Consoling Selena

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My name is Danny, and I am a 40-year-old man, enjoying the life of a bachelor, living for myself and no others. I had moved from Ireland to the US just out of high school to go to university here and become a successful civil engineer, moving around the country whenever I wanted to see a change of scenery.

For a couple of years now, I have enjoyed living in the Florida keys, at a newly renovated apartment complex. I knew it was a good place because the firm I worked for, had gotten the contract to do the work on it. Once completed, I took a semi-retirement, choosing to do consulting work from home mostly, bought one of the units in the building, and really enjoyed all that the Keys had to offer.

I kept in great shape, too. Hitting the middle ages was not going to take me down like it had to others that I had seen. I was not about to let myself get fat, sloppy and lazy by any means, so I worked out at a local gym at least 5 days a week and did plenty of walking and biking around the islands.

Now it had been a year since a young married couple, in their early 20’s, moved in next door from me, in the building, and since then, I had become particularly good friends with them. Their names were, Julio and Selena, I was so happy for them when they announced to me that they were going to have a baby.

Even though, I never had the desire to get married or have children of my own, I was genuinely excited for them, because they had been trying for a couple of years and were not having much luck up until this point.

Now, as Selena was entering her eighth month of pregnancy, I could not help but be completely enamored by her glowing beauty. Even before she got pregnant, she was gorgeous, standing at most, 5′ tall, petite frame body, smallish B-cup breasts, and a tight little ass.

She had light latte colored skin, midnight black hair, and piercing deep brown eyes, but now, her pregnancy just made all her beautiful Latina features come out that much more, and I began to feel the pangs of desire for her as her belly swelled from motherhood.

One morning as I was beginning to wake up, I could hear what sounded like a growing argument coming from next door, or I should say that I could hear Selena yelling at Julio. I could not make out exactly what she was yelling, but I heard her call him a “cabrón bastardo” and a whole slew of other Spanish profanities that I had not yet learned.

It was not long after that, I heard their front door slam and someone hurriedly going down the steps, to the apartment exit. I got up an looked out of my bedroom window to see Julio, getting into his car, and making a hasty exit out of the complex parking lot.

I sat back down for a moment, wondering what in the Hell could have happened between them that would cause Selena to go off on Julio like that as I had never heard them say a cross word to each other in the time that I had known them. In fact, I used to tease them about being so lovey dovey towards each other all the time.

I did not have much time to think about it when I heard a loud knock on my door. As I jumped up to grab my robe, I could hear Selena yelling for me to open up. I quickly ran to the door and opened it to a very hysterical, very pregnant, Selena.

Before I could even tell her to come in, she threw herself into me, wailing and sobbing like I had never seen. Her body was shaking as she fell apart and I really began to fear the worst. I did not have to ask her what happened because my instinct already told me.

“DANNY! HE CHEATED ON ME! HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO US? HOW COULD HE CHEAT WHILE I AM CARRYING HIS CHILD,” she wailed as I managed to close the door behind her.

I pried Selena away from me and moved her over to the sofa. I sat down beside her and got a good look at just how much of a mess she was. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her face was swollen from crying. I shook my head and pulled her into another hug and rocked her back and forth for comfort as best as I could, while she continued to let loose.

I held her there for nearly thirty minutes before I felt her begin to let up. I pulled back and looked at her, but she could only look down towards her swollen belly and softly rub it.

Selena then looked at me and said, “She knows I am upset, because I can really feel her kicking hard.”

I nodded and said, “Do you want some tea? I’ll make us some right away.”

She nodded through the tears still flowing down her cheeks, and managed a soft, “Yeah” before leaning against the back of the sofa.

As I quickly brewed some water for our tea, I realized what Selena had said, “Her.”

The two of them had gone for another ultrasound the day before, and they were going to find out the sex of the baby. I was not home when they came back, so we had not had a chance to talk about it before now.

I finished making the tea and took the two cups back into the living room and set them on the coffee table. Selena sat up, picked up her tea and took a sip. I could tell that she had stopped güvenilir bahis crying but was still in deep thought. I took a drink from my tea and just waited for her to open up.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Selena finally looked up at me and asked, “Danny, do you think I am an ugly fat cow?”

