College Days Ch. 03

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Hey everyone,

I know its been a while. Sorry for that. Even though I haven’t been writing lately, I still pay attention to comments and I appreciate them all :)I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think.


Brady stared at the blank wall. He was way more tired than he should have been, but his new job working for the campus grounds crew was really taking a toll. They were in Ezra’s dorm room and it was dark except for the bedside lamp and the gentle green glow of the digital clock displaying 11:58.

Ezra was curled comfortably in Brady’s lap, reading and highlighting in a history textbook. Brady sighed and tried concentrating really hard, hoping that the pain in his shoulders would go away. The wall wasn’t the most comfortable backrest in the world. It was worth the pain though, to feel Ezra’s warm body against him. Brady tilted his head down and took in Ezra’s smell.

“Happy birthday,” Ezra whispered. “I love you.”

Brady glanced at the clock. It was midnight. Brady was officially nineteen. It didn’t feel like a big deal, considering he had class in the morning and work in the afternoon. Ezra closed his textbook and let it fall to the floor as he turned to face Brady. Brady kissed Ezra’s forehead and hugged him tightly. “I love you more, angel.”

“I have a gift for you.”

“Oh, yeah?” Brady smiled and rubbed Ezra’s crotch.

Ezra blushed. “That’s not it…I mean you could have that if you want to…but I got you a present.”

Ezra slipped off the bed and went to the closet and pulled out a gift bag with carefully arranged tissue paper. He hesitated. “I don’t know if this is something you would even want…”

Brady stood and took the bag from Ezra’s hand. He set the bag on the desk and pulled the tissue paper out like an eager child, letting it fly behind him. He smiled and pulled out the gift. A pure white teddy bear with angel wings seemed to be smiling at him. He wanted to say something, but he felt like all he could do was smile.

“Do you not like it?” Ezra asked.

“I love it. Now I’ll always have this angel to hold when I miss you.”

Ezra sighed in relief and hugged Brady. “Its hard to find presents for you.”

“Why is that, beautiful?”

“You’re so amazing. You make me happy everyday. You love me so much. You give me all that and so…I just don’t know what I can give you that’s good enough.”

“You give me all that and more. Ezra, you are the only person that has ever been stable. You’re the one that I know will be there for me and will love me no matter what. As long as I always have that from you, you never have to give me anything else.” Brady kissed Ezra softly, but it soon heightened. Ezra was pressed against the wall, returning every bit istanbul escort of passion that Brady had put in the kiss. All the emotions too great for words were expressed with dancing tongues and roaming, possessive hands.

Brady had hoisted Ezra up onto the bed and was on his way to join him when they heard a loud crash. Brady leapt up and said over his shoulder, “Stay in here, baby.”

He opened the door to find Brian in a rage. The crash had been caused by a young man hitting the table in the middle of the room. Brian had a feral look in his red-rimmed eyes as he searched for a weapon. Brady quickly shoved Brian into the wall. Brian’s fists flew, a few contacting the side of Brady’s head. He could smell the alcohol and it put him in a bad place. They struggled more, knocking over and breaking the coffee pot on the counter in the kitchenette and sending a stack of old editions of the university newspaper flying to the floor.

There was a loud knock and a UPD officer announced himself as he entered and broke up the fight. Brady had a bad feeling.


An hour later, the situation had been resolved. Brian was being held in custody by the university police and would probably be kicked out of the dorms for rules violations. Brady had been cleared once he had given a written statement of the events of the fight.

The young man Brian had been raging at had tried to sneak off in the middle of the chaos, but Ezra’s caring nature demanded that he ask the stranger to stay for a while and calm down.

“What’s your name?” Ezra asked.

The boy didn’t reply right away. He was rail thin and average height with messy blond hair. He didn’t seem like the type of kid that had ever been in any trouble and Brady wondered how it had all happened. However, he knew that this situation would be best left up to Ezra.

“My name is Myles,” he finally muttered. “I should just go.”

“You don’t have to leave,” Ezra said.

“Maybe you should have a friend come by and pick you up,” Brady suggested.

Myles shrugged. “I just want to get out of here.”

Brady moved and blocked Myles’ path to the door. “Seriously, call someone to come get you or let us walk you to wherever you need to go.”

“I have the phone number if you want for the Campus Safety Initiative,” Ezra offered.

“I don’t want to deal with the UPD fucks again,” Myles snapped. “I’m fine.” He stood suddenly and reeled back a little.

“Sit down,” Brady said harshly. “Did you hit your head?”

“I might have…”

“What started all that?” Brady asked.

Myles sat down and rested his forehead on the heels of his palms. Ezra stood up and filled a glass with ice and water. Myles accepted the water, but didn’t answer Brady’s question.

“Were you two avrupa yakası escort dating or something?” Brady asked.

Myles set the water down hard on the wooden arm of the chair and stood up. He pushed past Brady and went to the door. “I’m not gay,” he nearly shouted as he slammed the door and left.

