D-Day Ch. 2

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Harry heard Gerta calling him out of his daydream. “Honey, lets go for a walk along the road and then up the bluff.” Harry nodded his agreement. He put his pants on. Gerta followed by putting a wrap-around skirt over her bathing suit.

Harry rolled up the beach towels and put them under his arm. Then he jumped on top of the sea wall, turned and extended his hand to help Gerta up. The couple slowly walked along the road arm-in-arm.

They came to a dirt trail, running up the bluff. Gerta leaned over and whispered in Harry’s ear, “Follow me, soldier. I want to find a place where I can fuck your brains out.” Harry laughed, then followed her up the trail….

….Chambers soon discovered that the sea wall did not offer much protection. German mortar crews were bombarding the huddled Americans. Men were screaming in pain all around him. Then one big soldier bellowed, “Fuck this. I ain’t waitin’ around to get killed.” With that exclamation, the big GI jumped to the top of the sea wall, ran across the road, and began making his way up the bluff. Encouraged by his bravery, other GI’s began to scamper across the road. Some made it, some didn’t.

After enduring two more mortar explosions, Chambers decided to follow a corporal across the road. He jumped on top of the sea wall and ran as fast as he could. Because of his wound, he was slower than bizimkent escort the corporal. This probably saved his life. About a yard ahead of Chambers, the corporal suddenly flew in the air, on top of an mine blast.

Chambers kept running. He dove into the bushes at the base of the bluff, hoping to Christ that he didn’t land on a mine. He lay for a minute breathing heavily, collecting his thoughts. He had not drawn enemy fire. There was a trail heading up the bluff. Wanting to get as far away as possible from deadly Omaha, Chambers decided to follow the trail….

….When they reached the top of the bluff, Gerta and Harry turned to look at the vista. Gerta excitedly pulled on Harry’s arm. “Look, over there.”

She pointed at one of the old German blockhouses kept intact as memorials to the great battle. Gerta walked quickly over to the heavy metal door and found that it had a big hole in it, making for easy entry. The blockhouse did not appear to attract many visitors, since it was in a relatively isolated area. It seemed to be the perfect “place” Gerta was seeking.

She turned and smiled at Harry. “Come inside, soldier.” Laughing, Harry followed her through the hole in the door. Gerta put down her bag, and turned, standing directly in front of Harry. She took off her wrap-around skirt and her bathing bostancı escort suit. Gerta was completely naked under Harry’s gaze, her nipples growing harder by the moment.

Gerta turned and walked over to the machine-gun slit, where she could see the bluff, the road, the beach, and the ocean, watching for potential intruders. Satisfied none were about, she put her hands on the cement wall, bent over, letting her tits hang free. She arched her back, thrusting her ass out, then spread her legs, giving her husband a full view of her naked pussy. Gerta looked over her left shoulder and said to Harry, “Come on, solider boy. Fuck me, right here, right now.”

Harry was already very hard. He rammed his cock into Gerta’s pussy and fucked her hard, doggie-style. As Harry kept slamming his cock inside her, she reached with her left hand to run her fingers over a grafitti word someone had carved into the wall – “Motown.” Harry grabbed Gerta’s long red hair, pulling it back to maximize his thrust. Gerta’s thighs shook as she experienced orgasm after orgasm….

….As Chambers made his way up the hill, he encountered other GI’s in the same predicament. Soon a group of twelve collected. They held a quick, huddled meeting, and agreed to let a sergeant (Sterling) command. Before the battle, their briefings told them that büyükçekmece escort the major objectives were up over the bluff. Sterling led them in that direction.

Suddenly, the group was hit by German fire. Two men fell dead and Chambers got his second wound of the day, a shot through the palm of his right hand. It was extremely painful. Dropping to the ground, and using his left hand, Chambers wrapped the wound as best he could. Then, he moved quickly to hold a reserve position, while the rest of the group attacked the enemy. Chambers’ job was to protect the rear, in case Kraut reinforcements arrived.

The murderous fire came from a blockhouse at the top of the bluff, in a relatively isolated area. Chambers watched as the GI’s moved cautiously uphill, careful to stay out of the enemy’s line of fire.

The Americans manuevered into positions on the left and right of the fortification. Then, on signal, the GI’s attacked with rifles and hand grenades. They blew a hole in the heavy metal door. Enraged by their experiences on the beach, the American’s killed every German they could find. When the position was secure, they turned and waved at Chambers to come up the hill.

Sergeant Sterling could hear firing ahead, which meant that some GI’s needed assistance. Everyone was to move forward – except Chambers and Mueller. Each man had two wounds, that (while not fatal)needed medical attention. They were to hold their position here at the blockhouse. As more GI’s came up the bluff, Chambers and Mueller should direct them toward the sound of the guns. And if they could find a medic, they were to get themselves fixed up…

To Be Continued…

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