Deep Thoughts

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This story is fictional. If explicit sex offends you, please do not proceed any further. This story was written to arouse and excite, if this is what you seek… enjoy.


Sandy thought deeply, recalling the many lonely nights she had spent since she had separated from her abusive husband-the pig! Nights were the worst; she couldn’t remember when she last enjoyed herself in the evening.

She was traveling to her brother’s home across the country in California. Ben had begged her to visit ever since her break-up. Now she had finally hit bottom emotionally, and just gave in to Ben’s insistence. “Ok.” She had told him, “I’ll come.”

Ben greeted her at the airport. He was animated and excited to see her. She remained subdued and distant. On the ride to Ben’s house he pointed out the features of the surrounding environs as a tour guide might. She would look, but invariably her eyes, glazed and red from the many sleepless nights, would return to stare blankly at the road ahead.

As Ben pulled into the drive of his beach front condo, he noticed a visible change in Sandy’s demeanor. She sat up and seemed to be impressed by the surroundings. “Welcome to my world sis.” He beamed as he pulled to a stop.

Sandy mustered a small, “Wow,” As she looked the place over.

Leading her into the condo, Ben says, “Sis, you can freshen up and catch a nap before dinner. Your bedroom is on the right. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Sandy slept fitfully. Ben woke her for dinner at seven, the meal was good but the conversation was one sided. Ben was content to prattle about anything and everything. She really wasn’t listening to him, just nodding and shrugging from time to time.


As the first week of her visit wore on, she became bored with the sun and sand of the beach during the day and Ben’s prattle at night. Ben was a nice guy, but not particularly receptive to her needs. Sandy asked him one night, “Can we go out for dinner?”

Ben was eager to please and responded, “I know just the place.”

As they entered a very nice restaurant, the maitre d’ happily ushered them to a booth near a beautiful indoor garden. As the waiter was serving their drinks, a very attractive couple spied Ben and made a small scene saying how happy it was to see him again. They asked the maitre d’ to seat them nearby, but with a wave Ben insisted they sit together. Al and Carla were their names, and they were a lively pair. They talked into the night and Ben noticed that Sandy had begun to smile and even laughed at Al’s clever conversation.

Carla teased Sandy for encouraging Al’s antics. Sandy smiled and blushed as she did so. Al commented that Sandy was cute when she blushed, and that Carla never blushed anymore. Ben wondered what that sideways comment meant and Carla saw the confusion on his face.

“What he means is that Al acts out like this from time to time when he is attracted to another woman.” Carla explained to the stunned pair.

“Doesn’t that upset you?” Sandy asked, confused.

“Oh, no, I get back by teasing other guys.” Carla giggled.

Ben and Sandy, eyebrows raised, exchanged puzzled glances.

Al further explained, “We have an open marriage, sort of. You see Carla and I have agreed to let other couples into our marriage.”

“You mean you cheat on one-another?” Sandy asked, amazed.

“No, no, we only share partners from time to time. We never have individual affairs, or such.” Carla corrected her.

Ben looked as though he had been electrocuted. Sandy stared as the couple explained how they began what they called their ‘swapping’.

Soon both Ben and Sandy had succumbed to the charismatic couple’s charms and were no longer shocked, but inquisitive about the adventures that the couple had experienced. Sandy asked them what had gotten them started, and how they picked their first couple. Al answered first, explaining that they had fantasized about having others in their love life before they ever tried it. Carla told of how they had met a very nice couple at a bar, ‘picked them up’, and everything just took off from there.

Ben then said, “You obviously feel comfortable sharing this with us. But we aren’t a couple, aren’t you making a mistake?”

Carla looked at Al, who had a grin from ear to ear, and began to giggle, saying, “Do you mean that you are interested, Ben?”

Ben turned red, looked at his sister in embarrassed humility, and answered Carla, saying, “Well… I… Uh… Find you very attractive, uh… But…”

Al chimed in, “Cat got your tongue Ben?”

Sandy had had enough, laughing out loud she pointed to her brother and said, “You sure put your foot in it now, Ben, I can’t wait to see you talk your way out of this mess.”

Carla took this opportunity to encourage Sandy, “You go girl, tell him not to mess this up for you.”

