glide over Josh’s pussy.

“You’re so hot.” Monique said as she rubbed her. Josh closed her eyes and leaned back. She let her fingers find their way inside her pussy and slowly stroked her to find her most sensitive spots. She went to her knees. Josh moaned. The more she stroked her pussy the wetter she became.

“That feels so good.” Josh said. Monique spread her pussy lips and stroked her deeper.

“You’re so hot, Josh.” She said. “I want to make you come.” Josh began to move with Monique’s hand.

“Yes, fuck me baby.” Josh said. “Don’t stop.” Monique fingered Josh’s pussy and used her tongue on her clit. Josh pushed her face down and ground her pussy into her face. “Oh yes, that feels amazing.” Monique kept the pressure hard and fast just the way Josh liked it. Soon she was coming hard and long as Monique drank every last drop. When Josh was done, Monique sat back on the floor. They smiled at each other.

“You do fuck as good as you look.” Josh said breathlessly. Josh looked at her watch. “I have a business call to make. Be on my bed in an hour.” She said already picking up the phone. Monique got up and went to pick up her clothes. “Make sure you’re naked.” Monique smiled.

An hour later, Josh walked into her bedroom to find Monique already on her bed naked. She smiled. “You’re good at following instructions.” Josh said.

“You’re the boss, that’s what you pay me for.” Monique said. She watched as Josh undressed.

“I think you should take the rest of the day off.” Josh said. “And we should spend it right here getting each other off.” Monique sighed.

“A housekeeper’s work is never done.” She said. Josh laughed and climbed into the bed.

“I’m so glad I hired you.” Josh said stroking her body.

“You’re the best boss I ever had.” She said. “In more ways than one.”

“You’re the best looking, and hottest housekeeper I ever had. And you’re a great fuck.” Josh said. “Sit on my face baby I’m hungry for some pussy.” Monique moved around and straddled her face so she could reach Josh’s pussy also. When Josh’s tongue flicked her clit, she sighed.

“Oh, Josh.” She said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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