Cum Tasting and Getting Caught!

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This story contains graphic depictions of male bi-sexuality. If this bothers you, don’t read this story.


Have you ever wondered what your own cum tasted like?

If you’re like me, you have. Since I was a young man, I’ve been fascinated by it and wonder how it tasted.

I would jerk off and tell myself that I was going to taste it. I couldn’t wait to try it.

The problem was that as soon as I came, I changed my mind.

One night, my girlfriend Gina and I were at my apartment. She was giving me a fabulous blowjob and it was almost time for me to explode.

I told her that I was going to cum but she didn’t pull away. I felt my load pour into her mouth. It felt wonderful. As I came, she began rubbing my sack, too.

When my orgasm was finished, I observed her beautiful blonde mane ascend to meet my face. She wanted a kiss.

Her face was glistening with perspiration and her lips were full.

She pressed her lips to mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

I noticed something unusual; her mouth was still full of my semen and before I could react, she passed all of the semen back in my mouth.

I panicked. Why would she do such a thing? She pulled back to enjoy the predicament she put me in.

“Haven’t you ever wanted to see what it tastes like?” she laughed.

I looked her in the eye and swallowed. I felt the warm goo slide down my throat. It tasted a little salty and was really thick.

Her eyes opened wide with amazement.

“Wow! I thought you’d run to the sink and spit it out but you swallowed it instead. I can’t believe you.” Gina exclaimed.

I said, “It actually tastes pretty good, don’t you think?”

She looked at me in a state of disbelief. “I think like it but….”

“But what?”

“But, I’m a girl! Never mind; I’m glad you liked it. I’ll make sure you get plenty more from now on.”

And that’s how it all began.

Gina and I kept dating each other and soon realized that we were in love. We decided to get engaged and moved in together.

Now, we saw each other all the time. That was except when Gina’s job required her to travel. Then she would be gone for a week at a time.

During one of those lonely weeks, I had a strange idea. I wondered if I could suck my own dick. I know it sounds weird, but wouldn’t it be great?

A few days after Gina left, I stripped off all my clothes and lied on the bed. I bent over and reached for my cock. It was no use.

So I flipped my legs over my head. I was closer, but still about 3 inches away. I knew that this was as close as I could get.

If only I could get a little closer. I went to the computer and did a search. What I learned was that if I could stretch out enough, I might be able to do it.

So I bought a book on Yoga and began to train.

Gina returned home later that week and I was ready to tear her clothes off at he front door.

That night, when we started fooling around, I slid under the covers to her pussy. She was already dripping with excitement. I licked her pussy lips to taste her.

She moaned and placed her hand behind my head. “That feels so good.”

I ate that beautiful pie for another fifteen minutes before she said, “Go inside of me, but first kiss me.”

I slid up and kissed her lips and she went, “Mmmm…”

I reached down for my cock. I pressed it up to her pussy lips and slid it inside. She was so warm and wet.

Gina moaned, “Fuck me, your cock feels wonderful.”

She put her long legs up on my shoulders. I grabbed a hold of them and began to pump her pussy with long steady strokes.

I felt her feet touching my cheeks and turned my head to the side. One of her pretty feet was now literally in my face.

I decided to kiss it.

“Oh yeah, that feels good.”

I always thought they were sexy, so I kissed it again.

“Don’t just kiss them, suck it. Suck on my toes.”

She was being wild tonight. I slid my tongue between her pretty little toes.

“Mmmm yeah, that feels good.”

I licked her all between her toes and then began sucking each toe, one at a time.

Between from fucking her pussy and sucking on her toes, I was almost ready to cum now. I had to pull her feet from my face.

“Aw, that felt good, why did you stop?”

I told her that I needed to cum.

“Go ahead, I’m almost there too.”

I felt the semen racing from my balls. I buried myself deep inside her steaming twat and came. My cock pulsated wildly as I blasted wad after wad, deep in her pussy.

“I feel you in there. Your cum feels so hot; I feel it filling me up.”

Soon, it was over.

“Go ahead and suck me now.”

“What?” I said in disbelief.

“I haven’t cum yet. Besides, you said your semen was delicious, remember? So what are you waiting for? It’s chow time mister.”

She was right. I did say it was delicious. But I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do this. Still, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slid downward.

