Danny Comes to Stay Ch. 01

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As we undressed for bed, Alex said to me, “I feel kind of sorry for Danny.”

“Sorry for him? You’re kidding me!”

It was hard to believe he would feel anything but mistrust for my ex. He hadn’t been keen on Danny visiting us, and sure as hell hadn’t been comfortable with him staying over with us for the night.

“No I do,” he insisted. “Being holed up in that tiny Cornish village without any cute guys to help him pass the time.”

“It was his choice to take the job down there,” I reminded him. Danny worked as a lab technician; there must be jobs all over the place without him having to move to the wilds of Cornwall.

“He seems pretty desperate, Matt,” Alex said, pulling his jeans off and revealing his dark blue boxer shorts. My husband, as ever, looked stunning in his underwear: standing tall and lean and with a dusting of hair across his prominent pecs.

Danny certainly did seem desperate; I couldn’t deny that. Over the meal we’d cooked for him he’d talked at length and in surprising detail about how long it had been since he’d had sex with a guy. Or, rather, as he’d so vividly put it, how long since he’d had “a nice hairy arse clamped around his cock”.

“Talk about havin’ blue balls,” he’d spelled out as if elaboration were needed. “Mine are just about ready to burst!”

I couldn’t see why Danny hadn’t had a relationship in so long. He was a good-looking bloke — he’d been the hunky lab technician when I’d done my environmental science degree — and he’s packing a cock in his boxers that would put a horse to shame.

That’s why Alex holds him in such suspicion, you see. He knows I’m a size queen (let’s face it, I have a whole collection of dildos to prove it!) and in that one department, and that department alone, my husband really is no match for Danny.

I mean, Alex has lovely cock; don’t get me wrong on that score. At five and a half inches it would be easily big enough to satisfy most gay guys, and many would regard its slim girth as a bonus when it comes to anal.

But Danny and I were together three years when I was at uni, and when you’ve grown used to having a ten inch tallywacker servicing you every chance it gets, anything smaller comes as something of a disappointment. Not that I’ve ever let Alex know that, of course — I’m not a total bitch — but the night he lost his virginity to my behind, it was obvious from the great chasm of my hole that I was used to something pretty massive filling me up back there.

When he eventually saw my holiday snaps complete with Danny straining to fit into his Speedo trunks, it was pretty clear whose giant chopper had stretched my pooper to kingdom cum.

So when Danny first e-mailed me about coming to visit on a weekend away from Cornwall, Alex’s first reaction was: “Absolutely not. I’m not having donkey-dong coming here and bulging all over the place.”

I’d snapped back at that: how could I not when he was making it so clear that he didn’t trust me? We’d talked about it at length and soon he’d agreed to three of us meeting up. It turned out, though, that Danny’s train times made a fleeting visit impossible so, after a certain amount of persuasion and a succession of assurances from me, I was making up the spare room for our well-hung house guest.

And so far I’d acted as the doting husband to Alex and model host to our visitor. Indeed, the whole time Danny had been here, I hadn’t so much at glanced at the massive mound that was making his zipper strain so alluringly, nor peek at the obvious semi-stiffened rod that was forming such an attractive swelling just to the left of his pocket.

The ‘blue balls’ conversation had started up when Alex — and I repeat Alex — had asked Danny about what sort of opportunities were to be had where he was staying in Cornwall.

I want to emphasize that it hadn’t been me because I’d made a rule to myself I wasn’t going to raise any kind of sexual stuff with my ex and that if he mentioned anything intimate about the years we’d been a couple, I’d change the conversation onto less controversial areas as quickly as I could.

I’m completely trustworthy, you see, and what Alex and I have together is seriously important to me.

Anyway, Danny had said, “Opportunities, mate? Bugger all… zilch. The nearest nightclub is in Plymouth which is fuckin’ miles away and the gay nights hardly ever fit with the early shifts I work.”

But Alex hadn’t left it there like I would have done. He’d gone on, “What about cruising… local toilets… parks and stuff…?”

“Absolutely nothin’ going on, mate. Believe me I’ve tried!”

“Surely local lads… married guys who are curious… there has to be something going on somewhere?”

“If there is, I can’t find it and I’ve looked everywhere I can think of! I haven’t fucked an arse for… well… pretty much since I moved down there.”

