Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 26

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Twenty-Six

Fyr sweated all the way through the plane trip home, although it was strange to think of it as her home still. The ranch hadn’t yet cemented itself in her life and her memory and a strange part of her thought that she was going back to that little suburban house, too close to the city and that crappy old job for her liking. She’d be relieved to step onto the old soil that she’d loved and cultivated, building up the barn and the house near enough from scratch, and to see everything that she’d worked so hard on, at least. It was the furs that were there that made her oh so very conflicted about the situation itself, her life and loves completely and utterly turned upside down.

But there had been no way to dissuade Kao, not even when she’d faked having very good phone calls with her husband, although she hadn’t actually been able to get him on the phone itself before leaving. Her brother had only smiled and shaken his head at her, seeming to know that all was still not well even though, of course, she had not told him a thing about what was really going on. In his own way, he’d tried to dig and press her for more information, striving to catch her off guard as any hints and questions skated under her radar, but she’d managed to stop him in his tracks each and every time, for which she was thankful.

Fyr most definitely didn’t want to have to explain to Kao that her mother was fucking her husband… Slinking deeper and deeper into her seat, the dragoness tried not to look at her brother as the plane touched down, heart hammering and blood pounding and driving through her veins.

“You alright there?”


It was a credit to him that the drake didn’t press that point any further, only taking her bags and helping her out and off the plane itself as if she was the one who had become pregnant and was carrying an egg. Her mother, truth be told, should have been a lot more fragile and delicate after laying her egg than she had been, but Fyr supposed that was a perk of being a demoness. She failed to see how being a demon had many more perks than that when Ropes and her mother seemed intent on destroying every last relationship around them, however.

And still her heart throbbed for them, to be at their paws and moaning, waiting on their attention, however they chose to provide it. The dragoness could only squirm as she got into her truck – damn, that had been one hell of a parking charge to pay up at the airport – and try to make casual, non-sweaty conversation as she powered down the freeway, the open road calling her like her little homestead did.

“I can’t imagine you living all the way out here,” Kao laughed, watching the golden countryside flash by, ripe in time for harvest. “It’s just…so not you.”

Fyr rolled her eyes and made no comment, her paws gripping the roughed and toughened up steering wheel a little more tightly. She may as well have been adding fuel to a fire of her own design, however, for how her brother sensed her weakness, the little crack in her mental armour that opened the door to brotherly teasing.

“I mean…” He said, leaning back in his seat as dust puffed out from the cracks in the old, worn fabric. “You were always the one with your little plastic oven set and your little doll, the dragon baby. You never struck me, way back then, as the type to move to a country spot and make it with cattle and sheep and whatever else you’re planning to stick out there. Why, I’m surprised you haven’t even had a baby of your own yet!”


That one struck home a little too hard and she gasped, lips parting into a little ‘O’ that he lunged at, eyes sharply narrowed and suspicious.

“You’re… You’re not pregnant are you, Fyr? Was that what this whole thing was about? I would have thought you would’ve told me!”

Fyr groaned inwardly and would have slapped the heel of her palm into her face if she had not been driving, her brother rattling off thing after thing that she really should not have done while she was out with him. It was a wonder sometimes that they were not born a little closer together or even as twins for how similar they were sometimes, her brother off on one well and truly as he spun a tale of her being pregnant and risking the health of a little dragonet. It was not as if she would ever not take care of herself if she ever actually fell pregnant with a little one of her own anyway…

She wondered how the egg was doing?

Damn you, Kao…

“No… No, of course not. I’m not pregnant. If I was, I wouldn’t have had anything to drink and I really wouldn’t have had that sushi either.”

It was plain speaking but not plain enough to bypass a dragon who poker oyna had known her for too many years and knew her better than, perhaps, she felt that she knew herself. He settled some but he really wasn’t buying it, as always, the drake always having been one that considered himself a bit of a detective. Fyr wondered if he’d added anything to that detective series he’d been writing, although that one had not been all that popular in the end, which was a shame. She’d really enjoyed where he’d gone with that and there were a few rather steamy scenes with the main character in it too.

