Daughter Tricks Daddy

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It was Halloween and my wife Kimberly was out of town on business. Her costume was hanging in our closet, next to mine. The plan was for me to go to the neighbor’s party without her and she would take a cab from the airport home, change into her costume, and catch up with me.

What I did not know was that my little 18 year old daughter, Carol had taken a call from her mother and failed to tell me. Kimberly’s business had taken longer and she would not be flying home until tomorrow.

I went to the party, expecting my wife to show up a couple hours later. After about 3 drinks my wife’s costume walked in and appeared at my side. How could I know it was Carol? She kept her arm around me and sometimes played with my cock when nobody was near. I tried to ask my wife about her trip but she held her finger up to her mouth to signal quiet.

By now, I was starting on my fourth drink and did not question the secrecy. Nor did I wonder why my wife was wearing lighter lipstick than normal on the lips that showed below the mask. She even seemed smaller, but maybe I better watch the booze. This fourth drink was starting to have an effect.

Kimberly, (Carol) continued not speaking to me or anybody else. My pants were tented from the attention she kept showing me. Kimberly was usually more reserved, especially in public but I did not notice. Instead I was eager to get home while she was still playful. My cock felt so good from all the attention that I barely noticed much else.

As soon as we entered the master bedroom she had my pole out and was licking the head. I started playing with a tit and it seemed smaller and sexier than normal. Then she sent a leg over and slid onto my swollen member. The trick or treat was on me when I went looking for her clit. I grabbed for her clean shaven pussy and screamed, “Oh my God!!!!!!” As I ripped her mask off I yelled, “Carol!!!”

Carol let go of my cock that she had been guiding into her tight little pussy and said, “How did you know it was me, Daddy?”

“Your mother’s pussy is clean shaven and loose. There have been little things all evening but you could not have grown all that hair in three days.”

“Well you might as well fuck me now Daddy. Mom won’t be home until tomorrow night.”

“Get out of this bed and go to your room while I decide what your punishment will be and what to tell your mother.” I could not tell her mom how much my little daughter had excited me; how much I wanted her; how my throbbing manhood was taking over my thinking.

“Daddy, please make love with me. I want you so much and I am 18. Mom has me on the pill and I want you. I think you want me too. “

My manhood was swollen and throbbing as I ordered her out more sternly. It was very wrong but I was very aroused. If I didn’t get her away from me soon, I might do the unthinkable.

After Carol left, in the privacy of our master bath, I found a pair of Kimberly’s dirty panties and began sniffing them. As I began jerking off to the wonderful pussy aroma the bedroom door opened so quietly that I did not notice. Suddenly Carol said, “See Daddy, I did get you excited. You are sniffing Mom’s panties and pretending it is my pussy that you smell.” That made me mad and embarrassed.

My reaction was angry scolding. She was staring at my excited love stick in my right hand and the panties in my left but my screams of “Get out!” were being ignored. Finally, “Carol, maybe we don’t have to tell your mother what happened but you do need to get out now.”

“Daddy, I can help you with that. Let me make you happy. Let me ease the swelling.”

“I said now!”

When she finally left, my mind did the unthinkable; my imagination was fucking my own little girl. The memory of her firm little tit and her mouth on my throbbing bulb were consuming me. Now my fantasy was being a terrible parent and committing incest, (again). After a long time, when it finally seemed safe, I grabbed my shaft again and began stroking. Kimberly’s panties were still in my hand so I kept the crotch up to my nose while stroking. The problem was, it was Carol’s little pussy and not Kimberly’s that fueled my passion. When I came, it was a large load for Carol.

Even though I had relieved myself, the passion and fantasies would not go away. When sleep finally came over me it was fitful and the swelling never went down. When I awoke in the wee hours, I was hotter than ever. My only emotion was one of joy. Somebody was sucking my cock. It felt so good. I kept my eyes closed and did not try to figure out if it was a dream or what.

As I lay on my back in a wonderful, dazed, dreamland, my mind only knew how good it felt. The blowjob stopped and a tight, wet, pussy slid down over my throbbing man stick and began riding me, reverse cowgirl. My eyes remained shut while the fantasy continued. I say fantasy because it was not real. Maybe it was surreal but not real. Nothing real could ever feel this good. I lay with my eyes shut, afraid that I might wake from a wonderful dream if I opened them. My cock was hitting the back of the incredible little pussy that had swallowed antalya escort my manhood and it went on and on until I felt my orgasm getting ready to explode.

