College town

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As I sit here contemplating my life, I laugh. My life has been pretty good. Well, that is, up until two years ago. That’s when I got caught and now that the trial is over, I’m sitting on death row. Convicted of rape and murder; a total of 37 counts. Those are just the ones that they know about; I think the real number is probably closer to 100. I’m not concerned; the cancer will kill me long before the appeal process is completed. Besides which, I’m already 66 years old.
As I think back over my life, I think that I started out as a nice guy. I think that my two tours in combat are what started the change. I enjoyed the killing. More accurately, I have never felt more alive than when I was faced with the possibility that I could die at any minute. Every time I killed someone, it was a victory for me. I was alive and he was dead.
This is my life…
I was born and raised in a college town. I love this town. The best thing about living in a college town is the fresh batch of teenage pussy that arrives every fall. I first discovered this treasure trove of pussy when I was 14. My first year in high school, I went out for the football team and our practices were held at one of the college fields.
I was big for my age. Most people assumed that I was a college student. At 14, I had broad shoulders, stood 6 foot and weighed 250lbs. My high school football coach recruited me because I was bigger than anyone else in the school and he soon discovered that I could play both the offensive and defensive lines. Nobody got past me.
I was in the habit of going to practice early in order to do a few laps before practice started. As I did my laps each day, I took note of the girls sitting in the bleachers. Some were doing schoolwork others were just watching the guys on the field. As a 14 year old, I had discovered porn a couple of years earlier but I was still trying to figure out girls.
It was after my laps one day that one of these college girls approached me. I saw her coming my way and watched the way she wiggled her hips as she walked. She was blonde, 5’ 6” and 120lbs with a 36D chest. She walked right up to me and said, “Hiya honey, your new here.” I said, “Yeah, I’m Sam, I’m a freshman.” She assumed that I was a college freshman and I did not correct her.
“I’m Sara, I’m a senior and I just love freshmen.” She said in a sultry voice as she reached up and ran her hand over my chest. She giggled, “Freshmen are so fresh. Ya know, untainted.” She was still running her hand over my chest and continued down to check out my abs.
When I said that I was big for my age, I mean everywhere. My 14-year-old cock was fully erect by the time her hand slid over the front of my shorts.
“Oh my god!” she gasped, “How big is this thing?” I blushed and didn’t answer. I didn’t have any experience with girls.
She looked up at my face as she was massaging my dick through my shorts. She giggled and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed you.”
“No, ah yeah, a little.”
“Honey, little is not a word I would use to describe you.” As she said that, she began stroking my cock.
“Could you please stop that? If you keep that up, I’m going to shoot a load in my shorts and there are other places that I would rather do that.”
“Me too!” She said, “Come with me.” She put her arm around my waist and started steering me toward the bleachers. Her hand slid down to my ass as we walked and she grabbed a handful of my right cheek. “Uh huh, nice and firm, just the way I like ‘em.”
By this time we were behind the bleachers and she stopped me. She dropped to her knees and took my shorts down at the same time. “Holy shit! This thing is huge! How big is it?”
“It’s a little over 8 inches”, I said.
She was already stroking my cock and said, “Like I said honey, I wouldn’t use the word little to describe you or this thing.” With that, she started licking my cock. She started licking all around the head and worked her way down the shaft. She kept going down and licked my balls. I almost came when she popped one of my nuts into her mouth and started sucking on it. She switched over to the other nut and then began working her way back up the length of my cock until she engulfed the head in her mouth.
She sucked on the head, drawing a vacuum and slowly sunk down, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. She didn’t stop until she had swallowed the whole thing.
“I’m gonna cum!”
She began swallowing, which felt like she was milking the 3 or 4 inches of my cock that was in her throat. I exploded, I shot load after load down her throat. She pulled back and took 3 more loads in her mouth. She withdrew and opened her mouth, showing me my cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed and then showed me her empty mouth. She took my cock back in her mouth and swallowed it again. As she withdrew, she licked and cleaned my cock from base to head. “You taste good”, she said.
