Daughter and Friend Visit Ch. 01

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Before I finish my story about my step daughters, I feel compelled to relate a story involving my daughter. This happen years ago when she was 18 and I 37. Although I had never been sexually attracted to my daughter, something happened that momentarily changed that.

Since I have always been a devout exhibitionist, it has never mattered who I masturbated for. Once I am sexually charged it really doesn’t matter much who is looking on.

I had been divorced for a couple of years and my x wife moved back east with the children much to my chagrin. I only saw them on holidays or when my business took me back east. It was coming up on the holiday season and my daughter Janice was coming to visit for the holidays. One of her friends she grew up with was flying in from Texas where she had moved a year before my X moved away. They were going to spend the holiday with me where they both grew up since I was in the same town. I had not seen Becky in quite some time but from what I remembered she was a cutie like my daughter.

Becky was flying in Saturday morning early and Janice later that afternoon. Looks like had had to make two trips to the airport. I got up early and soon later I received a call from Janice saying that a snow storm had cancelled her flight and she was trying to get a new flight but hadn’t as of yet. I told her I had to pick Becky up and she needed to call me with an update. Her visit was to be for two weeks so a small delay was no big deal.

I had told Becky I would be waiting for her curbside after she would get her bags. I was circling the airport until I saw Becky waving at me as I drove slowly around. I would not have recognized her frankly. Good think I told her what I was driving. She had blossomed into quite a young lady. She was standing on the sidewalk with her bag when I came to a stop. She had grown some since I saw her last. She was about 5’5″ with long blond hair. She was wearing tight jeans that were low rise that showed her stomach and belly button. She had on high heeled boots that came up to her knees with her jeans tucked in. Her breasts were much larger than I had remembered. She wore a t shirt that was short and her bra was visible beneath. She was just as cute as I remembered. She also was a hottie.

As I came around the side of my truck she ran up and gave me a hug. She was pressing those nice tits right into me and I felt my cock stir in my shorts. The weather was warm and I had on shorts and t shirt. I told her it was so good to see her and we loaded into the truck and took off. I told her about Janice’s flight being cancelled. She was upset at that but I told her she would get out as soon as possible. They were staying for two weeks so it wasn’t a big deal I told her. While we drove we caught up on what she had been doing. She was a freshman at a local Texas college. I said she must have a ton of boyfriends. She said not really she had been concentrating on her studies. Too bad I thought to myself, she was quite a looker. She jabbered on about all the great times we had over at my house. Becky and Janice had been inseparable as kids. I was a favorite among my kids friends as I was rather young and could relate to them better than most parents.

I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road while stealing glances of Becky with her legs crossed and her tits sticking out from that tight t shirt she was wearing. I know she was aware of my hungry stares so I tried to cool it. Becky’s started to question me on my life and asked if there was anyone special I was seeing. I told her no. I was pretty much wrapped up in my work right now. Since my divorce I had lots of time to play around with my exhibitionist adventures and had one gal I met who also was an exhibitionist. We had many great adventures together but she was not the kind of woman you would want to be around on a daily basis. I told Becky there was no one special as I was waiting for her to grow up. After I said that I thought I might have made a mistake but Becky just giggled and said “No problem Mr. Williams”.

We talked more until we arrived at my home. My exhibitionist mind was working overtime thinking of how I could give Becky a look while not being obvious. My cock was hard all during the drive home. I know she had to notice the tenting in my shorts as I wore no underwear. We went into the house and Becky said she knew right where to go. She took her bag up to Janice’s old room and I went to the refrigerator for a beer. I went out back where my yard was secluded and private with a big deck and a Jacuzzi. Just like it had been when the kids lived there.

Becky had called Janice and she was booked on a flight that would get her in the next evening. That made her happy. Becky came down from Janice’s room and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Becky had changed into a pair of shorts that could not have been tighter or shorter. Her butt cheeks were showing and the shorts rode up her crotch and I could clearly see the Ankara escort outline of her pussy lips. I thought my cock would burst through my shorts. She wore a tank top with no bra. Her tits were glorious and her nipples were poking straight out. She came out onto the deck and I was busy trying to hide my boner.

