Desert Gardens Ch. 03

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As she began her long way home her heart was heavy with sorrow yet her step was light from her new found love. But she had not discovered the fruit of that tree which grew in the middle of the desert, the only fruit still missing in the Empress’ garden. Instead, she had turned the tree back into a woman, losing it forever. But, she had found love, bliss and happiness, if only for a short while there, under those monumental boulders on the rocky ground in between the princess’ legs.

The way back home was easier and shorter than she had remembered. Was it because she had finally grown used to the shifting sands beneath her feet? Was it that she had found her bearing again? Or was it that she had become invigorated by the lustful encounter and the shared passion between her and the strange princess? She did not know, but she didn’t dwell on these thoughts for too long. For soon she saw the familiar spires and minarets of the city whose streets sparkled like gold in the afternoon sun, whose parks and palaces were renowned for miles and miles, and whose people were so beautiful and proud, carrying on with their lives as if nothing had changed.

Because nothing had changed, not to them, not to the city of Gurganj, nor to the Empire of Xvarazm. But only Nilgoon appeared to be changed and had returned a different woman than she had been when she left. Even though the houses that she passed and the faces that she saw all seemed familiar, some part of her was different now. It was as though she remembered another city from another time, seen through another’s eyes, and she walked among them as if in a dream.

She did, however, have a task to fulfil, and her duty demanded that she should see the Empress to whom she owed her life and whose trust she did not deserve. Nilgoon was sad when she approached the palace; not so much for her own life, for even if she were to die she knew that some small part of her would survive somewhere else, reclaiming a throne that had long been abandoned, returning home in glory and power. No, she felt sad for her Empress, whose garden would always miss that one fruit that was nowhere to be found, other than deep in the desert, on a place where no plant should grow, and in which no plant grew any longer.

As she passed through the palace gate, she wondered what that fruit would have been like. Glowing golden, like the shiny fruits she had seen in the palace garden? Radiant and pulsing, like the drop-like things hanging from the trees there? Or small and sparkling, like the stars in the sky, emanating a sweet smell? In her mind, it took all different shapes and forms. Sometimes its bloom changed into a myriad of colours and patterns, its taste soon sour, then sweet, then both at the same time. If only she poker oyna could bring it to life through her mind, she thought. Maybe if she meditated long enough on it? Maybe if she prayed hard enough, for God surely had been merciful and great and had bestowed upon her plenty of wonders already.

No, she thought, it wasn’t right. In her heart she felt, truer than any truth she had ever known, that none of that would work. Cheap trickery and dark magicks would not aid her in her quest. She had failed, and as a failure she should return, be it as it may.

The Empress awaited her already in the garden where they first met. She was not wearing the glowing garment any more whose gems sparkled like starlight, but a simple, white dress, which nonetheless radiated as if lit by an inner light, making her skin seem even whiter than it was, her hair even more black and shiny, and her eyes more piercing and fiery than Nilgoon remembered them.

Suddenly, the thief felt very dirty, very dusty, very rugged and weary from travel. Her skin had gotten a deep brown tan and her hair was bleached a light brown from wandering so long in the sun. Her lips were dry and her fingers were rough. She felt like she didn’t even deserve to be in the presence of the Empress, let alone be trusted with her quest.

“You have returned,” Turkan said and smiled at her mildly, while her eyes pierced Nilgoons soul to the core.

“I have indeed returned, my Empress,” Nilgoon replied humbly and fell on her knees in front of her.

“Tell me then,” the Empress requested. “How did you fare? What have you found?”

And Nilgoon told her. She told her about the fruit of all life, about Irsiyah of the magi, and how her spell kept her alive, about the desert, and the strange and wondrous and terrible things it contained, and of the rocky place, and the boulders, and the tree in their midst. She told her of the woman that was the tree and of her home, that faraway city, in that faraway time, from which she was cast out and to which she would one day return. She finished by telling her of how she dreamt and woke up alone and then came back to the city of Gurganj to report to her Empress all of these things.

Nilgoon wept, for she knew she had failed in her task, and that her quest was unsuccessful; she wept not for herself, but for her Empress, who would still miss that the one fruit that wasn’t in her garden and would miss it forever. She fell on her hands and knees, throwing herself down into the dust, for she deserved not to be anywhere else. And then, she felt a gentle touch against her cheek, a slight caress and as she looked up, Turkan smiled at her with the brightest, most loving smile she had ever known. Her teeth were white and shiny like alabaster, canlı poker oyna and her eyes sparkled with a warm glow.

