Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 10

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Lisa messaged me she had met a man, she wanted Robert and I too meet as soon as we could she wanted to know what we thought of the guy.

“Lets meet them for dinner on Friday night, we could go to the Italian place we had almost ate the last time.” Robert said smiling.

I texted her and she was all for it.

Tuesday morning Robert and I were up early, he had to be at work for seven, me for eight. He and I both worked downtown so I would ride with him on the bike, save parking fees, I made the mans lunch he and I in the shower we exchanged blow jobs. The man would never get through the day without one. I took out something for dinner. The day uneventful Robert was there to pick me up early, he and I took a ride through the city before heading home. It felt so good to hold this man to me, my arms around his waist, my hand slowly going to his crotch.

Robert and I stopped at a motorcycle shop I saw as we rode along, I wanted to get us matching helmets so I could talk to the man as we rode together. I also wanted to look at what was available to buy when it came to motorcycles, I knew nothing about them, but I knew Robert had his eyes on one certain model that he wanted do badly that he had talked about.

I walked in went to the clerk told him I wanted brand new helmets for Robert and I, and I wanted with the built in microphones so he and I could communicate. He showed me multiple styles and designs, for myself I was not fussy anything would be fine, but I wanted Robert to pick the one he wanted.

Robert was looking at the bike he wanted, he sat on it, the man suited the bike so well. I could see him riding this bike.

“Robert we need to pick the helmets we want, you choose for me I like them all.” I said to him.

Robert reluctantly put the bike back on its stand, I could see the man was infatuated with this bike.

We got our helmets and were on our way, while he was being fitted I asked the salesman about the bike, if there were any sales coming up, and if they delivered them within the city limits.

“Did you want to trade in an older bike Sir or are you looking just to purchase it straight out?” He asked me.

“Purchase straight out actually, I want to keep the bike he now owns for myself, its a surprise gift so please keep this quiet.” I told the guy.

“Okay Sir no problem.” The salesman told me.

Robert got the helmet he wanted I would get one I liked, once fitted I paid for them, I could not wait to try them out. Robert and I were on our way, the helmets worked great, he and I could talk freely now not shouting at each other.

“Oh Babe you feel so good.” I said to him my hands on his bulging cock.

“Tom you are going to make me crash here.” Robert said to me.

He and I pulled in to the garage, his cock bulging outward, we pulled off our helmets and headed into the house. I went for the bedroom to take this suit off, getting naked needing a swim. Robert hot on my heels his cock bulging his pants. Robert tore his clothes off, the man all over me, he pulled me in to a kiss, then he turned me around grabbed the lube slicked up his cock Ankara bayan escort and slid it in.

The man got me on the bed laid flat, his cock felt bigger, it pressed my hole in different ways, my own cock pushed tight to the duvet on the bed, the grinding would make me blow a massive load soon. Robert was so horny, his cock plunged in deep, his cock hammered my hole, his balls tightened, his cock swelled.

“Oh Tom, take it Tom, Oh Tom.” Robert screamed as his cock unloaded in me.

My own cock feeling his load filling me up, exploded hands free rubbing against the duvet cover. Robert flipped me over, his mouth on my own.

“I Love you Tom.” Robert expressed to me winded.

“Love you too Babe.” I told him.

He and I laid there for a while catching our breath and enjoying being held.

“Lets go for a swim babe before I have to start dinner.” I suggested.

Robert got up pulling me to him, his hand in my hand we went out the back to have a swim, he and I doing laps. We laid on the lounger for a bit, both of us hungry, we both got up Robert would help me prepare dinner. Robert and I enjoyed being naked, him and I kissing as we got it all ready for the table.

Once dinner was done and dishes were in the dishwasher, he and I decided on a walk around the block, we put on some shorts and tank tops sandals, it was nice we got to meet some of the neighbours, some of them original to this neighbourhood, I myself being here for fifteen plus years.

I got to introduce Robert to some of my neighbours, I was not sure how to introduce him, Robert quickly telling them he was my partner, I looked at him as he said it, I felt so good to hear the man say it to someone, anyone. My neighbours knowing I was a single gay man for years they were happy to see me with a man who made me smile so much.

Robert and I stopped at an ice cream place he and I both ice cream fanatics, we finished our walk going home to relax till bedtime. Robert and I simply went to bed it was only nine o’clock but we were both so exhausted. He and I looking into each others eyes as we slowly drifted off to sleep, the alarm woke me with a start, I got up and made coffee while Robert got in the bathroom.

The week went by like a blur, no sooner we knew it was Friday night, Robert and I to meet Lisa and her new beau for dinner. I messaged her throughout the week for specific plans as the week progressed. I asked her questions about this mystery man she was dating but she would not tell me anything at all.

We got to the restaurant before Lisa and her new man were there, Robert and I had a beer as we waited. Finally they showed up, Roberts face dropped as they walked in the lounge. They were friends from the bar Lisa had went to with Robert that night.

Robert, Tom this is Edward, but Robert you already know him.” Lisa introduced us.

I shook the mans hand, he and Robert staring at each other.

“Junior good to see you man I have not seen you at the bar for some time now, what you been up to?” Edward asked Robert.

“Yeah Eddy I have been busy with more important things than the Escort bayan Ankara bar.” Robert told him looking at me.

