Consoling Callie

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Some comments have labelled my stories ‘tender sibling romances’. I like that, so here is another.

* * * * *


My father passed away in a hospice, after an illness that slowly consumed him over a period of years.

His death was a life changing experience. Well, of course it was, in many ways, but one thing I learned was that the way a person deals with grief is an individual thing. It is not a choice. Some become depressed, listless, and lose their appetite, their will to carry on, to function. For some it is the opposite. They indulge in reckless conduct, abandon their principles, over-eat, or drink too much. Some behave promiscuously. Perhaps the latter statement in some way excuses, or at least explains, the way my sister and I acted after the death of our father. The way I see it, sex is the polar opposite of death. Death drives people apart in pain, sadness and despair. Sex brings two people together with tenderness, happiness and love. Sex can, in some instances, be an antidote to grief and sorrow.

* * * * *

I would have thought that we, Mother, my sister Callie and I, would not have been too much saddened by Father’s demise. After all, he’d been sick for years, comatose in the hospice for a long time, so we really lost him long before his actual death. But in fact we all three were profoundly affected by his end. Mother was one of those who retreated into her shell, depressed. Lost. Broken. Callie and I were the reverse.

Our family did not possess a car, so we three travelled to the funeral on the suburban electric train. After the service, a very subdued affair given the circumstances, Uncle Mike, Mother’s brother, was very concerned by her shocked and bewildered behaviour.

He informed me of the sensible decision he had made. “Cameron, your mother is in no fit state to travel home by train, so I will drive her. You and Callista will have to take the train though, because I only have room for one with my wife and kids on board.”

“Sure Uncle Mike,” I agreed, “Thank you. We’ll be fine on the train.”

Unbeknownst to we funeral-goers a major meltdown of the whole train system had occurred, resulting in unprecedented overcrowding. At the train-station we could not at first even gain access to the platform.

Ultimately this did not present too great a problem. I am a rather large nineteen-year-old, called Cam. I am not far shy of two metres tall. Six-four in feet and inches, and am a bit overweight even for my height. My sister Callie is eighteen, shorter than me, but still above average height and perhaps a bit overweight too, but curvy, big breasted. I wish I could say we were, or are we are, handsome, beautiful, but I’d be telling a lie. We possess just unremarkable, every-day looks. Probably because of our less-than-perfect appearance, we were inexperienced in the sex and romance department.

Pardon my digressing, I’ll get back to the jam-packed railway-station.

“Oh Cam.” my sister squeezed my arm, “Just look at that crowd. We’ll never get home.”

I tried to reassure her. “We’ll manage somehow.”

Tears brimmed in her eyes. “It’s not fair. Haven’t we suffered enough? Now this! Just look at all these stupid people!”

Our grief was beginning to express itself as rage against the world. I moved forward aggressively. “Come on. Follow me.”

We shoved our way through the mass of people. Like a pair of irate buffalo we waded through the crowd of smaller, lesser beings, intending to force our way onto the very next train.

Callie spoke from behind me. “I’ll have to hang on to you so we don’t get separated.”

I felt her arms wrap around waist. “Okay. Hang on tight.”

Under normal circumstances, my sister and I never hugged and rarely ever so much as touched. Even as I battled through the crowd, to have her hands on my body seemed to me to be disobeying some entrenched code of conduct. A taboo was being broken. It was out of character for we two docile individuals. Our bullying behaviour was also uncharacteristic. We offered no ‘excuse mes’ or ‘pardons’ or whatever. We were sad, angry, careless of the feelings of others. Some of the long-suffering commuters were angry too, at the long delay they had suffered. A dusty man in a high-viz shirt grabbed my arm and pulled me around to face him.

“Watch it Fat-Boy,” he roared.

Despite my impressive size I had previously never fought in my life, but I had played out all kinds of fight scenarios in my mind, though not once had the guts to act on them.

Not until that moment. “Take your hand off me, you piece of shit.” I snarled.

In my fantasies I had concluded that a pre-emptive strike was key and that legs were stronger than arms. Fuelled by anger and grief I ferociously drove my knee for his balls, but due to my lack of skill, I missed my intended target and connected with his thigh. He yowled his pain, and reeled away into the throng.

“Way to go Cam!” Callie cheered, thrusting me forward poker oyna with her strong young body solidly against my back.

We managed to force our way to an almost front-row position just as a train pulled in to the platform.

