Corrupting Hubby and His Mom Ch. 02

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We were supposed to leave the following day so I knew my time was limited. I had maybe 36 hours from the time we woke up that Friday until we had to be at the airport. I knew for sure that Jake wanted his mom and I was fairly certain she wanted him too. I knew how badly I wanted to not only watch the two of them fuck, but to be a part of it. Jake knew of what I intended to arrange and he was all for it now. Especially after seeing how nice his mom’s tits were the day before. He was ready.

He left the house pretending he would be gone for several hours. I took it upon myself to make some rather strong margaritas for Amanda and I and we were once again sitting by the pool. I started right in on the sex talk and unlike yesterday she had no hesitation about joining in. I told her how Jake and I were going to spend the weekend at one of my old dorm mate’s apartments before we headed for the place we would be renting near campus. I was going back for my Masters and Jake had secured a job with a computer firm for that September. I told her how Jenny was one of the girls that Jake wanted to have a threesome with but we could never pull it off. She asked me about threesomes with Jake and I told her how we had several with various friends. She asked me if it bothered me to watch him fuck another woman? I explained how he wasn’t allowed to fuck any of my friends and that it was mostly oral and him watching me and the other girl together. She was very interested now. I once again removed my top and she did the same. I asked her to rub lotion on my back because I got a little red the day before. “There is one woman I really want to watch him fuck. Of course I’d like to play too. I’ve masturbated a few times these past couple of days thinking about her.” Her touch on my back as she rubbed the lotion in was very sensual.

“Tell me about this other girl. It’s been at least fifteen years since I enjoyed another woman.” She stopped rubbing oil in me and sat back.

I went on beyoğlu escort to describe her. It took her only a few minutes to realize I was talking about her and she was totally silent. I stopped and was suddenly a bit less sure of myself. I was the one who was nervous now. When I looked back at her face she was staring at me with pure lust in her eyes. Suddenly I wasn’t the aggressor like I had planned. “Describe her pussy for me.” Amanda said this as she lifted her hips off the lounge and slid her bikini bottoms down. I moved closer, on the edge of my own chair now and looked at her most intimate part.

Amanda’s pussy lips were much bigger then mine and I could tell that even though she had a full bush of black hair surrounding it. I could also see her wetness and when she parted the lips for me I could see she had the type of clit that you could suck on. My own pussy just started to flood itself. I knew Jake was watching all of this from the bathroom window and I knew he was waiting for a signal from me, but I lost all of my concentration. “Does her pussy taste sweet?” Amanda asked me and I just moved between her legs and my mouth began to devour her sweet pussy. Now I’ve tasted several pussies in my day like I said, but Amanda’s seemed sweeter then them all. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me because this was my boyfriend’s mother’s hot cunt that I was licking. She orgasmed almost as soon as I touched her clit and her hips bucked up into my mouth, which I had by now locked onto her dripping pussy. Her orgasm seemed to last longer then my own did but I kept holding on and riding her out. Finally she gently pushed me away and lay there, her body heaving as she tried to catch her breath. I sat back and licked all around my lips and cheek to lap up all of her sweet nectar. Amanda’s pussy was definitely a pleasant surprise.

“Mmm” she moaned satisfied and smiled at me. “Now do I get to taste the sweet pussy my son has been fucking and keeping all to himself?” sarıyer escort I couldn’t rip my thong off fast enough. I spread my legs wide and marveled at how wet I was, even my inner thighs glistened with my excitement. Amanda was in no hurry though and she leaned in and savored my pussy. She licked up and down my inner thighs and so close to my lips that I could feel her breath on my clit. Then she tasted me, she flicked her tongue out briefly and pulled back to lick the lips again. “Does my Jake lick you here too?” she asked and before I could answer, her tongue was dancing over my tight asshole. This made me shudder because Jake has done that to me before but never more then a flick here and there. Amanda could sense how hot it made me and she kept tonguing my asshole.

I let out a yell that could wake the dead when my orgasm hit. It was like a locomotive train and my body shook and spasmed and quivered for what seemed like minutes and minutes before I calmed down a bit. My chest was still heaving and for the first time I realized that standing there, not ten feet away with is beautiful erection in his hand was Jake. I pulled Amanda up towards me and we kissed. I motioned Jake to come over. I did it behind Amanda’s back so she still didn’t know her son was right there.

Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths and I could taste myself on her. Jake knelt behind her and before she realized what was happening he had slid his cock into her from behind. She sat up like a bolt of lightning and turned to see her son there. He reached around and roughly grabbed a hold of her tits and pinched the long nipples. “Oh baby, your cock is so fuckin’ big. That’s it honey, fuck your mommy’s hot pussy. Make me come you little mother-fucker.” She was reacting much better then I could have imagined.

“Oh Mom, your fuckin’ cunt is so tight. Shit, I’ve wanted to fuck you forever.” He was panting and fucking her with fast, deep strokes.

“Mommy loves your big, fat cock. maslak escort Oh yeah, that’s it…oh…oh ooooohhhh.”

I swear my own pussy practically gushed when Amanda came. I had been sitting there, her head was on my stomach and tits and thighs but she was lost in her fuck. I understood and just rubbed my own clit and watched my fiancé fucking his sexy mom. When her orgasm subsided she pushed my hand away from my pussy and started licking and sucking it. It didn’t take long for me to come again, harder then the first time even. I was dripping wet. Jake announced he was going to cum and Amanda quickly turned around. The first blast of his load hit her in the shoulder but she quickly took her sons shooting cock in her mouth and sucked the rest of his load down. She held his cock and licked it clean and even licked his balls and sucked the last drops from the swollen head before she just made his big cock disappear down her throat. Wow, she had to teach me to do that. Jake leaned in and kissed his mom, their tongues swirling his cum around. “Hey, what about me?” I complained and they both smiled and the three of us kissed.

“Let’s get inside.” Amanda said, she stood and we retrieved our suits and walked into the house arm and arm. The three of remained naked and in one combination or another until it was time for Jake and I to go to the airport. Amanda was like an animal unleashed. She gave me deep-throat pointers and further impressed me when she took Jake in her tight asshole. She said that was his dads favorite and Jake seemed to enjoy the hell out of it as well. One of the highlights was the following morning when I awoke to the two of them fucking right beside me. After Jake came in his mom’s ass she squatted over my face and I drank his sweet jism from her spread asshole.

That was the first time. The last time was the night before the wedding when we fucked ourselves silly, just the three of us. Amanda said her date for the wedding turned out to be quite a stud and the two of them are coming over for dinner Friday night and to see our new apartment. I’m glad we moved back and I can’t wait to get our married lives started. My sexy husband and his sexy mom and of course me.

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