Cuck’s Date Night

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She went to the kitchen to get herself another glass. I followed her and got behind her, sliding a hand under her shirt to squeeze her tits. She pressed her ass back into me while she poured the wine.

“You want to go into bed?”

“Sure,” she purred.

She slid her pants down below her fat ass when she walked away. It bounced as she skipped to the bed. We both undressed. My little cock was stiff. She laid against the headboard and spread her legs. She was soaking wet. She always gets so horny when she’s drunk, and she was on her 5th drink. I laid next to her and started rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes and moaned. I played with her pussy while she drank. I slid a couple fingers inside of her and massaged the wetness into her black pubic hair. She was soaked. I massaged my hand up her belly to her tits and played with her pink nipples, twisting them until they stiffened. I pulled them and squeezed them, letting them go to watch her little perky C-cups bounce. She moaned and spread her legs some more.

“I want to look at black cocks on Reddit…” she whined.

“Mmm, yes baby go look.”

She reached for her phone and my hand went back to her pussy. I fingered her and pressed into her g-spot while she scrolled her feed. All she subscribes to are subs of black guys who post their cocks, along with a few guys from those subs that she talks to. They were massive. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, moaning while she imagined sucking them off. She opened her kik and messaged some of her internet boyfriends. She took my hand out of her pussy.

“Move over a little, I’m going to send them some pictures… I don’t want you to be in them.”

She sent pictures of her ass and her tits. She spread her legs and sent a video of her rubbing her clit. She sent them to all of the guys.

“Okay, you can touch me again.”

My hand shot back to her pussy. She was wetter than before.

“You like showing yourself off to black guys?”

I encouraged her. She cooed. She went back to reddit and started scrolling some more. I positioned her so I could slide my cock into her. She was soaking wet, and I slipped in easily. I started fucking her as deep as I could, but she remained fixated on her phone. She got a message from kik. One guy replied to her pictures with a video of him stroking his cock. It was huge, and very dark. She moaned.

“Pull your cock out, I’m going to send him more pictures.”

I obeyed. She spread her legs and fingered herself.

“Pass me the dildo.”

I gave her the thick black toy she loves. It’s double the size of my cock. She spread her legs and slid it inside of her. She filmed herself fucking herself with it. She typed to her boyfriend that she was thinking of him, wishing the dildo was his big black cock. She moaned harder on the silicone dick than she did with me inside of her. I stroked my little dick furiously. She went back to Reddit. She kept scrolling and fucking herself deep with the dildo. She didn’t let me put my cock back inside her. She stopped scrolling and searched for a specific sub. It was an r4r for our city. I got so horny.

“Mmmm, you want to bring over some guys?”

She looked at me and nodded coyly. She titled her post “23(F)4M. Black cock only. 8″ +.” She kept fucking herself with the dildo, and went back to her home feed to keep looking at black cocks. I got on my knees between her legs and started fucking her with the dildo, pushing it as deep as it could go. She moaned and started typing. I heard the sound of a guy stroking his cock. I heard him call her his little slut. He called her by name. She was more intimate with her internet boyfriends than I thought. It turned me on. She looked at me from behind her poker oyna phone.

“A few guys messaged me, I’m going to give them our address okay?”

“Okay,” I choked out.

My heart started beating faster and my cock started leaking precum. She went back to her phone, and took the dildo from me to fuck herself with it.

“Can you get me another glass of wine?”

I obeyed. I was horny but I felt a little upset. Tonight was meant to be our date night; I wanted to have a slow night in bed fucking.

She was looking through her lingerie drawer when I came back with her wine. She looked at me.

“Can you put the glass there?” She pointed to my dresser.

“The first guy is on his way, he said he’s only a couple blocks away.”

First guy?

“How many guys did you give our address to?” I tried to play it off as a light question, in the spirit of fun. I didn’t want to provoke her.

“A few.” She grinned at me devilishly.

My cock leaked. She put her crotchless bodysuit on and went in her toy drawer to get her Queen of Spades plug. She took her wine and sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and lubed the plug up. She slipped it in. A moan escaped her lips. She laid against the headboard again and got back on Reddit, one hand slipping her black dildo back into her pussy. Occasionally she’d stop and sip her wine. She looked at more cocks.

