Dad’s High School Sweetheart

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When Geoff came home late and drunk one night after a party at a friend’s fraternity at the state college downtown, he forgot Kim Johnson was sleeping in his room and he had been assigned the couch on his parent’s office bedroom. He didn’t even remember when he went in and passed out on the left side of the bed.

Kim was his dad’s high school sweetheart, which made her about 54 years old. She had known his Mom too, who had always had a crush on his Dad, but they never got together until college after Kim had gone away to another state. Needless to say, his mom was less than thrilled to know his dad had run into her again on a business trip to Louisiana. She was even less thrilled when his dad told her she was coming back to visit old friends and since her parents had flown south to die in Florida, she’d be staying with us.

In fact, if the dinner his mother prepared for her arrival hadn’t gone over so well, with Kim complimenting my mother on the wonderful dinner, and on how she had managed to not change a bit, Geoff would have most likely been vying with his dad for the office pullout. It also didn’t hurt that Kim’s thick, blonde hair was now wiry and a duller (closer to gray) shade of blonde, and that she was about 15 lbs. overweight. Or that her slight horse-facedness in high school had become more pronounced.

Geoff woke up when the gray dawn came through the window and rolled over and there she was, his father’s high school girlfriend, lying facing him, asleep, their legs touching. An alarm clock went off inside his head and his eyes shot wide open, but he did not move to avoid waking her. Maybe she had yet to wake up and notice him there.

But how could she not have?

It was then that he noticed her satin pajama top opened one button too many and he could see down her shirt, giving him a good look at her bare, left breast.

It was not notably big, or even well-shaped, it even sagged a little bit, but Geoff was captivated by it. He had never seen anything like it in a porno magazine or on a girl his age. He lay there staring at it until he again realized where he was and panicked.

He slid out of the bed as carefully as possible and tip-toed to the door still drunk from the night before. Behind him, he heard her shift and he opened the door quickly and went out, shutting it quickly, but carefully.

From there he went into the office bedroom and tried to go back to sleep. It was still early. His parents had not gotten up for work yet, so they had not noticed his absence from the couch. He closed his eyes and pulled a blanket over him, not bothering to pull the bed out. He closed his eyes, but when he did, all he could imagine was Kim’s bare breast. He opened his eyes again and realized he couldn’t sleep, so he undid his pants under the cover and reached down and jerked himself off.

He imagined that he had stayed in the room and had touched the breast as he had been compelled Güngören escort bayan to do. He imagined she woke up smiling, telling him how much he looked like his dad when his dad was his age. For some reason that made it more real to him. He finally came imagining himself cumming on her bare breasts and face, and from there he was able to go to sleep, despite the huge wet spot in his underwear.

He woke up somewhere around noon, wondering what to do. He lay on the couch for a hal an hour until he finally decided to pretend it never happened.

He buckled his pants and went downstairs to make breakfast. His parents were at work and she was probably out eating lunch with old friends by now anyway. He had made coffee and he was getting a box of cereal from the pantry, when he heard the kitchen door swing open behind him.

“Good morning,” said a bright, yet throaty voice behind him. “It’s my cuddle buddy.”

Geoff turned around and immediately his face went red. She laughed.

“I- uh, I’m sorry about that, I was kind of-“



“It’s okay, I was in college once too. Besides, it is your room.”

“Cool,” Geoff said, somewhat relieved.

“Can I have some of that coffee?”

“Sure, help yourself.”

He finished making the cereal and went over to the kitchen table and sat down. He watched her pour the coffee into her mug and she came over to the table and joined him. He had kind of hoped she wouldn’t have, him still being a little embarrassed and all, but she did so he tried to make conversation.

“A purist, huh?”

“What?” she said, sitting down.

She leaned her chin on her fist and looked directly at him. She was wearing make-up now and dressed to go out for the day. She was wearing a beige top, low-cut with black stripes and a long, black skirt. She was not very attractive, but there was something in the way that she carried herself that made him knew she could be if she wanted to.

“Your coffee. You take it black.”


There was an awkward pause. Her confidence in that silence served to make him more uncomfortable.

“I thought you’d be out and about by now,” he said finally.

“I like to sleep late on vacation.”

He laughed nervously.

“Me, too,” he said. “I mean, well I guess I do all the time.”

“You’re nervous.”

“A little.”


“I’m uh, still a little embarrassed.”

“Don’t be.”


“It was kind of nice to have company. I don’t like to sleep alone.”

“Oh well, good then.”

He had finished his cereal and stood up.

“Sit with me a little longer.” She was still staring at him.

“Oh, I got stuff to do.”

“Just a little bit.”

“Okay,” he said, but he was still standing. “You want more coffee?”

“I’m fine.”

“Okay,” he said, still standing there in her Escort İnnovia gaze.

“I said to not be nervous.”

“It’s just you’re looking at me like that.”

She stood up.

“You look just like your father did at your age.”

