Daughters – Melissa Ch. 01

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Daughters of the American Evolution – Melissa, Ch. 01

This story is part of a series called “Daughters of the American Evolution.” The stories are all based on the concept of an allegedly sinister (some say beneficent) organization called ‘Families Interaction Therapists’, or FIT, that has put into action a plan to subliminally convert every female on earth to lesbianism, and to non-violently reduce the number of men on earth by 98%.

But no plan goes easily….

“I don’t think it’s a stereotype, honestly,” Linda McDaniels said.

“No? Cops eating doughnuts, really?” Kathy O’Flaherty responded, with a slightly disgusted shake of her auburn tresses. In spite of her reluctance to be seen associated with the fried dough confection, she turned the marked Crown Vic into the parking lot of the Dunkin Donuts on Eddy Road, the early June morning New England chill and dense, full maple trees shading the lot, a scene from a summer celebration of American life.

“Oh, cut me some slack, Red,” Linda joked. “My sister’s up from Texas after her divorce, and she has Jim and I drinking fruit smoothies all the time. I’m about to barf from all the healthful food, and Jim actually HAS barfed once or twice.” She paused, then, looking a little embarrassed, asked, “So, what’s up with you and Steve?”

“Speaking of barf, you mean?” Kathy replied. “He’s still an ass, and we’re still broken up.” Linda looked as though her ‘on second thought’ to not mention Steve had gotten into her head just a moment too late.

“Sorry,” Linda muttered, chagrined at bringing up an obvious sore point for her attractive partner.

“Not your fault,” Kathy replied, shrugging.

The two Manchester Patrol Division officers made their way to the front counter. Kathy rolled her eyes at Linda’s order for three of the more sugar-filled doughy treats, then responded with a request for an egg white veggie wrap.

“Seriously?” Linda said, with a look of disgust herself. “You eat that stuff, and you still get mistaken for me from behind. Is it worth it?”

“If I didn’t eat ‘this stuff’, I’d look like the desk sergeant from behind,” Kathy said.

“Different strokes, I guess,” Linda said. She was interrupted by a man at an adjoining table sneezing loudly. He looked apologetic as he whipped out a well-used handkerchief.

“Nice,” Linda said sarcastically, as she wiped off a small speck of mucus that had landed on the back of her hand. Kathy glared at the man, who ignored the two officers.

While eating, the two women discussed gossip from their station, until Kathy’s shoulder radio mic squawked her name.

“Kathy, there’s a gentleman from the New Hampshire State Police office here to see you. Lieutenant Fredericks says for you to come in.” The two women’s eyes met, Linda’s eyebrows raising. Kathy’s mouth turned downward.

“What the fuck…” Kathy whispered. “Roger that, dispatch,” she responded more loudly, then shrugged at Linda. The two gathered up their food, and headed back to the station on Chestnut Street. Whatever the office visitor was about, Linda kept her curiosity to herself – for the moment.

“Hey, Sarge,” Kathy said as she entered the Traffic Unit offices. The office was decorated in city government gray, gray walls, gray furnishings and gray in the complexions of some of the older officers present.

“Hi, Kathy,” Sergeant Buckerman responded. “Go ahead and see Lieutenant Fredericks, he’s in his office.” Linda walked down the hall to the office, as Linda busied herself with some previously neglected paperwork at one of the common desks.

“Come in,” the lieutenant responded, when Kathy knocked. As she entered, she looked first at the middle-aged, slightly plumping uniformed command officer, then to the handsome, well dressed younger man standing next to him. He looked to be about twenty-five.

“Kathy, this is Trent Barkade, a Special Agent from the Investigative Services Bureau of the New Hampshire Department of Safety,” the lieutenant gestured at the younger man. Reading her expression, he added, “And let me assure you, you’re in no trouble whatsoever. He’s with the Terrorism Intelligence Unit.”

“Hi, Kathy,” the Investigator said, extending his hand to shake Kathy’s. She took his hand, finding it warm, dry and firm. A slight tingle ran through her.

“Keep it down,” she thought to herself. She currently had no boyfriend, and while this one was very interesting, she knew nothing about him. Besides, this was a professional situation.

“Let me reinforce the lieutenant’s comment,” he began. “You’re not in any trouble, as a matter of fact, the Bureau needs your help.” He looked at the lieutenant.

“I’ve got some things to take care of,” Lieutenant Fredericks responded, moving toward the door. “I’ll leave you two to talk.” After he left, Agent Barkade gestured Kathy to the chair in front of the lieutenant’s desk, then he took the lieutenant’s chair.

