Competition Ch. 02

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Ronnie got out of her rideshare and thanked the driver. She had already given him the tip from the back seat after he had helped her with her luggage. She grabbed all of her bags and walked up the steps to the duplex. She got a good sight of the fancy car in the driveway. “My girl has got it all,” Ronnie sighed with pure admiration.

She got to the top of the steps and rang the bell. Several excited footsteps were heard from beyond the wooden door. The door burst open, and there she stood in all her gorgeous glory. Jolene had on a sleeveless top and bicycle shorts. Her eyes got huge and she squealed with delight as she grabbed Ronnie and pulled her in. Ronnie groaned as she felt like she was being crushed to death.

Jolene pulled away, still holding Ronnie by the shoulders and doing excited hops. “I’m so glad you came out here!”

Ronnie smiled wide. “Oh, babe! I wouldn’t be anywhere else!” She leaned in and gave Jolene a huge kiss.

Jolene pulled back and lowered her eyes. “Darling! The neighbours might see.”

“Okay!” exclaimed Ronnie. She grabbed Jolene by the front of her shirt and dragged her inside, carelessly leaving her luggage on the step. Ronnie shut the door, then wrapped her arms around Jolene and gave her the deepest kiss she ever had. She put her leg up and clutched onto the back of Jolene’s thighs as they forced their tongues into each others’ mouths.

Ronnie pulled away and stared into Jolene’s eyes. “Wanna help me get my luggage in, sexy?”

Jolene gave a salute. “Your hostess is ready to serve!”

They both got the bags in and placed them in Jolene’s room. Ronnie rubbed Jolene’s arms as they began to kiss again. Jolene tried to let out yelps into Ronnie’s mouth. She pulled back. “Honey! Wait. I have a lasagna in the oven.”

Ronnie gave her a small peck on the lips again. “You go get dinner, babe.”

Jolene took Ronnie by the hand and got her to sit down at the table. Ronnie loved being waited on by such a beautiful woman, but there was also something so comforting about the way Jolene behaved. Jolene set out the lasagna in the pan and dished up for the both of them.

Ronnie poked at it, curious about the contents. “Okay, so, I’m used to meat and cheese and noodles in my lasagna.”

Jolene tutted and waved her hand. “Sweetie, nothing crazy in there. A lot more spinach than what you might be used to, and I used Swiss cheese since it’s so low in lactose. The meat is ground rabbit.”

“Rabbit in a lasagna!” exclaimed Ronnie.

“It’s high in protein, dear,” Jolene assured her.

Ronnie slowly allowed herself a bite, and was surprised just how good it tasted. “I think being in the southwest makes you eat anything!”

The two of them shared many laughs as they ate. Ronnie was anxious to finish up, and cleaned her plate in ten minutes. She tried to clean up the dishes, but Jolene protested. “We’ll have time for that, dear!” she told Ronnie. Jolene finished up, then they made their way back to the bedroom. Ronnie sat down on the bed and pushed the hair out of her eyes.

Jolene put a few things away before she sat down as well. She leaned in and tried to kiss Ronnie, but she hesitated.

“What’s wrong, honey?” asked Jolene.

Ronnie sighed. “I know you went to Austin, and you saw what’s-his-face.”

Jolene’s eyes snapped wide open. “Oh! Brent. Yes, you met him, right?”

“Yeah, that’s just the thing,” Ronnie said, twisting her lips. She put her eyes in her hands. “I feel so stupid asking this. Did you ever sleep with Brent?”

Jolene’s mouth felt open. “Oh, no!” She got down on her knees and held onto Ronnie’s hands. Jolene wanted to look Ronnie straight in the eye, but Ronnie was avoiding eye contact. “Darling, I swear to you I would never do anything to betray your trust.”

Ronnie pushed her lips together, instantly feeling stupid. “It’s just…I remember seeing you two in Atlanta together. I got so mad and scared because you two look like you’d be the perfect couple. Fuck!” She pounded her fist into her own knee. “I knew I should have kept my mouth shut.”

“No, this is what’s best,” assured Jolene. “If you have something ever bothering you, you can always talk to me.”

Ronnie fiddled with her fingertips, still avoiding eye contact. “I just get scared that one day I’ll be the one getting dumped. Let’s face it…” Ronnie did a gulp. “You’re like this fabulous career woman, and you have an amazing body, and I bet you could have anyone you wanted without even trying.”

Jolene placed her hand under Ronnie’s chin and got her to get some eye contact. “Maybe I’m fortunate that I can get whoever I want. That’s why I chose you.”

Ronnie felt a burning in her eyes. Jolene got up off her knees and kissed Ronnie on the forehead.