Before I could manoeuvre the conversation away from my ex’s sex life, he’d turned to me with a smirk, “And Matty here knows how much I like to fuck an arse… how I’m Ankara bayan escort an every night kinda guy when I have a nice cute butt waitin’ to be seen to…”

I thought Alex would be appalled by such talk, especially as I was the target, but he seemed genuinely intrigued by Danny’s high sex-drive.

He said, “Every night? What… really… every single night?”

Danny grinned at Alex’s disbelief. Alex was making it obvious that his stamina was no match for the larger man’s.

“Your hubby here used to like it up him every night too,” he grinned. “Every fuckin’ night he’d be gaggin’ for cock! I guess these days he has to make do with whatever he can get!”

Alex made out like he was amused by that, but I could see from his glance across at me that he was feeling uncomfortable.

He knows that I like sex a lot more often than he does, but whereas Danny certainly is an ‘every night kind of guy’, my husband has always gone for once a week at most. Even when we’d first met, I’d be lucky to get him in the sack much more often than that. Once I’d even resorted to flipping him over and greasing him up to give him some butt-love of my own, but he’d made it clear there and then that his backdoor was strictly for exit only.

Danny went on, “My cock ends up achin’ and my bollocks get so full. It’s fuckin’ agony mate — you have no idea!”

“Don’t you toss yourself off?” Alex asked, a question which surprised me. He likes to talk about sex stuff with me — he can get really into it if he’s in the right mood — but I’d never heard him talk to other men about masturbation.

“I’ve never really liked doin’ that,” Danny said, which I knew to be true. “I mean I used to wazz off all the time when I was a kid — which lad doesn’t? — but once I got a taste for knobbin’ your hubby’s hairy little brownie when he was at uni, me right hand never felt the same after that!”

I’d noticed that being down in Cornwall hadn’t softened Danny’s broad Brummie accent.

“Does it get really painful then?” Alex asked with genuine concern.

“Yeah it does,” Danny nodded. “I mean, I do wank off… enough to stop me spunkin’ up in me sleep. But it’s no substitute for havin’ a good honest fuck!”

He looked at the two of us and his mouth broke into a smirk. He went on, “I mean, you can’t beat havin’ a nice tight arsehole squeezin’ round your cock, can you? Some bloke’s slimy backdoor to ram yourself in and out of…”

He chuckled at our two faces, staring back at him gobsmacked. “Sorry… fellas… you’ll have to make allowances for me! I haven’t shagged in so long I think my gob’s just runnin’ away with itself!”

“It’s understandable,” Alex muttered.

“It’s just…” Danny continued, “I dunno if he’s told you, but I’m pretty well-hung.”

Alex just nodded, still staring at Danny in astonishment.

“I think that’s what gives me this high sex-drive,” he explained. “That’s what gets me so horny that I end up spoilin’ nice dinner parties comin’ out with all this dirty talk!”

The two of us laughed, pleased that he’d broke the tension with his joke, but underneath my side of the table I had the mother of all hard-ons.

Perhaps the same had been true for Alex but he sure as hell didn’t have a hard-on now that we were getting into bed. I still did, tucked away under the duvet, but the front of my husband’s boxers was as disappointingly flat as they are most evenings.

He said, “Danny seems desperate for some anal.” Stating the totally obvious.

I chuckled, “Yeah, and some!”

He fiddled with his alarm clock — we were running Danny back to the station in the morning — and added, casually, “It seems a shame we can’t offer to help him out while he’s here.”

“Help him out?” I asked, my interest piqued. “How?”

“I dunno,” he replied distractedly while he set the correct time on the clock. “It just seems daft that his knob’s really aching for a hole to fill… and you… well…”

“I… what?”

He put the clock down and looked over at me. I realised that this was planned and rehearsed; for all he’d pretended like he was fiddling with the clock, he’d thought through what he had to say and had tried to make it seem casual.

“Well, you like a big cock up your bum, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but my bum’s all yours,” I smiled. “You know that.”

I could be quite the romantic at times.

“Trouble is… as you know… I’m not really into bum stuff. If you’d be willing to help Danny out, we could set it up so that you were focussed on me while he was… you know…”

“While he was what?”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this!

Alex smiled. “While he was doing his thing behind you!”

I laughed incredulously. Had he really just suggested that?!

“Oh come on, Matt!” he laughed back. “We both know how much you enjoy it! That huge dildo you asked for on your birthday wasn’t for hanging bracelets on!”

