Deidre in the Islands Ch. 03

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Janine was panting by the time she got back to her room. She felt so lightheaded after the sun, the rum, and especially all the stimulation around her. It was disconcerting. She had thought that she was so liberal and her politics were libertarian but Iznoma Hedonia was libertine. The atmosphere of intense but casual sex at the resort aroused her but the intensity was too much. It overwhelmed her. Just being around it was disorienting because of the tension she felt. She wanted it for herself but felt that she had to keep away from it. It was her duty as a journalist.

She had to keep her distance from all this. She was a professional, for goodness’ sake! Her standards of reporting were too high to let herself get sucked into all this sensual permissiveness! She had to be objective! She had to resist! Her story had to show that … what? It was then that she realized that she really had no idea what she was going to write and how to tell the story. She was observing something that was affecting her, awakening desire, but she had to resist….and why was that? In order to observe because the angle of her story was … what? It was to tear the lid off this privileged playground for the over-sexed and tell her readers the truth,….which was? She was here to do an investigation to reveal….what, motivation — of who? She had already started writing the story in her mind and was focused on the history of Iznoma Hedonia — not so much what she got from Deidre on their walk but the real story of how a strip club owner was able to get her sugar daddy, the country’s biggest pornographer, to finance acquisition of this anything-goes resort….in other words, by going on this visit could she really tell her readers anything more about the how and the when? But now that she was here, she realized, with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, that her readers wouldn’t care beyond the amusement of a few interesting details.

The real story….she was just starting to believe was why. Not why people wanted to have sex with beautiful partners in a paradise setting but why….why what?

She was still hot as well as overheated and the stress was giving her a headache. She thought perhaps a shower would calm her down. She started the water running and when she took off her loincloth it was still damp with her secretions and tossed it on the bed. She had never dripped so much in her life without having actual sex. The cool water did feel good on her skin and seemed to cool down her pussy. She felt a little, but not much, better when she stepped out of the stall and toweled off. For no particular reason, since it was comfortably warm in the room, she wrapped the damp towel around her shoulders as if shielding her nakedness, although her lower body was uncovered. She knew that unsatisfied feeling she felt was horniness. She fingered her crotch before she sat down to see how wet she still was. Damn! she thought, she was still dripping and her lips still felt puffy.

She decided to lie down for a while and lay nude on the bedspread. She did not feel the slightest sleepy even though she felt tired and her mind was racing with thoughts of sex temptation, and her duty as a journalist to be detached from what she was reporting. She got up after a few minutes, very unsatisfied.

Maybe there was something on television to distract her. Janine looked past the coffee table, with its big bowl of condoms and decorator wooden box filled with packets of personal lubricant, to the television set across the room. She picked up the remote and tried some channels. She should have known better. There was one weak channel from Miami, a signal from Jamaica with a lot of interference, and the local broadcast channel, which was playing amateur soccer. Everything else was closed-circuit and porn. There were channels running loops and channels running full-length dirty movies, of every description and persuasion that was legal under international law. She saw anal, which she never much cared for, long and hot oral, which she had always loved, threesomes, orgies, kinky stuff with dungeons, large insertions, very large insertions, Japanese girls getting tied up in ropes, gay men, women, Brazilian girls with dicks, multiethnic and multiracial couplings, underwater sex, and obscene acts with peeled avocadoes. She was never going to get away from titillation this way. After making the rounds of channels with the remote, she settled on a station that seemed to specialize in dreamy, romantic seduction and mutual oral pleasure. She watched for a few minutes as the woman on the screen — who looked a lot like her, was pleasured by another woman while a man sucked on her nipples and then came wetly in a wave of passion….

