Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 04

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“Good Morning Daddy.” I said as I rolled over and gave him a kiss on the check.

“Last night was fantastic! Thank you!”

Daddy kissed me on the lips and playfully spanked my ass. “Anything for my little princess.”

I giggled and rolled over on top of him. Mom was still asleep next us but I figured she would wake soon once she heard the noise going on and felt the bed creaking as I slipped my father’s hard cock into my cunt. Although I will still extremely sore from the night before, it felt wonderful to have Daddy’s cock entering me.

I slowly bounced on his dick. It was buried the full length inside me. I could not get enough of him. He always knew just how to make his princess come. I started bouncing harder and harder as my orgasm approached.

“God Daddy you are gonna make me come! Please fuck me Daddy!” I couldn’t keep myself from screaming. My tits were now dangling over his face as I bounced my tight little cunt on his fat cock. He grabbed me by the hips and slammed me down again and again onto him.

Mom rolled over with a sleepy grin on her face. “You two are at it again?” She crawled up and lay her head on Daddy’s chest so that she could kiss and lick on my nipples while I fucked my father. I was coming so hard. I grabbed my mother’s face and shoved my tit into her mouth. She greedily sucked it in. I loved the way that it felt to have her tongue rolling over my hard nipples. The way that her tongue licked me, made me feel as though I was in heaven.

I loved letting her suck my breasts while my father’s fat cock was buried in me! It was more than I could handle. And over the past couple of days the sex life with my parents was getting hotter and hotter. How many women ever get to have their own father’s teach them how to have sex? I was a very privileged daughter! And no one could compare to the feeling of Daddy’s cock buried in my cunt and my mother sucking on my tits. What more could this little princess ask for?

“I want to fuck my daughter now. I have never gotten the chance.” My mother said, with a lustful look in her eye.

Daddy slowly slid me off his cock and laid me down to retrieve my mother’s strap on. I buried my face into her snatch while Daddy sat down to watch. He pulled, pinched and tweaked my mother’s nipples making her cunt throb against my tongue. I inserted a couple of fingers and she started bucking against my hand. I could tell that she wanted more and with how wet and slippery she was I was sure that she could take it too! So I slowly slid in three fingers. She was going wild, screaming in orgasm. It was the best orgasm I had ever dikmen escort bayan seen her have so far. I figured I would push it a little farther and stuck all five of my fingers inside her, gently twisting them until I could stick my whole hand inside her cunt. She was so wet and warm. She could not stop coming. She was shaking the bed and riding my hand like a woman gone insane and I loved it! I loved being able to make her come this hard.

“Fuck her harder princess. Don’t be afraid, she has taken my fist before so I am sure that she can take yours!”

With Daddy’s permission, I slammed my fist up inside her until I could feel her cervix. She was really coming now! I never thought this could feel so good. I had never been fisted before though I had heard about it and how most women loved it when it happened to them! And I knew my mom loved this! Her cunt juice was soaking the bed underneath her. It turned me on just watching how much she was enjoying my fist buried inside her. I fucked her slowly at first making her writhe and squirm all over the bed. Pushing in and out of her, I could feel her cunt clamping down on my arm. The contractions were enough to drive me over the edge as well. I had never felt a woman’s vagina muscles before. It was incredible to feel my mother’s muscles contracting around my hand and arm. I was getting lost in the feeling of her cunt.

And that is when Daddy moved in behind me and took my cunt with a vengeance. I guess he could not stand to just sit back and watch anymore. He reached around with one hand and rubbed my clit as he fucked my little cunt. The impact from him fucking me was causing my fist to go even deeper inside my mother. I could see the lust written all over her face. She loved to watch Daddy fuck me. I knew that it would soon be her turn to take me with her strap on. But right now with my hand in my mother’s cunt and my father pounding away on my pussy, I was in absolute heaven. Over the past couple of days, I had become used to the way his fat prick felt inside me and it became easier to let him fuck me without the pain anymore. It felt so good to be on my knees fucking him this way.

The strap on was about 10 inches in length and was as big around as an average size coke bottle. I was not sure if I could take all it but just the thought of it was making me come all over my father’s cock. I felt his cock growing harder inside me as well. It was all that he could do to hold back from orgasming. I could feel him throbbing and just on the verge of orgasm when he pulled out and told my mother and I to get on our knees emek escort bayan on the bed. He stroked his cock fast and hard waiting for the come to squirt out. My mother and I sat on our knees with our tongues out and waiting to taste him. Without much warning, steamy hot come sprayed all over both of us. It was on our tits, in our hair and all over our faces! The come that sprayed in our mouths was savored; it tasted so good. And not to mention, the amount of come that spilled onto the bed was tremendous.