“I’ll get right to it,” Agent Barkade said. “There is a group meeting at Southern New Hampshire University – we’re concerned that şişli escort they’re involved in possible terror-related activity, and wanted an officer to keep an eye on them. You fit the bill perfectly.”

“Keep an eye…” Kathy responded in a questioning tone.

“Go to their meetings, get a little involved with their activities, nothing ‘cloak and dagger’, just a little light undercover work,” he answered, flashing Kathy a pearly white smile. Her heart fluttered a little. “He is kind of hot,” she thought.

“We just need you to report back to us,” he finished. “By ‘us,’ I mean to Lieutenant Fredericks.”

“Why me?” she asked.

“You’ve done well on your evaluations, you’re close to college age – and you look it – you’re not particularly well known in Manchester, and you have a university background. Norwich University, right?”

“Yes sir,” Kathy responded. “Criminal Justice major, graduated summa cum laude. And yeah, I’ve only been in Manchester a short time. I lived in Vermont for 22 years until moving here.”

“Commendable,” he responded, with a warm smile. “So, what do you think?”

“I guess I’d have to know more,” she responded honestly.

“Fair enough,” he said. “How about over lunch?” She nodded.

“Great. I’ve got a few things to attend to. I’ll pick you up at 1 – is that alright?” She nodded again.

“How’s Richard’s Bistro for lunch?” he asked. “It looked pretty nice when I drove by.”

“Um, I hear it’s great,” she said. “Kind of pricey for a traffic cop, though,” she added.

“Oh, lunch is on me, it’s the least we can do.” Sensing that the interview was over for the meantime, Kathy rose to leave.

“Oh, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t say anything to your partner,” the Special Agent said, when her hand reached the door knob. Kathy froze.

“Nothing?” she responded, slightly shocked. Partners don’t keep secrets from each other.

“That, pretty much,” he said, with that enchanting smile. “You can tell her that you’re doing some paperwork, compiling statistics for the Bureau, but I’d rather no more than that.”

“Mmm, okay,” she said, frowning slightly. She went to the ‘bullpen’, where field officers share desks and where Linda waited for her partner. Linda’s eyes asked the question.

“A State Police agent wants to take me to lunch. They just basically want me to compile some crime statistics.” Linda looked at her dubiously.

“Paperwork?” she asked. “Good luck with that. Hey, maybe they’re scoping you out to recruit you for the Intelligence Bureau!” Linda’s smile was genuine.

“Yeah…sure,” Kathy responded absently. “That would be something, huh?”

“Why not?” Linda said excitedly. “You’re single, you’ve got the whole world in front of you…not old and tied down, like me.” Her smile belied her words.

“Old – you’re twenty nine, for god’s sake,” Kathy said. “And ‘tied down’, you’ve got a wonderful husband who loves you – and who you love.”

“Yeah…but it doesn’t mean I don’t wonder about the road ‘less traveled by.'”

“Well, still…” Kathy said. The two grew silent, finishing up paperwork until it was time for Kathy’s lunch meeting with the FBI agent.

The white, half-window shutters, full wall of early afternoon sunlight, and white tablecloths at Richard’s gave the posh restaurant a clean, sleek feel, but not too modern to lack warmth. The light green walls seemed a perfect counterpoint to all the white. During their meal, Special Agent Barkade fielded all of Kathy’s questions smoothly, until she felt completely reassured that she could handle the assignment – and that she wanted to.

When Kathy returned to the table after a visit to the ladies’ restroom, Trent proposed a toast. “To your career’s upward path” he said, as he held up his glass of water. She raised hers, clinking them together lightly, then drank. When she set the glass down, she said, modestly, “I don’t know about that part, but I hope I can help the Bureau out.”

“Seriously, Officer – Kathy – if you complete this assignment, I think the sky’s the limit for you.”

“Well, thanks,” she replied. “I’ll do my best.”

“I know you will,” he said. “Just report to Lieutenant Fredericks to keep us updated.”

* * * *

“Hi, I’m Kathy Allen,” the redhead said.

“Hi Kathy,” the others in the group, all of them female, responded.

“Welcome to the Women’s Alliance for Peace, SNHU chapter,” the attractive older woman, clearly the faculty leader, added. “I’m Barbara Kimsol. Besides this little group, my day job is teaching Baking and Pastry Arts.” She nodded in a funny, absent-minded way, her medium length brown hair brushing against her shoulder, and her full breasts jiggling a little.

“Ooh, that sounds like fun,” Kathy said with a smile.