Ronnie started to relax and gave a weak smile. “I’m stupid, right?”

Jolene giggled. “Well, Brent is an amazing man, no question. He and I met when I lived in Texas. He still owned that single poker oyna gym at the time. Now he has twelve locations.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Ronnie. “Guy must be rich.”

“They have a beautiful home out in Austin, him and Honey,” agreed Jolene. “I knew him before he even met her. I didn’t always look like this, you know.” She held her muscular arms up. “He really encouraged me personally. There was one time I tried to…you know. I felt horrible because I was still married at the time.”

“Is that why your husband left?” asked Ronnie.

“Oh no,” said Jolene. “He never knew. Brent told me that I had to stay strong for my marriage, even if things were pretty bad. He even came to visit me when I had my skull fractured. I did grow to love him, but it was so much more than simply wanting to be with him physically.”

Ronnie nodded. “I think I understand that.”

Jolene placed her hand on Ronnie’s knee. “I don’t fault you for being suspicious, though. It is a long time that we were apart, and I do spend a lot of time with a man to whom I was once very attracted.”

Ronnie smiled at the corner of her mouth. “I was kind of worried that the three of you…”

Jolene’s mouth was wide open as she started to turn red. “Oh my!”

“Hey, she is pretty hot!” Ronnie insisted.

“Well, I can assure you that Honey is not interested in women at all,” Jolene said. “She really loves Brent. I know a lot of people see the fitness types and think we’re all vacuous and only into each other for the physical aspects.” Jolene tilted her head. “I hope you don’t see me that way.”

Ronnie shook her head. “No way! I mean, look how sweet you are about all of this! I guarantee if I had someone else that I had to talk to about this, it would have ended in a bad fight. You’re so patient and understanding!”

Jolene smiled and wiped at her eye. “Thank you, dear. I think that the long-distance aspect of our relationship has left us both a little tense. I loved talking to you online, but it’s not the same.”

Ronnie twisted up her lips. “Yeah. Sorry that you weren’t into the cybering thing.”

Jolene laughed. “I’m a bit wary of anything ending up online.”

They sat and interlocked their fingers in each others’ hands. “I know that my past is probably nothing to be looked upon with pride,” said Jolene. “I have had some pretty tawdry affairs after my husband left.”

“Oh, Jo!” Ronnie objected. “So you got a little crazy once you got all super-hot. It wasn’t like I had big boobs for a long time, either.” She sighed. “I am sorry, though. I just thought that maybe I wasn’t worth your time, like maybe you moved on already.”

Jolene gave Ronnie a quick peck on the cheek. “I will never do that. From now on, all of my fitness, all my shows, and all my love is going to be directed at you.”

Ronnie stared at her lover before finally reaching over and pulling Jolene in for a kiss. The two of them were a tangle of arms and legs as they panted and struggled with their clothes. Ronnie succeeded in pulling off her shirt and unclasping her bra, then leaned over Jolene. Jolene was nearly smothered with the soft mounds as she clutched onto Ronnie’s fine ass.

“Oh God,” Ronnie moaned as she ground her hips. “I love you so much, Jo!” Ronnie shifted and found Jolene’s mouth as they kissed deeply. She ran her hands all over Jolene’s smooth body, loving the feel of her shoulders as they flexed and stiffened.

“My sweet girl,” Jolene whispered. “I’ll love you always. You’re all I ever think about.”

Ronnie started to moan louder hearing Jolene’s words. She stood up off the bed and undid her pants, sliding them and her underwear off in one go. Jolene had her shorts off by this point, ripping off the shirt and lying back on the bed.

Ronnie looked down at her beautiful girlfriend. Jolene was flexing her abdominal muscles by sitting up slightly, and Ronnie was mesmerized by all the ridges and lines. She started to rub herself while still standing.

“Let me do that,” said Jolene.

Ronnie collapsed down on the bed and continued to kiss Jolene, as Jolene reached down and stroked the lavender crevice. Ronnie played with her own tits as she threw her head back and enjoyed the rubbing sensation. Jolene still managed to have a gentle touch, even with her strength.

Ronnie looked at Jolene, still sweating and panting. “Are you growing your hair out, babe?”

Jolene continued frigging Ronnie’s twat as she smiled. “I though I might. Would you like that?”

Ronnie smiled back, gasping for air. “I think it would look so good! I…OH FUCK!” Jolts of pleasure hit Ronnie as Jolene managed to find the clit. Once she realized what she had done, Jolene used her ring finger, careful not to poke poor Ronnie with her long nails. Jolene wanted to go downtown on Ronnie, but she was worried she would lose the pink pearl if she moved too much.