I nearly choked on my tea and said quickly drawing out some lingering Irish accent, “For fuck’s sake, Selena? Why would you ever say that?”

She just shrugged her shoulders and said with her big brown eyes filling with tears again, “Then why would Julio cheat on me with that whore that he works with?”

“I don’t know, Selena. I cannot explain what goes through another man’s head like that, but one thing I do know is that you are absolutely gorgeous and if anything, pregnancy, NOT FAT, has only made you more beautiful!”

Selena looked at me and smiled a little, as a tear fell down her cheek. “You really think I’m beautiful, looking like this? All five feet of rolly polly pregnant chica?”

I chuckled a little while nodding my head, emphatically, saying, “Yes, I really do, and if I were a younger man and had met you…… well let’s just say, you would not have your heart broken right now. I do not understand how in God’s name, Julio could have done that to you, for fucks sake!”

Selena put down her cup of tea and threw her arms around me, burying her head in my shoulder, saying as she started to sob again, “Thank you, Danny. You just made me feel so much better.”

I held her close once again, the top of her head just below my head as I instinctively kissed her on the forehead while still offering my comfort to her, but no sooner had I done that, and something else kicked in, and I could feel those pangs of desire warming up through my body once more as I caught the scent of her while breathing in.

Before I knew it, my heart started to pound and my cock grew to full mast under my bathrobe. If I were not careful, I would be in danger of being exposed if I moved the wrong way. In all the excitement, I had completely forgotten that I had nothing on underneath.

I glanced down and even though the robe was still closed, you could clearly see the circus was in town under it. I hoped to God, that Selena would not notice it, in her emotional state of mind.

I felt her head move a little as I tried to think of something to make my hard prick go back to its flaccid state, but it was not to be.

“Ummm, Danny? Is that what I think it is?”

I could feel the blood leave my face and fear take its place as my body went cold. I thought any second now, Selena would freak out on me, jump up and storm out of my apartment, however, that is not what happened. In fact, what happened next, completely floored me.

Selena pulled away from me, looking down at the tent pole under my robe, then looked up at me with a devilish grin on her face. She looked back down, then before I could even react, grabbed the flap of my robe, and pulled it back, completely exposing my throbbing 9-inch cock.

She giggled as she gazed at it, then grabbed it with her hand, barely getting her fingers halfway around it. Her touch electrified me and I swear I could feel every beat of my heart as it pounded inside my chest.

“Danny! You have the biggest cock I have ever seen! Oh my GOD, it is gorgeous!”

Selena giggled again and it seemed like she forgot everything that had happened to her. She was like a little kid at Christmas playing with a new toy as she moved her hand up and down my rock-hard flesh, then squeezing the tip of my mushroom shaped bulbous head until the first drop of precum made its appearance.

What could I say? I could not utter a word as the pleasure from her touch just managed to elicit a long-drawn-out moan from inside me. It had been a while since I had felt the touch of a woman, almost 2 years to be exact, since I broke up with a woman I was seeing before moving to the keys.

Selena then untied my robe, threw it open and gazed at my rock hard abs up and down my chest, then back to my cock, and said looking at me with hunger in her eyes, “Danny, I am going to pay him back for what he’s done to me and I hope you don’t mind me taking my frustrations out on you.”

Again, what could I say? This little petite bundle of pregnant fire had complete control over me, so I just nodded without saying a word, while she smiled again. Selena then stood up, and lifted the sundress that she had on, up and over her head, exposing her full nakedness to me.

She was stunning to say the least. Her once B-cup breasts were nearly a D-cup, with her large hard nipples and chestnut brown areolas. Her large swollen belly with just a hint of stretch marks on either side of it, coming around to the front where her once little belly button was now popped out like a turkey timer.

I gazed down further to see her pussy covered in thick fur and I could just barely make out her swollen vulva hiding underneath. My God, Selena was every bit as gorgeous güvenilir bahis siteleri naked as she was clothed and then some. My cock throbbed even harder and the precum really began to ooze from me.

I just shook my head and barely managed out, “Mmmm mmmm mmmm.”