“Oh, it is. Are you entering our program? I’d love to see you massaging some dough…”

Kathy blushed. “Well, I’m a transfer student. I’m not exactly certain of my major yet…”

Seeing Kathy’s red face, Barbara hastened to clarify. “That was just an expression we use mecidiyeköy escort in the Baking program, please don’t think I was being forward…not that there’s anything wrong with that.” She smiled. “But if you do want to know more about the Baking program, I can help you…any time.”

Barbara glanced at the glasses of iced tea in front of all the other attendees, and said, “Won’t you have some peach iced tea, dear?”

“Um, okay,” Kathy responded. “But I didn’t really know what the group was about – I saw your flyer – and just wanted to learn a little more -” She fiddled nervously with her fingers. Not all of the nervousness was put on.

“Oh, sometimes we’re just a bunch of girls gossiping about campus affairs, and other times we actually DO talk about serious things, like politics and such. I promise you will learn more about what WAP is doing, but you could hardly be expected to go thirsty while doing it, could you?”

She poured Kathy a glass. “Sugar?”

“A little. One teaspoon would be fine.”

“Here you are. Now just take a seat, right here. You can get a good look at everyone, and decide if you want to stay, and hopefully come back again, too, okay?” She smiled, and Kathy felt more at ease.

She sat next to a girl with short black hair. “Hi, my name is Samantha,” the girl whispered. “This is my first meeting, too.”

“Oh good, I don’t feel like such a stranger, then,” Kathy said. The two listened to the conversation which, as Barbara had intimated, began as a discussion of the long ‘lunches’ the Dean of the Business School and the secretary to the University President were taking – made all the more interesting as they were both married to someone else – and eventually leading to various group members hopes and wishes for the relatively new female President of the United States.

Kathy’s ears perked up at that, as she didn’t see where the State Police would be particularly interested in the extra-marital doings of academics in a small north-eastern state university. But, to Kathy, the comments seemed innocuous and all rather supportive.

After another hour, the group broke up. As Kathy and Samantha lined up to leave, Barbara took them both by the hand. “Oh, I hope that you’ll come back for our next meeting – we meet here weekly. Sometimes, some of the members form little sub groups, and have impromptu meetings, apart from this. Please get to know the others, you may find that you have a lot in common.”

Kathy and Samantha looked at each other, and then Kathy said, “It was very enjoyable, thank you for having me. I certainly hope that I can return.”

Samantha sounded reluctant. “I enjoyed it too, but I’m afraid that it coincides with a seminar that begins next week. Still, it was very nice.”

“Oh, what a shame, dear, we shall miss you if you can’t make it. But just in case, here’s my cell phone number if you should want to talk.” She pressed a business card into Samantha’s hand, then a second into Kathy’s.

“And I didn’t mean to neglect you, Kathy. Here’s my card as well.”

They both thanked her, and walked out. A short time away from the building, one foot on the sidewalk, the other straying off onto the newly cut grass as she turned, Samantha faced Kathy.

“Did you really think that was at all interesting? They were talking about the personal lives of people that I’ve never even heard of – and who sound dreadful – and then they all chimed in like magpies about how wonderful the President is.” Samantha looked pensive.

“I don’t even like having a woman President. I guess that’s fine and all, but hardly of interest to me.” She looked expectantly up into Kathy’s eyes.

“Yes…it was a little slow,” Kathy conceded. “But I think I’ll come back next week, it might get a little more interesting.”

“Suit yourself,” Samantha said. “My parents are coming to visit, I’ll probably be busy with them. Those two are inseparable.”

Kathy thought her comment was a little brusque, but shrugged. “Yes, I understand…but I think I’ll give it at least another chance.”

Samantha shrugged and smiled.

“I guess you’re more patient than I am,” she giggled. “Umm, you mentioned that you were originally from Vermont — my little sister is thinking about going to Norwich…do you know anything about it?”

Kathy thought for a moment, then, seeing no harm in it, said, “Yeah, a little. Maybe we can talk over coffee?” The two headed over to the campus coffee shop in the Student Union.

After Kathy filled Samantha in on Norwich, the two discussed more personal matters, feeling a kinship of sorts, although their ages were separated by four or five years.

“I think Billy is going to ask me to marry him, soon,” Samantha confided. “He and I have been dating ever since beginning high school, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than become Mrs. William Talleywhacker.”

“Talleywhacker?” Kathy asked, suddenly feeling a need to scratch her lips, more to cover her grin than anything else.

“Yeah, it is kind of a funny name istanbul escort — but Billy is the sweetest thing…of course, I want to finish here first before we have any children. I don’t want to be one of those housewives who are barefoot and pregnant all the time, with no skills or education.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Kathy said.