That is when it happened; while impaled on my throbbing shaft, she started fucking me faster. And then she started shaking and digging her nails into my hips. Her tight, wet pussy felt better than anything that went before it in my life. My orgasm could not wait any longer. River after river of my sperm filled her love canal. My orgasm was so powerful that all other thoughts and experiences left my conscious being.

Up until now I was living in a dreamland; not trying to figure out whom or why and not wanting to wake up if it was a dream. That is when I heard her yell, “Oh Daddy, I knew I would love it but it was even better than anything that I had ever imagined. Do me again Daddy!”

“What? Carol, I told you to get out! What are you doing?”

“Don’t tell me that you did not like it Daddy.”

“It is wrong! It is incest! You are my daughter!”

“Does that mean that you want me to take it back? Do you want me to un-fuck you, Daddy?” My fat cock was still inside her and she started riding it again. “Daddy, we already did it so we may as well enjoy each other now.”

“We cannot do this.” I did nothing to stop her because it felt so good. But we must stop. We must. Both of my hands were on her sweet little 32-B tits. Her tits were amazing. My love stick was the happiest that it had ever been. When she started rotating on my swollen cock, my mind went out to ride the giant roller-coaster in ecstasy-land. My orgasm was building again. It would be the first time in my life to make three rounds.

My eyes rolled back in my head and my toes curled up. I began pumping stream after stream into her tiny cunt. When I was finally spent, she turned around to ride me regular cowgirl and a moment later she was coming again. Her tiny body was shaking and she was digging her nails into me again. She kept saying, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I love you.”

“I love you too baby but we must never do that again.”

“You reject me so easily, Daddy. I could never reject you.”

“But we must. It is against God and against nature. And if your mother ever found out it would break her heart. Carol, please.”

“Please what, Daddy? You want it as much as I do or you could stop.” She fell on top of me and went to sleep.

I had to admit to myself that her tight little hole was better than anything that had gone before in my life. And I loved to be rode, cowgirl. Her petite tits turned me on a lot more than Kimberly’s big floppy, saggy ones. But it was wrong, no matter how good it felt.

Kimberly was due home in a few hours so it was time to cover any evidence. Fortunately, Carol’s scratches had not broken the skin. I asked her to help me check the bed and she said, “We better use my bed next time, Daddy.”

“There isn’t going to be a next time!”

“Well just in case there is. Mom goes out of town every month. Want me to leave a pair of my soiled panties with you to help you through the month.”

Kimberly used to make a day trip every month for her company but it had grown to three or four days. She would always be too tired to fuck when she got home. Was she having an affair or was it my guilt? Even if she was, that did not justify what I had done with my own little eighteen year old daughter.

When Kimberly got home that night, she asked Carol to take a ride with her. Then it was my turn to hear her news. She was leaving me and wanted Carol to come with her. Carol had turned her down but she did manage to find out why; Kimberly had a boyfriend. Carol told her mother that I would need her to help get over the pain. I don’t think Kimberly ever imagined what Carol could do to get me over the pain.

When I got home from work the next day, Carol told me that her mother and boyfriend had shown up in a U-haul and removed all Kimberly’s things. Carol had fixed super for me and was acting very wifely.

Finally I said, “Carol, this does not change the fact that you are my daughter.”

“Yes Daddy, but we have already pushed that boundary way back. We are a family of two now and we must take care of each other.”

“You are still my daughter!”

“Do you miss Mommy?”


“Did you like what we did?”

“Stop it!” My wife of 20 years was gone. She was lousy in bed anyway and not a very good partner. Kimberly was more of a cum-dump than a lover; a place to stick it. Here was a wonderful partner and the best sex I had ever had and I was turning her away because of a moral issue. When did I become the high and mighty moralist? But it had to be. I cannot fuck my own little daughter. (I cannot fuck my own little daughter again.)

“Did you like it Daddy?”

“Yes, but it was wrong.”

“Okay, you win Daddy. Let’s just live together as daddy and daughter with no sex. We will take care of each other’s needs; all but sexual.”