When I arrived between her thighs, I saw close up how her pussy looks after a good fuck.

The poker oyna insides of her thighs were glistening with her sweat. Her pussy lips were red, engorged and still hanging open.

Her clit was begging to be sucked and all around the outside, I could see lots of shiny juices. I even saw some pearly liquid beginning to gather near the bottom of her pussy.

“What do you think? Doesn’t it look tasty?” she giggled.

She reeked of my semen.

“Now hurry, I want to cum so bad.”

I relented to the task at hand. I knew I needed to make her cum. So I stuck my tongue out and licked her from the bottom of her pussy, to the top.

Then I stuck my tongue inside of her. It felt like her pussy was full of hot custard.

“That’s it. It feels so good. Now suck all that nasty cum out of me.”

I wanted to please her, so I sucked her sloppy cunt real hard and was amply rewarded with a big mouthful of my molten hot sperm.

That’s when she grabbed the back of my head and stuffed it into her sticky crotch.

“Oh fuck! This is so kinky, it’s even better than I had imagined,” she screamed.

She held my head in place with both hands. She made sure I didn’t move.

I had to breathe through my nose as I sucked her twat. My cum kept coming out in mouthfuls. I couldn’t believe how much that I had just cum.

“I feel you sucking it out of me. Your making my pussy feel so good.”

I couldn’t answer, I just kept sucking.

“Make me cum now,” she begged me.

So I immediately slid my finger into her pussy and began to suck her clit at the same time.

“Ooo yeah, that feels nice. Keep sucking my clit, don’t stop.”

I did as she said, and soon she began to show me some tell tale signs of an impending orgasm.

She arched her back and her pussy began to clench down on my finger.

“Oh fuck, here I go! Keep sucking my clit. You’re gonna make me cum…!”

She clawed at the sheets and bucked her hips wildly. She screamed, “Yes…!”

When she finished, I slowly withdrew my finger. I was careful to stay away from her sensitive clit. When she finally relaxed, I slid up next to her and held her.

“I loved that. Did you?” she asked.

I replied with only with a smile. Then said, “Can we make this cum eating a regular thing, from now on?”

She replied, “Are you kidding? You bet we can. It feels so good after you’ve finished fucking me. You know, most guys would have run out the door if I asked them for head after they had just filled me up with sperm. But not you, you like it.”

She was right.

“I guess I’m a weirdo. I do like it. No, I love it.”

“Good, I’m glad because I love having you do it.”

We laughed and enjoyed the moment. Unfortunately, the moment didn’t last.

She informed me the next day that, beginning next month, her company was sending her out of town for two weeks each month for next three months.

She made sure that the days leading up to her business trip, were filled with mind-blowing sex.

Each fuck, culminating with me cleaning her pussy out with my tongue.

She discovered that it’s called a creampie. She said that the male partner rarely eats the creampie. Instead, the other woman usually does it during a threesome.

This fact didn’t go unnoticed by Gina.

“I’m glad you like eating creampies. You’ve probably swallowed more semen this week than all my girlfriends, combined,” she said.

She began giggling again then smiled and said, “I love you.”

The week before she left, I had bought a book on Yoga. I hadn’t given up on the idea of sucking myself off while she was away and after only two days of Yoga, I began to notice how good it was making me feel.

Gina watched with intrigue as I was doing it. She asked me what I was doing.

I replied, that someone at work had suggested I try doing Yoga to help me relax.

I couldn’t tell her the real reason. I asked her to join me but she declined.

The day of her trip, I drove her to the airport. We said goodbye and I watched as her perfect ass walked away and down the airport terminal ramp.

When I got home, I wondered if I could reach my cock yet. But I decided to try it at the end of the week, by then I would be really horny.

On day seven of abstinence, I tried doing some laundry. Anything to take my mind off fucking Gina’s pussy.

I emptied out our laundry basket and a pair of her pink g-string panties fell out.

I couldn’t help myself and immediately lifted them to my face. I pressed the crotch to my nose.

They smelled really pungent and her musky scent flooded my senses. I stood there sniffing them until I couldn’t take it any more.

I pulled out my cock and began beating off and before long, I was ready to cum.

Then I thought, “I wonder if I can reach my cock yet?”

So I lied on the bed and stretched out. I sat in the middle of the bed and bent over.

