Denise… Fucked at Last

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We met Bill and Denise at one of our favorite hangouts here in Mexico, a little cantina with a nice mix of locals and gringos where everyone felt comfortable. I was immediately attracted to Denise, but like many such attractions, nothing was likely to ever come of it. Week after week, we would meet as couples on Sunday, share a few drinks and some laughs, and go our separate ways. I always felt there was something between us with Denise, but never had a chance to even think of exploring it with both my wife and her husband there.

This went on for months, and then one day as I was returning from a class I was teaching, I ran in to Denise alone. Just a chance encounter on the street, we exchanged some casual conversation and were about to head our separate ways when I decided to give it a shot. “I think you said you liked bourbons, and I was just about to go grab a shot at Jose’s, would you like to join me?” I asked.

With only a little hesitation, she replied “Sure, my day is done, what the hell!”

As we walked the few blocks down to the cantina, I had a chance to appreciate the sundress she was wearing, and the tight body it covered and I always admired. A gauzy little affair, it inspired my imagination and by the time we reached the door to Jose’s, I was already picturing the full extent of what was under that dress.

Jose’s is on the rooftop 4th floor of the building he occupies, and has a spectacular view of the colonial Mexican city in which it is located. By the time we ascended the stairs and made our way to the bar, I was already lusting after Denise, and my imagination ran wild with the possibilities. I ordered a couple of shots of Buffalo Trace from the equally hot bar maid Rita, who I had also lusted after on numerous occasions, and proceeded to try and act cool while we bantered with small talk.

As I had been to Jose’s before on numerous occasions, and both the bar maids knew both me and my wife, I had to try and pretend that this was just a casual meeting of friends. By the second round of shots however, I could tell by sınırsız escort the look in her eyes, that this was about to get interesting. Luckily, we were sitting in a spot out of eyeshot to the bar, and the bar maids were both distracted by other customers. As the whiskey began to really kick in, Denise casually knocked a napkin off the table and bent over to retrieve it. This exposed both her what I now realized were bra-less tits to my view. She made a point of lingering there longer than necessary to retrieve the napkin, and catching me getting an eyeful of her beautiful brown areolas, asked “What are you looking at?”

Realizing I was busted, I laughingly replied “Oh, not much” and knowing I was making fun of her pert, but not large breasts, she slapped my leg in response. Moments later, I felt her hand trace its way up my leg and begin to stroke through my pants what was now my increasingly hardening cock. This went on for a minute before I decided to reciprocate, and my finger slid up her skirt to find her cotton panties. Already becoming wet, I gently circled her clit and was rewarded with a deep sigh and a moan.

By now it was obvious that nothing more could happen on the rooftop that wouldn’t create either a scene or a mess. Having visited Jose’s many times, I knew there was a 3rd floor area just below us that was only used for overflow or on special occasions. In it there was also a bathroom that was both spotlessly clean and almost never used. “I have an idea” I said, and called the bar maid over to settle out bill.

After paying our bill, I said “Follow me”, and proceeded to go down the stairs to the 3rd floor. As I suspected, it was empty, and I motioned for Denise to enter. “In here” I said, and pointed toward the empty restroom. She complied, and we found ourselves facing each other.

As I leaned down to kiss her, she literally jumped into my arms to be kissed. The combination of whiskey and lust was working its magic, and she shoved her tongue into my mouth with passion. Then sitting down on taksim escort the closed seat of the toilet, she quickly undid the snap and zipper on my shorts, yanked out my cock, and took the entire length into her mouth without hesitation. I quickly found out that this woman knew how to suck cock, and she repeatedly took it to the hilt. As horny as I was, and as much as I longed to shoot a creamy load down her throat, I was as equally determined to fuck her as well. I reluctantly slid out of her mouth, pulled her to her feet, and turned her around to face the sink. This presented her sweet little ass to me, and as I lifted her skirt, I could smell the scent of her aroused pussy as it rose to my nose.

I have always loved the taste of pussy, and her delightful aroma beckoned me. Dropping to my knees, I pulled down her panties and my tongue found a wet and wonderful playground. I eagerly lapped up the juices I found there and felt her already swollen clit continue to grow. Denise moaned softly as I explored her delightfully moist pussy. In this position, I also found my nose buried in her ass, and while she was very clean, I could smell the slight but not unpleasant odor of a women’s ass. This was a huge turn on, and although I had no idea how she would react, my tongue began to work it way to her nearly perfect round brown star. Reaching my target, Denise flinched and pulled away quickly. “Oh, no one has ever, Bill would never” she whispered before backing up and presenting her apparently virgin asshole for another taste. I just had to oblige, and my tongue traced its way around her ass in small circular motions. “Oh fuck, that feels amazing, please don’t stop” she moaned.

At this point, I both felt and heard her fingers reach for her clit, and she was soon strumming away with her fingers while my tongue alternated between gently probing and then circling her hole. Within moments, she was ready to cum, and I felt her entire body shudder while she muttered “Oh fuck, oh fuck”.

Now it was time to fuck her, and she had tesettürlü escort no objection as I rose to my feet and slid the entire length of my cock into her dripping wet pussy. After a couple of hard strokes, I realized the sound of my balls slapping on her ass might be heard outside the bathroom, so I slowed to just a deep and gentle penetration. This seemed to work for both of us, and I felt her cum again just as I shot a huge load of my cum deep in her pussy. Knowing we were already in danger of being caught, we rested for just a moment until my cock slid out of her now saturated cunt.

It was time to leave, and Denise scooped up her panties from the floor and stuffed them into her purse. I slowly opened the door, peered out, and was relieved to see no one was there. We quietly left the room and headed down the remaining flights of stairs to the street. We began walking down the slowly darkening street toward our respective homes with our mutual departing points still several blocks away. There wasn’t much to say. We both knew we had enjoyed this carnal pleasure together more than anything we had shared with our spouses in a while, but it was best left unsaid.

As we headed down the street, Denise suddenly said “I can feel your cum running down my leg”, and quickly ducked into a darkened doorway. I looked in and saw her pull up her skirt, reach down with two fingers, and trace a line from her knees to her pussy. She came up with a large dollop of my cum and proceeded to lick it from her fingers. “Yum!” she exclaimed and then said “I think there’s more, would you like a taste?”

“I’ll pass” I laughed and she just gave me a devilish grin, dipped her fingers in her still dripping pussy, and took another mouthful.

“Good to the last drop!” she said as she lowered her skirt and joined me back on the street. A block later, we came to our mutual departure points and I gave her a quick kiss and I could still taste my cum on her lips. I think both of us knew this would never happen again, and indeed about six weeks later, Bill and Denise announced they were selling their house here and returning to the United States. While disappointed, I think we both knew that we were never meant to be, and fucking up our marriages was just not a good choice. That one night however was a very good choice, and one that neither of us will ever forget.

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