Brady and Ezra sat in silence, staring at the door for a moment. Ezra broke the silence with a yawn.

“Do you want me to stay here with you?” Brady asked.

“Please, will you?”

Brady smiled half-heartedly and put his arm around Ezra. They climbed into bed, all sexual feelings left behind, and settled into the most comfortable position they could manage.


Myles shivered and rubbed his hands up and down his bare arms. It was an unusually chilly night. His head pounded as he walked toward the parking garage. He felt like there were eyes on him as he walked across the abandoned square. A breeze made him shiver even more and he glanced around nervously, speeding up his pace even more. He was in front of the student center now. Not that far. Just a few minutes and one flight of stairs until he reached his silver BMW.

He reached the stairs and sighed, massaging the knee that he’d had surgery on twice. He could have taken the elevator, but he didn’t trust elevators.

“Hey!” a deep, baritone voice called.

Myles froze for a second and then bolted, but his knee locked up on him and he tripped, banging his chin on one of the stairs.

A tall, muscular black man rushed to him. Myles pulled himself up and recognized the navy blue polo shirts. This guy was just a UPD drone.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” He was younger than Myles had first thought, maybe around twenty. He flashed a pearly white smile. “I’m Derek. Do you want me to walk you to your car?”

“No,” Myles said, trying desperately not to stare at the massive pecs straining against Derek’s polo shirt. “Its just up the stairs.”

Derek grinned even wider. “You scare easy. Just let me walk with you. Its my job.”

Myles stood and dusted off his jeans. He ignored Derek. He tried everything to keep from picturing the gorgeous man naked. He thought about baseball and his grandma, but none of it worked. Those big, dark arms absolutely rippled with muscle and exuded pure manhood.

Myles unlocked his car and Derek let out a low whistle. “That’s a nice car.”

Myles shrugged and didn’t respond. “Thanks for walking with me, I guess.”

“No problem…you know, I didn’t catch your name?”

“Its Myles.”

Derek nodded. “Myles,” he said slowly in a deep voice that made Myles’ skin get hot.

“Bye,” Myles said suddenly, diving into the driver’s seat and closing the door. Behind bahçelievler escort the safe shield of his tinted windows he let out a sigh as Derek walked away, khaki pants tight over a firm bubble butt. So many unwelcome images flooded his mind.


Brady groaned when Ezra’s alarm clock went off. Ezra smiled and hit the snooze.

“Its my birthday, but doesn’t feel like it,” Brady said. “Skip class with me.”

Ezra’s eyes got wide. “Brady, I can’t skip class…”

Brady did his best puppy dog eyes. “Just once. For me? I want to spend the day right here with you.”

Ezra sighed and kissed Brady. “Well…I guess it would be ok. We’re allowed three absences before our grade starts dropping, right?”

“Hell if I know. I just want you and me, right here. Touching, kissing, playing around. Breaks for food and naps. All day.”

Ezra giggled as Brady pulled him close. He straddled Brady and started to kiss his neck slowly. Ezra seemed very eager to please and his actions reflected that. He kissed, sucked, and nibbled at Brady’s neck while his fingers tangled in Brady’s hair. Ezra pulled Brady’s shirt over his head and flung it behind its back. It landed in a navy blue heap in the corner.

Brady sighed happily as Ezra slid down a bit, rubbing up against the growing erection in Brady’s basketball shorts. Ezra slid his hand into Brady’s shorts and fondled the warm and growing manhood. Ezra squeaked with desire as he started to kiss Brady’s chest and stomach.

Brady felt his toes curling with anticipation and he grabbed the sheets as his whole body shook from the pleasure. Ezra freed Brady’s hard cock and started sucking it rapidly, taking Brady in as far as he could and then back up. Brady reached down and affectionately ran his hand through Ezra’s hair so he could see his lover’s face. Lips flushed red from kissing wrapped lovingly around Brady’s cock and deep brown eyes stared up at him adoringly.

Ezra nearly fell off the bed in his rush to remove his clothing. Brady pulled Ezra into a 69 position and tried to focus on returning the pleasure from Ezra’s amazing blow job. The moment Brady’s tongue ran over Ezra’s hole, Ezra shivered and jerked away, reaching for the bottle of lube under the pillow. As he did so, he whispered in Brady’s ear, “I want to feel you inside me.”

Ezra spread the lube onto Brady’s cock and smeared some on his bottom before lowering himself onto Brady. He let out a moan and bit his lip. He started to bounce slowly, his face a mask of pure ecstasy.

Brady watched Ezra as he went up and down. He loved Ezra so much and he loved that he was the only one that got to see Ezra this way, so beautiful and sexy and vulnerable.

“Brady…oh, Brady…I’m gonna…” Ezra moaned and shot warm liquid onto Brady’s stomach. He pitched forward and wrapped his arms around Brady.

Brady thrusted his hips upward a few times and then his fingers dug into Ezra’s back as he came hard.

They were silent for a moment. Brady let out a whistle and laughed as he declared, “Best birthday ever!”

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