Cuckqueaned by Friends Ch. 04

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As soon as we walked in, I got on my tiptoes to whisper in Christopher’s ear. “I need you, now. Please.”

He smiled down at me and then turned to smile at the girls. Then he turned and pulled me by the hand to my bedroom. I was too embarrassed to look at the ladies as we left, so I just shuffled behind him to the hallway and then my room. As soon as the door was closed behind us, he spoke up.

“Take that dress off and get on the bed. It’s been a long day, and from the look of it, you had a ton of adventures.”

I did exactly as he said. Dress thrown in the hamper, naked as the day I was born, I jumped onto the bed. I turned to face him up on my knees, hoping he would join me. But he didn’t move to take his clothes off or climb onto the bed. No, he just stood there looking up and down my naked body. I’d spent so much time naked today and was so ridiculously desperate for a good fucking that I didn’t feel any need to cover up under his gaze. Instead, I thrust my little chest out and stared right back at him.

“So, tell me how your day went. And no, I’m not touching you until you’re done. And you’re not allowed to touch yourself either.”

Why was everyone making me wait?!?! Fuck I needed this so bad! I looked at him with as much pleading in my eyes as I could, but he just crossed his arms and waited for me to tell him. “Ugh, fine!”

I don’t know how my pussy was still creating so much wetness. My legs had been soaked for hours already and my core showed no signs of slowing down. I started at the beginning of the day. He barely interrupted me as I spoke, only asking for more details a couple times and commenting about how hot it was.

I told him about Megan’s dare. I told him about being forced to wear the risky dress. I told him about flashing my breasts on the train. I told him about everything that happened between me, Britney and Megan at the boutique. I told him about being jealous about how good he and Kayla looked together. I told him about Megan pulling me away in the garden. I told him about my first lesbian experience and making Megan orgasm. I told him about being forced to streak through the garden. I told him about the group chat where Megan sent my pictures. I told him about hearing him and Kayla on the train. I told him about being edged four times on the train. Then I ended by telling him how absolutely horny I was and how much I just wanted him to fuck me.

When I finished my story, I stared at him, desperate for him to join me on the bed.

“Holy shit that was one of the sexiest stories I think I’ve ever heard! Though, to be honest, I didn’t realize you were going to be doing stuff too! I thought your kink was just me playing with others. This changes things.”

“Please Christopher! I need your dick so bad. Just fuck me and then we can talk.”

“Oh, no no no. You gave me permission to play with your roommates. But you didn’t clear it with me first before you played with them. You technically cheated on me. Now, I’m willing to forgive you for that, mainly because I find you being with a woman so fucking hot. But you still need to be punished for that. So, I want to tell you about my day first. I want to tell you everything. I want to see if I can make you orgasm without touching your pussy, just by pressing your buttons. I want to confirm just how much this whole thing turns you on, that way you hopefully will stop fighting this part of you and just lean into it.”

I was registering his words, but I was so focused on cumming that I didn’t have a single objection to anything he was saying. At least not right now in the state I’m currently in. Christopher was at least approaching the bed finally. He leaned over, making himself eye to eye with me.

“We can talk about rules and boundaries after I fuck your brains out. But I think there is a lot I need to catch you up on first. Don’t you want to know what happened between me and Kayla all day? Don’t you want to know what happened between me and Britney at the garden? If you want to be kept in the dark about what happened today, then just say so and then I’ll stop telling you what goes on. If you want to know, then tell me what you want to know. But this is the only chance you have. If you choose to not find out, I’ll keep it a secret and you can imagine whatever you want, never knowing if it is true.”

I couldn’t believe he was making me pick. This was so unfair! I needed to be fucked so bad, yet I couldn’t stand not knowing what happened. Ugh, fuuuuuck. Ok, come one Maddison, just put together some coherent thoughts for a few seconds. So, he’s saying I can choose to find out what happens or he can keep it a secret. Well, that is a pretty simple decision when I think about it, right? There is no way I can stay in this without knowing what he is doing with the others. No. The decision is easy.

“So, {Maddison}, what do you want?”

“Please tell me what happened between you and Kayla at the boutique today.”

