Curious Friends Pt. 01

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***Note: All characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or over.

The last summer vacation before going off to college is bittersweet; on one hand you’ve finished school forever, on the other hand, you’re on your way to a new experience you’re not sure if you’re ready for. Late in my final school year, I decided to apply to a college a few hours away from my area. Close enough to come home for important occasions, but far enough away where I could be far more independent. With that said, none of my hometown friends were going to the same college, or area for that matter. Most of them decided to go into the trades and stay local, while a few travelled even further away. This meant, unfortunately, that I wouldn’t be seeing them very often, if at all for a number of them.

Matt was a good friend of mine, we had gone to school together since the first grade, and even transferred schools together in middle school to learn a second language. We had some years where we were closer than others, but overall we stayed fairly close. Matt was one of the friends that decided to stay close to home and go to trade school. We grew up together, going over to each other’s houses to hangout, ride our bikes, and get up to no good as young guys always seemed to do. Now we were growing up though, both 18, both virgins, and both nervous about what the world has in store for us. Realizing I only had this summer to hangout with my friends before college, I decided to call Matt up and see if he wanted to hangout like old times.

“Oh, hi Maria, is Matt in?” I asked his mom, Maria.

“Jay! It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you. Yes he’s in but just to warn you, he won’t have access to the car as his father and I will be taking tomorrow off work and leaving tonight for the long weekend,” she replied.

“That’s ok! I was just looking to see if he wanted to have a chill day or two and hangout.”

“Oh I’m sure he’d love that, I don’t think he’s scheduled for any shifts at work. Let me get him,” she said enthusiastically as I heard her call Matt’s name out.

A moment later I hear Matt’s voice, “Hey Jay, what’s up?”

“Just looking to see what you have going on today and tomorrow? I don’t have to work and figured it’d be cool to just hangout,” I said slightly hopeful.

“Oh shit yes, that’d be awesome. I don’t have work either and it’s supposed to actually be really nice out. My parents are going away, so I can’t really go anywhere since they’ll be taking the car,” he chuckled a little as he realized how dependent he was on his parents being around to do anything.

Since we both lived in a very rural area, it was very difficult to do very much with friends if you didn’t have a car. We both had our licenses, and I was lucky as my parents had two vehicles and they let me use one as they rarely needed both. Unfortunately for Matt, they only had one vehicle.

“Sweet, I just need to cut the grass, clean up, and I’ll hop in the car and take my bike if you want to go for a ride later?” I asked him.

“Sounds good to me! Just head over whenever you’re ready, I’ll be around.” He said before we both hung up.

With that, I headed outside to start cutting grass. We had a fairly large property so it took a few hours, even with the ride-on lawn mower. I was excited to hangout with Matt, we would always talk about the girls we had crushes on, and talk about sex. Though I never admitted to him, I’d always get hard when we talked about sex and jerking off. I had been curious for quite awhile now what it’d feel like to have someone else stroke me; anyone. I knew we were both virgins, and I hated to admit it, even to myself, but I jerked off multiple times thinking about experimenting with him. It’s not that I was attracted to him, but I had never really seen another guy’s cock before, and since neither of us were getting laid, it always seemed like the perfect way to experiment.

After getting myself a bit too worked up while cutting grass, I headed in to have a shower before heading out. A nice cool shower after mowing the grass in the hot sun always felt nice. As I stepped out, I couldn’t help but notice the very defined farmers tan I had developed from mainly working outside through the beginning of the summer. My skin was usually fairly pale, but I was noticeably darker on my face, neck, and arms. I had cut my brown hair short into a crew cut for the summer to help keep myself cool, and stayed fairly active which helped keep my body lean and athletic looking. I never had huge muscles by any means, but I stayed in shape. I looked down and saw my still hard as a rock boner sticking straight up. I had been casually playing with it in the shower, but didn’t have the energy to fully jerk off. My cock was about 6″, straight as an arrow, and uncut. The fact that I istanbul travesti still had my foreskin was something I had always been very self conscious about, as from what I heard and understood, most guys were circumcised. Obviously, I didn’t want to be the weird one, so I always turned my back when changing in locker rooms and was as fast as possible so one one could see.