Sandy was smiling, but the realization of what Carla had said sunk in and pleased her deeply. She was pleased. She had found something, antalya escort someone, to please her. Just then it became apparent to her that she wanted to do this, to have fun with these people, with Al. “Ben you have help me out here bro, they need a couple and we are it tonight.” She heard herself saying to her brother.

Ben was floored. His sister was asking him to participate in a swap with this couple, his friends. “Are you serious, Sandy?” he asked.

Carla looked at Al, who looked expectantly to Sandy who smiled and thought for a brief moment before saying to Ben, “I want this more than anything, Ben. Please!”

Ben smiled at Carla, raised a finger to signal the waiter, and said “Check.”


Back at Ben’s place, Sandy and Carla excused themselves to freshen up, while Ben and Al opened a bottle of wine to christen the night’s activities. They are all soon together in the living room chit-chatting that nervous little talk people talk when they are sexually aroused. Carla moves first and maneuvers close to Ben and Sandy takes her cue to move beside Al. Soon the two couples are lost to themselves, and their passions.

Sandy put her right hand on the back of Al’s neck, as he gripped her breast. Sandy let out a moan, and said, “I can’t believe this is happening. I am getting so excited.” She put her head back on the couch and closed her eyes, a woman who was in new territory and just letting things happen. She was really getting hot. And Al was really primed. He was breathing heavy and groaning. She was clearly very willing, almost liquid in her motions. Some time during the evening Sandy and Al had moved to her room, leaving Ben and Carla to themselves.


Lying on the living room floor, Carla was looking in Ben’s eyes as their lips met for their first kiss. He was so soft but firm with her. She was completely lost in Ben’s eyes and his kiss. She let her hands roam over his back and arms. He was pulling her closer, his hands pressed at the small of her back. He slipped a thigh between her legs as he pushed his hands under her sweater. Carla trembled with both fear and excitement. His hands were so warm and she could feel their strength. She broke the kiss and without a word led him to the bedroom. She had wondered what he looked like and now she was going to find out.

She closed the door and turned back to Ben who was standing at the foot of the bed. She took the three steps to him and placed her hands on his chest. She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it open. She rubbed her palms all over his chest, and leaned in to flick her tongue across his nipples. She kept licking and sucking first one and then the other nipple as her hands moved to his jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped them and pushed them down over his buttocks. Carla moved her hands to the front of Ben’s underwear and felt him hot and hard. She traced her fingernails over the bulge of his cock. She lowered herself to her knees and pushed Ben’s jeans down further and then pushed the underwear down, freeing his beautifully hard dick. Carla brought her hands up the inside of Ben’s thighs and cupped his balls in one hand and took hold of him with the other. She began to stroke Ben’s hardness slowly while looking up at the pleasure on his face. She loved to pleasure men when they just let themselves be touched.

She brought her lips to the tip of his penis and kissed, then licked, letting her tongue move all over the head of his rigid organ. Slowly, savoring each inch, she drew Ben into her mouth until he touched the back of her throat. Then she pulled off, almost all the way and slowly swallowed his cock again and again. Carla was terribly horny by this time. She needed this cock, Ben’s cock, to fill her pussy. She stood and pushed him back onto the bed. Carla pulled her sweater over her head to reveal her full breasts and hard nipples. She straddled Ben and guided him into her. She moved down him slowly, wanting only to feel as much as possible. It felt so good inside her. Carla started moving on his cock letting it fill her full and then moving up until he almost fell out.

As her desire grew, so did her motions, faster and harder she fucked a very willing Ben. He placed his hands on her hips helping to hold her as he met her thrusts. They fucked furiously until she felt him growing even harder in her pussy. Then she felt him tense and as he fucked her. She was so excited that he was close; she felt her own climax coming. After a few more hard strokes they both came together, his hot seed spilling deep within her quivering womb. She collapsed on his chest breathing hard, his heart pounding in her ears, the alcohol having taken its toll she began to doze off. She knew that this was only the beginning of the relationship and that they would have a lot of time to explore their fantasies as they got to know one-another’s bodies. She fell asleep as Ben caressed her gently.

Ben could hear his sister and Al in the next room making love, and none too quietly serik escort at that. He lay there, listening to them and became interested in watching them.