Suddenly, the headache was gone, like that magic moment at the end of a hangover when it all disappears. She realized exactly what she had to do! She had been resisting the obvious. After all, she was not just a writer telling a story about sexual real estate and hedonism. She was otele gelen escort a writer for Against Moss, the magazine of her generation! The magazine that made “gonzo” journalism an art form! That made it fashionable and even respectable for the reporter to put themselves in the story and to write about their reactions instead of maintaining professional objectivity. That wrote about being “terrified and disdainful” (in the words of her hero at Against Moss, Fisher Simpson, the locally famous would-be self-regarded protege of the great but inattentive Hunter Thompson, who started it all with “fear and loathing” at that other magazine, the competition) rather than the facts — really, any facts.

This was 1985, after all! She was a modern journalist! This was the new wave of journalism! If she really wanted to connect with her readers, she needed to feel Iznoma Hedonia deeply and personally, take in the entire experience, and report what she felt….that is what would make not a good story, but a great story!

With a new sense of purpose, she took out her pad and started writing the opening of a story about a woman who tells her readers about abandoning inhibitions in the search for sensual knowledge, for….

There was a knock on the door of her room. Shit! thought Janine. Just when she was making progress. “Coming!” she yelled. She hit “Mute” on the remote button to silence the television. She quickly looked behind the bathroom door for a bathrobe and found a thin cotton gown hanging there, but then she remembered that she was at a resort where everyone went nude. Why bother? But she didn’t still feel right answering the door in the nude so she grabbed a towel. There was another knock. Holding the towel in front of her, modest from force of habit rather than conviction, she opened to the door.

There, standing in front of her, was the most gorgeous man she had ever imagined. He was not too tall but almost a head taller than Janine, brown-skinned, with deep, limpid brown eyes and black wavy hair, matched by a sexy moustache and goatee, with broad shoulders. He was dressed in a more formal version of the resort uniform, like a tailored suit in brown and blue, and held a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other, with a towel draped close to his wrist and a fresh loincloth draped close to his elbow.

“Good afternoon.” His voice was like honey and he smiled broadly and invitingly but not lasciviously. “I am Carlos. I here to welcome you and to repeat La Dama Deidre’s invitation to dine tonight at the restaurant downstairs, La Diva. May I come in?” His voice was softly accented with Spanish.

Janine was flustered — she had never let a strange man into her hotel room before. “I don’t think so. Why?”

“Well, I will put your flowers into a vase,” (he pronounced it “vahz”) “and give you champagne and while I am here I will prepare your room. Before I became the maitre d’ I worked in housekeeping, so I can also turn down your bed and replace your loincloth.” Janine knew perfectly well that resorts, even the most expensive, do not usually do bed turn-downs at 2:00 in the afternoon or deliver a clean garment unrequested and in person every day. Nevertheless, something in her mind whispered that she was not in danger and that she should not resist. This could be opportunity knocking. “Of course”, she said and stepped back. Carlos stepped in. She had just willingly allowed a penis to enter the room.

With easy grace and efficiency, Carlos put down the bouquet and bottle, draped the two cloth strips and cord belt of the fresh loincloth over a valet rack next to the door, opened a cabinet, and found a vase, which he filled with water in the bathroom and brought out to receive the beautiful, colorful bouquet, radiant in shades of pink and red. This he put on the coffee table next to the bowl of condoms, glancing at the silent television screen — still playing on the oral sex channel, suggesting Janine’s preferences — without saying a word. He asked her how she felt, if she liked her room, how her first day was going, and whether she would like a glass of champagne. She was feeling a little better, she said, and the idea of sipping champagne was refreshing. She was still standing and holding the towel, which hid her breasts and, because she was a small woman, fell below her crotch but revealed her pretty legs. Carlos returned to the cabinet and found a champagne flute. He opened the bottle and poured for her — only her, not for himself.

As he did so he said, “You cannot be comfortable standing there holding that towel. There is a housecoat behind the bathroom door and I have put your clean loincloth on the over there, if you wish to wear something.” He did not have to say it – that she did not have to wear anything at all.

“Oh, I’m fine. I’ll just sit here on the sofa. Why don’t you pour some for yourself and sit here when you finish with the bed?” she purred. She still pendik escort held the dry towel in front of her with her left arm but now she was sitting on one end of the sofa holding her glass of champagne in the other hand.