I quickly got changed, packed an overnight bag, grabbed my CCM bike and threw it in the car before saying bye to my parents and heading over to Matt’s. I blasted the music as I drove over, though it was only about an eight minute drive.

As I pulled in the driveway, Matt’s mom and dad, Maria and Tom, were just getting ready to leave.

“Hi Jay, Matt’s just inside with Corey,” Tom said referring to Matt’s fraternal twin.

“Oh and we left you all some pizza and other leftovers in the fridge, so help yourselves,” Maria said with a warm smile.

“Thanks so much! Have a great trip,” I said to Matt’s parents as they closed the doors to their SUV, waved, and backed down the driveway.

To be honest, I had been kind of hoping that Corey wouldn’t be around. It’s not that I didn’t like the guy, but we just never clicked as friends. Matt and Corey were fairly close, after all they are twins, but they were quite different. While Matt was always very athletic, enjoyed playing casual sports, and had a similar build to me, his brother was always more of a shut-in. Corey was always a very nice guy, and we got along just fine, it’s just that we didn’t have anything to talk about or do that we both enjoyed.

“Hey Matt!” I yelled out as I opened the front door.

“Hey dude, let’s go for a ride,” said Matt as he came around the corner ready to go.

“Haha ok man, let me put my bag down first though” I said as I took my shoes off and headed down to his room.

Matt’s room was in the basement; not only that, but he also had his own living room area down there. The house had two levels above ground with the kitchen, living room and dining area on the main floor, and his parents and brothers rooms on the top floor. Matt, however, had more privacy in the basement and we would often hangout down there at night and watch movies, play games, or just chill out. His brother would often be down there as well.

As I went down to drop my things off, I saw Corey, “Hey Corey, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Oh you know, just hanging out. You guys heading out?” He asked, looking a bit down.

“Uh, yeah. We’re just going for a bike ride. You’re welcome to join us, I doubt we’ll be long as I’m pretty fucking hungry,” I said with a bit of a laugh.

“Oh no, that’s ok, you guys have fun. I’ll see you when you get back,” he replied.

With that, I headed back upstairs, put my shoes on and went outside to meet up with Matt. I didn’t see him immediately, so I went over to my car and grabbed my bike out of the back.

“Hey you ready to go?” Said Matt, coming out of their shed with his bike.

“Hell yeah, let’s go to the mud pits and fuck around there for awhile. I don’t want to go for too long, I’m hungry as hell,” I said, referring to the local dirt bike race track. Sometimes they have derby cars there that crash into each other, but we go there when nothing’s happening to ride our bikes.

“Yeah, good idea. I got something to show you once we get there,” He said with a devilish smile.

“You have me interested; race you there!” I exclaimed as I started pedaling.

It was roughly a twenty minute bike ride there. To get there, we passed by his cousin’s house just down the road, and had to go down a very rarely used dirt road that gave off some creepy vibes. We got there in no time though, through some dense trees and then a large clearing for the mud pits.

“So what was up with Corey? He seemed kind of down when I saw him,” I said to Matt.

“Oh, yeah he’s probably just annoyed because I wouldn’t show him what I got from Patrick,” he said, looking like there was something he wasn’t telling me. Patrick was the cousin that lived down the road from them, that we passed on the way to the mud pits.

“And what is this mystery item?” I asked.

With that, Matt took off the bookbag he had on and took out a DVD case, which I quickly realized was a porno.

“Patrick got this beauty after looking through his parents’ things,” he laughed.

“Oh shit, you don’t think they’ll notice?” I asked.

“Well, honestly I don’t really care, but probably not. When do you think the last time they watched a DVD porno was?” He replied.

“Very true,” I chuckled. “So why didn’t you let Corey see it?” I asked.

“Ah, he’d probably just make it weird or something,” he said as he shrugged it off.

“It’s not like he’d rat on us. He wouldn’t do that, he knows we’d istanbul travestileri hate him for that, and it’s not like we’re kids anymore. We’re allowed to look at porn,” I laughed at the last part.