I asked her if she wanted something to drink and she asked if she could have some wine. I said sure you are old enough I guess. I got up carefully and turned quickly to hide my erection. I thought it was too early in our visit to start showing off. Becky sat on a lounge chair and leaned back to absorb the nice warm sun. She said it had been cold in Texas and she looked forward to warming up a bit. I handed her the wine while hunched over a bit to try and hide my arousal. It was 11 am and it was just a great day.

We spent the next few hours talking about all sorts of things. All during our conversation I was drinking in Becky’s beauty. Her nipples had been hard and erect the whole time we talked. She had pulled her legs up bent at the knees and I could see her pussy lips as her shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination. My cock had been hard since the ride home. Finally Becky got up and said she was going to put her bathing suit on and tan for awhile. I said sounds like a good idea. I think I will do the same.

I went to my bedroom and left the door open a few inches. Janice’s room was just down the hall. I slipped out of my shorts and t shirt and was standing naked in front of the dresser mirror admiring my erection. I heard footsteps and knew it would be Becky emerging from her room. I turned my head away from the door and bent over to open a drawer and fish out my speedo. I thought it was time to show off a bit. I glanced up and saw that Becky had stopped in front of my open door and could tell she was looking in. I did not make eye contact as I wanted this to seem innocent. I took the suit out and was slipping it on. My cock was sticking straight out. As I looked up I could see Becky was just leaving where she was standing. I was sure she got a good look. My speedo covered my cock but the outline was obvious. I am not the largest of men but it looked great against the material. I still had a rather flat stomach and a round ass so the whole package still looked good.

I proceeded downstairs as if nothing happened and went and got another beer. I yelled out to Becky who had resumed her spot on the lounge chair if she wanted more wine. She replied yes. When I went out on the deck my eyes were treated to a wonderful sight. Becky had a bikini on that left nothing to the imagination. It was yellow and the top was one that tied behind her neck and back and both her tits were covered with small v shaped material the just covered her nipples and not much boob. The bottoms were tied on the sides and the material just covered her crotch barely. I couldn’t see the back of her bottoms as she was sitting up in the lounge chair. She had on dark glasses and her hair was pinned up. What a sight.

I walked over to her to deliver the wine and stood just a few feet from her face. My cock was lying off to the side of my speedo and was quite evident that it was hard. She thanked me for the wine and I sat across from her. I had on very dark glasses so she could not follow my eye movement but you can imagine what they were fixed on. I know that she had seen me naked in my bedroom and this made me horny as hell. It was all I could do to keep from whipping out my cock and jerking off.

Becky was chattering about school and other things as she slathered tanning lotion all over the front of her. When she was done she reclined the lounge chair back and untied her top from behind her neck. She laid the strings off to the side and the material of her top just lay across her beautiful tits. From lying down her tits had come out the sides and now the material just barely covered her nipples which were still hard and erect. I was totally enjoying the view. Before she had reclined I could see that Becky was giving a hard stare at my cock beneath my speedo. With her head now laid back I took the occasion to lightly rub my cock through the material.

Time passed with more talk and more to drink. Becky finally sat up and grabbed her strings and tied them behind her neck. She flipped over on her stomach and untied her strings behind her neck and her back and let them fall to the sides of her. Her ass was gorgeous. The material barely covered her ass and it had ridden up into her crack. Wow I thought. This was awesome. After she got settled she asked if I would put lotion on her back. She hadn’t quite finished asking and I was on my feet. I said sure I would love to.