“I hope you will give me the chance to find out how you taste”.
She said, “Let’s go back to my dorm”.
“I can’t right now, I’m already late for football practice. Can I come over after practice?”
She grabbed my dick and said, “Sure, just as long as you bring this with you”.
“Which dorm are you in?”
“Thompson Hall, room 306”.
“I’ll be there in about 2 hours”.
She kissed me and stroked my dick and said, “I can’t wait to get this thing in my pussy”.
With that, I ran off to practice. The coach chewed me out for being late and I had to do 10 extra laps.
After practice and a shower, I hurried over to Thompson Hall. I knocked on her door and it opened instantly. “God, I’m so horny! Where have you been? Never mind! Just give me that cock.” By the time she stopped talking long enough to take a breath, she had my cock out and as soon as the last words came out of her mouth, my cock went in.
She went up and down on my cock as she worked on getting my pants off. Once she accomplished that, she began shedding her own clothes. By this time, my cock was hard and she wasn’t waiting any longer. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my dick and guided it into her pussy. As soon as the head was in, she dropped down, sinking my entire 8 inches into her hot hole. “Oh my god”, she said, “That fills me right up. Oh my god, it’s fucking huge.”
She was bouncing up and down and thrashing all over the bed. I was holding on to her hips and really just holding on for dear life. She rode me like a champion bull rider at the rodeo. The whole time, I’m thinking, “My first pussy!” “Oh my god, this feels great.” “Holy shit, I hope she doesn’t break it.”
She had her first orgasm and collapsed on my chest. She laid there panting and after a few moments, she said, “Roll me over and fuck me hard.” How could I argue with that?
I held her to my chest and rolled us over. I began pounding her pussy as hard and fast as I could. She said, “Deeper, I want it deeper! Put my legs on your shoulders”. I did as she told me and continued pounding away.
“Oh my god, I’ve never had anything so deep in my pussy. Keep going, I’m gonna cum again!”
“Me too!”
“Don’t cum poker oyna in me! I want it in my mouth!”
She started cumming and I kept pounding. It was taking all the willpower that I could muster to hold off my own climax. Her orgasm began to subside; I took one last stroke and pulled out. I quickly moved up and shoved my erupting cock in her mouth. The first string of my cum splattered across her face before I entered her mouth. I shot 5 or 6 loads in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
I collapsed on the bed, “God that was amazing”.
I spent a lot of time during that school year fucking Sara. She never did find out that I was only 14 years old. She taught me all about oral sex, (I just love eating pussy), anal, bondage. She even brought another guy in a couple of times for a DP. She graduated in June and moved on. I never saw her again.
I gained a lot of confidence during my time with Sara and didn’t have any trouble entertaining myself with the local pussy during the summer. Although, most of the high school girl were terrified by the size of my cock. I was looking forward to the fall, when the new batch of college pussy would arrive.
I continued this routine all of the way through high school. College pussy during the school year and local pussy in the summer.
I graduated from high school and was immediately drafted into the Army. I did two tours and came home after my discharge. I tried attending the local college but it just wasn’t what I wanted. For several years, I moved from one job to another and eventually ended up in the maintenance department at the college.
By this time, I was 6’ 5” and 300lbs and had done a pretty good job of staying in shape. My cock had also grown to 10 inches and was slightly thicker than average. I worked out every day and I still looked pretty good. I got in the habit of hanging out in some of the local bars. The bars were the best place to hook up with college girls. The girls weren’t lining up for me but I had a steady supply of college pussy and I even got the occasional 18-year-old freshman.
As time went on, I had less and less success and by the time I was 28, I wasn’t getting laid very often.