“Ok, the boutique. That was fun! To understand, I think I need to tell you about my conversation with Kayla this morning first.”

He abidinpaşa escort stood up straight and started unbuttoning his shirt as he talked. I watched every move he made with my full attention. I watched as he peeled his shirt slowly undid each button. I watched as he pulled the shirt over his shoulders. The shirt Kayla bought him to match her outfit today. The shirt she used to make it seem like they were together instead of us. The shirt she intended to be a sign that she was pulling him away from me. The shirt that was still teasing me, even after we were away from her. The shirt that was now on the floor. He paused his story while he finished undressing until he was standing naked in front of me. My eyes were now locked on his hard cock. The cock I would hopefully get to experience any minute now, sooner rather than later I had my way, but something tells me I wasn’t going to have my way exactly, just as the rest of the day had gone.

“First, I’m going to need something from you.” He pulled me up off the bed as he sat down in my place. We’d reversed positions, he was seated naked on the bed and I was standing naked in front of him.

“I want your mouth on my cock while I tell you this story.” I didn’t hesitate at all. I dropped to my knees instantly and my tongue and lips went to work on that beautiful cock. The cock I’d been thinking about almost all day. He gave a contented sigh as his tool entered my mouth and I ran my tongue up his full length.

“There we go. Take your time, I have a long story to get through.” He paused for a few seconds to enjoy my efforts. “This morning, while you were in the shower, I talked to Kayla about your kink.”

Was he kidding?!?!?! I stopped moving and just stared up at his face, his dick still buried in my he just smiled and laughed as he continued talking.

“Haha! oh, yes, I told her. That’s the only way we could really play our game. I told her how excited you got watching the two of us pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. She thought it was super hot too and was excited to go further with me. She said she loved that you thought it was sexy and she was happy to explore your kink with us.”

Fuck, that’s why she was all over him all day. He basically told her I gave them permission. She really ran with it though, from the interactions I witnessed. And Christopher was hinting that a lot more happened. I had a bad feeling this was going to spiral out of control very quickly, and yet it was also a very good feeling too. Ugh, what the hell was wrong with me?!

“So once we were on the train, she started talking through things you might find hot. And I’ll be honest, her ideas were great. That’s why we started holding hands in front of you. It was her idea and she seemed so confident it would work. She was so cute when she was excitedly telling me about all of her ideas. Was it sexy watching me hold her hand all day?”

I had to pull off his dick to answer his question. “Ugh, yes. Damnit.” I didn’t wait to take it back in my mouth though. I was insanely horny and needed to feel his dick. I really wanted it in my pussy, but this is what I had right now, so I kept at it.

“Great! I’m glad her first idea was good! That leads us to the boutique. Kayla had mentioned it would probably drive you crazy to be separated from us, so she talked to Megan and Britney about it while we walked down the street. They agreed to separate you and I…oh I love it when you go as deep as you can like that…uhm, so that’s why we split up when we got there. It was all Kayla’s idea and it sounds like you enjoyed your time away.”

They were working together all day?! They decided to keep me away from Christopher all day while they had fun with him! Fuck that makes me hornier somehow. My hand slid down my naked stomach to my clit, making me moan around Christopher’s cock.

“No touching, I already told you. This is your punishment for cheating on me without talking to me first.”

I reluctantly pulled my hand away, feeling my pussy throb with desire. Being controlled like this was so fucking sexy.

“Ok, back to my story. You three walked around the corner and out of sight as we walked to the stairs, but we didn’t even make it up the stairs before Kayla wanted to play around. She started posing for me, showing off her legs and ass under her short skirt. And we were right there, on the stairs, we could’ve been seen by anyone! She was asking me if I found her sexy, if I found her pretty or beautiful, if I thought she was prettier than you. Well, you saw what she was wearing. She looked great in that skirt! Didn’t she?”

I remember. It felt so fucking degrading to hear this, but I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t turning me on even more (if that’s possible, there has to be a limit, right?). I continued fucking my own mouth with his cock, enjoying the way it made him take a long slow breath while talking.

“I told her she was beautiful and so fucking sexy. She loved that and I saw a twinkle in her eyes. She asked if I was going to tell you everything about what happened aktepe escort between me and her. I told her of course I was going to tell you, that was the game after all. She seemed slightly sad about that, but then she smiled and said ‘I want to make sure you have something sexy to tell her then.'”