I turned to Callie. “Hold on to me again. God knows when there’ll be another trains after this one. No matter what it takes, we are getting on.”

The train was already crowded, and all seats were occupied, of course. Standing face-to-face, we two held on to the overhead rail provided for the purpose. More and more desperate commuters jammed into the over-full carriage. Soon Callie and I were literally face-to-face. And knee-to-knee, chest to chest etcetera, surrounded by a tight-packed sea of anxious humanity.

The shockingly overloaded train began its snail-paced swaying journey. Callie’s big soft tits rolled across my chest. I could smell her perfume, her breath, the femaleness of her underarm sweat. I felt an inappropriate tightening in my balls. I looked down into my sister’s eyes and saw them again filled with tears.

I felt an intense wave of love for her. “Don’t cry. It’s gonna be alright.” I contrived to wrangle my free arm around her and kissed her forehead.

She, with a struggle, was able to worm her free arm around me and drew me even closer, if that were possible in the appalling crush. We held each other tight, Callie shaking with silent sobs. My eyes teared-up, in sympathy with her, and in sadness at my own loss. Tears beaded on my sister’s cheek. She had one arm stretched up to the train’s overhead rail and with the sardine-like crowd couldn’t extricate the other to wipe her eyes. I couldn’t move my arms to do it for her so I bent my head and oblivious to the people around us, I kissed the saltiness from her cheek. She responded with a brief kiss to the corner of my mouth and by surging her lower body against mine. Or was the press of the swaying crowd responsible? I don’t know. My cock didn’t care about the reason. It didn’t care either that Callie was my sister. It reacted as it was created to do with a female body in such close proximity. In a moment my hard-on, which like the rest of my body is big and thick, was jammed against Callie’s firm warm torso. The train rocked and lurched. Callie’s breasts slid and jiggled back and forth on my body. My erection did likewise on her tummy.

At first I was hugely mortified. Then a recklessness born of my grief overtook my common sense. The peculiar situation, though embarrassing, felt good, gave me something to contemplate other than death and sorrow. I wasn’t sure what Callie was thinking and though I figured I’d be ashamed later, somehow I just didn’t care. Let things run their course. Right or wrong, good or bad. Go with the flow. I’d take pleasure from whatever I could. The erotic nature of our body-contact had washed away much of the rage and gloom that weighed me down. I thought, well I hoped, she felt the same.

Even though I felt reckless, I couldn’t bring myself to look at my sister’s face in case she was appalled by the indecent nature of my reaction, which was blatantly and obviously sexual, as evidenced by my extreme erection.

After a while, Carrie murmured. “I’m so glad you’re here with me Cam.”

She stood on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek and the corner of my mouth again, longer and stronger this time.

So prompted, I did dare to look at her. “And I’m glad you’re here with me too.”

She blinked away the last of her tears, smiled a sweet little smile, then turned her head to rest her cheek against my shoulder. Her hair just under my nose smelt of her coconut shampoo. She wasn’t grossed out then. I hoped she was enjoying the distraction of our improper body-to-body contact as much as I was.

Our journey continued in much the same way until we finally arrived at our destination.

As the train shuddered to a stop, Callie spoke. “Hold my hand Cam.” She sounded panicky, “In this crush I’m scared I’ll be left behind.”

I seized her hand and managed to extricate us from the unyielding mass of humanity still jammed into the carriage. As the cool dusk descended on the quiet streets of our suburb we set out on the longish walk home. Callie clung to my hand like a drowning person. Her palm was sweaty but it felt good to console her and I must admit I felt comforted by her touch.

We were both lightly dressed, me in a long-sleeved black shirt and black pants, Callie in a summery black dress. The chilly night air was a brisk contrast to the train’s oppressive heat.

“Ooh, It’s freezing,” Callie complained.

“Come here.” I said, releasing her hand to wrap my arm around her so we paced along in step, like kids in a ‘three-legged’ race.

My hand was high up on her rib-cage, under her armpit so I could keep her pressed against me as we walked. I could feel the edge of her bra-cup and in my new-found reckless mind-set my fingertips traced the soft swell of the side of her ample breast. She crossed her arms over her front canlı poker oyna probably to try to conserve her body-heat and slid a hand over my wandering hand. I thought her intention was to stop me from further exploration but was encouraged when, after a couple of reassuring pats, she released my fingers. Naturally I continued, more boldly, reaching further around her to cup her breast and fondle it lightly. Our walking speed slowed so we were barely moving, both of us intent on what I was doing. Perhaps I was taking advantage of her vulnerability, but it was actually Callie who took things further.