On the night that my life changed, I was actually called a dirty old man by a cute little redhead. She was probably 18 or 19 years old and stood about 5’ even. She couldn’t have weighed more than 100lbs and was sporting a fabulous rack that had to be a 34 or 36 D cup.
She went out of her way to make sure that everyone in the bar knew that I had made a pass at her and she was very bitchy about the whole thing.
I thought, “Ok, I don’t need this shit” and left the bar. As I walked home, I was doing a little self-assessment and when I passed through the campus, I decided to sit down on a bench for a while.
I don’t know how long I sat there thinking about what I had done with my life and where I was going. Suddenly, there she was, right in front of me. I became aware of her when I heard, “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the old pervert. What’s wrong, can’t you find any little girls to rape? You should be ashamed of yourself, stalking people and trying to force yourself on women.”
I snapped! The whole time she had been ranting at me, she kept coming closer and closer. By the time I snapped, she was right in my face. My hand lashed out and I had a death grip on her throat. I lifted her in the air and just watched as she flailed about, gasping for air. I held her at arms length and at first she was landing some pretty good blows on my arm but she couldn’t reach anything else.
Her struggles slowly diminished as she ran out of air. When she appeared to have given up, I lowered her to the bench and sat down next to her. She sat there gasping for air and holding her throat.
“I was not going to rape you. All I did was try to talk to you and maybe get a date. All you had to do was say no and I would have walked away. But no, you had to be a bitch about it and then you follow me over here so you can try to humiliate me some more.”
By this time, she had recovered and started swinging. I caught her hands so she couldn’t hit me but not before she landed a couple of good hits to the side of my head. She was ranting on about calling the cops and reporting me for trying to rape her and attempted murder and anything else she could think of and then she kicked me right in the nuts. I went down hard and took her with me. Suddenly, it was quiet and she stopped struggling.
I lay there for several minutes, not enjoying the pain in my groin and thought, “Jesus, what the hell did I do to deserve this?” As the pain subsided and I began to breathe normally again, I looked over at her. I could see that she was breathing but I could also see an ugly bruise on the side of her face. I crawled over to her and rolled her onto her back. I checked her pulse and then looked at the bruise. It was getting worse. There was a nice lump right on her temple and the bruise went from there to her cheek and her eye was beginning to swell. Her head must have hit the bench when we fell.
“This is just perfect. I call an ambulance and go to jail for assault at the very least. With her version, it’ll probably be rape and attempted murder.” I felt something on the side of my head and reached up. My hand came away with blood on my fingers. “Terrific! This will just reinforce her story.”
I sat there for some time, trying to figure out if there was a way out of this mess. I didn’t do anything wrong damn it. I just made a pass at a pretty girl and then tried to defend myself when I was attacked. Fuck! Ok, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to grab her by the throat. Fuck, fuck, fuck! She’s lucky I didn’t snap her neck when I grabbed her. I’d done that enough times in combat that it was almost second nature. Damn it! I wouldn’t be looking at jail time if I had killed her. Fuck! If she were found dead, maybe it would just look like she had fallen and hit her head on the bench. Fuck! I didn’t want to go to jail. Fuck!
I made my decision. I grabbed her head and was ready to snap her neck when the thought entered my head, “What a waste, she is probable a good fuck. The way she fought, she would have been a wild fuck. What the fuck? Why not? I’ll give the bitch one last good fucking before I kill her.”
I picked her up and carried her into the woods. There was a path right there that the students used as a shortcut during the day. This area was usually pretty deserted at night and obviously, no one had witnessed anything so far or the cops would have been here by now.
I stopped for a minute to figure out what to do. She started to wake up. I thought, “Can’t have her screaming”. I laid her down and quickly stripped her clothes off. I used my pocketknife to cut up her clothes and used the strips of cloth to bind her hands behind her back and stuffed most of her tank top into her mouth. I tied a strip around her head to hold the gag and another to blindfold her.