“Holy, so many guys are messaging me.”

“How do you know they’re all black cocks?” I wanted her to be black owned.

“I’m making them send me pictures on kik before I give them our address.”

I got in bed next to her and watched her give another guy our address. His cock was massive.

“You think you can take that?” I joked.

She just moaned and closed her eyes, sliding the dildo in as deep as it could go. I watched her fuck herself. The cocks were so thick and juicy. The videos she got sent turned me on. The pictures she sent back made her pussy gush. The dildo was sliding with ease. The sound of wet smacks filled the air, and her moans joined them. I rubbed myself watching her.

There was a knock at the door. Her face lit up and she slapped her phone down on her bedside table quickly. She pulled the dildo from her pussy.

“Can you clean this for me? I’ll go let him in.”

I threw on pants and followed her out of the bedroom with the soaked dildo in my hand, my fingers wrapping around the veiny thick cock. She bounced to the door and greeted him in her bodysuit. I stayed by the bathroom door to see.

“Hey!” She beamed.

He was huge. He had another guy with him. He was also huge. I dipped into the bathroom to wash the dildo. I stroked it clean, rubbing soap across the veins and massaging the head under warm water. I dried it off and left the bathroom in time to see her enter the bedroom with the two guys behind her. I followed them in.

“Uh hey…” I nervously announced myself.

They turned to me, a little startled.

“Oh you beat us here.” They joked.

“No, ha… this is my boyfriend.” She explained.

They looked at each other, confused.

“Uh, okay,” they both said together. They looked at each other and then my girlfriend, who was between them. Her hands slid across their chests and she looked up at both of them. They were each nearly double her height. They relaxed.

“Come on.” She said to them. She didn’t look at me.

They undressed. They were ripped. They gave me their jackets and clothes to put away. They kept their underwear on and followed her to the bed. She laid back and spread her legs for them to see. Their cocks were tenting. They each lay on either side of her and started rubbing her chest. She closed her eyes and moaned. Their hands canlı poker oyna both went down to her pussy, one guy stroking her thigh and the other massaging her clit. He slid his fingers into her, and took her mouth into his mouth. They kissed slowly and passionately. The other guy went back to massaging her tits. I turned and folded their clothes neatly, resting their pants and shirts on my dresser. I hung their jackets in the hallway closet. I went back to the bedroom. One guy was standing at the edge of the bed now while she was on all fours on the bed, sucking his cock. The other guy was massaging her ass and her tits, his cock pressing into her side. There was a knock at the door. She looked at me, without taking the cock out of her mouth. I guess that was a cue to let the next guy in.

Three dark guys looked down at me after I opened the door. They looked confused.

“Hey, I’m just her boyfriend… come in.”

They shared amused glances. They came inside and gave me their jackets.

“She’s in the bedroom, there.” I showed them where to go.

I hung their jackets up in the hallway closet. I heard the new guys greet the old guys. I walked in to the new guys undressing.

“You can put your clothes here.” I showed them my dresser.

My girlfriend was on her back now, stroking one of the guy’s cocks while he knelt between her legs. The other guy was fucking her mouth. She took the cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy. He wasn’t wearing a fucking condom. Jesus fucking Christ. I was too nervous around these guys to say anything and ruin the mood. The guy with his cock inside my girlfriend now started pumping into her. She was moaning on the other cock in her mouth and rubbing her clit. The new guys were gathering around her and stroking themselves. They were all muscular and their cocks were massive. Their size surprised me; I didn’t realize how small my cock actually was. There was another knock at the door. I went to open it and it was just one guy this time. I explained who I was, took his jacket, and he went to the bedroom. I went back to the bedroom and my girlfriend was still on her back but she had a cock in each hand now. The other guys were chilling around her, sitting on the edge of the bed and taking pictures.

“Hey, you.” They were talking to me.

“Do you have speakers?”

I took their phone and put them on to the Wi-Fi and the speaker system. They started blasting music. One of the guys was lighting a joint.

“Cool if I smoke in here?”