But that wasn’t the point. The point was that he thought he was someone who could dig into anything and find out the truth through one technique or ask or another. There was not much, in all honesty, that he could not coax from a fur in the end but Fyr was sure she could hide things from him. She had to. There wasn’t any choice in that matter and, besides, they were very nearly home again.

The dragoness took a breath as she stepped out of her truck and looked over the ranch that had become her home, the barn door swinging open as if it had recently been entered. Or exited. Was someone in there? Panic fluttered into her heart and she turned on Kao with a grin that would have otherwise declared insanity, the corner of one eye twitching manically.

“Kao!” She squeaked, rubbing her forehead as if to say that she had suddenly been taken ill. “Could you be an absolute dear and get the bags? I want to let them know we’re back!”

Perhaps perplexed at her sudden change in attitude, all her brother could do was nod dumbly and watch her with a shrewd expression that did not sit right on his elegant muzzle, the shape of it reminding her so very much of her mother. Hell, even her language choices sometimes reminded her of her mother, how she called him ‘dear’ and raced off at a totter that would have otherwise betrayed the fact that her brain no longer quite felt connected to her legs and, well, the rest of her body too. Cursing herself, she launched herself at the barn, heart in her mouth for all the wrong reasons.

Were they in there? What were they doing? Oh, hell oh hell she had to get them out of there before Kao found them!

But the barn was quietly dark and softly lit through the skylights when Fyr finally whipped around the door, a trail of dust floating lightly and languidly in her wake. Her chest heaved and she checked each stall, wide-eyed and

“He didn’t get those horses in then,” she muttered. “I wonder if he actually arranged the cattle to be delivered. A lot of help they are, aren’t they?”

Muttering darkly about the two furs who had both given her the most and taken so much from her, both at the same time, Fyr checked the barn thoroughly, although there was neither hide nor hair nor scale to be found of either Ropes or Sasha, which was a blessing in disguise, of course. She didn’t want to find them there, fucking or whatever it was that demons called that rough slam of sex – not her style at all. But if they weren’t in the barn…

Fyr cursed herself and spun on her heel, tail whipping around to follow her line of motion. If they were in the house, there was one thing that they were doing there above all else!

But Kao was ahead of her, hauling all of their bags along with him; despite everything and the big trip, her brother had packed surprisingly little and she swore under her breath as she drove her legs into pounding action. Each and every breath raked through her lungs as she, effectively, hauled tail to the house, the porch and all that she had painted so lovingly burning through the tears to the backs of her eyes.

All was as it was. Nothing was destroyed. Her heart leapt and soared and she snarled as she hurled her body on, forcing it to the very limit of what she was physically capable of, her lack of breakfast yawning fiercely in her stomach.

Kao, already up the steps and into the house, entered the wide hallway with his arms theatrically spread wide.

“Mom! I’m here!”

Oh! Why oh why did he have to announce himself so? Fyr growled and clung to his arm, dragging him to the side of the hallway as he stumbled over a bag, muttering something that should have really have been considered too rude to say with his mother around.

“Jeez, Fyr, come on… What’s got you all wound up?”

But that she could not say and neither could she work out something suitable to say, offering him only a half shrug as he stared at her as if she’d grown a second head. Of course, she was a mess – a hot and sweaty and panting mess at that. She’d have asked questions too if she’d been in her brother’s position, the drake shaking his head, very slowly, from one side to the other as if he could not quite believe just the sheer level of insanity that his sister had risen to.

There were more important things for Fyr to consider, however, than soothing or placating her brother’s nerves or curiosity, as frazzled as both must have been. All Fyr could say as she darted through the canlı poker oyna musty confines – jeez, did the two of them even bother to crack a window while she was away? The place needed some air! – of her home was that Ropes and Sasha were absolutely nowhere to be seen. It made more sense in her mind to clear the downstairs first before racing upstairs but it was in the kitchen that she skidded to an untimely halt, nearly going tail over tits as she gasped and heaved for breath.

