Dan’s New Life 01: Mistakes

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Author’s Forward:

If you’re new to my work, a few quick things to be aware of.

1. This is the first in a multi part sequel to two series I have already written and published on this website, called “Strip Club Tease Toy” and “Tease Toy Orientation”. I tried to write this new installment to be as friendly to new readers as possible…but honestly, my advice is to just go read that stuff first, if you haven’t yet. I may be biased, but I think it’s way more fun that way.

2. My stuff is heavily about Femdom mind games, tease and denial, tickling, pegging, and more of that nature. It’s also intended as a sexual fantasy, and should be read as such. If you are bothered by such things, I wish you the best: you don’t need to read this!

3. My goal is to get a new story out every two months or so this year (2021). The installments will probably be slightly longer than they were with my Tease Toy Orientation series (this one comes out to a little over (20,000 words), so if you are enjoying the trials and tribulations of the hapless Dan Green, keep an eye out: it may take a few months between each, but there will be lots more to come soon.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think in the comments, your feedback helps keep me going.

Chapter 1: Life Goes On

In Dan’s second week as a long term sexual plaything of The Tease girls, he was put through levels of frustration and denial that he hadn’t previously thought were possible. Just as they had promised, the girls made him wear Trixie’s Control Ring locked around his swollen cock and balls day and night, effectively keeping him on a remote control leash at all times.

Every night, he hurried to the strip club by 6pm, slipped into the back door, stripped down to his bare ass as quickly as possible, and rushed with a mixture of excitement and terror into another brain melting series of sexual challenges, competitions, and mind games. Every night he was subjected to their playfully cruel manipulations, and every night he found himself loving it more.

He quickly started to crave the powerful feeling of helpless erotic drunkenness that Sarah, Trixie, Lexie, Krista and Destiny created in him with their never ending games. He seemed like he was ALWAYS aroused, ALWAYS being dangled near the edge of a constantly building explosion by these beautiful, creative, devastatingly dominant women…the sensation was indescribable. He was truly intoxicated on his own arousal.

And despite how maddening it was to be THIS out of control, the pleasures of taste, touch, sound, sight, and smell that he was constantly receiving now were becoming an addiction…an addiction that, without the release of orgasm, he could not seem to escape. He wanted more…he always wanted more…He spent every moment of quiet thinking about them: what they’d done to his body, what they’d let him do to their bodies, what they might do next…

He quickly learned, much to his growing terror, after he had FINALLY been allowed to cum into Destiny’s wet embrace at the end of his first Hearing, that cumming once (especially with this level of unending sexual stimulation) wasn’t enough to give him any real or lasting relief from the constant aching hum in his scrotum.

By the time he had pulled into his driveway that Sunday night, still shaky from how violently he had orgasmed into Destiny, he was already finding himself fantasizing about what they had just put him through, and fondling himself through his pants, ready for more. By the time Lexie began “testing” him to determine his Control Ring settings during his second Monday shift of many, he was already feeling as desperate as he had while they had lowered him slowly towards Destiny the night before.

This second week reminded Dan of many of the “rules” that he was now subjected to, having accepted Sarah’s offer to give himself over completely and utterly to their control. And the “Monday Test” was the one of them: an hour long, intensely rigorous edging session during which Dan was not allowed to beg in any way, the Monday Test was designed to determine if the Control Ring locked around his genitals was set to Accountability Mode (during which an un-permitted orgasm would result in pictures of his “adventures” being sent to every single email account in his conservative Christian office) or “Mistress” Mode (during which an attempted orgasm would be “corrected” with a light but painful electroshock to his scrotum) for the week.

Just like the first time he had been put through this, Dan managed to bite his tongue as Lexie used her hands, her feet, her mouth, her ass, and even her hair to bring him to the absolute precipice of orgasm over and over and over while he lay strapped down in the Break Room. Most of the girls giggled and smiled while they teased him like this, but not Lexie: she just stared at him, a slight curve of amusement at the corner of her full lips, but otherwise utterly composed as she drove him repeatedly to the brink of madness. The calm, almost predatory way with maltepe escort which she stared at him turned him on even further, but he gritted his teeth: he knew nothing he said would lead to mercy, and NOTHING was worth Mistress Mode.