She was awake now and was trying to scream and thrash around. I got on top of her and pinned her down. I whispered in her ear, “Ok bitch, you brought this on yourself. I wasn’t going to rape you at the bar but now you’re mine canlı poker oyna and maybe, just maybe if you behave yourself, you might live to see another day”. Now, she was sobbing and whimpering.
I stood her up and tossed her over my shoulder. I followed the path until it intersected another path and turned left. After about 5 minutes, I left the path and continued through the woods for a few more minutes until I came to the old factory. It was closed down years ago and was abandoned.
I put her down in the bushes and went to check out the building. I went through the whole place and it looked like I was probably the first person to set foot in there since it had been closed. I found a loft area up on the third floor that looked like it would serve my needs quite nicely.
I went and tossed her over my shoulder again and carried her into the building and up to the loft. I stood her on her feet and told her, “We are on a platform that is very high, I would suggest that you don’t move or you may fall and it’s a long way down”.
I left her there and checked out the loft. We were standing on a metal grate deck and there was a metal railing around three sides and a brick wall on the fourth side. Overhead, there were metal girders and several rails with rolling hooks hanging from them. I could see that this rail system went around the entire factory. I don’t know what they did here but it was evident that they used the rails to move something around the factory.
Now that I was somewhat familiar with my surroundings, I decided to play with her.
I stepped in front of her and grabbed both of her nipples. I pinched them hard and twisted. She screamed behind the gag as I began pulling up on her nipples. I kept pulling until she was standing on her toes. I let go and she fell to the floor; sobbing and I could just make out her “Please, please, please”.
I got the heavy chain that I had seen over by the wall and wrapped one end around her neck. I left some slack so she wouldn’t be strangled just yet. I wrapped the other end around her knees. I picked up the middle of the chain and hung it over one of the hooks overhead, wrapping the chain around the hook until she was hanging at just the right height for me to fuck her.
I stepped back to observe my handiwork. It was perfect. She was hanging with her knees against her chest and the chain was forcing her head back. Her pussy and asshole were both exposed for me to use.
I stepped up and shove a finger into her pussy. I could feel that she was dry and her scream confirmed that she was not enjoying this. “Good! Bitch!”
I started sawing in and out with my finger; she didn’t get wet but she did begin to loosen up a bit. I added another finger and she screamed again. After doing this for a few minutes, I noticed that she was beginning to produce a little moisture. That’s all I was looking for. I wasn’t trying to turn her on and didn’t give a shit if she enjoyed this or not. I merely wanted enough lubrication to avoid hurting my cock when I rammed it home.
I put my cock against her pussy and pushed hard. I had about 5 inches into her before she knew it was coming. “Damn, she is tight!” She reacted with the expected scream and tried to thrash around to get away from my cock. I grabbed her hips and rammed the remaining 5 inches into her. The head of my cock felt like I had rammed it into a vice. “Oh my god, I must have entered her cervix.” I wasted no time and began fucking her hard and fast. Her screams were continuous now and the more she screamed, the more I enjoyed it. I fucked her like that for maybe 5 minutes until I shot a huge load deep inside her womb.
I pulled out and looked down; my cock was covered with blood. There was cum and blood flowing out of her. Fuck it; I’d be doing her a favor if I let her bleed to death. I left her hanging there and went over to the wall and sat down to rest and contemplate what I would do next. After awhile, her moaning stopped and I nodded off.
When I woke up, she was hanging there, no signs of life. I got up and went over to check her out. She still had a pulse but it was weak. Her breathing seemed to be ok but she was very pale. Well, she was a redhead so she was very light skinned to begin with.
It was beginning to get light out. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 5:00 am. I decided that I should check out the area around the factory and I was pretty hungry. I started climbing down from the loft and noticed a small pool of blood on the floor below. I would have to remember to clean that up whenever I clean up the rest of this mess.