“But I love you, Alex,” I insisted. “Even though you’re not keen on anal, I love the stuff we do Escort bayan Ankara together…”

“I’m not denying that,” he smiled. “I’m just saying that before we got together you obviously liked a lot of bum sex and you clearly enjoyed that Danny had something so big to slide up there.”

“Well, yeah,” I chuckled. “I suppose you’ve got a point there! But would you really be willing for Danny to come into our bedroom and… well… fuck me up the arse?”

“If you think you’ll enjoy it,” he nodded, “and as long as you’re looking at me and thinking of me while he’s… you know… going at your bum…”

“So my arsehole is just a spunk dumpster for ex-boyfriends to come and make use of?”

I said it with a smile but I thought I had a valid point.

Alex shrugged. “If it feels like that to you, then we’ll just forget the idea. I just thought we could do him a favour and at the same time give your bum a treat by feeding it a really big flesh-and-blood cock that it doesn’t get to enjoy these days.”

I nodded, feeling my point actually wasn’t that valid, and he went on, “It’s up to you, hun. I’m happy to play along if you want to make him the offer — that’s all I’ll say. The choice is yours.”

I nodded and thought about it. Maybe for as much as two seconds.

Then I said, “He’ll want to rim me. He always starts off by rimming the hole he’s about to fuck. I’m sure his tastes and preferences haven’t changed that much in five years.”

Alex shrugged. “That’s okay with me. Whatever he needs to do to get him ready.”

“Okay, so what if he wants me to suck his cock? Get him properly hard…?”

He shook his head. “No way, Matt. He can use your bum — that’s the offer on the table. I’m not happy with the two of you getting more intimate than that.”

“He might want to finger me — you know, loosen me up?”

I was actually quite sure that he wouldn’t want that: Danny’s sexual tastes had always been predictable and inflexible. During foreplay he’d like to flaunt his hefty cock — he knew how much I liked it — and sometimes, as a treat, he’d finger himself because that would really turn me on. After that, he’d always like to rim me and then fuck me, the latter extremely roughly and quickly. If he was able to hold out, his occasional encore would be to shoot his load into my face.

Alex is far more imaginative when it comes to sex. His cock might be smaller and his sex-drive a mere fraction of Danny’s, but as he doesn’t enjoy anal sex he has to think up alternative ways for us to make love. Over the years we’ve been together he’s found many unexpected ways to pleasure us both, although these days he tends to stick with his favourite which is for us to embrace and kiss while vigorously frotting our cocks together.

“Yeah, okay,” he said. “As long as you’re okay with that.”

I smiled at him. “This is very thoughtful of you. Doing my ex a favour like this… it’s really cute!”

He chuckled back. “It’s not totally selfless of me… I’m going to enjoy watching it!”

“But you don’t like bum stuff,” I reminded him.

“I don’t like doing it to you… you know that I like more sensual ways of making love with you as my husband… but I’m going to really enjoy watching that big guy fucking you up the arse with that huge cock of his!”

I chuckled. “Aw, that’s so sweet!”

Then I said, “Do you want to invite him in with us, then?”

I knew Danny would say yes. There was no way he’d do anything but.

“No, I think you should do the honours, hun,” Alex suggested. “He was your boyfriend for all those years… you’ll know how to put this to him in a way that won’t freak him out…”

I almost laughed at that. The only thing likely to freak Danny out about this was that Alex’s pert butt wasn’t also up for grabs.

I got out of bed with my cock making an obvious tent in my shorts.

“Whoa! You’re well up for this!” Alex laughed. “I knew you’d like having a big donger up you!”

“If I know Danny,” I said, “it’ll be a briefly enjoyed pleasure. He was never one for prolonging the moment and after such a long wait he’ll probably shoot off as soon as he’s got it in!”

Alex grinned and started tidying our bedding. For some reason it seemed appropriate to him that our sex as a threesome should take place on a well-made bed.

I went along to the spare room and tapped on the door.

Hearing nothing from inside, I tapped a bit louder.

I knew Danny was still awake — I could see the light from inside spilling out under the door — so I twisted the handle and peered inside.

He was squatting on the bed with his lycra boxer trunks yanked down, grinning cheekily at me while he frantically masturbated.

He was naked apart from his underpants and his chest was massive and covered thickly with his wiry black fur. His cock looked far, far bigger than I remembered as he slammed his hand up and down it. His balls swung low between his legs, looking full and heavy and overdue for release.

He was putting Bayan escort Ankara on a show for my benefit: of that I had no doubt. As he’d said at the dinner table, wanking off had never been his thing.

