Dangerous Attraction Ch. 03

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**Once again, thanks to DJ for editing this, and for your conversation – K**

I re-buttoned my dress, my hands shaking from the aftermath of my orgasm. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Robert Wolfe had kissed me. Robert Wolfe had broken down every barrier and plundered me like a ripe fruit. Robert Wolfe had stripped me almost bare and made me come like no one else. Totally confused by the complete surprise of the situation, I started gathering my scattered notes. Oh god, the presentation, I thought, panic rising. I whirled around to face him.

“What about the presentation?” I asked him, but he just laughed, a deep throaty chuckle that was warm and reassuring, so different from his usual bark.

“It’s finished, it’s great,” he said. “You will be brilliant. Now the security guard will be doing his rounds in a minute and I’m not done with you this evening.” This statement sent more shivers across my body and I smiled tentatively as I looked up into his electric blue eyes.

I thought about my empty house. “Well, I could do with a drink,” I murmured.

“My hotel it is then,” he chuckled. “Come on, girl.”

On the drive over I wondered how this would work. Would we sit chastely in the hotel bar? What if there was someone else from Smithson’s staying? It was a possibility, as it was the closest hotel to the head office. All these thoughts whirled round my head, but once I’d parked my car next to his in the car park and walked into reception, he was already standing by the lift, a bottle and two glasses in his hand. He motioned me towards the lift and as the doors closed behind me, he leaned down for another kiss. This one was softer, the urgency held back but no less ardent than before.

When we reached his room, I opened the door and held it for him. Once inside, I stared around the room in amazement. My eye was drawn to an enormous ancient stone fireplace, the focal point of the room. Above it hung a large oil painting. There was a deep-seated sofa opposite, scattered with heavy brocade cushions. In front of it was a beautiful Persian rug with an antique coffee table at its centre. Set in one wall were French doors which opened onto a tiny balcony and next to it was a small dining table complete with four chairs. I caught a glimpse of a more modern-looking bathroom through a door at the far end of the room. There were table lamps set in corners which, as Robert turned them on, added a beautiful softness to the room. All the soft furnishings were opulent and elegant. Robert was opening the champagne while watching me as I stumbled round the room, half smiling at my wonder. I turned my head and gaped at the magnificent four-poster bed complete with curtains embroidered in exquisite detail. It was a bedroom fit for a king and I felt somewhat out of place. I backed away from the giant bed and bumped into a large ornate desk and all the modern gadgets required for work, looking strangely out of place. The sound of the cork popping startled me out of my reverie and I watched as Robert poured us both a glass.

“To a surprising evening,” he said, as he handed me a glass of champagne and I flushed as his fingers lingered over mine. “I do like the way you do that. I first noticed it in when güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you presented to the board.”

My flush deepened as I remembered the confusion his gaze had aroused in me but I smiled at him. We chinked glasses and I took a sip, the tiny bubbles fizzing gently around my mouth.

“Although I much preferred your more feisty reaction at our first meeting,” he said, and I almost choked on my champagne.

“You – you were horrible to me,” I spluttered.

“Yes,” he said, stepping toward me. “I’m not going to apologise for it, but it produced the desired result in your work. Your approach was too fluffy before. It’s nigh on impossible to engage those involved in distribution to reduce carbon emissions and you came up with a punchy, engaging and above all innovative campaign. And look at the results – we are actually reducing our carbon footprint.”

I stared at him, torn between whether to be pleased by his praise or outraged at his admission of manipulation. Frowning, I looked down at the tiny bubbles in my glass.

“You know champagne has quite a high carbon footprint because of the weight of the bottle,” I babbled, “But they’ve begun to redesign it to make it lighter which will…”

“Oh shut up, girl,” he growled softly as he leaned down to kiss me gently on the lips, then across my jaw line and down my neck. His hands slipped around my waist, slowly drawing me towards him.

“I can see you’re angry with me,” he murmured, his breath hot in my ear. “You are free to go at any time.” Part of me wanted to laugh at this. If he had any idea how much I wanted this to happen, or for how long, he would understand it was impossible for me to leave him. I was utterly and irrevocably under his control, had been since the first time he had stared at me across the boardroom. I cursed myself silently as he left a trail of hot little kisses down my neck into the hollow of my collar bone and back up to just behind my ear.

“But if you leave me now,” he whispered, his teeth gently nipping my ear lobe, “I don’t think I could stand it. I wanted you from the moment you walked out on me in that first meeting. I was furious. No one’s ever done that to me before.” One hand gently kneaded a buttock while the other trailed up from my hip to undo the buttons of my dress once more. As he removed my dress he walked us back towards the sofa. Sitting down, he pulled me on top of him. I could feel his erection through his trousers and was certain he could feel the heat of my arousal too.

“When you’d gone, all I could think about was how much I’d wanted to kiss you.” He slipped a strap off my shoulder and pressed my exposed nipple into his mouth while the other hand expertly removed my bra, freeing my other breast. His tongue maddeningly circled my nipple until it was taut with arousal. I entwined my arms around his neck and began to rock gently back on forth upon him, eliciting a moan from him. His teeth nipped my nipple and I yelped. He raised his head and I looked down into his smiling eyes, his gaze no longer fierce but no less penetrating.