Ronnie stretched out her arms and legs as she tightened up all of her muscles. Her canlı poker oyna lips were pulled back in a sneer as her eyes went crossed. Ronnie finally let go, and her body went into full spasm. Jolene pulled her hand away, having to hold onto Ronnie while she shook.

“Darling,” whispered Jolene into Ronnie’s ear. “Darling, please be calm. Remember to breathe.” Jolene then pulled her hand away, holding it up to examine it. Her mouth went wide as she saw how much glistening juice was over it. She then did a quick look at Ronnie, who looked almost terrified.

Ronnie looked at Jolene’s face, then up at her hand. “Was that me?” she panted.

Jolene nodded. “Where did that come from?”

Ronnie put her hand to the side of her face. “I haven’t flicked the bean for nearly two weeks,” she confessed. “I wanted to be in top form for when I came out here.”

Jolene casually wiped her hand on the bedspread, then climbed on top of Ronnie in missionary position. Jolene started to thrust her hips back and forth. Ronnie put her hands on Jolene’s firm ass, loving the way it felt.

“Fuck me, baby,” Ronnie begged. “Oh God! Your fucking muscles are so big!”

Jolene had her face about an inch from Ronnie’s as they kept eye contact. “What else do you like about me?”

Ronnie grunted as she got her legs farther spread. “You’re sophisticated! You look like you’re twenty-eight! Unnnh!”

Jolene picked up speed as she kissed Ronnie’s neck. “More.”

Ronnie felt as if she would explode. “You always know what to say and you’re gorgeous and you FUCK LIKE AN ANIMAL!”

Jolene became beastly as she grunted and flexed as shard as possible, ramming her hips into Ronnie’s. Ronnie moaned and shook her head back and forth while Jolene humped her for all she was worth. The two of them began smacking their pelvises into each other.

“I love you! I love fucking you!” Jolene felt her own orgasm as the banging sensation became too much for her. She loved watching Ronnie’s glistening breasts bouncing as she continued her hump session. Jolene quickly got to her knees, spreading out her legs and rubbing her own clam until the sensation washed over her. Jolene collapsed on top of Ronnie, who wrapped both her arms and legs around Jolene.

The two of them laid there, unable to move or even speak. It had been far too long for either of them. Ronnie had it in her mind that there was no way that the long-distance relationship would last much longer.

They fell asleep.

The next morning, Ronnie got up early and washed the dishes from last night, then made Jolene a bowl of oatmeal with fresh berries. She had borrowed one of Jolene’s long nightshirts, since she did not want to wake her girlfriend by opening her suitcases.

Jolene strolled in ten minutes later, wearing her long housecoat. She looked positively amazed. “Did you make me breakfast?”

Ronnie spun around and smiled. “Anything for my baby.” She kissed the air in Jolene’s direction.

Jolene sat herself down and began to eat. She examined the oatmeal. “Oh, did you put brown sugar in this?”

“Um…yeah?” Ronnie said apologetically.

Jolene shrugged. “Oh well. I can indulge once in a while.” She shovelled more of the oatmeal into her mouth. “Baby, I want you to come with me to the gym tonight. I can get you in as a guest.”

“What?” Ronnie was surprised that she would suggest it. “Why did you want me to do that?”

“Oh, don’t be offended, dear,” Jolene said soothingly. “I just thought it might be nice to spend some time together. I have to work right up until the 22nd.”

Ronnie thought it over. “Okay! It might be fun. But don’t try to get me to do bench pushes or thrust squats or whatever.”

Jolene chuckled. “Oh, we won’t push you too hard on your first try.”

Ronnie walked over to Jolene and squatted down. She flexed her bicep. “Look! I’ve been using weights, too!”

Jolene used her forefinger and thumb to pinch the bicep. “Wow!” she exclaimed.

“I started doing arm curls at home. I can get up to ten!” Ronnie wanted to impress Jolene badly.

Jolene finished up and got out of the chair. “Honey, I have to get ready. I hope you’re not going to be bored here.”

Ronnie scoffed. “Who, me? I can amuse myself.” She got up off the floor and gave Jolene a smooch. “Go on! I’ll clean up here.”

Jolene went off to shower. Ronnie began straightening up the dishes. She also packed up what she figured would be a good snack tray for Jolene—fresh-cut veggies, a tiny can of tuna, and green tea in a small thermos.

Jolene came out in her lovely suit and heels, putting on her earrings. “What’s this?”

“I just packed up a little snack for you,” said Ronnie, fiddling with Jolene’s collar. “You look gorgeous.”