“See anything you like?” he chuckled.

His hand didn’t stop on his cock: he kept pounding at the thickened and veiny shaft with the head of it shining a deep, dark purple. The thing was oozing juice far more copiously than it used to.

I said, “It’s impolite to wank off in other people’s houses.”

I realised that his left arm was behind his back. His hand was down on his muscular bum, his middle finger driving in and out of his hairy hole.

That proved his performance was definitely for me: he obviously remembered how much I liked to watch him fingering his own butt. He was a big, brawny guy and it was always such a thrill to see his broad shovel hand frigging away at his own hot slimy ring.

Just like so many times before, I marvelled at the sound of his stubby finger driving in and out, slick with his own brown juice. The slurpy wet clicking of his pucker being pumped; the quickening rhythm of his hand defiling the tight, wrinkled opening through which he had always said he would never allow the shaft of a cock.

“Ah yeah!” he called out, throwing his head back as if revelling in his own self-pleasure. “I love a finger up me arse!”

Then he pulled it out from his bum with a fart I hadn’t heard in five years and raised his hand to his nose to sniff appreciatively at the discoloured digit.

“Smells red hot too,” he declared before offering me a sniff.

I looked round to check that Alex hadn’t followed me along the corridor, and then moved over to the bed to take a sniff of his finger.

It did smell really good: strong and pungent and making my mouth water at how harsh it was. He had an amazing arse stink which I’d snorted contendedly during many long, leisurely face-sits. His hole would be incredible for rimming: it always ever had been.

“I’ve got more into havin’ stuff up my chuff since the two of us… you know…”

Now that was interesting: he’d always been dead set against that kind of stuff. A tongue or finger, no problem; anything bigger, absolutely not.

“Makes wankin’ a bit more interesting, doesn’t it?” he grinned. “Havin’ somethin’ up your back alley while you’re biffin’ your beef!”

He could see I was fascinated: the way my briefs were tenting upwards and the circle of wetness around the head of my cock were proving something of a giveaway.

“Just a little somethin’,” he went on, his right hand still pounding away at his enormous length. “A carrot… sometimes a courgette as long as it’s a littl’un…”

I licked my lips. I’d love to see him getting fucked, even if it was just a vegetable paddling his pooper.

“It’s still nice and tight though,” he chuckled. “D’you wanna little feel…?”

“Danny… I shouldn’t…”

“You can have a taste as well, if you’re up for it!”

“Really… I can’t…”

Seeing how turned on I was — my face must have been crimson — he said, “Okay, then… how about you get on the bed and straddle me like you used to? Come on, Matty, pull your pants off and squat over me… just like you did that first time we got together!”

I was sorely tempted, I have to admit.

It had been the first sex we’d had, the night we’d got back to his lodgings and had played around on his bed. We’d had to be quiet so as not to disturb Mrs Lewis, his landlady, but after we’d snogged and groped each other, he’d hitched his jeans and boxers down so that I finally got to see the massive cock I’d been yearning for.

I’d kissed it and sucked it and lapped at his huge swollen bollocks, then he’d yanked down my trousers and briefs and planted his own mouth on the prize it had sought. To my surprise, though, he hadn’t been after a blowjob — Danny had never enjoyed giving head in that way — but instead had gone straight for my ass, slobbering and sucking at it and working his tongue right up my tunnel.

Then he’d positioned me on top of him with my bum over his big bell-end, and I thought he wanted to rub it up and down inside my butt-crack, wanking himself off between my cheeks until he came. Needless to say, Danny had more forthright ideas, and soon he was pulling my shoulders down strongly and insistently as his huge swollen manhood was pushing upwards relentlessly into my unsuspecting hole.

At first I struggled to get free — his cock felt impossibly thick to fit into my tiny bumhole — but he kept pulling me down, grinning and telling me it would be okay. I persevered with it, hoping the pain would ease and within no time I could feel his big hairy knackers tickling my cheeks as his whole ten inches had pushed right up inside me. I smiled back at him as he grabbed me by the hips and started working my body up and down his long throbbing shaft, using my clenched arse like a tightened fist to wank his foreskin back and forth.

At first it was painful with only his spit to lube the steady sliding of his cock, but soon I was crying out in pleasure at how incredible it felt.

“I knew you’d love a whopping great knob up your arse!” he’d grinned and it remained true to this day: I certainly did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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