Selena’s smile grew even bigger as she moved back towards me. She got down on her knees in front of me, took my cock back into her hand and lowered her head, putting her lips around the tip of my hot burning flesh. I could feel her tongue dipping into my small orifice as she sucked, pulling out my fluids into her mouth.

She pulled back and grinned, saying, “Mmm, you taste so fucking good, Danny. I’m not sure I can get much of you inside me, but I can promise you this, you will be inside me.”

Selena went back to sucking my cock, barely getting the head into her mouth before hitting her gag reflex. I was in a state of blissful shock at this point and as much as the little thought in the back of my mind was saying this was wrong, there was no way in Hell I was going to stop her, so I just leaned back against the sofa and let her do whatever she wanted.

She worked more of my prick into her mouth, finally getting just past the head, but I think that was her limit as she bobbed her head up and down, while using both of her hands to wrap around my dick, moving them in perfect sync with her sucking.

Dear God, this woman could suck cock! I had not had a blowjob this good in many years and I could tell that Selena had a lot of experience at this. I reached down and ran my fingers through her tousled dark hair as she worked on me, causing her to look up and briefly pause for a moment to smile at me, then went back to sucking the life out of me.

I had to let her know, so I said in a weak voice, “Selena, if you keep that up, I am not going to last much longer, my GOD, you are fuckin’ amazing.”

She paused again, lifting her mouth off me, kissed the tip of my prick and said with a giggle, “I’m just getting warmed up, Danny, now let’s see if I can get this big cock of yours inside me.”

For being in the latter stages of pregnancy, this woman still had the moves of a cat, as she quickly moved up over my lap and straddled me, leaving one leg up to help give her clear access around her large belly. She reached down, taking hold of my dick and rubbed the head of it around her fully exposed labia.

I looked down and watched the gooey milky fluid flowing from her and coating the tip of my flesh as she moved the head around her clit and between her lips. Selena closed her eyes and let out a soft moan while making sure I was well lubricated with our combined juices.

Then she pushed herself down, ever so slowly impaling herself on my fuckmeat. She let out a loud gasp after the head of my dick made it inside her snug opening where she paused just briefly to catch her breath, then slid down my shaft inch by inch until her pussy came to rest against the base.

Selena threw her head back and cried out, “Oh my fucking God, your cock feels like a log in my cunt, Danny, but it feels so fucking GOOD!”

She then leaned forward still trying to get used to my girth inside her, as she grinned another devilish smile, then kissed me hard and feverishly. I pulled her close, feeling her hard belly and swollen tits pressing against me while she slowly started moving her hips around, gently sliding her pussy back and forth on my prick.

We broke from our kissing as she lifted away from me, putting her hands on my chest for support, while moving a little more aggressively on me, her breathing becoming very heavy in between her loud moans of pleasure.

I could not have imagined her pussy feeling this good on me, milking every inch of my dick as it slid in and out of her. My mouth spoke without thinking what I was saying, “I have fantasized about fucking you since the day we met, Selena! My God you are incredible!”

She opened her eyes again, that wicked smile coming across her mouth as she replied, “I knew you did, Danny, I could tell by the way you looked at me! OH GOD, I’M GONNA CUM, FUCK ME, DANNY! FUCK ME THE WAY YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO!”

Selena erupted on me, her body going into heavy spasms, screaming out her pleasure. I could barely hold on to her, as she nearly came out of my hands from the hard convulsions she was going through.

When her jerking movements began to subside, her body started to become limp. I pulled her close and lifted her up as I stood, then turned and gently put her down on the sofa, keeping myself planted firmly inside her.

I lifted her legs up high and out like a V, then began to piston in and out of her, driving my cock into her like I had dreamed about. Selena’s eyes were wide open now, as she watched me fuck her with abandonment. I looked down, my prick sliding in and out, seeing the juices of her coating it and watching her fat labia hug my flesh as if to keep me inside.

We continued in that position for several minutes before I withdrew iddaa siteleri and had Selena turnover face down on the sofa. I was only out of her pussy for a few seconds as she repositioned, her belly hanging down low and her ass high up in the air.