I had to be careful here. This was of course my daughter’s best friend. I couldn’t take too many liberties. Becky was very friendly but outside of her giving me a great show she had not made any other overtures. I walked over to her lounge chair and threw a towel Ankara escort bayan down and kneeled down. Her back was totally bare and her bottoms were almost non-existent. She was beautiful I thought. I could see her tit from the side. Her skin was smooth and already slightly tanned. I squirted the lotion on her back and she jumped at the coolness of it and giggled that it was cold. When she jumped I saw her right tit and nipple. It was hard, erect and pinkish in color. My hands started to smooth the lotion over her back. I started around her neck and travelled down over her shoulders and down her back. I was tempted to go on her sides to feel the side of her tit but thought the better of it. I rubbed the lotion all the way down to her bottom suit material. I thought I heard a soft moan but wasn’t sure.

I asked her if she needed the backs of her legs done and she said yes please. I squirted some lotion on the backs of her thighs and started to rub the lotion into one leg. She parted her legs ever so slightly. I was going crazy. I was pressing my cock against the side of the lounge chair and it felt great. I smoothed the lotion over her thighs and her calves and even her feet which are a favorite part for me. I did the other legs the same way. I noticed that Becky stirred a bit at my touch. Did I dare do her inner thighs up to her lovely pussy? My cock said yes but my larger head said no. I figured I would play it cool. I finished and Becky said thanks.

When I returned to my chair I was just marveling at this beautiful creature. Since her face was down away from me, I decided to slip my speedo down and release my cock. I was stroking it softly so I wouldn’t explode right then and there. This was so erotic. A nearly naked 18 year old beauty was laying in front of me with her legs parted enough for me to see her pussy straining against the flimsy bathing suit material and me with my cock out jerking off. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Becky must have drifted off to sleep as she stopped chattering. I was tempted to remove my speedo and continue stroking my engorged cock. I thought about it for a minute then decided what the hell why not. I placed a towel on my chair and let it hang off the side in case I needed to cover up quickly. I slipped off my speedo and sat down stroking my cock and squeezing my bloated balls. I was so aroused I know I needed to get off soon. Becky stirred a bit and I quickly cover up with the towel. She had shifted her head to the other side but was still silent. I removed my towel and continued jerking off. How I would have loved to stand over her and cum on her legs and back.

While I was enjoying pleasuring myself, Becky awoke and was tying her strings around her back and neck. I quickly covered up with the towel and stuffed my speedo behind me. Becky got up from the lounge chair and pulled the back up and sat down facing me. She had said she fell asleep. She looked at me and I know by the look on her face knew something was up with the towel around my bottom. She didn’t say anything. Now how was I to extract myself from this position I put myself in? I figured it was best to let things play out. It was already after 1 pm and I asked Becky if she was hungry. She replied she was starving. I told her I would fix us some hamburgers on the grill. She said great and got up and announced she was going to take a quick shower. Before she left she said, “You can put you suit back on now Mr. Williams”.

I couldn’t say anything. I just watched her disappear into the house. Had she seen me stroking my cock? I didn’t think she could from that angle but perhaps she had. That really made me hard. I got up and went inside with the towel around me. I figured I would go to my room and get off because I couldn’t take it much longer.

I hurried upstairs and was going to my room when I heard the shower running in the quest bathroom. I noticed the door was wide open. I had to investigate. As I approached I could see Becky in the shower from the reflection in the mirror. The shower had glass doors so I had a full view of her body. She was so sexy lathering herself up I dropped the towel and started jerking off. I was standing just outside the doorway enjoying watching Becky and stroking my cock. I noticed she glanced in the mirror and was sure she could see my reflection but I didn’t care at this point. She was rubbing soap all over her tits and stomach and down to her crotch. I couldn’t bear it any longer and shot ropes of cum all over the carpet. I had such an enormous orgasm I was shaking. I looked up in the mirror and saw Becky looking straight at me.

After I drained my cock I took the towel and wiped up my cum off the carpet as best I could and left quickly. I went into my room and turned on the shower to cool off as I was as hot as could be. My heart was pounding in my chest. I washed up and got out and was drying off. I quickly threw on some shorts and a t shirt and hurried down stairs. Escort Ankara I was sure Becky had seen me in the mirror and wondered if I had pushed things too far. I scurried about the kitchen getting what I needed for lunch and went out to the BBQ area. I fixed myself a strong scotch to go with me. I was busy getting the grill going when Becky emerged from the house. I almost fell over when I saw her. She was wearing a very tight t shirt which went down only just below her boobs and a pair of pink panties which I soon discovered was a thong. She walked over to me and asked what I was doing. I could barely speak but blurted out fixing lunch. I told Becky she might want to put something on to cover herself up. She replied, “No need, there isn’t anything showing you haven’t already seen Mr. Williams”.

