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It is perhaps incorrect to call my adorable girlfriend a “girlfriend”. For one thing, we don’t want to define a relationship, and for another, she is no longer a girl. Without disclosing her age, she is at that part of her life where her plumbing needs a little attention.

Consequently, her doctor told my lady friend that she couldn’t have sex for several weeks following a female-oriented medical procedure. Once we got past the worry that she would be OK (and I worried more than she did), we began to worry about not having sex together for so long.

After a bit of consultation, it was decided that she could have sex even to orgasm. What she couldn’t have is vaginal penetration. OK, great, that gives us loads of things to do, so we agreed to meet this past Wednesday morning.

It had been more than a week since I had seen her, and I desired her intently. When she opened the door, I found she was delightfully kissable. We stood there, passionate for each other for quite a while, kissing like fools. We don’t define what we mean to each other, but it is silly to say that our kisses are just foreplay. They mean something, at least to me.

We moved to the bedroom, and she pulled off her single garment (a t-shirt), and watched me undress. I like this stage, being on show and yet anticipating jumping on the bed with her. Since we meet before work, I cannot merely tear off my clothes, but must take a bit of care. This strings out the getting naked part for a little longer, and that is wholly fine with me. Soon enough I joined her and we kissed some more.

I began to slide my hands over her body, enjoying the womanly curves she is endowed with. Inevitably, my fingers dropped down to her pussy. I was surprised to feel stubble there, and commented on it. She told me she had been waxed recently, and was growing back. That was disappointing, because it illustrated how long we had been apart.

My lover always has an warm reception to my fingers. I am pretty good at massages (although I detest getting massaged), and I think she enjoys my manual technique. As my fingers circled and pressed, we kissed some more. Soon she was arching her back, inviting my fingers to work some magic. Her intakes of breath and little mewlings became gasps and moans. And then she came.

Now, if you know me at all, ataşehir escort you know I am horrendously oral. I couldn’t resist the temptation of sliding down to suck her pussy after she had cum. I brief stop at her clit, and then I was licking at her vagina. I like to use lots of tongue and plenty of saliva, and again, she appreciates my technique. Spreading her puffy out lips, I sought out her clitoris with extreme diligence.

I had to be careful, because I was conscious that she should not be penetrated. Recently, I have been tinkering with her g-spot, trying to convince myself that I know where it is and how to manipulate it. When I insert my fingers and rub where it should be, she often becomes extremely responsive. I don’t know if I am finding the right spot, or if she likes having her hole filled with my fingers. I just know she loves it for minutes on end. As I ate her, I had to remind myself to not seek her opening lest I violate her doctor’s orders.

I like to look up over her pelvis as I devour her. Her eyes screw shut, but her mouth gapes open soundlessly. Her nipples become rigid, and her fingers reach out to grasp the sheets. Sometimes she notices me spying on her, but then I smile and she resumes her display of pleasure. What a glorious thing, is a woman in lust. Especially my lover.

This time, the build up to her orgasm was louder. As we have spent more time together, she has become more open to outcries. Truly, it is music to my ears. It is nothing coherent, no filthy words or encouragement. It is just a natural sound of moans and grounds as her torso convulses. When she cums, perversely, it is often with silence as she shakes, completed with a loud cry of orgasmic resolution. Then, she continues to shake even as I slide up to kiss her more.

I don’t know if she tastes herself on my lips. As an older woman, she isn’t the juiciest and my face isn’t smeared with cunt oil. But I like how readily she accepts my tongue, so recently on her sex. Its a smaller but similar thrill that I get from receiving a snowball. Kissing her then was again a thrill, but I was ready to find some pleasure of my own.

I requested that she suck my cock.

I laid back against her headboard and pillows, enjoying the experience. For some avcılar escort reason, I am often too uptight to orgasm when she blows me. Even so, I love that she enjoys doing it, and I do get real pleasure from it. I especially like it when she licks and sucks my balls, then returns to my cock. The moment that her mouth accepts my cock is absolutely exquisite.