Christopher paused for another few seconds while I took him as deep as I could again. I’ve never been good at deep-throating, but I still tried. I could only ever get him to the back of my throat before I had to back off. I learned to get good with my tongue, which Christopher clearly enjoyed. Then he continued.

“I asked what she had in mind? We’d kissed earlier, she’d pulled her tits and ass out. I was on board for more of that obviously. She laughed at me and said ‘We can start there, but your girlfriend is going to want more than that.’ I started thinking she knew more about this kink of yours than either of us did, so maybe I should listen to her.”

Oh shit, that was so hot and not good at the same time. Wait, was she referring to me as his girlfriend or her? Damnit, why was this situation so sexy?!

“She first wanted to find some clothes, saying something like us looking like more of a couple would be a great start. She said it would drive you crazy if we were matching, or at least close to matching. It seemed she was right again.”

He smiled down at me as he said that. I knew it was her idea! I didn’t stop bobbing my head on his cock as he talked, though. Well, until his hand found the back of my head and held me down for a few seconds, like he was seeing if I could go any deeper. He almost look disappointed when my throat didn’t yield to his stiff dick. He kept going with this story after letting go of my head.

“She turned to continue walking up the stairs, bending over halfway up to look at me. She was making sure I had a great view of her panty-clad ass. Maddison, I’m not going to lie, it looked great! Her ass isn’t huge, but it is a perfect bubble butt! She looked so sexy bent over with her panties and ass showing below her skirt like that right there on the stairs! You must have been only a dozen yards or so away from me, but she didn’t care at all! I wanted to reach out and grab it, to squeeze it and feel her body against mine, but she stood up straight again and led me upstairs. My dick was hard as a rock and tenting my pants. She noticed, obviously, but just smiled at me and led me through the racks of clothes quickly.”

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and started licking up and down his length as he continued. I’m not a blowjob expert or anything, but I’ve done this at least a few times by now and have found several things that Christopher likes.

“She was amazingly fast. She asked my size and found a few outfits within a minute or two, it seemed. She then looked around and noticed there wasn’t anyone else upstairs and turned and looked at me with a devious smile. I knew she’s thinking of something naughty, but I also knew how much you wanted me to do stuff with your friends, so I just smiled back at her, trying to show her she could continue to take the lead.”

It felt like he was really doing this for me, but I’m not sure if it will continue to feel that way. He said it was a long story.

“Well, it seemed like she wasn’t done teasing me yet. She was facing me, same smile, and started playing with her clothes. Small flirty things like grabbing the bottom of her skirt but never pulling it all the way up, or running her finger underneath the edges of her shirt. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, you know how sexy she is. Then it got even better: she slowly peeled her sleeve down until her entire boob fell out! She had this naughty smile while she flashed me there in the middle of the store!

“I was mesmerized by her tit. I’d seen it before, but this was so much sexier being out in public and now that she knew the full game we could play. Hers are definitely bigger than yours, but not massive. It just looked like it was a perfect size to fit in my hands. I wanted to grab it, to pinch it, to lick it, I wanted to feel her. She just looked at me like she knew exactly what was going through my mind. She even said ‘Make sure you tell Maddy this part and how much you love seeing my tit out in the open like this. Tell her how hungrily you looked at me and how much you wanted me to keep taking my clothes off. Tell her how your jaw dropped when I pinched my nipple like this.’ And she was right, my jaw did drop when she pinched her nipple!”

He was getting so excited telling this story, I could feel his cock flexing as he spoke (is that the word? Do cock’s flex? You know what I’m talking about, when guys can move their dicks up and down…). I’d never seen him this excited or felt him this hard before shoving his dick in me. Yet here he was, thinking about his day with Kayla while rock hard, barely paying attention to me sucking his dick anymore.

“But then she took us to the next step of her idea. She was like ‘I know what you really want, hot stuff. I know what’s really going to get akyurt escort Maddy going. Follow me.’ So I did. She had a few outfits in her arms and turned and started walking to the changing rooms. I followed her, watching that beautiful ass sway in that skirt the whole time. She never pulled her dress back up to cover herself, so I knew her nipple was still exposed while we were walking.”