“I would love that Carol. It is what we need to do.”

“I know what we need to do Daddy but you don’t love alanya escort me enough.”

Over the next few weeks, we lived that way; daddy/daughter. We did nothing romantic and I had a locking doorknob installed on my bedroom door. One day I found a pair of Carol’s dirty panties hanging from my doorknob. They were immediately tossed in my hamper. My intent was to wash them and hang them back on her doorknob. That is, it was my original goal.

I took a sniff of my daughter’s wonderful cunt. As long as the panties were being washed anyway, she would never know. I put her panties over my head with the crotch against my nose. Her smell was better than Kimberly’s. My shaft was swelling fast as I griped it. The more her wonderful aroma entered my nostrils, the harder I became and the faster I stroked and the more I remembered her tight little pussy. The more I wanted to fuck her again. But that could never be. My load was huge and felt wonderful. When the orgasm began, I moved the panties from my head to my cock. The silky feel was wonderful as I came into my daughter’s panties. The load was bigger than anything that I had ever given Kimberly.

I masturbated into her panties several more times before I did laundry. When I hung the clean panties on her doorknob I thought that was the end. But I immediately found another soiled pair of panties on my doorknob. This was wrong but not as wrong as actually sharing carnal knowledge with my own little girl. I wacked off at least twice a day with Carol’s panties but we never spoke of it.

Except for the supply of wonderful pussy smelling panties, we were living a respectable life. She no longer spoke about what we had once done or what we could do again. Okay, to be honest, my fantasies often returned to what we had done. Her amazing little pussy had burned a favorite place in my memory.

We went on living like that for several more months and we got into a routine of me earning money and her taking care of us domestically. It was as good as marriage except that we did not have sex.

Fridays became our dinner and a movie night and we went skiing on the weekends. As the weather warmed up, we started hiking.

After several shorter hikes we finally tried the 70 mile smoky mountains. By the time we got to Clingmans Dome and then the road that divided the Smoky Mountains, we were seasoned and toughened up. This was our one chance to quit and to get a ride back but we decided to do the other half. Every night we fell exhausted into our tent or a shelter but two mornings later was different; we woke up in a shelter to the sound of heavy rain. No one else was in the shelter so we cooked our food on our little cook stove and looked out at the rain.

We had grown accustomed to being active so boredom set in with nothing to do but watch the heavy rain come down. Our packs were heavy and bulky enough so we did not carry games. As the day wore on with no letup from the rain we sang songs, did riddles and told stories. We went to sleep early more from boredom than from fatigue.

The following morning brought more of the same heavy rain. We had packed about 2 or 3 days of extra food but now we had lost two days. It was time to ration our food. At least we would burn a lot less calories lying around in the shelter looking out at the rain. So we could eat a lot less. We could also be thankful for the shelter and the protection it provided. There was a spring at the shelter but it was down a little side trail. That meant getting wet to get water. Carol stripped her clothes off and made a run for water.

She was shivering when she got back to the shelter so I dried her off with my spare tee-shirt and got her into her sleeping bag. But she was still cold. We zipped our bags together to make a double and against my better judgment, I took my clothes off and crawled in with her, hoping to warm her body.

I rationalized that preventing hypothermia was more important than preventing incest. As my body heat warmed her, she stopped shivering and we both went off to sleep. It was good that we slept the day away because we did not eat again.

Then we awoke to a third straight day of rain. A decision was made to only have one meal and stay in the sleeping bag so as not to burn calories.

As our naked bodies cuddled, we were plenty warm. That is when Carol said, “Daddy, what if it never stops raining?”

“We have ponchos if that is the only choice. Fortunately we filed our hiking plan with the rangers. They will come get us if we are too overdue.”

“How will they find us?”

“I don’t know. The plan said how much food we had and where we would be each day. I guess they can figure out where we were when the rain started and how long our food will last.”

“I am scared Daddy!”

“We will be okay. We have water.” But my manhood had been swollen since we entered the double sleeping bag together. Now we were rested and spooning with my cock in her but crack. I realized what was happening and rolled over. Carol rolled over too and began spooning me. We were not alanya rus escort doing anything wrong so I just lay there enjoying the closeness.