Carlos smoothed out the bedspread and started to turn down her bed, with practiced and deliberate movements. He folded it over with a sharp and straight crease and then did the same for the sheet, smoothing it with his long, sensitive hands, as if caressing the place where Janine would soon lay her body. He fluffed the pillows as if he were preparing a nest for her. Janine noticed that he had very broad shoulders.

Finally, he picked up Janine’s used loincloth strip, now dry from her juices. He went to the cabinet and Janine saw that while she took a sip he sniffed the cloth and then put it into his pocket. Only then did he bring out another glass and pour some champagne for himself.

“May I?” he asked, before sitting down on the leather sofa next to her.

“Of course, she replied, “as long as you take advantage of the situation”, and let the front of the towel drop as she extended her left arm across the back of the sofa. The towel fell in her lap and her pretty, firm C-cup tits with their dark pink nipples and wide pink areolas that surrounded them and that were such a part of her image were revealed to the man sitting next to her. Carlos looked at her chest appreciatively as he sat down on the other end of the sofa, his eyes obviously taking in their features but he said nothing about her nakedness that would disturb the naturalness of the situation. He smiled but when he spoke he kept his eyes locked on her eyes, without staring at her chest.

“I toast your visit to Iznoma Hedonia and I hope that you return many times,” he said, holding up his glass. “You brighten this place.” Janine was quite happy with this remark and took another sip of champagne. Her nipples were visibly erect and she felt wet again under her towel.

“This is very nice champagne,” Janine said, although she knew very little about the quality of champagne. “Do you do this for all the women guests?”

“Of course not,” Carlos smiled, a brilliant and disarming smile with a gleam in his eye. “But I am very glad that I was asked to do so for you.”

“Carlos, you wouldn’t be trying to seduce me, would you?” she said, sitting there naked by choice next to the clothed messenger.

“Well, what is that?” Carlos replied. “Seduction means that you do something you really want to do, even if you do not know it, but you are holding back until someone makes you comfortable. If it is forced on you, it is bad and it is not seduction. If you go after it yourself, it is not seduction either. Seduction is a way of helping you do what you wish to do. If you mean by that do I want to help you do what you wish to do — of course! But in the end it is you who must decide what you wish to do.”

Janine liked that answer so much she would have written it down in other circumstances but she did not want to break the flow of this very interesting conversation.

“Well then let’s talk about what you want. Do I understand correctly that you would not object if I agreed to get on the bed that you have just carefully prepared for me? And that you plan — have every intention — of joining me there and of acting out some fantasy of yours involving my body?”

“I am a man in the presence of a beautiful woman, so of course I have those thoughts. But my human desires are not what decides what will happen. It is your desire and wish that will decide. So you can concentrate on the process of agreement and the pleasure of anticipation or you can concentrate on the act and the pleasure it will bring or you can bring it all to a close and watch television.” This last remark, a little joke, might have sounded too downbeat except that there was a particularly torrid scene of cunnilingus on the TV at that moment.

“So it all comes down to what I want,” Janine mused. She was aware that Carlos had put his arm up on the back of the sofa and their fingers were touching.

“Yes, and if you and I want the same thing, then it can happen to us together and I can be the instrument of your desire. But if you do not wish for it, then all I can do is provide the opportunity for your fulfillment and I must respect your wishes.”

“How do I know that I would want what it is that you would like to give me? How do I know you will be what I want?” She let him entwine his fingers in hers and then shifted her position to face him, causing the towel in her lap to fall away from her fine brown pubic hair.

When she moved, so did he, as if to face her as she faced him, coming closer to her side of the sofa but not past the middle.

“I cannot give you any promises and so there is always a risk but what is life of disappointment without risk. We could never explore or learn without trying the unknown.” He kissed the back of her rus escort hand. “But if you are concerned, I can show you how I treat a woman and you can decide if that is what you like.” He kissed the palm of her hand.