I reached down and parted her ass cheeks, exposing her cute little rosebud, covered with as much hair as her pussy. I pushed the head of my cock against her lips and easily slid all the way back inside her fiery wet cunt, with my balls coming to rest against her thick furry mound.

Selena let out a grunt followed by a long-drawn-out moan as I began fucking her hard and deep, driving my cock head against her insides. I wanted to give her the pounding that she wanted, and if this would be the only time we ever got to fuck, it would be memorable for a lifetime.

She powered through several more orgasms before I felt the pressure inside me building up, feeling my cum moving up from deep withing my body. By this time, we had moved back into the missionary position on the thick carpeted floor. I looked down into her wide eyes as I pumped harder into her.

She nodded to me, knowing that I was close and said, “Yeah, Danny, fill my pussy with your cum, baby! I want it so badly!”

The first spasm hit me, releasing the first jet of cum deep inside her pregnant womb, crying out my pleasure as each wave hit me, sending stream after stream of my cream in her, causing Selena to go into one more intense orgasm right along with me, her own spasms hitting her so hard that she pissed all over the two of us.

As the two of us came down from our mutual climax, our breathing out of control, we looked at each other and started to laugh.

Selena said, “Oops, sorry about that, Danny, but between your cock pounding inside me and the baby pushing on my bladder, it just all came out.”

I just shook my head and said, “No worries, that’s what towels are for.”

I withdrew out of Selena, garnering another gasp from her, and quickly jumped up to get some towels. I returned in a flash and carefully placed one towel between her legs and another under her as she lifted her butt off the floor, then laid back down beside her, propping up my head with my hand so I could look at her.

She smiled and put her hand on the side of my face and said, “Danny, you are an amazing man. I don’t understand how you could still be single as sweet as you are and as good of a fuck that you are.”

I laughed and replied, “Well, I guess I just like living the single life too much.”

Selena smiled and nodded for a moment then her face grew sad again, and the tears flowed once more. I quickly reached up, grabbing a throw off the sofa, to cover the two of us, then pulled her close to me as she softly wept into my chest.

I knew that she had a whole mixture of emotions bottled up inside and I just wanted to hold her and comfort her while she let them all out. We stayed like that on the floor for another half hour or so before she finally quieted down and started to talk.

“Danny, I don’t quite know where to go from here, I mean, I still love Julio but now I hate him at the same time. Part of me wants to divorce his ass, but another wants to forgive him.”

“Selena, you have a lot to think about right now, and to be honest, I can’t give you and unbiased opinion because I think he is the world’s biggest dumbass for doing what he did to you. You are a goddess and you are carrying his child, so for him to do what he did, is beyond wrong.”

She nodded and smiled then said, “Thank you for being here for me, Danny, I really appreciate it.”

A devilish grin crossed her mouth and she added, “Oh and one more thing, don’t think this is a one-time deal, I’m getting some more of that cock of yours, believe that. Just maybe not today, because you, my hot stud muffin of a neighbor, have worn me out.”

We both laughed at that and I pulled her back close to me for another cuddle session for a bit before the two of us got up. I took her by the hand and escorted her into my oversized shower, taking time to gently wash her down, paying particular attention to her most intimate spots.

We shared some sweet tender kisses while the hot water ran down between us before getting out and drying off. I threw on my robe while she put her dress back on, then went out and made some more tea.

The two of us talked for hours before Selena said that she needed to head back over to her apartment. We shared a very warm embrace and I could not help but get another hard on as her body pressed so close to mine.

Selena pulled back with a grin and said, “Mmmm, Danny, you don’t know how much it turns me on knowing that you are so hot for me now.”

In a flash, she was on her knees on front of me, untying my robe to let my cock out right into her mouth. Again, she could barely get her mouth over the head, but quickly began using her hand to stroke me while sucking in perfect sync.

She pulled back and said, “I want you to cum in my mouth, Danny. I want to taste your cream, baby.”

Dear God, this woman turned me on to no end and just after a few minutes of her expert oral skills, I felt the cum rush up from my depths. I cried out as my release began flooding into her hungry mouth.

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