Sometime during this lazy day we had fallen asleep again. I woke up realizing that we were turned back around with my love stick pressed firmly into Carol’s but crack. My hand was holding her sexy little tit and I had become very excited in my sleep. If I lay very still maybe I could enjoy the feel of my daughter’s little body without waking her up.

I noticed that it was still raining but not nearly as hard as it was for the last three days. The next shelter was 10 miles away so leaving out in the mid-afternoon and having to tent along the trail was a bad choice. So we will see what the weather brings on our fourth day.

My semi conscious brain and wide awake cock were startled by voices and commotion. As my eyes began to focus, I spotted two hikers. They were a very wet middle aged couple who were just about beaten. They introduced themselves and explained that the got caught out on the trail and had been tenting for three days. When the rain slowed this morning they broke camp and raced for the shelter.

It seemed like a bad idea to explain why a father and daughter were sharing a double bag so I introduced Carol as my wife. She liked being my May/December bride.

Earl and Mary were so happy to be in the shelter, looking out at the storm. I was happy that they came along and kept me from doing the unthinkable deed, again.

Earl and Mary were doing the entire Appalachian Trail, a week at a time. It was fun to hear about their adventures so far. Relia’s Garden Restaurant at the Nantahala Outdoor Center was fascinating. Aurelia Kennedy grows all the herbs and edible flowers served in her restaurant in her own garden. So it was named Relia’s Garden Restaurant.

Nantahala Outdoor Center teaches whitewater canoeing, kayaking, and rafting and has a store. It is fascinating to watch the whitewater classes’ right across the highway from the store.

I told Earl and Mary to zip their bags together and get naked until they warmed each other and their clothes dried. And so the four of us spent another two days huddled in the shelter, looking out at the storm.

On the morning of the sixth day we woke up to bright sunshine and a new day. Earl and Mary were gone. Carol was rubbing my cock up and down her little crack and kissing me. I needed to make her stop, but not yet. Maybe I will in a few minutes. It felt so good. Then she hovered over my manhood and shoved it in. Her cowgirl was ecstasy! But I knew that I had to make her stop. She moved back and forth and round and round. I had one of her little tits in each hand, rubbing the nipples with my thumbs. But I had to make her stop. Then I exploded. River after river of cum was pumping into her tiny cunt. Each beat of my heart was matched with more cum shooting into my daughter.

Carol started stroking me hard, but before she could cum we heard a voice outside. I looked up and saw a ranger. He was smiling and said, “Good morning. I am Ranger Parker. I met a couple down the trail who told me you were here. You need to get going if you plan on making the next shelter today.”

The ranger questioned us on our food supply, bear spray, ponchos, hiking skills, etc. When he finally moved on we got dressed and packed out. Carol said, “You owe me. You owe me big time.”

We hiked faster than our normal pace and made the next shelter with daylight to spare. Earl and Mary were glad to see us. The four of us sat around eating and talking until long after dark. It was decided that we would stick together until the northern terminus of the Smokey Mountains. That should prevent any more incest.

Earl and Mary had already shuttled their car ahead so it was waiting. They gave us a ride back to Fontana Dam to get ours and we treated dinner at one of the restaurants. Carol said, “Honey, it is too late to hit the road. Let’s get a room so we can get cleaned up and sleep in a real bed.” Earl immediately said that they would stay over too and we could all meet for breakfast.

Carol had cornered me. It made no sense to leave in the early evening and it would seem like we wanted to get away from our friends. So both couples got rooms and agreed on our morning date. As soon as we got in our room, Carol started undressing me and then herself. She took my hand and led me to the shower where the warm water was something new after our time on the trail. She started soaping my chest and said, “Daddy, why is your cock swollen like that?”

“Never mind my cock. Let’s just enjoy the shower.” It really was heavenly. But as we washed each other, I probably spent too long washing her tits. Her little breasts took all my attention until I got to her pussy. After at least 10 minutes of washing inside and out of her tiny sex, I realized that she had been washing my shaft the whole time.

At first we had the water spraying between us and hitting both our chests but then we started turning and turning. The comforting spray was hitting us all over. I wish I could put into words how good this warm spray felt after a week and a half of nothing or cold cloths. We played in the shower for a long time. I had spent a lot of time washing her petite tits and her little pussy. She did a good job on my manhood before we finally dried off and went to bed.

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