It was she who stopped us in the inky shadow of a street tree. “Cam, hold me like you did on the train. It made me feel so much better.”

We embraced, hungry arms pulling each other close. My already hard cock again mashed against her belly, her big squashy tits against my chest like before. I looked down. Callie kissed the corner of my mouth again. I moved my lips to meet hers fully and our illicit kiss grew in passion, became wetter and wilder. Her pointy tongue sought and found mine.

My emotions were in total overload. In my masturbation fantasies I’d never really considered my sister as a possible sexual partner, but at that moment there was no one I had ever wanted more. Over her clothing, I kneaded Callie’s soft bottom cheeks then pulled her skirt up, and lightly slid my hands over the back of her thighs and hips. Her tightly stretched sheer pantyhose had the strangest texture, like nothing I’d ever felt before. Both rough and smooth at the same time, making for a kind of electric buzz against my fingertips. I could tell she wore nothing under the tights and the thought inflamed me even more. I moved my hand around to the front of her thigh. Our mouths were still locked together and my searching fingers made her breath hiss even more loudly through her nostrils. I reached between her legs and cupped the moist heat of her mound. I fondled her, caressed her, reaching through her parted thighs, pressing up with my palm, then trailing my fingers up her belly toward her navel.

She broke the kiss to moan into my mouth. “Mmm. Oh God, Cam, ooh…”

I momentarily paused my explorations when I felt Callie’s hand fumbling at the front of my trousers. She slid my zip down and reached inside to clasp my fat cock. I shivered with excitement at her touch despite the barrier of my boxers that prevented full contact.

“Callie, Callie, I love that.” I whispered. “I love you.”

I reached higher, seeking entry to her pantyhose via the waistband. The flimsy garment was very strong and tight, but extremely elastic, easily stretching to accommodate my big hand and forearm. My cold fingers moved down her warm belly making her gasp. I teased her softly curling pubic hair and sought her vagina. I found it, squishy-wet and hot. I was touching it. Callie’s cunt. My darling sister’s bare pussy.

By this time Callie had managed to gain entry to my underpants. My huge cock-head almost filled her small hand, oozing excitement into her palm as her fingertips curled under the flaring rim. The sensation was beyond my imagining. My legs were trembling, I was hyperventilating.

Suddenly we were enveloped in blinding white light. In our sensual frenzy we took long seconds to realise it was the headlights of a passing car. We abruptly, dazedly parted. Came back to guilty reality. Frantically adjusted our clothes.

“Shit! Who was that?” Callie worried. “Reckon they saw us?”

“Probably not,” I reasoned. “We’re wearing dark clothes.”

“Yeah, I guess…” She seemed unconvinced. “What were we thinking? We would be in all sorts of trouble if that was Uncle Mike or a neighbour and they recognised us. Saw us, you know, kissing and stuff…”

“It’s alright Callie.” I manufactured an excuse. “They wouldn’t have seen much. You were upset. Sad. I was hugging you. Perfectly normal. Innocent.”

She heaved a sigh of relief, took my hand and started us walking again, “You’re right. We’re okay.” She swung our hands across my body to nudge the massive bulge in my pants. “Maybe not so innocent though.”

I gave her hand a squeeze, tried to make excuses, to rationalise. “Look, I hope you don’t feel bad, or, er, guilty or anything. I don’t. I know we shouldn’t have done that, but I reckon normal rules don’t apply to me, to us, just now.”

Callie returned my hand press with a kind of caress. “I think the same. Sure we are brother and sister but if we want to be… close, it’s nobody else’s business. I just couldn’t care less about what is the so-called rules say is right or wrong. I want to do whatever takes away the sadness, anything to make up for the years of waiting, hoping but knowing it was hopeless.”

I was pleased at her logic. “Yep. That’s exactly what I think too.”

She exhaled a long breath. “You are the only person in the whole world who could possibly know what I’m feeling.”

I agreed. “I know exactly what you mean, nothing we internet casino did, or do, is wrong. We are totally on the same page then. Being like that with you is so good, so right, it can’t be wrong or improper. Touching you makes me whole again, repairs the damage done. Even holding your hand like this helps.”

My sister nodded vigorously, eager to concur.