In less time than I would like to admit, I was thinking of fucking her. Couldn’t do it, at least in the front side. But the back side… hmmmm.

I gently urged her head into a kiss (I love kissing her, knowing my cock has so recently been on her lips!), then suggested she lay on her stomach with her hips over some pillows. She knew just what was in store, and again I was thrilled by her eagerness. My lady is so very exciting! Without asking she, gathered a condom and her lube. I was excited at her touch, rolling the condom onto my cock in preparation for my entry into her ass.

She took her place, and I knew she was apprehensive despite our track record of pleasurable sodomy. I spread her cheeks, noting how welcoming her opening looked. We had discussed the idea that she always be ready for anal sex whenever I was with her, but since then we had met several times without any assplay. Even so, she had prepared before my arrival and I knew it. That knowledge was a headfuck as well.

I pulled her even wider open and kissed her asshole like it was her mouth. My tongue wormed in without hesitation, probing and plumbing her depths. Her reaction was of pleasure, as mine is when she performs analingous. She especially seemed to like feeling my lips against her opening, and when I gently brushed my teeth against her. It wasn’t long before I judged we were both ready for more.

I pried her open, and squirted lube into her asshole. I pressed a finger in, pushing the lube deeper. More lube followed, long with a second finger. I like this process too. I like preparing for the taboo act.

I got on one knee, aiming my cock at her hole. Thinking better of it, I also squirted some lube onto my palm and jacked it onto my cock. Then, I held my cock with my right hand, and pressed my head against her asshole with my thumb. My lady grunted a little, but I kept adding pressure until I popped avrupa yakası escort into her ass.

I pressed a little with my hips, then made a mistake. I lost my balance and nearly fell onto her. Both of us were surprised and dismayed, although you can imagine she was more dismayed than I was, with my cock sinking so rapidly into her ass. Chagrined, I laid on top of her, whispering sweet words of apology into her ear. Bless her heart, she lied and said it no longer hurt. Even so, I spent minutes kissing her ears and neck, enjoying just sitting still in her steamy sewerhole.

Then, I began to slowly edge in and out, an inch at a time. Both of us groaned, enjoying the sensations. Slowly, I built up to a full stroke, pressing her hips harder and harder against the pillows as I fucked her pretty ass. Thankfully, the condom reduced the feelings enough to allow me to enjoy her gift longer.

I pulled out, squirted some more lube, and went to press in. I paused for just a moment to admire the sight of her gaping asshole. Always incredible to see. That gave me the mental push to let myself go.

Sinking into her firm buttocks, I knelt between her legs, spreading them apart. I pressed in deeply, enjoying the delightful tension of her spread cheeks. Oh my, I could get deep into her. A minute or less of rapid deep thrusting and I began to spasm. Holding myself deep, I felt my cock swell as several heavy spurts erupted from me.

My lover felt it too. She commented that she could feel me squirting. We smiled, enjoying the moment, and chuckled as I continued to swell and spurt. Then, I pulled out before I deflated.

Now, here’s the reason I like wearing a condom during anal sex. It is not because I fear disease, although that is a sensible fear. It is not because I don’t want to make her drip semen all day, because that thought is actually kind of appealing. I like to wear a condom because I just love eating creampies.

I quickly wiped off the lube from the condom, and wiped her asshole too. I had told her of my plan before my orgasm, so she was ready and happy to help. She rolled over, and I pulled the condom off. Then she spread her legs and squeezed the cum from the condom. Looking at it, covering her clit and beginning to drip down, I saw I had given up a tremendous load.

Hungrily, I slurped and sucked the semen, smearing it all over her pussy only to eat it again. I ate her faux creampie eagerly, not at all weary despite the fulfilling orgasm. Soon, she was again thrashing on the bed, enjoying another orgasm.

Now, we were both spent, and invigorated at the same time. What a great way to get ready for a work day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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