“Really? I uh-“


She came towards him with this hungry look on her face. He tried to step back, but he couldn’t.

“I look different of course,” she said putting her arms around his neck. “But you’ll flatter an old woman won’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, I mean you look great-“

“I’m not talking about like that.”

She leaned in and started kissing on his neck. She sucked on it hard, and gave him a hickey.

“You tell your mother some sorority girl gave you that, okay?”

“All right,” Geoff said, shocked dumb.

She laughed as she pulled off her top and dropped it to the floor. She licked her lips as she moved into him, undoing her bra. Her tits hung down over her tummy like an older woman’s did, but there was something about them that let him know that they had been absolutely gorgeous at one time. He took them in his hands and felt them, kneading in his hands.

It was the nipples. The nipples were perfect. Reddish pink, the size of silver dollars, rock hard under his touch.

She put her hands around his waist and pulled his shirt up. He raised his arms and slid out of it as she pulled. Then she pulled him close so that her bare breasts, nipples like pebbles, protruding, pressed against his chest. He kissed her.

“Mmmm,” she said.

He pawed at the zipper on her skirt. She helped him unzip it and she stepped out of it. She was wearing a blue, lace thong. He remembered thinking it strange that older women wore thongs too.

When she out her skirt she undid his pants and pulled them off, underwear and all. He stepped out of them, back off the tile onto the green rug under the kitchen table. She looked down and took him in her hands. He was still nervous and only half-hard.

“Oh, we can’t have this,” she said, kneeling down.

She took him in her mouth and started sucking on him. He felt his dick harden in her mouth and she took it deeper and deeper. He was not all that big, about five and a half inches, but she took it all the way to the base and he could feel the tip at the bag of her throat. Then she started face-fucking him, the tip touching the back of her mouth each time.

“Oh, aaah,” he said, about to cum.

She pulled off of him, and stood up. She wrapped her right hand around his shaft and continued stroking him, his dick still wet with her saliva.

“That’s something I never did with your father,” she smiled.

“Yeah?” he said not knowing what else would be appropriate.

“I didn’t learn that until later.”

She kissed him on the mouth.

“Should we go to my room? I mean, your room? The room you’re staying in I mean?”

“Our Kağıthane escort room?” she smiled. “The one where you came in drunk last night and felt me up?”


She laughed.

“I mean, I did?”

“Shut up,” she told him. “Shut up now and take me from behind.”


“Here, on your mother’s rug.”

She got down on all fours, sticking her ass in the air. Her tits and belly hung down. She was watching him as he got down behind her on his knees. He reached around and felt her tits. Then he moved his hands to her hips and grabbed them and pulled her to him, putting the head of his dick to her slit.

“That’s just where your father used to grab me,” she said.

He didn’t answer her. He ran his finger under the band of her panties and pulled the thong out of her crack. With his other hand, he pulled the panties down. He reached between her leg and ran his finger down her slit.

“Aaah, fuck me, Geoff.”

With that, he shoved his dick in her and began fucking her from behind. She was extremely wet, but not very tight. Still, a shiver ran up his spine at the feeling over her warm wetness. They stayed like that for a while, but he knew they needed a better angle.

“Lay back,” she said.


“Lay back.”

He stopped fucking her and started to take his dick out.

“No, no,” she said. “Lay back with me inside you.”

He did, pulling her hips back as he moved his legs around under. When he had his legs in between hers and she was squatting on him, she started to ride him. Backwards.

“Oh, oh,” she screamed.


“Oh! oooo!” she squealed as he got deeper. “Aaaaah!”

She started riding him harder. They were crying out alternately. After a few more minutes, she cried out and he could feel her pussy contract and get wetter around him as she came.

She stopped holding him in her. He wanted to keep fuck her, but she lay back. He took her in his arms and they rolled on their side. He started thrusting, his hands clenched to her hips, his index fingers pressed into her belly. .

“Mmmm, good boy,” she said. “Your turn.”

He kept fucking her.

“The question is where?”

“Where?” he said between breaths.

“In me or on me?”

He tried think. He realized he had never come in a woman not wearing a condom before. He turned around and started jacking off over her. He pointed at her face.

“On me, then?” She had that hungry look again.

He then ran the tip down her belly to her slit and looked her in the eye. He shoved his cock in deep inside her and pressed himself to her.

“Nope,” he said, thrusting deeper, while barely pulling out.

“Oh, oh,” he said.

“Mmmm-hmm, come inside me.”

“Ah, aaaaah!” He released his load up into her pussy and felt it flood the area around him.

He continued to push in and out slowly, intrigued by the feeling of being inside a cum-filled vagina. He lay down against her for a moment, resting. He kissed her on the lips and she smiled at him. Finally, he pulled off her.

She looked up behind her at the clock on the microwave.

“Oh, fuck,” she said. “I’m late for a lunch date with your mom’s ex-boyfriend.”

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