“That’s true. I was thinking of asking if you wanted to watch it later though, would it be weird if Corey was there too?” He asked.

“Man, I don’t care if Corey is there. I don’t think three guys jerking off together is any weirder than two guys jerking off together!” With that, we both laughed, agreed, and biked around the track.

We spent a good hour racing around, nearly falling a couple times and having a good time. We had even built a small jump at the bottom of a hill for us to ramp off of. We would go down one at a time while the other watched at the bottom to see how much air the other would get; it felt like old times, just having fun.

As time ticked away, we started getting hungry so set off for his house. We got off our bikes, laid them in the yard, and headed inside. To our surprise, Patrick was there.

“Oh hey Patrick, what’s up?” Matt said.

“Was just chatting with Corey, I didn’t know you were going to keep the porno all for yourself you little perv!” He said as he started laughing.

“Hey fuck you, I was just playing with him, we were going to tell him in a bit after we eat,” Matt replied.

“You always leave me out man, what the hell,” Corey said as he was grabbing food out from the fridge.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to show Jay, and see what he thought. We were both ok with including you, I just wanted to make sure,” Matt said, half telling the truth, half bending it a bit.

“It’s true. He showed me the porno, and asked if it’d be weird to have all of us jerk off together. He wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but I’m fine with it. So if y’all want to stop being dramatic over porn, let’s eat some pizza, grab some beer from the fridge, and jerk off to some porn!” I said half rolling my eyes, half laughing at the stupid sibling drama.

Everyone seemed onboard, so I grabbed a few slices of the meat pizza and grabbed a couple beers, and sat at the kitchen counter to eat. We were chatting, very friendly, and Patrick told us about getting the porno.

“It was in a box in their closet. There were probably half a dozen or so in there. It was pretty buried, so I doubt they’ll actually notice it’s missing,” he said as he ate his pizza.

“Have you watched it yet?” I asked.

“Of course I watched it you dumbass! It’s older so I don’t recognize any of the porn stars, but holy fuck are they hot! The first scene has a couple women with nice bushes getting fucked by a couple guys,” he replied.

“Oh damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about it,” I admitted.

“Let’s get downstairs then and put it in,” said Matt.

The living room had the tv next to the stairs, with an “L” shaped couch across from it. Matt put the DVD in and turned the tv on. It was me and him sitting directly across from the tv, with Patrick and Corey sitting along the side portion of the couch. The intro started playing, with cheesy acting as expected. The anticipation was in the air, you could feel everyone was a little tense, not knowing what to do.

“Why don’t we cover our laps with these blankets, so we can jerk off?” Matt suggested. There were two large blankets, one for each group.

So we threw the blanket over our laps, and took our cocks out of our pants. At first it was very awkward, everyone sitting there with their cocks out, stroking themselves under the blanket. After a bit though, I realized how hot it was. I could see everyone looking so intently at the scene, as the man’s cock on screen was pumping into the hot blonde woman’s pussy as she moaned. I looked over at Matt and saw he had stopped stroking, and his cock was just pitching a tent under the blanket.

“Why’d you stop?” I whispered to him.

“I’m getting close to cumming, I need to hold off,” he chuckled.

“That’s a decent sized tent you’re pitching there,” I awkwardly laughed as I felt my face burn a little. We were sitting side by side, my leg lightly touching his.

“Not so bad yourself man. Kind of curious what you’re packing, to be honest” he said barely above a whisper.

At that, I felt my cock lurch, and it visibly shifted under the blanket, both Matt and I noticed. I could feel my face go even redder, as I was getting more and more turned on that my best friend was jerking his hard cock beside me, complimenting me, and wanting to see mine.

“Well, you can…” I started.

“Fuck this, I don’t care if you guys see me,” proclaimed Patrick as he whipped the blanket off his lap.

“Yeah, screw it,” Corey said as he completely removed the blanket.

I looked over, jaw open. It was a little dark in the room, but I could still travesti istanbul clearly make out their hard cocks. Patrick’s was pretty small, to be honest. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t thick, but it was the first hard cock I saw in person other than my own, and I felt my cock twitching. I looked over at Corey; he was a bit more sheepish, kept his hand around his cock and stroking it. I could tell he had decent size, both were circumcised, to my disappointment. Without warning, Matt tore the blanket off of us, exposing our hard, twitching cocks.