At the stove, Sasha hummed a tune to herself, barely glancing back over her shoulder as her daughter burst into the kitchen like a bat out of hell.

“Why, hello there, dear,” she murmured, her voice dripping with sugary sweetness that could not, by any means, be real. “I did so wonder when you were going to turn up.”

Something roared between Fyr’s ears, the dragoness opening and closing her mouth several times without any sound coming out. But even if some sound had come out, she wasn’t all that sure that she would have been able to hear it anyway, her heart hammering and sickness curdling through her chest in that way that made her body feel as if her very lungs were being ripped from her ribcage. Her mother folded her paws pleasantly over her stomach, which was as flat and seductive as ever, dressed casually in denim dungarees and a flannel, check shirt that looked like it could have been actually cut for the shape of a male body. The clothing was such a difference to the rock and metal gear that she’d been donning before that Fyr actually looked twice, a classic double-take that had even Sasha raising both eyebrows.

“Well? Aren’t you going to give me a hug?”


But that word did not burst from Fyr’s lips but Kao’s as the drake stepped in to hug their mother, the tip of his tail wagging. He would never have said, of course, just how much he missed the older dragoness in their time apart – that so wasn’t her son’s style – but there was something more to the relationship they held that had them coming back like old friends over and over again. Fyr could not help but smile as her heart rate slowly decreased, Kao taking over the position of social lubricant as he chattered so naturally about the plane journey, with their mother, and the trip over too. It seemed so easy for them but it seemed to be all she could do just to keep herself upright and some semblance of stable as her legs shuddered and threatened to topple her to the floor.

Keep it together: that’s all she had to do. If she thought about her breathing and just concentrated on the flow of air in and out of her lungs, maybe she could get through. But the absence of Ropes just brought a fresh level of fear to her heart and the dragoness panted and whimpered under her breath, trying to shrink back into the background as she always id, eyes wide and watering.

Thankfully, for once, there was no attention at all on her as Kao caught up smoothly with their mother, Sasha acting the part of homebody well and truly as she settled him down at the round dining table that Fyr had missed so much. She had wondered too if that would have been one of the pieces of furniture to bite the dust during the course of their lust but, blessedly, it was all still in one piece and polished too. Although, she had to admit, that could even have solely been because they had not used it while she’d been away.

Fyr shudder and folded her paws around a cup of coffee that was, miraculously, pressed into them. She just what they’d been up to while she was away. That didn’t take a genius to work out. Did demons even need to eat?

“Mom, it’s just so good to see you again,” Kao said warmly, holding her paw across the table, his eyes lit up with genuine pleasure. “I should have come sooner but I didn’t have a clue you were here until Fyr told me!”

Sasha laughed, the sound seeming foreign coming from her lips when it should have absolutely have been riddled with mockery and sarcasm.

“Oh, honey, we should speak on the phone more but I know you don’t want to spend time with me when you have that lovely dragoness of yours to be with! What’s her name again? It seems to have slipped my mind…”

“Chemical,” Kao said, tilting his head to the side curiously. “But I didn’t tell you I was dating anyone, mom. Did Fyr…”

He didn’t finish the question but Fyr bristled all the same. Her mother may well enough have had an excuse as to her behaviour but Kao should not have been one to talk about her as if she was not even there!

“Oh, I must have said something about that,” she said, blundering blindly into the conversation with a dismissive flip of her paw. “I hope you don’t mind, Kao, but mom just so very badly wanted to know what you were up to these days. I thought it nice to say, you know?”

Kao sighed and leaned back in the wooden, straight-backed chair, an arm dangling loosely over the side.

“Honestly, Fyr, I swear you’re turning into her sometimes, the things you come out with… Ah, no offence, mom.”

Her mother’s eyes glittered internet casino and Fyr gulped hard, turning her muzzle away as that sickly sense of heat rushed to her cheeks.

“None taken. But don’t worry yourself about something like that, Kao… Fyr and I are nothing alike.”