She took Nilgoon in her arms and rocked her gently. The young thief trembled with shame, for surely her dirty, dusty face would soil the beautiful white dress the Empress was wearing? But then Turkan kissed her, and it was a soft, loving, tender kiss. As the Empress’ lips pressed against her own, Nilgoon forgot all her worries and for just a moment, felt bliss and happiness again, like she had felt in that rocky place between the sands.

“My dearest, sweetest friend,” Turkan said finally, “Verily, you have not failed me. For you have returned with the one precious, sweet and tender fruit that has been missing from my garden all this time. And I shall keep it here forever and cherish it more than anything else in my palace.” As they kissed again, Nilgoon felt the Empress’ hands on her shoulders stripping off her travelling garment. Those soft, fragrant hands continued to peel off her dusty clothing until her tan, brown skin was all that she wore, and then, she felt the soft, warm, smooth skin of her Empress against her own. Turkan had also thrown off her dress, letting her full, heavy breasts rub against Nilgoons, making her nipples stand on end.

They sank down into the soft, lush grass between all the wondrous flowers and fruits that grew in Turkan’s garden. They were lulled into ecstasy from the song of the fiery birds and strange beasts that prowled the trees, and the Empress kissed every little part of her tired body. She licked the salty beads of sweat from her skin, and sucked gently on the hard, sensitive nipples of the young thief. With the grace of royalty she slowly wandering down Nilgoon’s body, piece by piece, until her lips wrapped themselves around her slit and sucked at it, hungrily, passionately, eagerly, wanting to finally taste the sweet, sweet nectar of the one fruit that had been missing from her garden all along.

And oh, how sweet that nectar was, for Nilgoon was watering more than a spring in an oasis. Her juices flowed out of her and into the mouth of her lover, dripping from her lips onto the dry ground below her, watering the soil. The Empress kept lapping, slurping and sucking at that sweet, sweet well, drilling her fingers inside for more, ever more of the copious juices of her lover.

At first, the young woman was reluctant, not daring to touch a body as radiant and precious as that of her Empress, but as Turkan’s caresses continued, causing her to stir and gasp and moan ever more, she felt her hesitation go, her tenseness ease up and her mind melt into one with her lover’s. Soon, Nilgoon buried her face between the soft, shapely legs of the Empress, tasting what internet casino no man nor woman had ever tasted before – the heavenly, womanly, strong taste of her cunt.

Her wetness filled her mouth, and Nilgoon sucked it out of her as hard and as strong as she could, drinking and swallowing every drop she could get. They soon rolled around naked and entwined beneath the magical plants, laughing and caressing, kissing and moaning, gasping and licking, as they became ever more eager and daring, lustful and intense. Nilgoons fingers pushed up into the wet, sopping twat of her Empress, thrusting in and out of her with passion and force while her tongue found her way between Turkan’s round, large buttocks. She licked the spicy, hot hole until it was just as wet and wanton as the other one.

And then her fingers, wet and slick from the Empress’ cunt juice, pushed up into her tight ass and fucked her fast, deep and hard, while her pussy squirted into her mouth. And Turkan’s mind blurred while her senses faded and her body trembled as a feeling unknown to her before, but oh so sweet and powerful, came over her and swept her away, leaving her awash with love, lust and passion.

The Empress gently bit the tender, little lust button of the young lover who had stolen her heart and now dared to fuck her so, as if she was no more than a harlot from outside the gate, selling her cunt for a few silver coins, and loved it. She loved it, and yet she wanted to punish her, make her feel what she felt, give her what she got, and have her at her mercy. Turkan forced her fingers hard into the young woman’s snatch, pressing them all inside, fucking her with the whole force of her hand, while poking her tight, tender asshole with her other fingers, splitting her wide open.

Soon, Nilgoon was being fucked in both holes at once, a feeling she had never, ever encountered before. She felt full, stretched, raw and sore, but raunchy and wanton at the same time, longing for more, harder, deeper, just more! Her pussy exploded in feelings of ecstasy and her limbs shook uncontrollably. Her whole body was no longer under her control and she felt completely at her lover’s mercy.

The two lovers finally lay in each other’s arms, in the soft, green grass underneath the lush flowers and trees and just smiled in bliss and harmony. “You brought me the greatest gift of all,” Turkan whispered softly, as her fingers ran through Nilgoons hair. “And you have made my life finally complete.”

The young woman nodded, basking in the warm glow of love and wonder. “And I shall never have to venture again,” she replied. “For what I have been looking for has been here all along.” And they kissed and held each other for a long time, and made love again, in that magical garden of the Empress’ palace, which was the most wonderful of all the palaces in the city of Gurganj, who was the jewel by the sea of many lakes, at the edges of the Deserts of Red and Black Sands, in the kingdom of Xvarazm.

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