I remembered the first time I ever kissed a girl and this felt ironically similar. I was really nervous and my heart was pounding.

As my cock got closer and closer canlı poker oyna to my face, it seemed to get bigger too. Thankfully, I didn’t feel any discomfort in my back or neck as I kept moving forward.

When my cock finally touched my lips, I thought my heart would stop.

I had actually made it. The Yoga worked.

I knew what was next as I opened my mouth and continued my path to my dripping cock. I felt my lips and tongue slide down over my raging hard-on.

Now I could receive a blowjob anytime I liked. How many guys can say that?

I began to suck myself and wondered how Gina can fit me into her tiny, little mouth. The spongy head of my cock and the veins on my shaft began bulging.

I felt my whole cock beginning to throb, as I running my tongue over them.

This felt so good. I wondered why I never tried this before. I bobbed my head up and down as I began stroking it with my hand.

I now had been sucking myself for almost fifteen minutes. I thought to myself, that this blowjob felt as good as any Gina has given me.

It was then, that I felt my jism beginning to boil in my nut sack. I was passing the point of no return.

I felt the head of my cock expand even more. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was about to feel exactly what Gina feels, when I shoot down her throat.

At the same time, I knew how good my orgasm was going to feel. This was twice as exciting but also surreal.

My hard cock danced and jumped in my mouth as it pumped out its creamy load. Waves of hot jism blasted down my throat and across my tongue.

As my senses were reeling, in the throes of my orgasm. I heard something by the bedroom door.

I had never heard the front door, open or close. So when I glanced up to see what it was, I was shocked.

There was standing Gina. She was wearing a half-shirt that showed off her flat stomach. She also had on a mini-skirt that barely covered her sexy ass.

She also wore something else. It was a look of disbelief.

If I thought that I was shocked, you should have seen her face.

Her mouth was hanging wide open and she was gasping for air. She looked absolutely flabbergasted at what I was doing.

She seemed mesmerized as my cock continued to pump its thick semen deep into my mouth. I had no choice but gulp it down or choke on it.

“What the fuck is going on?” she yelled.

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to hide or say something. I must have looked pretty pitiful to her.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

I swallowed what was left of the thick, creamy jism in my mouth. My softening cock slipped out.

“I leave for one week and come back, to find you sucking yourself off? How is that even physically possible?”

“Didn’t it look physically possible?”

“I’m not good enough for you anymore?” she said.

“That’s not it. Let me explain,” I pleaded.

She folded her arms across her chest and said, “Go ahead, I can’t wait to hear this.”

I said that since I started doing Yoga, I had gotten very limber.

“Is that why you started doing it? You’ve been planning this.”

Since I was going to be alone so much, I thought that I’d try it and incredibly enough, it worked.

“By the way,” I asked her, “what are you doing home so soon?”

“I got home early and changed into this skimpy outfit, to seduce you! I thought I’d surprise you and from the looks of things, I did.”

I smiled and told her that she looked great.

“You even came in your mouth!”

“So, it was mine and you already know that I like it. Besides, if you had caught me jerking off, would you be this upset?”

“No, I guess not,” she replied.

Then she surprised me by saying, “I feel awful. You only did this because I was away, I’m so sorry.”

I felt like I dodged a bullet.

But she followed her apology up with, “Well don’t just leave me standing here. Do you really like my outfit?”

I said,” Of course I do.”

“Then do you want to fool around?” she asked.

“Huh? I thought you’d still be mad at me?”

She replied, “I was shocked, there’s a difference. Besides, I haven’t cum in a week, which is more than I can say for you. I want some of your tongue too, mister.”

She walked over to the bed and slid off her shoes. Then she lied back in the middle and pulled her panties off and handed them to me.

I asked her if she was going to get naked.

“Why should I, all you’re going to do is eat my pussy. You said that you liked my outfit, I think that I’ll leave it on.”

I stuck the crotch of her g-string to my face and inhaled.

“You like how I smell? You’re so nasty. Now put those down and get started.”

I dropped her panties and descended to her crotch. She already wet and when I ran my tongue across her pussy, I tasted her nectar.

I drove my tongue into her and ate her to two consecutive orgasms.

Afterward, I was hard as a rock and maneuvered myself to enter her.

“No, no, no you don’t. Tonight, you’ll have to take care of yourself.”