“What about you?” Samantha asked.

“Me?” Kathy asked.

“Yes, is there someone special?”

“Oh…well, kind of. My boyfriend and I broke up a couple of weeks ago, but you never know. I still have a sort of attraction to him…”

“Billy has a friend…” Samantha began, hopefully. “He’s really nice.”

Kathy smiled. “I think I can only handle one ‘sort of’ boyfriend at a time.” She had no interest in any blind dates.

“Well, just let me know…” Samantha said. Samantha nodded. The two parted ways, with Samantha telling Kathy that, while she didn’t think she’d be back with the group, would Kathy mind if she kept in touch with her?

Kathy agreed, and the two swapped cell phone numbers.

* * * *

The next week was miserable for Kathy. She felt chills and muscle aches the whole week, and found that she shared her symptoms with her partner, Linda.

“I bet it was that dipshit at the Dunkin’ last week, you remember? They guy who sneezed on me? And I guess, on you too.”

“I suppose it’s okay that we work sick, since we’re both infected, right?” Kathy said. “It’s not like either one of us is going to infect the other. So….a couple of speeders get whatever we have, right?”

“That’s a great way to save on sick leave, I guess,” Linda conceded. “And wield justice to those who fall afoul of the law.” While she said the latter part, she mock-assumed a glowering expression.

“Ha,” Kathy said, with a wan smile, then shivered.

* * * *

The next week, feeling much better, and in her role as ‘Kathy Allen, inquisitive grad student,’ Kathy returned to the WAP meeting. To her surprise, Samantha was there too.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” she hissed under her breath to the black-haired coed.

Samantha looked weary. “I didn’t think I was either, but this last week….I’ve never felt such a range of emotions. Then I felt as though I had to come.”

The two didn’t speak together any more during the meeting, but when it drew to a close, Samantha touched Kathy’s arm with her hand. Kathy felt an exciting tingle from her touch.

“Would you…possibly…have coffee with me again?” Samantha asked, tentatively.

To her own surprise, Kathy responded quickly, “I’d love to.” She dismissed the tingle at the base of her stomach.

“We could save a little money, I have an off-campus apartment — it’s not very big, but I could make coffee there…” Samantha’s expression, while hopeful, seemed to almost favor the expression, “wolf-like”.

The tingle in Kathy’s stomach grew, and became more identifiable to her. It was the same way she’d felt the first time a boy had managed to get his hand under her skirt. Was she was actually becoming excited to be alone with the girl? “Where did that come from,” she wondered, but nonetheless responded warmly to the young girl’s invitation.

“That sounds…quite lovely,” she said breathily. The two walked across campus, Samantha leading the way, conversing as they went. If you had quizzed Kathy later on what they talked about, it’s doubtful that she’d have any idea. The frankly sexual wave of desire that was washing over her, was quickly crowding out thought.

They arrived at Samantha’s door, a second floor walkup garden apartment, a studio. As Samantha pressed the key into the lock, Kathy pressed herself into Samantha, the girl’s ass feeling heavenly against Kathy’s increasingly excited and hot crotch. “God, what is going on?” she thought.

But to Kathy’s surprise, Samantha didn’t object to her touch. It seemed to Kathy that Samantha actually pushed back, her pert and warm bottom grinding into Kathy. Then she giggled, and pushed the door open, both women almost falling into the tiny apartment.

Samantha whirled around, as Kathy searched for some excuse for her own behavior. “I’m sorry, I-” she began, with the best of intentions, but she saw Samantha’s brown eyes widen, then Samantha’s mouth was on hers. Somewhere behind them, the door closed.

The two women sucked in each other’s breath voraciously, their hands not even pausing to caress the other, before slipping under clothes, far too many clothes, it seemed. Kathy’s hands ripped Samantha’s blouse out of the waistband of her jeans, her fingers slipping over warm, satiny girl skin, to climb up the girl’s flat stomach and roughly squeeze the girl’s soft, apple-sized breasts, her nipples hard little pebbles in her palms.

Just as quickly, Samantha thrust her hand down Kathy’s khaki slacks, her hand outside Kathy’s thin cotton panties, but her fingers boldly pinching the policewoman’s rapidly plumping labia.

“Oh, fuck!” Kathy moaned, as an unexpected orgasm raced through her. “God, when was the last time I came from somebody else?” she thought, recalling some date’s rough and stubbly face — but that image quickly faded when the excitement of being felt up by another girl caused her second orgasm — a very unexpected development for Kathy, to say the least.

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