I headed out and saw no signs that anyone else came here. I circled the factory several times and found a couple of small trails but judging from the undergrowth, they were made by animals not people. I backtracked over the route I had taken to get to the factory, watching for any signs that I had come this way. I got all the way to the end of the trail and everything looked good.
There was no one around so I stepped out of the woods and walked home. I showered and ate and gathered a few supplies and headed back to the factory. I walked across the campus with a duffle bag slung over my shoulder. To the casual observer, I was just some guy headed to the gym.
There was a couple sitting on the bench as I pasted by. I just said, “Good morning” and continued down the path. I don’t even think they took note of me; they were too involved in each other to be bothered by me.
I arrived back at the factory and once again, circled around to check it out. It was all clear and I entered and climbed up to the loft. As soon as she heard me, she started screaming into the gag. I’m sure that she was hoping that I was coming to rescue her. I walked right up to her and said, “I’m back bitch”. She stopped screaming and started crying.
It was time to finish this. I supported her shoulders while I rewrapped the chain around her neck. This time it was tight enough that it would eventually strangle her. She must have noticed this because she started to struggle as soon as I stopped supporting her shoulders and the chain began putting pressure on her neck.
“I think you’ve figured this out but I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s time for you to die. I’m going to fuck your ass while I watch you die.” With that, I pulled a jar of vaseline out of my bag and greased my cock.
With no preamble, I put my cock against her asshole and started pushing. She was clenching her ass shut as hard as she could and screaming, “No, no, no” through the gag. I pushed harder and said, “That’s it bitch, fight it. Make it nice and tight for me.” I kept pushing and I could feel her asshole beginning to weaken. I still wasn’t making any headway but she was losing the battle. “Come on bitch, don’t give up yet. Make me work for it.” I maintained the pressure and I felt her asshole stretch and the head popped into her ass. Considering how hard I had been pushing, it should be no surprise that my 10 inches was instantly buried to the hilt. I felt her asshole tear and a trickle of warm blood running down to my balls.
Even with her mouth stuffed, her scream pierced the air and she passed out. I thought, “Well, this internet casino isn’t going to work. I want the bitch to suffer. Ok, change of plans!” I took a couple of nice long strokes in and out of her ass. It was tighter than anything I had ever stuck my cock into before and it felt great.
I pulled out and walked around her. I removed the chain from her neck. Couldn’t have the bitch dying while she was passed out. Where’s the fun in that? I remove the chain completely and left her laying there while I repositioned some of the hooks on the rails overhead. Next, I wrapped the chain around one ankle and pulled it until her ass was at the right height and ran it over the first hook. Then, the chain went over a second hook and back down to her other ankle. I took the other end of the chain and ran it under her back and pulled it up so it was wedged in her armpits. I then brought it back up to a third hook and tied it off. Now she was suspended with her legs vertical and widely spread and her back was horizontal. Her head hung back limply as she was still unconscious.
I greased my cock again and stood between her legs and began pushing my cock into her ass again. Since I had already been in there once and she was unconscious, the head popped into her ass without much effort.
As soon as my cock entered, she started to wake up. She was moaning and whimpering as I slowly sunk deeper and deeper into her. By the time my cock was in about 4 inches, she was fully awake and screaming her head off. I wanted her to stay awake so I could enjoy her screams; so I went slowly. I kept going until my cock was buried again. Her ass was still very tight and it was almost painful. Once I was all the way in, I began fucking her with long, slow strokes. All the way in, all the way out, all the way in. The feeling of my cock reentering her asshole on each stroke was quickly driving me toward my orgasm.
As I continued fucking her, I realized that I could now play with her tits and pussy. This position was great! I began mauling her tits, twisting her nipples, pinching and pulling on them. I was grabbing two big handfuls of soft tit flesh and squeezing them until she screamed. I started alternating between her tits and her pussy. She really didn’t like it when I pulled her pussy lips and stretched them as far as they would go. She screamed even louder when I pinched her clit.
