Conventions in Cuckolding

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The crimson dragon sighed and ran his paw back over the soft, pliable spines atop his head, which took the place of a typical fur’s hair. Pyros preferred the style by far, even if his wife, Anna, had long, flowing locks the same colour as his scales. Pausing, Pyros shook his head. No, that was wrong. Her hair was by far more vibrant and glossy than his scales could ever be, a cascading, shimmering waterfall of hair that he ran his fingers through over and over again as he pushed his achingly hard shaft into her.

Shivering, the dragon stifled a moan, taking the first step up the short garden path to the house he shared with his beautiful wife. Time apart was said to make the heart grow fonder, but he could not deny the spring in his step at the thought of seeing the mountain lion’s tan muzzle again, lips perked up in that smile that made his heart beat just a little bit harder. And, if he was lucky, she’d make his heart skip a beat too.

Yes, it was good to be back from the convention. Work and catching up could wait while he made love to his Anna. The cougar had surely missed him as much as he’d missed her!

Pyros grinned and fumbled with his keys as he re-entered his home, the familiar scent of vanilla candles tickling his nostrils once again. He was barely all the way over the threshold before he called out to his wife, tail swinging out to thwap against the wall of the admittedly narrow hallway.

“Anna? Anna? Are you home? The car’s in the driveway.”

He didn’t know why he felt the need to note the car in the driveway — what else did he expect? — but he padded on, poking his head into the living room and the kitchen in turn as his confusion grew. Not a cushion was out of place, the chocolate-box styled living room immaculate as if his wife had spent the day cleaning, even though he knew she loathed it. Even the kitchen appeared as if not a single meal had been prepared in the last week, it was simply that spotless.

His brow furrowed. Had she been spending her time elsewhere or eating out? Pyros rubbed his head and turned for the stairs. Well, she had to be somewhere.

Hang on… The dragon froze. Had he missed something?

Not one car in the driveway… The gears in his head worked even as he ascended the stairs, head pounding. Two cars. There had been two cars. And he hadn’t known who the second car belonged to. The pickup truck was something new, something none of Anna’s friends would have been caught dead driving. Or so he thought.

He gulped. If Anna hadn’t been in the living room or the kitchen, then where was she? But his question was soon to be answered. A soft, thumping noise drove him on, paws finding the route he had, perhaps, always known he would have to take poker oyna on returning home, though he could never have anticipated what he found.

Pushing open the door to their bedroom, the dragon sucked in a breath that did nothing to soothe the sudden ache in his lungs.

A muscled American Pit Bull snarled as he pounded the cougar into the bed, Pyros’ wife letting loose a yowl that she seemed to have been containing since he’d first entered the house. The white dog with brown patches, one over his left eye, growled like a feral beast, stripped down to his bare fur as his muscled ass worked to drive into the screaming feline. Anna clawed at his arms, crying out for more as Pyros stood in the doorway, unable to either move further into the realm of debauchery or leave it entirely, shock gripping his frame.

Her green eyes locked onto his as the canine bent her legs further back over her body, the cougar on her back as he filled her cunt with a shaft that Pyros could never have hoped to compare to. That thick piece of dog meat with the still unformed knot at the base would have begged anyone’s attention, ploughing into Anna like he owned her. Even as he watched, breath stuck in his tight, sore throat, something stirred in the pit of his stomach that he could not explain.

For several long moments that seemed to stretch on and on and on, he froze, mind stalling as he struggled to wrap his thoughts around just what, exactly, was going on. A dream. It had to be a dream. The room tilted sickeningly and he blinked away a flicker of greyness, leaning on the door frame for support as the door swung open wide at his heels. Dimly, he wondered if he’d closed the front door behind him. He wouldn’t have wanted anyone else walking in while a Pit Bull was fucking his wife, after all.

From the stains on the bedspread, it wasn’t the first time he’d fucked her either. And, just like that, Pyros jerked back to life, taking a great, shuddering breath that rippled through his whole body as Anna twisted beneath him, flat on her back with her knees nearly tucked up all the way to her shoulders.

“What the hell is going on?” He snarled, spines twitching atop his head as if he was trying to fan out an ancestral frill. “Anna, how could you? And you!”

He balled up his fists and tipped forward, jaws agape and needy gasps rasping over his tongue. The Pit Bull rolled his massive shoulders — honestly, how much time did he spend in the gym and hyped up on steroids to get a figure like that? — and grunted, not even pausing in his thrusts to sniff and give Pyros an answer.

“Sorry, bro,” he growled, “but I couldn’t leave a fine piece of kitty-flesh like this wanting. Maybe if you’d been here, she wouldn’t have had to take my cock down her throat and beg me to fuck her.”

Pyros gasped. He should have thrown himself at the canine and pummelled him, shown him “what for” for daring to seduce his wife while he was out of the picture. He could have thrown out his wings, let the membranes stretch wide between the spines, and give canlı poker oyna out an almighty roar that would have set the canine quaking where he knelt. Pyros closed his eyes. He should have done many things. And yet he couldn’t. Something held him back, only allowing him to close the door on his heels as he opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water, completely and utterly out of his element.