“Yes,” Janine said as he kissed the inside of her wrist and forearm. “I would like for you to show me how you would treat a woman like me. Whether I ‘wish’ for anything more I cannot say until I know what I am wishing for. ”

“You are a very wise woman,” said Carlos, who after he put the glass down on the table in front of them moved closer to her and was now kissing the inside of her elbow and upper arm. His face brushed her young and firm tit. He rose to kiss her shoulders and neck and around her face to the lobe of her ear, which he took into his mouth and sucked, pausing for a moment to lick the inside of her ear. His other hand had gone around her waist to pull her to him and was now gently caressing her other firm tit. The towel had fallen to the floor and she sat there leaning into him, legs together, and put her hand on his thigh for support — without looking she placed it a little too high and it came down on a very nice sized, very firm erect cock in his tight-fitting uniform pants. She was breathing heavily now as he held her in his arms and kissed her on the mouth — she offered no resistance as his tongue entered her. Her breasts were pushed out to the sides as they pressed up against his uniform coat. She felt his fingers running up and down her back and neck as he kissed her long, hard, and deeply. Then he loosened his embrace and let her sink back a little, arching her back as he kissed the front of her neck and between her breasts, stopping now and then to press them together against his cheeks. Then he leaned forward and kissed the tops and sides of her breasts, licked her wide, dark pink areolas, and took the nipple of one breast in his mouth, sucking each one first gently and then forcefully and flicking it with his tongue inside his mouth. Janine loved having her breasts played with and he was doing it masterfully, slow and gentle.

He continued to hold her around her waist but they had dropped lower. She was aware that his hands were inches away from her groin. He gently let her sink back even more until she was lying on the sofa with her feet on the floor, but the position was not going to be comfortable for long so he leaned back and lifted her left leg up and to the back of the cushion. He did it so smoothly and naturally.

Now he kissed from between her breasts down the midline of her stomach, her young, flat abdomen, her button, and, after shifting position, began to approach her pelvis with his lips. His trim goatee and moustache felt soft and slightly ticklish against her tender skin. This was getting serious but she offered no resistance or sign of reservation. Her hands, which had been clutching her breasts after he left them, now rested on her thighs. She moved her right foot a little further out on the floor.

He sat up and with his right hand gently lifted her leg to the back of the sofa, exposing her cleft within its nest of pubic hair. It was closed right now, a brownish pink seam set within a pale pink mound, surrounded by soft brown hair. He opened it with his thumbs. He could see inside now, and it was very pretty. Pale pink, with a good-sized clit that protruded from under its little hood, and an opening that looked very wet and inviting. He leaned into her and she felt the cloth of his uniform against her legs as he pressed his face to her pussy, paused to take in the fresh scent, and then put his tongue in her opening. He took his time, very relaxed, lapping at her entrance and kissing her lips and inner thighs, keeping away from her clit for now. She liked it and she had to admit that participatory journalism beat any other kind for this assignment. As he used his talented mouth on her, she felt herself climbing higher and higher in her arousal — she had been frustrated emotionally before they began and now she felt the tension build physically. Higher and higher, until he finally moved his tireless tongue an inch and began to lap her quivering clit. It only took a couple of minutes for her to come, a massive, pelvis-shattering orgasm that made her squirt a little stream into his waiting mouth, which covered her and was sucking on her wetness.

“And that is how I would treat a woman like you,” Carlos said, while she was still feeling little aftershocks.

“That would be fine,” she said breathlessly, still coming down from the high of her climax. “Under those circumstances I will let you seduce me.”

Carlos got up and gave her his hand, then pulled her up from the sofa and laid her on the bed. He carefully, meticulously took off his clothes, folded them, and draped them over a chair to prevent wrinkles.

“Carlos,” asked Janine, while she was waiting for him to seduce her, “how did you come to speak such excellent English” She was also thinking, how did you learn such great moves?

“I taught comparative literature at the university,” he said. “Sometimes the women students would tempt me for a better grade. I’m only human! The ugly students complained, so I left. Deidre pays much better, so I am better off. And in this job I have many additional benefits….”

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