Al pulled the covers on the bed back, and sat down on the bed. Sandy pulled her blouse over her head. She put her arms around Al. She smiled, and tilted her head up to be kissed and they fused together for a long searching, probing embrace. She reached around behind herself to prop herself up on the pillows. She turned to face Al. He reached up and ran his hands up the back of her legs, from her knees up to her ass.

She shivered and vibrated, and Al stood up, running his hands from her ass up her sides and ending on her breasts. He reached down to her hips, and grabbed her underwear, and in one fast motion, pulled them off. Sliding his hands down over her stomach, and finally running his hands down onto her pubic bone. She moaned and her hands began to search front and back for his male member.

Al put his hands on her breasts, and kissed her gently on the mouth. Her hands were desperately searching for his maleness. She was completely naked now, and she was lost in a haze. She was completely his to play with. She was not thinking at all. Al sat back down on the bed, with her lying between his legs, her breasts jutting out.

While she watched, Al leaned slowly forward and kissed under her nipples. With one hand under each breast, he suckled the nipples gently. Sandy began to moan and gasp. She put her head back against the pillow and moaned louder, as Al sucked each nipple and pulled the other. He began going back and forth, faster and faster, and working her breasts with his hands. She was transported to another place, and she began to tremble.

Al guided her over on the bed, and she hitched herself across the mattress, so that she was sitting with her legs under her. She looked at Al and then she looked out the door as if she was looking to see if Ben or Carla could be seen, and she said, “Please take off your clothes.”

Al was out of his shirt in seconds, and he stripped his shorts and shoes off, in one motion. His cock popped out, and he said, “Oh God, Sandy, you are just so beautiful, so wonderful, I want you so bad.”

He scrambled across the mattress and his long cock bobbed as he moved. His cock was long, maybe 8 inches, and it stuck straight out. The head was very dark, a deep purple. Sandy looked at it with hunger. As he got close to her, she reached out and gripped his cock tight. She put the other hand around his neck, and he kissed her mouth hungrily. They stayed in that kiss forever, their tongues searching each other, her hand slowly rotating and stretching the skin of his cock in long slow pulls.

As she started to caress his balls and he rubbed the inside of her thighs, they began to lose track of time, and their heat continued to increase. It was clear that she was boiling hot. Her legs were apart and his hand was slowly easing up to her silky pussy hair. As his hand finally reached her pussy, she sucked in her breath and cried out, “Oh, Yes, Al, Oh please.”

He was still in no hurry, though. He ran his hand back and forth, with his fleshy fingertips pressed up against her wideness. She had her knees far apart and she had his cock grasped in her hand. She was pulling his cock skin all the way over the end of his cock and then pushing back against his pubic bone, with a thump. Each time she pumped, Al let out a grunt. Her pubic bone was grinding against his hand. Her smell filled the room. It caused Al to flare his nostrils and to swell up.

She dropped back on the bed, rolled over on her side, and he scooted over so that he was facing her, his cock against her stomach. She hung on to his cock, and he reached around her waist and put his open hand on the swell of her ass, pulling her against him. His cock was poking into her stomach and she was now moving her hips with smooth, intense rolls, holding him to her stomach in her fist. Her right leg began to come up over his side, so that her pussy was wide open for his hand. She was the universal female asking to be fucked. She was saying, oh please mount me. I am wide open.

Al slowed his own humping of her stomach, and captured her face with both hands, while she held him. Almost sitting up, he slowly lowered his face down onto hers, and kissed her tenderly. He gave her a long slow, tonguing of her lips and her mouth. He began to suck on her lips and run his tongue in and out of her. Her noises got louder. She began to rock and shake. Her pussy was still only lightly caressed by Al. Her thigh muscles were jerking and jumping.

While Al was kissing her, she went wild and began thrusting wildly with her pussy. She made animal noises, high pitched female noises, sounding desperate, and then she screamed, coming before he could even get two fingers in. She came all at once, while Al had his tongue down her throat, and was sliding his two fingers into her. Her side escort back snapped into an arch, pulling her face away from Al, and her pussy squeezed down on his hand like she was grabbing his finger.

The passionate noise from his sister’s bedroom aroused Ben so much that he just had to watch. While Carla slept, Ben carefully crept to the door and peered in to see his sister in the midst of ecstasy.