I just sheepishly nodded. My girlfriend was moaning loudly and slowly massaging the heads of each cock in her hands. The guy inside of her was pumping her hard and deep while massaging her tits. She was sucking hungrily on the cock in her mouth. They switched so the guy in her mouth went to her pussy and one of the cocks in her hand went to her mouth. My cock was stiff and tenting in my pants, leaking through the fabric. I put a shirt on. Another knock. This time it was 4 guys. I explained who I was and let them in. After putting their coats up, I went back into the bedroom. One of the guys came up to me with his cock swinging.

“She asked that we tell you to stay outside and just let guys in as they come.”

My face went cold, then hot. I was gutted.

“What?” I looked to her on the bed to get an explanation.

She was in the same position. The guy inside of her went deep then stopped, grunted and relaxed. He pulled his cock out and shook cum from it, onto her pussy. I saw a thick white stream flow from her stretched hole. She wasn’t on the fucking pill. Jesus. Her eyes were closed.

Some guys had left, some more had come. It had been an hour and a half now since I got kicked from the room. Another internet casino knock. One more guy. While I was folding his jacket, 3 guys left. I passed by the bedroom door on the way to the living room and saw her alone with the new guy. He was just as big as the other guys. She was on her back, her face red and her hair matted. She was grinning at the new guy. I went to sit on the couch and continue playing Breath of the Wild. I’d been roaming around Hyrule for the last hour. At first I was on the couch stroking my little dick, listening to her get gang banged, but when the first guys left and saw me stroking they laughed at me and I quickly put my cock away. I heard her start moaning in the bedroom and the sound of loud kissing. The bed started creaking and then it slowed. Her moans became low and slow. I went to the doorway to watch. He was slowly fucking her and her legs were wrapped around him, her arms dancing across his back and through his hair. They were kissing deep and passionately, and the sounds they were making were too quiet at this point to hear from outside. I watched and my cock stiffened. My pants were soaked with precum, like I’d pissed myself. I put a hand in my pants and massaged my cock. She was begging for it deeper.

“Your cock is so big, daddy.” She didn’t think I was watching.

“Daddy, yes, daddy… you feel so good.”

I kept stroking myself. I was rock hard. He pulled out of her and I ducked from the doorway a bit. He got on his back and she got on top of him to ride him. She looked right at me. He was looking in the other direction. She watched me stroke myself while she put her legs on either side of him and lowered herself onto his cock. She started riding him and looked away, down to him. She relaxed her body down into him and started kissing him.

“Your cock is so much bigger than my boyfriend’s.” She taunted.

His pace picked up. She started moaning harder.

“He doesn’t fuck me this good. He’s not nearly as strong as you.”

I was going to explode. My face was burning. He was ripping into her pussy, gripping her ass tight. She collapsed onto him and started screaming and grunting.

“Yes, daddy, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

He picked her up and tossed her onto her stomach. I ducked from the doorway quickly. When I looked again he was facing away, still, ramming her while her ass was arched high and her tits pressed into the bed. She was holding a sustained scream now.

“Fuck. Yes. Yes. So. Good. So. Big. Fuck. Fill. Me. Please. Please.”

He went harder.

“Please. Please. Please.”

He didn’t let up. He was pounding her with all the strength he had. His huge black cock must have been tearing her pussy apart. The sound of wetness filled the air and her heavy grunts begged for his cum.

“I need your cum, daddy, pleeeeaaassseee.”

He lifted himself up and focused his strokes. I started rubbing myself harder. He stopped and pushed into her fully. I saw him tense, and he threw his head back, roaring a moan.

“Daddy, yesssssssssss.”

She backed her ass into him and milked his cock. I shot my cum into my pants. He was pulling out and I jumped into the bathroom to clean up.

I left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom after I heard the front door close. She was on the bed alone, covered in sweat and cum. I walked to her and set on the edge of the bed next to her. She smiled at me, devilishly and satisfied.

“Are there any more guys coming?” I asked cautiously.

She checked her kik. I hoped he was. I was feeling shattered and wanted to talk to her and reconnect.

“No, that was the last guy.”

I relaxed.

“Bring me a towel?”

I went to the hamper and brought her a dirty towel. She wiped her pussy and the chest and belly of her bodysuit, and hopped out of bed. I watched her hobble into the bathroom and close the door. The shower turned on. She hasn’t come back out yet. I guess there’s a lot to clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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