She took him to the changing rooms?! That’s even more private! Who knows how far she would take things in there. At least she seems to just be doing all of this for me, but I really need to talk to her at some point so we can set some boundaries or something. I know this is somehow my fantasy she is helping with, but it feels like she is taking it so much further than that.

“She led me into one of the stalls in the back and pulled the curtain closed behind her. She then said, ‘so, stud, how about we have a little more fun in private. Obviously you should tell Maddy all about this, but at least we won’t be caught by others doing stuff in the store or anything.’

“There we were in a tiny room with her tit still out. My dick was rock hard. She was so fucking sexy. It’s like she was flaunting it at me. She turned around and pushed her ass out towards me, grinding against my dick.”

I could feel his dick somehow getting harder in my mouth. I was almost afraid he would go off in my mouth before I got it in my pussy. I should just mount him, right? Or do I wait for him to tell me to? He’s basically been in charge, but fuck I need it so badly right now!

“She looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a coy ‘do you like my body or something?’ She knew how to get my blood pumping, that’s for sure. And she knew how much the thought of her with her clothes starting to come off grinding against me would make you hot. Does it make you hot?”

“Mmmhmm.” I didn’t even take his cock out of my mouth. In truth, it was taking all my effort to not touch my pussy. I had to physically fight the urge to plunge my fingers into my core.

“Well, she turned to face me and said ‘let’s give you even more to tell her’ and she lunged at me. Her lips were on mine and her arms were all over me. Maddison, my hands roamed her body too, I couldn’t help it at all.”

Fuck, the thought of them touching each other amped up my arousal. I don’t know if other girls can go off without touching their pussy. I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard stories. I don’t know if they are true, but I felt like I was getting close already.

“Oooo, fuck, does that turn you on? You really tried to take my cock down your throat there. Don’t worry, I’m not done with the boutique yet. See it was only a couple seconds before she grabbed my hand and brought it up to her exposed chest. I knew you’d love to hear about me actually touching your friends, so I went for it. I finally had my hands on her beautiful rack which I’d been staring at all morning.”

For some reason, hearing he was looking at her all morning really drove my humiliation up, taking my arousal with it. He was going to do it. He was going to get me off without touching me. I could feel it coming. It was like a train getting closer and closer and I was still standing on the tracks like a deer caught in the headlights.

“My fingers found her hard nipple and rolled it around, pinching it and my dick throbbed when she squealed in delight. Her hand lowered down my body as I played with her, eventually settling on my hard cock. I shuddered when she first touched it through my shorts. It felt amazing, playing with each other like that.”

My pussy started pulsing, begging for his cock, or my fingers, or my vibrator…something, anything. I was so fucking close. Just from hearing about my boyfriend making out with and groping another girl while I was giving him a blowjob. The whole thing was so demeaning yet hot.

“Then she stepped back and surprised me again by pushing me down to my knees. She turned around and bent over, pulling her panties down as she bent. Within seconds I was staring at her perfect ass and, for the first time, her pussy. She was still in her skirt, but she was giving me a great view of everything she had hidden underneath. She was inches away from my face, I could’ve bent forward and licked her beautiful pussy if I wanted to.

“She stood back up, panties around her ankles now, pulled me up too, and we resumed our make out session. She had a hunger unlike earlier. She pulled my hand down to knead her ass under her skirt. My hand was directly on the skin of her butt, pulling her naked crotch against my hardon. She didn’t stop there though.”

I looked up at his face, and it’s like he was completely lost in his story. I wasn’t even there. I was just bonus pleasure as he relived the experience at the boutique.

“She pulled my shirt up and off my body, running her hands over my chest and back. She kept going, pulling my shorts off, leaving me standing in just my boxers. Now there were only two pieces of material between my dick and her pussy: my boxers and her skirt. I continued to squeeze both her ass and her tit while we kissed. I then pushed her up against the wall of the changing room as she slid her hand inside my boxers, gripping my cock in her delicate little hand. I took that as my cue to slide my hand from her ass around to her pussy. She was soaking wet, just like you have been!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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