Jolene smiled and softened her eyes. “Don’t smudge my lipstick,” she said as they went in for a soft kiss. “Okay, sweetie. Call me if there are any problems. We’ll leave early, then we can get internet casino dinner.” She picked up her soft briefcase and left.

Ronnie went to get showered and dressed. She made the bed, then vacuumed the carpets and cleaned the bathroom. Ronnie was not the most fastidious housekeeper, but she wanted to earn her keep while staying with Jolene. She noticed that Jolene kept all of her necklaces hung up on a wooden stand on her dresser, and her expensive earrings were sitting in an old teacup. She suddenly got some inspiration.

After all of her straightening up, Ronnie sat on the couch in the living room, then looked over at the clock. 10:12 a.m.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Ronnie. She threw her head back and growled. “Wait, maybe she has some Christmas decorations in the basement.”

Ronnie got up and ventured down the wooden steps. “Holy shit! She has a whole gym down here.”

The basement had wrestling mats covering most of the floor, with a few bare spots that had dumbbells and a weight bench. There was a large barbell racked up on the bench.

Ronnie looked around and marvelled at the amount of effort it must have taken to furnish the place. She walked over and went to pick up one of the dumbbells. Ronnie suddenly gasped as she strained with both hands to lift one off the floor, getting it up a few inches before giving up. She sat down and put her hand on her head. “How the hell does she manage that?”

Ronnie then noticed an old CRT TV next to a ratty chair with a VCR and a DVD player underneath. There was a box of video tapes next to the chair. Ronnie squatted down and looked at some of the labels. She pulled out a tape that had JO’S DEMO written on it.

Ronnie popped the tape into the machine and pressed play, then turned on the TV. She sat down in the chair and watched intently.

A woman was there, and right away Ronnie recognized Jolene, only she looked way different and looked to be in a different house. The date in the tape showed as 2004. Jolene looked a bit chubby and dour, and her hair was much longer than what she has now. She was dressed in a one-piece bikini.

Jolene stood there for nearly thirty seconds, then she started to pose as if flexing. She had no muscle tone whatsoever, and Ronnie almost felt embarrassed watching her try to strike a pose.

Suddenly there was a sound of a door slamming, and Ronnie jumped up. She thought Jolene had come home, then she realized it was coming from the TV. A man’s voice could be heard yelling in the background. Jolene scrambled to go to the voice. There was soft sounds of voices for nearly thirty seconds, and then the man clearly screamed, “FAT PIG!” The video showed Jolene walking back to the camera, looking as if she was going to cry. Her arms reached behind the camera, and the tape went black.

Ronnie went over and stopped the tape. “Oh, Joey,” she mumbled. She put the tape back in the sleeve and put it in the box. As sad as that was to watch, Ronnie was curious about what else were on these tapes. She found a CD jewel case with WRESTLING ’12 written on the front label in black marker. Ronnie pulled it out and popped it into the DVD player.

The video came on, and Ronnie recognized the basement she was in on the screen. Jolene strolled into the picture wearing a black bikini. Ronnie was stunned at how short her hair was, practically a man’s crew cut. She had more decent muscle tone this time, and she had a bit of a leaner look. It was if she was going for more of an aerobics body at the time as opposed to her more muscular frame she had now.

A man walked into frame now, wearing a blue Speedo. The man looked incredibly young, possibly even still in high school. He had a decent body on him, almost a swimmer’s build, and a nice tan. He had no body hair at all.

“Holy shit, Cher!” laughed Ronnie. “Which cradle did you rob to get him?”

Jolene got a bottle of baby oil and squirted a handful out. She began to rub the young man’s body up. Ronnie’s head started to spin as she watched, and her breathing became heavy. “Okay, girl. It was way before she knew you. Relax.”

The man took a handful of oil and began to rub Jolene’s body down as well, being enough of a gentleman to resist touching the important bits. Jolene looked as if she was enjoying herself.

After they appeared slick and shiny, Jolene nodded as they grabbed onto each other. Rather than collapse in affection, the two of them were clearly wrestling with one another. Jolene did not have the same strength she has now, and would likely be more a match for the slender man today then she was back then.

The two of them wrestled and strained for five minutes. Ronnie was still rooting for Jolene, but she had a feeling that the video was going to have an uncomfortable ending. The man eventually got the better of Jolene, pinning her arms back while she had her legs out in front of her. The man wrapped his legs around her torso to hold her steady. Jolene looked like she was defeated, and tapped out.

The man let her go, then slapped his hands together in victory. Jolene pounded the mat in apparent disappointment, then she took off her bikini. The man slid off his Speedo, already starting to chub up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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