He had stopped thinking of Accountability Mode as blackmail by now: after all, he had quite literally CHOSEN to give Sarah back the means to use those videos and photos against him, in a paradoxical and final act of free will. But as humiliating as it felt to know that his own reputation and pride were constantly controlling him, Mistress Mode scared him even more. Lexie had used the Control Ring’s taser on him only once, to “demonstrate” how it worked, and he never forgot how it felt: like someone had suddenly lit his scrotum on fire. And so he sat silently, panting and gasping as she brought him SO close to heaven over and over, until his time was finally up, and he could collapse in exhaustion and relief.

There were new rules added during Week 2 as well, of course, and they usually came by way of flirty little text messages from the girls in the hot pink “Tease App” that they had installed on his phone. The first came when Sarah informed him that each morning, as a part of his new exercise regime to make their new boytoy was as fit as possible, he had to send them a live feed on his phone of his workout routine (which she laid out for him in detail) completely nude. He never knew for sure if any of them were watching, but the threat that they MIGHT be made him follow every instruction to the letter.

Sometimes, a few of the girls would send him flirty and humiliating text messages as he exercised butt naked on lifestream for them, like “your cute little butt is looking nice today sweetie!” and “Ya, spread those legs baby!”. These comments seemed mostly designed to remind him that they were watching, and that constant reminder was usually enough to make sure that his cock was rock hard through every one of his televised morning workouts. As the week went on, Dan felt his energy and circulation improving, and even started to see the faintest hints of emerging muscle definition across his skinny form, all early signs that he was at the beginning of a major transformation.

Krista messaged him Tuesday morning, informing him that she and Lexie had just decided that he needed to begin shaving his body daily. They wanted him to be completely smooth from the neck down until further notice, Krista told him, adding, “I just think the idea of having a tease toy who’s as soft and smooth as we are sounds really hot Danny…don’t you?”

He did as instructed, quite nervously, in his bathtub at home, and found with a bit of surprise that it didn’t make him feel as humiliated as he thought it would (although it took a while to do well until he got a bit of practice). The way that his hands felt against the smoothness of his skin was kind of…sexy. Without chest hair, his nipples were constantly hard, rubbing lightly against the fabric of his shirts with every movement. And without pubic hair, his cock was more sensitive than ever.

The more he exercised and got used to being fully shaven, the more hyper sensitive his body actually became. His nipples began to grow hard at the slightest stimulation, and his cock threatened to stir back to life at any provocation at all. Every inch of his skin felt awake, electrified. The girls, unfortunately, realized this quickly as well, and almost immediately started using it to their advantage.

On Wednesday of his second week, Krista bound Dan into “The Chair” in the Break Room during her session with Trixie, spread his naked legs wide, and used a long stiff feather to lightly tickle his anus for almost the entirety of her three hour shift. After the first 15 minutes, she brushed her thick, curly hair out of her grinning face, smacked her bubblegum, and told Dan in her tough girl New York accent that she promised she would stop torturing him…as soon as he BEGGED her to be locked into “The Babysitter” until the following morning.

Dan howled and writhed and screamed for her to stop, straining at the bonds holding him in place with all of his strength, but no matter what she did to him, he refused to ask to be put into “The Babysitter” again. He had spent four hours locked inside of it before his first Sunday Hearing, and he would never forget the constant, random, inescapable sensation of five Control Rings lining the length of his throbbing erection at once, each vibrating and squeezing against him in random, unending intervals. Trixie, the group’s resident tech wizard and idea girl, had somehow perfectly programmed them to keep him from reaching orgasm no matter what he did, and over those four hours he had learned how talented a programmer she actually was.

Despite already truly loving each one of these women in a slightly different way, the one he had been most intimidated by (at first) was Lexie. With her cool, unflappable demeanor, and undeniable sexual experience and talent, there wasn’t much that frightened escort maltepe Dan more than the idea of the red haired, hourglass figured, green eyed Lexie being angry with him. When he learned that she worked as a professional dominatrix in addition to her work as a dancer, he hadn’t been the least bit surprised.