“Please Gina; we haven’t fucked internet casino in a week”.

“I know, maybe in the morning.”

So I sat up and looked at my cock. It was leaking precum and throbbing.

“Go ahead and do it, you know you want to.”

I was so horny that I wanted it too. So I bent over and slid myself back into my mouth. This could never be a substitute for Gina’s sweet pussy, but it still felt great.

She gasped as my cock disappeared between my lips.

“That is un-fucking believable. Show me what you do to yourself when I’m not here.”

I began to bob my head up and down, like before. Then I ran my tongue underneath the head. My cock swelled with excitement.

She said with a tone of admiration in her voice, “You’re one hell of a cock sucker. You suck better than I do it. Are you sure you never blew anyone before, you can tell me.”

I ignored her and kept on sucking. This felt so good.

She began to rub my balls.

“Wow, they’re really swollen with cum. And I bet you can’t wait for them to unload into your mouth.”

Her taunting was turning me on. I continued with my blowjob for another fifteen minutes.

“You know, I wish my girlfriends could see this. You could give them lessons. I bet their boyfriends wouldn’t mind as long as they never knew who was sucking them.

We could just blindfold them first or something. Hmm, now there’s an idea; Think of all that sweet cum you could swallow?”

I was afraid to admit it but I was interested.

When she said that, my balls began to tighten up and the breathing through my nostrils became deep and erratic.

Gina noticed it and said, “You’re already going to cum? It was what I said about sucking another cock, wasn’t it? You want to swallow someone else’s cum too, don’t you.”

All I could communicate to her was, “MMM Huh!”

I couldn’t take it anymore and just as I began to cum, I groaned. That’s when I felt her hand on the back of my head.

She timed my orgasm and at the exact moment of my orgasm, she jammed my mouth down over my cock and held it there. I began to choke as the first blast hit my tonsils.

I heard her giggle. My eyes were watering and I couldn’t breath. My cock didn’t care. I took ragged breaths through my nose.

My balls just kept contracting and soon, they were empty. She released my head and when I sat up; I looked at her and licked my lips.

She said, “It’s a good thing that you love my pussy or I’d never see you again.”

My heart sank. “Why, you’d leave me?”

“No way, but you’d probably be sucking yourself off in the house all day.

Do you realize that you just gave yourself two blowjobs in the span of an hour’s time? Has any woman ever done that for you?”

I told her that was a first. We laughed together, but she was right. I felt great.

“Remember when I asked you if you ever wondered what your cum tasted like?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore! Now I’ll work on getting you someone else’s cum, okay?”

I looked down and said, “Okay”.

She squealed with excitement.

“Oooh goodie, I’ll see what I can do.”

The next day she called me from work, about an hour before she was ready to leave.

She said, “I have it all worked out”.

I wanted to know what she meant.

“I’ve got a surprise for you tonight. You’re gonna get to taste that semen you wanted.

I asked this married guy over that’s in his late thirties.

I heard that he’s a really nice guy that has a couple of kids but his wife’s a real bitch.”

She wasn’t wasting any time with this cum tasting of mine.

She said she picked him out, because he confessed to one of the guys from work that his wife had stopped giving him head, many years ago.

She figured he’d readily agree to a “no strings attached” blowjob.

The story she gave him was that her fiancée had cheated on her when she was away and she wanted to get him back.

She told him that, “The reason I’m telling you this is, if you’re willing to come over tonight while he’s away, I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”

She continued, “He won’t be home until morning. Remember that all I’ll do is blow you and this will never happen again. It’s a one-time thing.”

“But why me?” he said.

She told him it was because she knew he was a family man and she knew that he would agree to a one-timer and not push it any further.

She said that he couldn’t say yes fast enough.

“So just be ready when I get home. I’ve always wanted to see something like this!”

That guy must have thought he won the lottery.

How often does a beautiful, young woman practically beg a married guy to let her suck his cock and then promise to keep it a secret?

She got home and said that he’d be here at any minute. She told me to hide in the bathroom.

Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. She opened it and I could see the guy standing there.

He was your average Joe, dressed in a suit and tie. She told him to go sit down on the sofa and relax.

As he sat down, he said nervously, “I can’t believe this is really happening to me. You’re so beautiful and young.

I need to hurry, though. I don’t want my wife to be suspicious.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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