“Wow,” was all I could manage.

“I’m not that big Jay,” he laughed. “I really like what you got there too though,” he said, slightly quieter.

My cock was drooling pre-cum all over myself. I couldn’t help but stare at Matt’s hard cock. It was perfect, it had a nice upward curve towards his glistening head, with veins sticking out slightly, but not too much. He started stroking himself and I could see him milking some pre-cum out of his cock. We were all stroking faster now, light grunts from us filling the air between the moans of the porno on the tv. It became apparent that neither Matt nor I were watching the porn, but each other stroking our cocks. I watched as he rubbed the pre-cum over his cock head, my mouth slightly agape, just transfixed by it; imagining kneeling in front of him and taking it all in my mouth.

“Fuck Jay, this is really intense, I’m about ready to cum,” Matt croaked out.

“Mmmm, me too. I can’t hold it any…” I couldn’t quite make the rest of the sentence out before shooting my load.

As we were sitting there, staring at each other’s hard cocks, we inadvertently leaned closer, pointing our cocks at each other. As we both shot our loads, a trail of cum went from our cocks, across to the other person’s arm and a bit on our stomachs. We were sitting there with each other’s cum all over us, while his brother and cousin sat to the side still jerking off, though obviously close to cumming.

“Fuck me! That was intense. Looks like we covered each other a little,” Matt said, trailing off a bit at the end. As he finished his sentence, he ran his finger through my cum trail, starting at my crotch, and ending on him.

“Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever been that horny,” I responded, shivering slightly as he ran his finger by my crotch; watching him take some of my cum with him.

I watched mesmerized as he took the cum he had scooped up, and rubbed it over his cock. He mixed our juices together all over his cock head, making it glisten with cum. Meanwhile, Corey and Patrick were stroking their cocks furiously. Corey had a hand under him fingering his ass, while Patrick spit in his hand to add some lube to help jerk off.

I didn’t know where to look; my cock was getting a bit hard again, Matt was casually stroking himself, but I could tell Corey and Patrick were on the edge. Soon enough, they both shot huge loads, though only on themselves. They let out a collective sign, and slouched down further, obviously relaxed.

“Fuck that was good!” Patrick said proudly.

“I felt so free, just to feel good and do what I wanted and needed,” Corey said.

“I think I’m going to go upstairs and clean myself up, then head out,” Patrick said, indicating that he would be going home after.

“Yeah, I’m going to go clean up too,” Corey said, and they both took off up the stairs.

Once the other two left the basement, it was just Matt and I.

“So. We really got into that, eh?” Matt said, awkwardly.

“Yeah, it was just really intense. I liked it though; a lot,” I said, trying to stay calm and let him know I’m not ashamed. I truly enjoyed it.

“Me too, Jay. Corey won’t be home tomorrow, he’s going to one of his friend’s parties and will probably be there all night playing games. So, we can do this again. If you want, that is,” He said.

“Yes, I do want to. Can I…” I said as I slowly reached my hand out.

Matt looked down and realized what I was referring to. My outstretched arm went towards his shrinking cock. He didn’t stop me. My fingertips finally touched his softening cock, I felt the sticky combination of our cum mixture smeared along his shaft. I ran my fingers up and down his shaft, running them over his head. He let out a gentle moan as my fingertips brushed the tip of his cock head. He shifted himself forward slightly, jostling my grip on his cock, but ramming his cock into mine. Our cocks were smashed against each other as we were fully against each other, nearly in an embrace. We both reached between us and simply rubbed our cocks against each other as they began hardening again, it was one of the most incredible feelings I’d experienced.

“If we don’t stop now I’m going to cum Jay,” Matt said looking me in the eyes.

“Guys! Are you coming up or what?” Corey yelled from the top of the stairs, knocking us out of our trance.

“Yup, we’re coming up,” Jay said as he quickly shifted away and went up the stairs, leaving me with a hard cock and a sticky, cum-soaked hand.

To be continued…

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