“Really is she hot like Lisa is here?” Edward asked him.

Robert, Lisa and I all laughed.

“Eddy man its Tom here he and I are partners, he is my boyfriend, we are living together.” Robert told him.

“What? Really you? Wow that surprises me, you with a guy? Robert gay now?” Edward asked him.

“Yep pretty sure that makes me gay man, I love Tom he is the man for me all the way, glad to hear about you and Lisa, I know you were checking her out at the bar when we had gone.” Robert said to him.

“Yeah Lisa is great she keeps me in check, grounds me, keeps me out of trouble.” Edward said to us kissing Lisa on the cheek.

“Lisa grounds you? Keep you out of trouble? Really?” I said laughing.

“Shut up Tom, you can be such a bitch sometimes.” Lisa said.

We all laughed.

“Robert gay wow I would have never imagined that one, happy for you bro, glad you met a guy that makes you happy man, and I have to say you actually look happy for once in your miserable fucking life.” Edward said to Robert.

“Tom, Eddy and I grew up together, he knows how homophobic I really was before I met you and you put me in my place. Eddy also knows how my Dad was to me and my Mom when I was a kid.” Robert told me.

“Eddy by the way my Dad and I are getting along great now thanks to Tom here, I brought Tom to meet him at first he took it badly called me names, then he quickly turned it all around, apologizing for the years of abuse he put me and my Mother through.” Robert told him.

We had a great night out, Lisa and Eddy would come to our house next time I would make dinner for the four of us. I actually looked forward to getting to know Eddy that much more he knew so much about Robert, they would tell stories of his childhood Robert did not talk about.

Robert and I settled into our lives, he was the man I searched for all this time. I could see he and I living our lives out together, eventually retiring, travelling the country and so much more.

Robert and I visited his Dad often the man was a totally different person, he was so accepting of Robert and I. We bought him a new flat screen tv, decorated his room with artwork bought him some new bedding, mostly car related, we took him to car shows, he stayed with us often, I quickly grew to love the man like my own Father.

Robert taught me how to drive his motorcycle, I wanted to buy one of my own, but secretly I would buy Robert the one he wanted and I would take his. We wanted to take a cross country tour I so looked forward to it, but we would wait till I was better at riding before we would attempt this.

Our sex life was incredible he and I did it, had it, tried it in every possible place we could think of, the man still craved attention, he could never get enough, I could never kiss this man enough in one day. He always touched me when I was near him.

Lisa and Edward visited us often, Lisa was pretty serious about Eddy it seems, he moved in at her place after six months Bayan escort Ankara of going out, we got together for dinner once or every other week depending on plans, they were cute together, she really did keep Eddy grounded, pretty sure he did the same for her.

We took a few bike trips with Eddy and Lisa, even a couple overnights, I knew we needed a bigger more reliable bike for Robert and I to ride his had to many issues. I loved to ride close to my man, we just needed the newer bigger bike it would be more comfortable for us both. I know Robert talked about it every time we were together with Eddy and Lisa, Eddy having the bigger more powerful bike like the one Robert wanted so badly.

Robert could not afford the bike with the cost of keeping his Dad in the home he was in, Robert had little or no spending money to spare. I would have to find a way to get to the shop alone, Robert and I inseparable, you saw me you saw him.

I sent Robert on an errand so I could run to the shop to ask them information about the bike, I wanted to know if they had it in stock, and how soon I could get one. Roberts Birthday was next week, with us exchanging information me putting him as my next of kin, and soul beneficiary in case of my death. Robert doing the same putting me as his contact in case of his death, I did not want to even think of him not at my side.

They had the bike in stock, they would deliver it if I wanted that as an option, I got a pamphlet that showed all the specs of the bike, setting up with the bank for the purchase of the bike. I would put the pamphlet in his Birthday card.

The day of his Birthday I woke him with a kiss, wishing him a Happy Birthday, holding his hands above his head, slowly taking the mans cock deep inside my mouth. He and I would stay in bed for the morning, I kissed the man all over, head to beautiful toe, I rimmed him, I massaged him, he got the full treatment, his cock would be sore, his balls dry.

I got up made the man his favourite breakfast, pancakes and sausages, I brought him breakfast in bed, he and I toasting with mimosa’s, me feeding him his breakfast as he laid there fingers laced behind his head. I managed to get syrup all over the man, which I quickly had to lick off of him. We had syrup all over each other before we finished eating breakfast.

“Happy Birthday Robert I love you so much.” I told him a tear in my eye.

“Love you too Tom, this is the best Birthday I have ever had in my entire lifetime.” Robert said to me.

“Best so far Babe so much more to come yet. You have to go pick up your Dad after lunch, Lisa and Eddy will be by for dinner.” I told him.

“Rather spend the day with you Babe, us two naked in bed or in the pool all day.” Robert said pulling me into a kiss.

“Sorry Babe already all planned out, even a Birthday cake with a naked man coming out of it.” I said laughing.

“The only naked man I want is you Tom, I love you so very much.” Robert said to me looking deep into my eyes.

“I Love you too Robert, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I told him.

Robert and I got in the pool for a naked swim, of course he made love to me on the edge of the pool, he and I had sex everywhere in that house today. We got showered, I had to get dinner prepped, Robert would go get his Dad in an hour or so, Lisa and Eddy would be by around three.

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