The whole time I was torturing her, I continued to fuck her ass and kept going faster. I was pulling all the way out and then ramming my cock all the way back in. I wasn’t really paying attention to where my cock was going and on one of the in strokes; I missed her ass and rammed my cock all the way into her pussy. That had to have been the loudest scream so far. Her pussy had to still be sore from the fucking I had given her last night. After that happened, I began switching back and forth, using both holes.
This had to be heaven! No doubt about it, I had died and gone to heaven. Both of her holes were so tight, her screams; I could almost feel her pain. Yup, I’ve died and gone to heaven.
I was just about done. I could feel the cum churning. I concentrated on her ass and pound her as hard as I could. I felt the cum shooting up the length of my cock. I shot into her ass again and again. I don’t know how many times I shot into her. I came so hard that I lost control of my legs and collapsed on the floor while I was still cumming.
I lay there trying to get my body back under control. My breathing slowly returned to normal. I laid there listening to her sobbing. I thought, “Too bad she has to die, I’d love to keep her around for awhile.”
After I had recovered, I decided that it was time to finish this. I stood and walked around to her head. I was thinking that I would just snap her neck and be done with it but as I stood there looking at her, I realized that there was still one hole I hadn’t used. I thought, “What the hell, why not give her one more good fucking?”
I removed the blindfold. One eye was swollen shut. She slowly opened the other eye and looked up at me. I knelt down next to her head and said, “You got a reprieve, you should have been dead by now. I’m going to take a break and then I’m going to give you a chance to save your life. Right know I still intend to kill you because you’re such a bitch. In a little while, we’ll see if you can change my mind.”
After resting for a while I walked over to her. Her eyes were closed as she dozed. I grabbed her nipples and twisted them. She awoke with a scream.
“Now that I have your attention, I am going to remove the gag. You will not make a sound. No screaming, no begging, nothing. If I hear anything, you die. You are going to suck my cock and you will make me believe that you want to do it. If you are not enthusiastic about sucking my cock, you die. If I feel teeth, you die. Do you understand?”
She nodded her head and I removed the gag. She exercised her jaw a little and I presented her with my cock. She kissed the tip and began licking all around the head. She took the head in her mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. She was really putting some effort into it.
I started feeding more to her. Before long, I was sliding about 3 inches in and out of her mouth. She was sucking and swirling her tongue around the head. It felt great. I started going a little deeper on each stroke and she took it well until I entered her throat.
She began gagging every time my cock went into her throat. I just kept going deeper and deeper every time. The feeling of her throat constricting around the head of my cock when she gagged was phenomenal. I was still withdrawing far enough that she could breathe and then pushing my cock into her throat. I still had 4 more inches to go. I held her head and started going into her throat and staying there for longer periods each time. Little by little, I increased the depth and duration of my thrusts. Eventually, I was staying buried in her throat until she was running out of air.
I could feel that I was getting close. I sped up my attack on her throat and pounded away. When I felt my cum begin to rise, I drove my cock in all the way. I held it there as I shot my cum down her throat.
By the time I had finished cumming, she had run out of air and was beginning to struggle. I held her head in position and kept my cock buried in her throat. Her face was beginning to turn blue and her struggles weakened. It only took about a minute for her to stop and I reached down to check her pulse. She was dead.
She was my first; she had ignited a thirst in me. It was only a couple of months later when I took my next victim. As time passed, I got more inventive with the ways that I tortured my victims. They all died one way or another. Some were fucked to death as the first had been. Others were hanged or beaten. I even gutted one while she was still alive and roasted her. I prefer beef. She didn’t taste bad. I just prefer beef.
I got to the point that I was keeping them alive for weeks. I found that the pleasure I derived from torturing them increased as I explored and pushed them to the limits of their ability to endure the pain.
After the first one, I would take a new victim 2 or 3 times a year. They were all students at the college. I love living in a college town.
Yeah, life has been pretty good.

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