“After that I tried to avoid you,” he said, moving his hips against mine. I undid the buttons on his shirt and began to trace the contours güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of his muscles as he continued to talk. “When I left you in the kitchen earlier, I had no intention of returning to my office till you’d gone, but I underestimated your dedication to your job.” My hands traced the line of hair that disappeared into his trousers and I began to undo his belt and fly, but he caught me up in his arms and laid me back against the deep cushions of the sofa. He sat back to admire me and I blushed self-consciously at his frank perusal of my body.

“I was standing at the door for ten minutes watching you work, focussed and intense. After that, I couldn’t help myself,” he murmured, as he slid my knickers off and bent down to inhale my scent. I shivered in anticipation. He eased himself off the sofa so he was level with my hips. “I realise I was taking a huge risk tonight,” he murmured again, parting my legs and kissing the inside of my thigh, one hand caressing my hip bone sending shivers all up one side of my body. “But you surprised me with your kisses in return. I’ve never in my life been kissed like that. You took my breath away, girl.” His kisses had reached my groin and he ran his tongue up, stopping to suck gently on my clitoris. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped from me and my hips moved involuntarily against his face. I felt him laugh gently and the vibrations sent shivers of anticipation all over my body.

“So do not leave me now, girl, because I don’t think I could take it.” And with that he suddenly plunged his hot tongue inside me and his thumb moved to my clit. I practically screamed. I felt a release of moisture as his tongue penetrated me over and over again. My thighs began to shake as his fingers replaced his tongue and he moved his mouth further up to play with my clit once more, alternating between nibbling and sucking. I had never felt anything as heavenly as this before and I couldn’t keep still under his ministrations, my legs trembled around his face. I felt my orgasm approaching and my hands grabbed at the cushions as I began to tense my muscles. Robert must have too, for his pace increased and he pulled my clit into his mouth and tickled it with his tongue. It was too much for me and my orgasm peaked and burst with a ferocity even more intense than last time. I couldn’t help but scream as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through my body, leaving me floating in a haze of joy. When I finally opened my eyes, he was looking down at me with amusement.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“You,” he said, “You are utterly, beautifully bewitching” – I stopped his mouth with a lingering kiss to let him know he’d done enough talking for now. Still kissing him, I began to sit up so I could slide his shirt off his shoulders. Across his chest was a delicious mat of dark hair over sculpted muscles. I ran my hands over his torso, drawing from him shivers of pleasure. His hands wandered to my nipples but I swatted them away and pushed him back down against the cushions. He broke the kiss with a grin and put his hands behind his head.

I slipped to the floor, pulling his trousers with me and knelt in front of him. Throwing his trousers over the back of the sofa, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I freed his cock. It was long and thick and very hard. I wrapped my hands around it, my fingers only just touching, and began to rub up and down its length. It was straining in my hands like it would spring free of its own accord any second. I looked up at him, a smile in my eyes, as I placed the head of his cock to my lips. He smiled back at me, his blue eyes as intense as ever as I took him slowly into my mouth, my tongue firmly pressed against the underside. Then I began to move my head back and forth upon him, my hands mimicking my actions along his shaft. He groaned with pleasure and with his head rolled back against the cushions, his hands began to stroke my hair. I concentrated intently on the rhythmic movement of my hands and mouth, then pulled away to let my tongue swirl around the head, returning to bobbing my head firmly on his growing cock. I repeated this till I felt his hands begin to pull my hair, trying to quicken my movements. I stopped moving, but only for a second as slowly, ever so slowly, I took his full length into my mouth, letting him slide down my throat. He released my hair and held himself completely still as I pulled back only to take him again, as slowly as before. After a minute of this, I began to wonder how close he was.

“Stop it, girl,” he groaned, “The devil’s in that mouth of yours.” Pretty close then. I released him from my mouth as his hands reached to pull me to him. As our naked bodies met I kissed him fervently, pressing my hot sex against his tumescent erection. His hands moved to my hips and, lifting me as if I weighed nothing, he pulled me down onto him, filling me utterly. We both groaned in unison.

He let me stay there for a minute to accommodate his considerable size, then lifted me again and drove himself up into me, causing me to cry out in pleasure. He continued to raise my hips off him then pull me firmly onto him and I felt my internal muscles beginning to flutter, my arousal inflamed once more, so I began to ride him quickly, adding a twist every time I descended on his now throbbing cock. His hands moved to my breasts and he pulled at my nipples, each time adding a shock of pleasure to the building climax and I began to gasp with every movement. I placed one hand on his shoulder and, looking into his eyes, I reached for my clit, rubbing it in time with our movements. I had always thought his eyes were icy but when he raised them to mine they were so full of passion and desire that it sent me over the edge and I came harder than I ever had before. Waves of pleasure ripped through me and as I continued to ride him, I began to climb higher as another orgasm tore through me, overtaking the previous one. My muscles clenched and released around him repeatedly and I felt him tugging at my hips in a frantic effort to join me. Still locked in his gaze, I watched as his face contorted into a grimace of pleasure as his release pulsed inside me. With that I collapsed against him, unable to speak or think. All I could do was pant into his hair as he clasped me to him.

After an eternity, he lifted me from him.

“Let’s move to somewhere more comfortable,” he said, holding me close to him as we stumbled to the bed on shaking legs. We got into bed and he wrapped himself around me, pulling me close to him, kissing my hair. I had never felt so safe and protected, strange really, as only twelve hours before I had been afraid of him. How strange that feeling was now, I thought, as I began to drift off.

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