Instantly my mother and I begin to lick the come from each other’s bodies. It tasted so good. I licked her from head to toe making sure that she did not have any more come on her, before she threw me back onto the bed. She devoured my entire body. She started with my face. She kissed my lips and licked all the come off them. When we kissed, the come was exchanged back and forth between our mouths before I swallowed it. Daddy’s come never tasted so good, than when it was coming from my mother’s sweet mouth.

She slid her fingers down to fondle my little clit while her mouth kissed my neck. She bit me and I went wild on her fingers. I was fucking her with a fury! She slid a few fingers inside me, I did not care how many at the time, I just knew that it felt amazing and I wanted more. Her mouth was now on my nipples. She licked around the areola, gazing up at me teasingly. I could fell a slight burning sensation in my cunt as my mother completely slid her hand inside me. My father had already loosened my cunt up enough so that it did not hurt too badly. I was on fire! It felt so good! She inhaled one of my tits. She took it into her mouth and slowly sucked as she rolled her tongue around my nipple. This was enough to send me into orgasmic bliss. My cunt exploded in orgasms. Even a fireworks show on the 4th of July could not compare to the way my pussy was convulsing right now. I was coming so hard that I thought my whole cunt would explode.

Once I came down from my orgasmic high my mother grabbed me by the hair. I guess my father had put her strap on, on her when she was bent over fisting me. I could feel it at the entrance of my cunt. She rubbed it back and forth across my cunt lips. She would push it into my clit and rub a little harder, making my little cunt quiver with small little orgasms.

“That’s right. You get on your knees for Mommy. You are such a little whore. Mommy is going to fuck you now.”

I think even my father was surprised at my mother’s sudden domination. I do not think that he had ever seen her like this before. My father stepped in front eryaman escort bayan of me and slid his cock down my throat making me gag on impact. But I did not mind at all. I loved the way his cock felt in the back of my throat. He was truly making me into his little slut and I was loving every single second.

“That’s right honey fuck the little whores mouth! She is such a slut. Make her drink your come. Let her suck that cock dry!”

My mother was fucking me extremely hard from behind. She gathered my hair into her hands and shoved my mouth onto my father’s cock. It felt as though I had two cocks there with me. This was not the typical way that my mother reacted. I guess I brought it out in her. But I was not one to complain when I was getting fucked so well from both of them. Feeling her strap on slam into my cervix and feeling my Daddy’s hot, thick dick slide down my throat was all that I could take before I went into another round of orgasms. One after the other, my cunt was exploding and I loved it! I could feel my father’s cock expanding and contracting in the back of my throat. When he was in my throat I had learned that he liked it when I tried to swallow him whole. The feeling of my throat muscles squeezing his dick must have been nice. Every time I did that he just stopped moving and rolled his eyes in the back of his head.

My mother let go of my hair and grabbed me by the hips fucking me so hard that my head was spinning. I could not stop the orgasms from coming even if I had wanted to stop them. I could see the three of us in the mirror that was on my mother’s dresser. It was a hot sight to see me down on my knees with my mother fucking me from behind and my father’s fat prick down my throat. It was a very hot scene. I could feel my father starting to precum. He was looking the mirror as well when he took my hair and slammed his cock into my throat. While from behind, my mom fucked me like there was no tomorrow. Together both my mom and my dad exploded into orgasm. I could almost feel my mother’s cunt throbbing thanks to her strap on buried inside me and I could feel and taste my father’s succulent come spilling out of his cock and down my throat.

Once we all were finished mother got up and went to make breakfast while Daddy and I went to take a shower together. Once we got into the hot water. He told to sit down on the built in seat that was in the shower and to let the hot water beat down onto my cunt. Every now and then he would insert a couple of fingers and make my cunt throb in response but he would never quite let me come.

Finally he stood up and just watched as the water from the shower beat down on top of my clit and made me spasm into orgasm. He watched as I grabbed the shower walls and screamed his name.

We finished cleaning up and went to join my mother for breakfast. But we had already had the best breakfast that anyone could offer us! Hadn’t we?

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