I took a big gulp of my scotch as Becky stood next to the outdoor bar under the big umbrella. I didn’t know what to say. She looked so awesome in just panties with her bare butt showing. I told her I was sorry for peeking into the bathroom while she was showering. I just had a lapse in judgment. She said she didn’t mind at all. She said she particularly liked the show I was putting on with a coy smile on her face.

I apologized again and said sorry bad judgment again I guess. Becky asked for some wine and I was only too happy to run away and get her some as I had the perpetual hard on again. I returned with her wine and Becky said that while growing up she and some of her and Janice’s friends always fantasized about me. I was voted the sexiest father she said as she giggled. I blushed and told her I had no idea. My cock was tenting my shorts again and I was trying to conceal it as best I could. Becky said there was no sense trying to hide my erection as she had already seen it twice. I blushed again and told her I was sorry but I just I couldn’t help myself. She said she didn’t mind and smiled.

I tried to concentrate on cooking our hamburgers but the conversation just continued to heat up. Becky asked me if I thought she had a nice body. I almost choked on my scotch. I said what’s not to like. I told her she was awesome and had turned into a beautiful woman. I wasn’t sure where this was heading but I was on for the ride. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I didn’t dare for fear she would tell Janice I seduced her.

Becky said “You know Mr. Williams, that wasn’t the first time I saw you masturbating.” I took another big gulp of scotch.

I asked her “what are you talking about?”

She said once when she was at our home she peeked into my bathroom and watched me masturbate in the shower. I was going to need more scotch. I gulped and said “Really?”

She told me she never told anyone about it but used to use that vision when she masturbated. I was shaking at this point not knowing where this was going or what I should or shouldn’t do. I said “Becky I had no idea.” My head was spinning now. My cock was throbbing in my shorts. As an exhibitionist it was all too exciting to know she saw me years ago.

I had abandoned trying to cook the hamburgers by now. I had to sit down so I pulled up a bar stool at sat next to Becky. Becky had a devilish grin on her face. She was still standing and crossed her arms and pulled off her t shirt. She had gorgeous tits. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said nudity didn’t bother her. That being said she pulled off her thong and stood before me start naked. She was a natural blonde with a well trimmed pussy but still had her pubic hair. She pulled a bar stool next to me and sat with her sexy legs crossed. She said it wasn’t fair that I was still dressed and asked me to get naked too which I quickly did.

I could not believe this was happening to me. Here I was sitting naked with a gorgeous creature and my cock was sticking straight up in the air. Becky was looking at my cock repeatedly.

“You have a nice body Mr. Williams,” Becky said. “A very nice cock too.”

“Did you know that Janice used to watch you masturbate in the shower?” I nearly fell off the bar stool. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I never had any sexual feelings for Janice.

“She’s the one who told me to have a look.”

“I don’t know what to say Becky.” “I had no idea.”

“We used to fantasize about touching your cock when we used to lie in bed at night and masturbate when I would stay over.”

I excused myself to go get some more scotch telling Becky I would be right back. She told me to get her some more wine while I was at it. My head was spinning. I still wasn’t sure about how I felt about Janice watching me jerk off but as I said before an exhibitionist doesn’t care who it is that is watching. I returned to the bar with our drinks in hand. I was so sexually charged walking around naked in front of Becky with my cock flapping around like a fish out of water.

I told Becky I was getting very sexually charged up from all this talk. She said she was as well. I told her I was no saint and that I really wanted to have sex with her. She said she would love it but she couldn’t do that without Janice’s ok.

“We’re not going to be telling Janice about all this are we?”

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