Sandy bucked and cried out, “Yeeeesssss, Oooooooh God, that’s sooooooo gooooooodddd. Ahhhhhhieeeeeeeeee. I’m coming.”

Al held on to her pussy and forced both fingers all the way in while she was coming. She responded with another back snap and another cry. She was out of control, just one giant come. He thrust at her pussy, causing more little screams and jerks. Al’s other hand was massaging the spot above her pelvic bone. Wow. What an experience!

As she was coming, Al slid down lower on the bed, so that his cock could get between her legs. Much to Ben’s surprise, Al’s cock started pushing against her leg. His fingers were inside her convulsing pussy and Al’s long cock slipped down to press against her bottom.

It was the most elemental sensation Ben could imagine. It seemed dangerous to him. She needed him very badly he thought. Ben watched as his friend’s cock head pressed into her. He could see the underside of his cock, and Ben couldn’t stop himself from uttering a small “wow!”

She was completely soaked, and he was leaking precome fluid. Al let out a huge moan. His cock was so incredibly hard. Al pushed hard and his pubic bone crushed against her moist pussy.

Everything in the general area of Sandy’s pussy was soaking wet. She was sweating enough that she was glistening. As Al rested his cock head partway inside her, he ran his fingertips around her ass hole. Sandy quivered, and jerked back toward the pillow. Without any hesitation, he slid a finger inside her ass. She made an approving noise. She said, “Oh, yes, I can’t believe this. Please do me good.”

With her on her left side, and with her right leg over his side, it was easy for Ben to see he had yet to fully enter her. As he started to push, she was still relaxed from her orgasm, and she opened her ass up with no resistance. His finger went in easily, and she wiggled in pleasure. Al thrust further into her pussy, and impaled her from behind with his finger. Sandy was mindless. She had arrived in heaven.

Al couldn’t get all the way in with one thrust, so he stopped and gave her a chance to adjust and to push with him. They gradually pushed together, and he gave little jerks as tremors passed through her crotch. She squirmed and rotated and pushed, gasping for air. When they finally were joined all the way, he shoved his finger in as well.

Ben could see the base of Al’s cock, bumping against the opening of her vagina. At last, Al was deep inside Sandy. She was impaled like never before. She was babbling, with a kind of guttural laughing. Kind of like a huffing, stuttering sound.

They were at the peak of their adventure. Ben’s friend was fucking his sister and she loved it.

She was wide open and totally at his mercy. She just hung on to Al. Rather than thrust wildly, he continued to push steadily up inside her as far as he could reach, until she let out a deep groan. “Ooooh my gooooodddddddd, please do me now. Please do me sweet.”

Al began a slow withdrawal, then began to slowly slide back in.

It just seemed natural, and they each began slow undulations, alternating with slow pushes back and forth inside her. She was completely beyond thought. Just impaling her and getting fucked like never before in her life. She was beyond any previous self-restraints. She was blissful. All their smells were mingled together, into one tangy, sweet aroma. All three just floated in a mutual sexual haze.

Al was very happy, and his thrusts began to take on their own life. Sandy felt it building, and so did Al. She began to moan and Al plunged faster and faster. Her head was back, her eyes closed, her teeth showing. Her breasts were bobbing, her back arched, as Al plunged harder and harder. She was crying out, “Oh, oh, oh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh.” Her noises were getting higher pitched. Ben knew that meant that she was just about to come.

They came for what seemed like several minutes, and they lay together, shaking, and jerking. For a while, they lay motionless, just getting their composure. Al withdrew, and let Sandy fall back on the mattress. As she collapsed against the bed, Al plopped out of her, with a trail of semen reaching from his softening cock head to her furry entry. Ben watched as he rolled over and kissed her on the mouth, and she kissed him back passionately, with hunger. She had tears streaming down her cheeks, and she was totally absorbed in her feelings. Al flopped back and then rolled over to give her a second kiss, which she returned with the same hunger that she had just kissed him.

Ben moved back to the living room, sat and began to reflect on the events that had transpired. Soon Carla appeared and said, “Sorry I crapped out Ben,” in an apologetic tone. Al followed out of Sandy’s room and said how much he had enjoyed the evening. The couple left quietly and the house was suddenly lonely.

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