But the more he learned about these women, the more he realized that Trixie, despite usually keeping her physical distance and even seeming a bit shy around him at times, was truly terrifying. Every gadget and gizmo that the girls used to torture him came from her incredible mind, and was crafted by her talented fingers. And sometimes when she looked at him, he could actually FEEL her thinking of new ways to drive him insane, like he was a mouse in a maze that she was observing…

Per usual, Trixie stood in the corner and watched Krista play with Dan’s bound, nude, writhing body, her dark eyes shining with mischievous pleasure beneath her boxy black glasses. She was wearing nothing but her signature knee high, hefty Doc Martin boots, and a pair of deep purple satin panties. The snow white skin of her lithe, toned body was checkered and decorated with tattoos, and her nipples, belly button, nose, and lower lip were all gleaming in the light with steel piercings. And as was usually the case while Dan was screaming in torment, her fingers were swirling quickly inside of those soft satin panties, and she was biting her lip as she enjoyed the show.

Dan was quickly learning that Trixe kept her distance, not because she was shy, but because of just how much she loved to WATCH him fall apart.

However, even Trixie’s gorgeous smile, and jet black bouncing pigtails couldn’t distract him from the inescapable sensation of the long, stiff feather that Krista was twirling against his anus. He screamed and sobbed, bucked and wrenched, pleaded and bargained as the feather conducted one jolt after another through his body, sending screaming signals to his brain to escape somehow, and being completely unable to. Until the vibrating butt plug that the girls had tortured him with during the first Hearing, Dan had never thought about sex and his anus being related before in his life. Now he was sporting the largest erection of his life while Krista tickled it until he couldn’t breathe.

Despite the obvious agony that she was putting him through, Krista never broke her friendly demeanor with Dan, giggling and reminding him again and again that all he had to do to get it to end was agree to wear Trixie’s cruel and relentless edging device. “Oh, you big baby, the Babysitter’s not THAT bad…and it’s just for 8 hours Danny boy…” she cajoled, snorting a little at his screams, “you were able to get some sleep when you wore it on Sunday, weren’t you? C’mon, it won’t be so bad…Don’t you want the tickling to stop?” As she twirled the feather with one hand, she used the fingers of the other to spread Dan’s vulnerable bare ass cheeks gently, giving herself full access to the sensitive ring of his anus as she did.

Krista, a curvaceous Puerto Rican woman in her early thirties with wild curly brown hair, thick toned thighs, and an absolutely gorgeous ass, often seemed much less interested in playing with Dan’s cock, and much more interested in reminding him who was in charge. She seemed to absolutely adore tickling him, much to his horror (even before the extreme sensitivity he was now suffering from, Dan had always been very ticklish, and being forced to endure the sensation made his skin crawl).

He was also becoming increasingly and nervously aware of how much she seemed to be amused by playing with his asshole. He hadn’t forgotten her little joke about introducing him to her strap on collection at the Sunday Hearing…the thought of it made him feel very, VERY nervous…He jolted and gasped in his bonds as he felt Krista part his cheeks a bit more with a spreading thumb and forefinger, and let out another gale of uncontrollable laughter as the feather probed deeper into him, spinning and rubbing.

Every 15 minutes Krista would stop and ask him again if he was ready to say yes, laughing as she reminded him that all he had to do was agree to wear the Babysitter and the torture would stop. But Dan, despite sobbing, shaking, and gasping for breath, never broke. After the first hour, Trixie began to play with the Control Ring remotely as well, controlling it with her phone to intermittently squeeze and vibrate his cock while she watched him suffer.

Trixie never stopped staring, her dark, mischievous eyes glittering playfully from the couch as she slid her purple panties down her pale thighs, and moaned loudly as she began to swirling her fingers against her clit once more. By the end of hour two, each time Krista stopped and asked again, smiling sweetly and lovingly at him, Dan was so breathless from uncontrollable laughter that he was unable to form words, and all that came out of him was a desperate wheezing as giggling tears soaked his cheeks.