Though I fervently wished we would, we didn’t engage in any more romance before we arrived home to find Uncle Mike and his family waiting for us so they could leave.

“Your mother is in bed. I gave her a sleeping pill.” He explained. “She’s exhausted, physically and emotionally. She’ll sleep now, it’s the best thing for her.”

We nodded wordlessly, feeling more than a little guilty about our unseemly behaviour on our journey home.

I forced myself to speak. “Thanks Uncle Mike, Auntie Mary. You’ve done enough. We’ll be right.”

They quickly took their leave and Callie and I were alone in our brightly lit kitchen. We were suddenly shy and avoided looking at each other while eating the sandwiches Auntie Mary left for us.

Callie gulped down a cup of scalding tea. “Right Cam. I’m for a long hot shower and into bed. I’m exhausted too.”

“Okay Sis. I’ll tidy up here and shower when you’re done. Bed sounds like a great idea. It’s been a big day.”

When I finally got into the shower cubicle it was still warm from when Callie had used it. With the soothing hot water raining down on me, I quickly became aware that the steamy little booth smelt of her, causing an almost instant erection. Her coconut shampoo-conditioner was in the shower-caddy so I squirted a generous dollop into my hand. I inhaled the perfume of it as I lathered my crotch and leaned my back against the wall. I conjured up an image of her wet naked body standing right where I was standing as I revelled in the slipperiness of the suds on my cock and slowly masturbated to a shuddering orgasm.

“Cam?” A couple of hours later Callie’s loud whisper issued from the darkness somewhere near my door. “Are you awake?”

‘Well I am now’ I thought. “Yeah. What’s up? Can’t sleep?”

“No, I can’t seem to drop off,” she answered, tugging at my blankets. “I’m cold. I’m frightened. Can I get in with you?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, just flung herself in next to me and in seconds we were cuddled up together. There was no skin-to-skin contact. I wore my pyjama pants and a tee-shirt, Callie was in her usual, unfeminine flannelette pyjama suit she had purchased from a menswear department. Rumpled, striped and baggy, her pants, like mine, had a cord-tie waist. Her matching top, also striped, was like a jacket with a collar, and buttoned right down the front. Passion-killer one would think. One could be wrong.

“Cam,” Callie murmured, her throat tight, close to tears, “I’m worried about the future. What will we do? I feel so lost. So alone.”

“We’ll be alright.” I answered. “I love you. I’m here for you, and after all, we’ve been without Father for months now. He’s been asleep in the hospice for so long.”

My words, meant to bring comfort, unfortunately brought back the sadness we both had felt during those past months.

Silent sobs shook Callie as she gave in to her despair. A few of her tears wet my cheek. A few of mine mingled with hers. Her breasts, wondrously soft liberated from the confines of a bra, trembled against me. Her closeness, her warmth, her perfume was intoxicating. Despite the relief I had obtained from my shower masturbation session, desire again swept my sorrow away but I managed to control myself, and my poor little sister drifted off to sleep. Her belly rose and fell with the rhythm of her slow steady breathing, heedless of my rock-hard cock. At some point, I too faded away to slumber-land.

Hours later I struggled into semi-wakefulness. Reddish early morning sunlight painted my ceiling.

A vibrant, warm young female body snuggled against me. “Morning Sleepy-Head,” it said.

Callie, of course. And my erection was as still touching her. She must have felt it. How could she not?

Obviously she didn’t mind, for she kissed me in a most un-sisterly way, her tongue parting my sleepy lips. Full awareness returned to me and I responded eagerly.

Minutes later she broke off the kiss. “Cam.” She said, “Oh I feel so…I keep thinking about on the train and walking home. These last years with Father so ill robbed me of romance; of boyfriends. I’ve wanted to be near a boy, like I was, am, near to you. And for you it must’ve been the same. You’ve never, er, had a girlfriend, have you?”

“No, no girlfriend.” I admitted, then, unashamed, “No sex. Well, you know, only by myself.”

Callie giggled, parted her thighs and pushed her arm down between us so her palm cupped her pussy and her knuckles brushed my cock.

“Same here.” She admitted cheekily. “Only by myself and I’m so worked up right now, I’m nearly bursting. I desperately need to…”

“Callie,” I whispered, shaking with excitement. “Go on. Do it. Here. Now.”

“You mean…Oh I couldn’t.” She looked into my eyes.

I kissed her pouted wet lips. “Yes you can. Please. For me, for us both.”

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