And that was one that would have to be left there as Kao said something about needing to bring the rest of the bags inside and Fyr tried her very best to disappear into the ground beneath her feet. Even without exploiting her sexually – and in every other way too – her mother still seemed to manage to make her feel about one inch tall without any effort at all. In another world, it may have been viewed as a rather impressive skill. Fyr, on the other hand, was not impressed at all.

But she couldn’t say anything – not without revealing more than she wanted to before Kao. And that simply would not do at all when she had to keep everything so hidden, under wraps, just to maintain some semblance of outward normalcy that could, very possible, be mistaken by the right eyes for a perfectly normal relationship. Truth be told, Fyr most certainly wasn’t all that sure that she even wanted to be normal (her lust and longing for both her mother and Ropes during her absence was hardly something she could just sweep under the rug) when there was so much more to experience. Yet Kao didn’t need to know that. Kao didn’t need to know about anything more than what he did need to know.

“I’m sure you’re tired, Kao,” she interjected smoothly into a lull in the conversation, surprising herself with her own measure of skill in slipping in unnoticed. “Why don’t you settle and unpack? I’ve got to check over the barn and see what needs doing for the next week.”

“No rest for the wicked!”

That was all he had by way of reply, although the grin and squeeze to her shoulder told a different tale, that he was there to support her still no matter what. And it was perhaps that support that terrified her the most of all, considering just what the drake and loyal brother would think of the relationship and lust they had all cultivated together. Gulping, Fyr tried to push the thought down where it could be buried, locked away and never revisited. If Kao actually went for Ropes… Well, everyone knew how a demon could react and she could not imagine having the strength of body to drag the cougar off her brother, a tentacle wrapped around his throat or ripping limbs apart. Would Sasha even leap to her son’s defence or would that be that too? Kao maimed or, god forbid, even worse than that and her not caring one bit? With her mother now a demoness, the dragoness could not tell or predict just what could or would happen.

And that was just why she had to keep things under wraps and nice and quiet. Kao left the room and she sat there opposite her mother with all the questions in the world brimming over and tickling at the tip of her tongue and yet simply not the will to say them.

So, she was quiet. And that quiet was something in itself, the dragoness inhaling and exhaling slowly as she cradled a cup of coffee that was rapidly cooling. She should have drunk it but the cold, wet dregs didn’t seem all that appealing anymore, like so many other things.

“So…” She said slowly, the words coming thickly in her mouth as if they were treacle. “This is interesting.”

“I’m surprised you let him come back with you.”

Her mother dropped the sugar from her tone but there was no sense of malice in there, only a levelness that perhaps promised something colder than even the coffee that Fyr was still yet to drink. For the sake of something to do with her paws, she sniffed and rubbed her nose, taking a sip from the mug and hoping that her hands didn’t shake too much.

It tasted as good as she’d imagined, which wasn’t very good at all.

“Oh… Well… He got this idea into his head and you know how he is,” she said vaguely, waving her paw. “I am surprised to find everything looking so…so…”


Fyr blushed and nodded.

“Yes, normal.”

“Well, the bed still needs your touch to fix it, dearie, but we put most back to together.” Sasha rapped her knuckles on the dining room table. “Or replaced, of course. We still have access to your account so you still kind of did the work. This is new. It smashed when Ropes just had to fuck me so hard after I brought a sexy skunk home. Did you know there’s a growing trend for them to work on bodybuilding? Well, I for one surely appreciate that kind of physique too!”

Fyr pressed her lips together, her reeling mind unsure of whether to focus on just who Sasha had been fucking or the fact that the dining table had been paid for, not once but twice, out of her own pocket and bank account. She supposed, in a way, it was better than returning to one hell of a mess but hell – it was her money too!

And yet that old submissiveness returned, the feeling of serving her superiors curling through her mind as her blush deepened and she looked down, something stuck in her throat. She wasn’t about to say that it was healthy in the slightest and she wasn’t about to claim that all was right with her little corner of the world either, although the feeling was intoxicating – as intoxicating as it had always been.

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