Like every night, Dan didn’t maltepe escort bayan think he’d be able to survive until the end of his shift. But also like every night, he somehow did, and he left The Tease that Wednesday evening leaking and throbbing just like always, thinking about what might come next. Every night was somehow terrifyingly new and unique. His dreams were constantly sexual, and he was starting to wake up in a nervous sweat with a raging erection most mornings. His testicles were aching and sensitive at all times, and he was bringing 2-3 extra pairs of underwear to work in his briefcase every day, and changing throughout the day to hide his constantly oozing hard on.

At least once a day he wondered if he had made an insane mistake handing his life back over to Sarah by giving her back that data disc. He had always lived a life of constant control, and giving that up for the pleasure of playing with these women meant that he was entirely at their mercy…even when they were feeling very unmerciful. But every time he began to doubt himself, he thought about how wonderful it had felt to thrust into Destiny, to kiss and moan against her skin, to pump into her until he had exploded in pleasure, until he had finally emptied his swollen, full testicles…and he reminded himself that he just needed to last until next Sunday.

Chapter 2: The Second Sunday Hearing

The rest of his week wasn’t any easier. After a long shift on Thursday, during which Sarah demonstrated some of her favorite lap dancing techniques on the naked, pleading man, his hopes for a quiet night of recovery were dashed when Destiny called as soon as he got home, “just to see how he was doing”. After a few minutes of chatting, she began to play with the vibration settings on his control ring, and instructed him to begin playing with himself, brushing aside his pleas for a night without teasing.

As she toyed with the remote control cock ring locked around his scrotum, she began sending him pictures…one after another, in various states of undress, and, to his horror, began asking him to rate what she was wearing, each one at a time, on a scale of one to ten, as she slowly lured him into a phone sex version of “Rate My Outfits”. The soft eyed, huge chested, mocha skinned bombshell dripped romance and affection with every word she spoke to him, but Dan had learned by now that that was when he should be most nervous around Destiny.

Dan had been first introduced to this favorite game of Destiny’s the previous weekend. The rules of Rate my Outfits were incredibly simple, and incredibly cruel: Destiny would dress up for him, and Dan would rate her looks numerically. Destiny could take as long as she wanted to “change his mind”. If he ever got through all of the outfits (usually 3-5) with a top score, she would let him cum on her while wearing it…but if he finished the round with any ties, he would be punished, and the whole game would start over again. And again. And again.

While the game gave the poor guy playing it the slight chance to eventually orgasm in theory, Dan had learned last weekend that in reality, it pretty much amounted to Destiny ruthlessly teasing him to a 10 on every outfit no matter how long he tried to hold out, or what arguments and justifications he tried to make, before finally punishing him for his tied scores and starting over again. This time, being teased to a 10 over and over by the maddening toy attached to his cock, while he wasn’t even in the same room as her, made the experience even more humiliating.

She made him stroke and tease himself for her until almost 1am, giggling in his ear as he sobbed and begged her to let him win or let him stop playing. But after every round, while she punished him by making him edge himself over and over for her, she cooed in his ear, in that gasping voice that was dripping with sex, that this next round might be the one, and asked him how he would ever live with himself if he didn’t play just one more time, just to make sure. School girl outfits, sexy police uniforms, string bikinis: picture after picture after picture came through as he gasped and moaned and panted and stroked for her amusement.

Dan’s second weekend was spent with Lexie, a fact which terrified him to his core, and which was a completely different experience than his first weekend with Destiny. Destiny had tortured him, to be sure, but she had treated him like beloved plaything, something to cuddle, and kiss, and love. He knew that when she called him “her boyfriend” that she was mostly teasing him, of course, but he couldn’t deny how happy and special it made him feel, and he really did feel like she held honest affection and love for him in her heart.

Lexie, on the other hand, treated Dan less like a boyfriend, and more like a servant. She tortured him plenty once it got dark out, but all day long on Saturday and Sunday Lexie worked Daniel hard around the house in a way that was much less about sex and much more about power. On Lexie’s orders, completely naked the entire time, Dan first scrubbed and mopped her floors. Then he cleaned her kitchen. Then he vacuumed her living room. Then he did her laundry. And cooked her lunch. And gave her a foot massage. And brushed her hair. And scrubbed her bathroom.

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