Anna’s moans made him return to reality, his cock swelling against his better judgement. No red blooded male could have resisted the sight of their wife sprawled in such carnal lewdness.

“Oh, god, Jenson,” she purred, the utterance devolving into a low, throaty growl. “You fuck me so much better than he does.”

“That’s right, baby, you take it all.”

The Pit Bull smirked, turning from Pyros as his attention was otherwise commanded by the submissive female. Her hair spread around her head in a crimson halo as she howled, juices squelching lewdly around the studly male’s cock as he hammered into her, each thrust bringing forth a fresh grunt of raw need.

But Pyros could not give her what she wanted and going away for business hadn’t helped his cause either. His own shaft strained against the front of his smart trousers and yet he made no move to touch it or call a halt to the scene before him, watching as if it was a shockingly erotic film, played out for him if not for his enjoyment.

Ignorant to the dragon’s conflicting emotions, the Pit Bull dragged himself out of the cougar with a howl, cock jerking and slapping her inner thighs as he flipped her about. Without complaint, she allowed him to roll her onto her belly and obligingly got onto all fours, a position that she’d never once allowed Pyros to fuck her in. The dragon trembled at how her tail curved up over her back, his wife inviting her lover in with a purr and a wiggle of her hips that the Pit bull had no intent in turning down. Gripping her hips with short, blunt claws, Jenson snapped his jaws and slammed in to a chorus of needy moans.

“So glad you went on that trip, dragon,” Jenson groaned, driving in deep in his new position. “Gave me a real good change to plough your wife here…” He laughed cruelly, throwing his head back. “She really was gagging for it.”

Pyros licked his lips, eyes wide. His fingers had, at some point, relaxed from a fist and hung loosely at his sides as he sat down with his back to the door.

“You…” He started, then had to clear his throat. “What do you…”

Jenson laughed, gripping the base of his cock with one paw as if to test his own readiness, the thick length spreading Anna open as she teetered on the brink of orgasm.

“You really don’t get it, do you? You can’t give her what she needs. But a sweet piece like this needs way more than a limp-dicked dragon to fill her. You going away just made it easier for me to take her as she needs to be taken.”

Pyros stared, though his eyes dropped to where his wife’s body joined his, that fat girth stretching her out. He tried not internet casino to pay attention to how his cock twitched in his pants, drooling pre-cum, the wetness seeping back onto his scales.

“All this time…” Pyros shook his head, pressing his paws over the slight indents where his ears were. “You’ve been here? You…”

He started to talk and found he could not complete the sentence, clasping his paws over his muzzle. The dragon whined, the sound rising up plaintively from his throat as Anna suddenly rocked back into her canine lover, shrieking as she hit orgasm and his thrusts suddenly sped up, knot inflating.

“Damn, girl…”

Those were all the words the Pit Bull could get out as he grabbed the feline’s shoulder, hammering her sore cunt for all he was worth. Anna moaned out utterances that Pyros could have hardly imagined coming from her lips as orgasm claimed her as the Pit Bull had, telling him what a stud he was, how much bigger and stronger and more virile he was. At least some of it seemed intended for the dragon’s ears and Pyros gulped as his cock throbbed, wanting attention that he wasn’t quite willing to give.

Sometimes it took a cuckold a while to accept his fate.

The curvaceous, full-bodied mountain lion groaned as Jenson sank into her, a low grunt heralding the swelling of his knot, sealing them together. She whimpered, a submissive noise that he had never before heard her make for him, and Pyros shivered, his attention rapt on the couple as they took their pleasure from one another before his very eyes.

And Jenson was certainly not one to disappoint. The Pit Bull stud seemed to tense every muscle in his body as he bred her, slamming in brutally as she cried out for more, each thrust driving her orgasm on to ever greater heights. Even though he could only thrust shallowly with his thick knot fully inflated, the canine was hardly far behind her as he howled and hit climax. Hips rolling, Jenson snarled and groaned, every noise he made laced with inherent masculinity, balls tugging up closer to his body as he spent every drop of seed he had to give inside the mated cougar.

Whimpering as the Pit Bull’s hips juddered all the way up to the feline’s rump, Pyros slid his paws around to the back of his neck, head spinning and lust at an all time high. Pre-cum seeped through the front of his pants and he groaned softly in the back of his throat as the canine’s hips rolled of their own accord, working to pump his wife full of cum.

The dragon ran his tongue over his lips. How many loads would he have to deliver to dump that much cum into her hot, tight tunnel?

Catching his eye, Jenson threw him a wink that seemed entirely out of place and drew his torso up a little taller, tied to Anna while the mountain lion sank, exhausted but satisfied, to the bed.

“Make yourself comfortable there,” Jenson advised with a cocky smirk. “We’re going to be here a while.”

And they’d have a lot to discuss while Jenson’s knot deflated, he was sure too, but, right then, Pyros pressed the back of his paw to his cock through his trousers and let out a low moan. They’d have their discussion in due course, even if he might not be the one doing most of the talking.

But first, Pyros wanted to see the Pit Bull fill his wife again.

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