Dad Problems 02 (750 Words)

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Greg sat on the couch, staring blankly at his TV. His daughter was behind him in the kitchenette, preparing her breakfast. He couldn’t see her, but he could still visualize Olivia perfectly. She wore the same thing every morning.

A pair of dainty, cheek-hugging panties. And nothing else.

Her long, black hair would be draped down her shoulders and chest in streaming ribbons and her voluptuous bust would be exposed along with her thick pink nipples.

His daughter’s figure had been tormenting Greg for weeks. But only the day before she had made him an offer. A poisonous salve for his predicament.

“I’m sorry Liv, but… That offer you made yesterday. Did you mean that?”

“Oh, about giving you a hand? Sure, wouldn’t be a problem.”

“I see,” Gregg muttered. “Then now would be a good time.”

“Okay!” she chirped. “Lemme just finish up these eggs real quick and I’ll be right over.”

Eventually Liv rounded the corner. She was still three-quarters nude, her bright blue eyes beaming, and an absent smile on her face. Her gaze was immediately bursa escort drawn to her dad’s waist. Through his boxer shorts, the tenting of an erection was obvious.

“You’ll have to take it out if you want me to do sumthin’.”

“Right, of course.” Gregg stood and, with a tremor in his heart, lowered the waistband of his last defense. Free at last, his erect member sprung with joy.

Liv clapped her hands. “You’re ready then! Here we go.”

Her dad’s already pounding heart almost burst when the girl pushed her fingers into her own waistband and began shimmying out of her little blue panties. “Wait, what are you taking those off for?”

“It’s a personal policy of mine not to suck cock before lunch. And since we’re family, giving you a handjob feels a little impersonal. So it makes the most sense to go ahead and use my pussy. That’s ok with you, right?”

Gregg’s cock bobbed. A pained breath snaked its way out of his throat. “If that’s what you want to do.”

In an instant, Liv stood before her father fully exposed. For bursa escort bayan the first time he saw the light puff of black hair over her sex. “Cool!” she said, hands on her hips. “Just sit back then. This one’s on me.”

Liv threw a leg over his lap. Reaching down, she aimed his penis upward in line with her own sex.

The man flinched as his tip made first contact. She was so warm and moist. He shivered. Before he knew it, he was half-way inside the girl. His hard shaft was cradled in his daughter’s passage.

Liv giggled. “It’s nice, right? You feel super good in there. Sorry I can’t fit it all yet. You’re bigger than I thought. It might take me a minute.”

Gregg nodded. “Yeah… That’s completely fine.”

It was nearly silent as Liv rode her father and he sat motionless beneath her. He alternated between staring at her reddened face and the point at which they joined. If he were a younger, less experienced man, he never could have lasted so long.

“Olivia,” he asked tentatively, “Would you mind if… I touched you?”

She escort bursa giggled again. “We’re fucking, Daddy. Yes you can touch me.”

Gregg’s hands were initially drawn to her stomach. From there he caressed her neck and back. His tender fingers drove a purr from her lips. Only after that did he begin to explore her breasts.

Playing with her nipples reminded Gregg of her mother, and of the night when Olivia was conceived.

Liv groaned as her dad leaned forward and sucked a breast into his mouth. He used his tongue to play with her nipples while his hand ventured down to her waist. Gregg’s hands and her own desire drove Liv to ride harder than she had before. Soon his member was fully encompassed inside her. She drove him down to the hilt.

“Liv, I think it’s here.”

Just as Gregg gave the warning though, Liv was distracted by the sound of a key in the lock. The apartment door opened. Liv’s eyes met with those of her stepmom.

“H- hi Jesse!” Liv managed.

“Hey Liv.” The older woman’s eyes went from the girl’s face to her heaving breasts to the back of her husband’s head. “Sorry for interrupting.”

“No problem!”

But the time for escape had passed. Headless of his own actions, Gregg pulled Liv down into his lap and flooded his daughter with the load of a lifetime.

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