Desperate Future a Bull’s Story Ch. 04

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Hi everyone, Canchon here with another instalment of our adventure into the fantasy future of the human race. We left John back in his room for his third day of “training,” and now he will be able to use the milking machine on a live subject.

Once again sorry for the delays in posting the chapters, but life usually gets in the way.

Without further ado, let’s join the bulls on their new life. Literotica rules apply throughout and every character engaging in sexual situations is over the age of 18.


Waking up, I moved into the showers and greeted the guys before doing my morning routine. After a quick shower, shave, and brushing my teeth, I walked down to the mess hall for breakfast. Once we were done, we were escorted to the same classroom as yesterday, the one with the milking machine in it.

“Good morning guys,” Ms. Church greeted us, “I bet you can’t wait to get started, I know I can’t.” She said as she walked up to the training table. “I’ll have each of you put the cups on me before we turn the pumps on, I want you to see the difference between a training dummy and a real pair of breasts.”

Hector’s smile grew wider while Lanka and Raj licked their lips. My eyes almost popped out of my head when Ms. Church removed the lab coat she was wearing to reveal a perfect set of breasts. They looked full and engorged, capped with a light pink areola and eraser sized nipples. The white skin around them seemed to be without a single blemish and there was the soft outline of the veins just underneath the skin, but the most noticeable aspect of them was that they were huge, round, and seemed to defy gravity and the laws of physics. There was almost no sag on them.

“Okay boys, who’s up first? Or are you going to ogle me all day?” she said with a smirk, “I skipped my morning milking for this, so you could get the full experience.”

With that, Raj moved up to the table, taking the cups and nervously placing them on each breast, the soft suction held them in place.

“Very good Raj, that was almost perfect, but you did forget something. I’ll let you know what it was when we’re done. Lanka, your turn,” she said, making her voice breathy and seductive.

Lanka moved forward, picking up the cups, but then remembering to make sure that the nipples were erect and ready before placing the cups on her. He set them aside and began to gently play with her nipples, making them become erect and stand out almost three quarters of an inch from the surrounding flesh, he then proceeded to place the cups on with a look of triumph.

“Also very good Lanka, but you also forgot something, Hector, your turn,” she said.

Hector moved quickly, seeing that her nipples were still erect, he proceeded to fondle one breast, attaching the cup, ehe made sure that the nipple fell into the channel where the suction would be, and repeated with the other breast.

“Ooh, Hector, very nice, and good job,” she said, a little breathless. We could see her skin begin to flush with excitement. “Finally, now you John, I hope you’ve been paying attention”

I moved in, took one breast in one hand and took one of the cleansing wipes and rubbed it on the inside of the cup as well as her breast, letting my fingers arouse her nipple to full hardness before I placed the cup, aligning the nipple to the milking channel. Then did the same to the other one, tested the seal around the breast before moving back to join the guys in ogling her chest.

“Excellent John!” She gasped, “You’re the only one that remembered to cleanse the breast and cups and check the seal. You get full marks. Okay boys, now that you have mastered the milking part, let’s get into the more advanced courses.”

We all stood in awe as she strutted to one of the benches that were along the wall of the classroom; her heels tapping out what felt like an ancient tribal rhythm. Once she reached the bench, she turned kaçak iddaa around, dropping the lab coat she wore; all we could do was just stare and drool at the sight of two perfectly round, firm, swollen breasts that barely sagged, with dark areolas surrounding two very hard and leaking nipples.

“John, since you were the only one to remember all the steps for milking, you get to help me settle in on the breeding bench for the next phase of your training.” Ms. Church said sweetly, as if she were offering a treat to a kid.

I slowly stepped forward, trembling slightly since I now knew for sure that I would walk out of this classroom no longer a virgin and that I would not be stopped until I had completed all the tasks she required.

“Thank you John,” she was back to her professional voice, “you will all need to know how to properly prepare the cow you’re assigned to for breeding. You will also need to know what her physical needs and carnal desires are. All of this will come to you in time but, for now, I’ll be the one that will begin to guide you through this.”

She let her skirt fall to the floor and stood there in just her stockings and heels, giving us a perfect view of her hairless mons and how her pussy was moistening in anticipation. She turned to face the bench, widening her stance so that her ankles were on the outside of each of the legs. Calling me over, she instructed me to place the cuffs around her ankles and make sure that they were securely fastened, once done, she bent at the waist and positioned her incredible udders into the cutouts of the table. While I was admiring her features from where I was standing, I knew the rest of the bulls were being treated to the view of her perfect ass and glistening labia as she bent over.

I must admit, we were all sporting impressive erections at this point, but I noticed that Raj was breathing a bit heavier than the rest of us, flaring his nostrils as if he were trying to capture an exotic scent. That’s when I realized that in fact there was a very arousing smell in the air, the scent of an aroused cow that was readying herself to be mounted and bred.

She tapped my thigh to get my attention back from ogling her body, laughing a bit at our reaction to seeing her fully nude and ready.

“Hey Stud, you still need to finish the job,” she said teasingly.

“Sorry, got distracted there for a minute,” I replied a bit sheepishly, feeling myself blush.

Ms. Church then instructed me how I needed to place another set of milking cups over her breasts, then taking another pair of cuffs, securing her wrists to the end of the bench, leaving her at the perfect angle and height for deep penetration.

By this time all of us were almost painfully hard, and Raj was now sweating a little bit, trembling to maintain control and not mount her like his instincts were almost shouting at him to do. Looking over her shoulder at them, she gave a small wicked smile and faced forward once again.

“Raj, baby, go ahead, I know you want to breed me, and believe me, I need to be tied down right now; otherwise I’d be bouncing on all of your cocks and not teach you anything.” She was almost panting like a dog in heat, or maybe a cow in estrus when she said that.

The rest of us were disappointed that he was the one to go first, but nevertheless, he stepped forward and began rubbing his cock along her slit, lubricating the tip with her juices; once he felt there was enough, he tried to line up to her entrance. In his excitement, he actually missed and his cock ended up between the perfect orbs of her ass, nestling along the crack.

“Mmmm, nice Raj, but that isn’t part of the lesson and definitely not what you need to do for a proper breeding. Maybe later we can see about that.” She said between moans.

On the next attempt, he managed to find the entrance to her vagina and thrust hard and deep, causing her to gasp as he kaçak bahis grunt with exertion every time he would slam his hips against her.

The sound of their skin coming together and her moans had the rest of us in a lustful fog, we were absently stroking ourselves as we watched this gorgeous mature cow being bred in front of us, and knowing we would be doing that soon.

After a few more thrust, Raj stiffened and let out a bellow as he emptied himself inside her. With a soft moan, she fell forward and let Raj slip out of her, followed by a river of cum leaking from her vagina.

“Hmmm, that was good, Raj,” she purred, “but we’ll need to work on your stamina to make sure that you can last a lot longer. Lanka, be a dear honey and pass me a towel, I need to freshen up a bit before we continue; besides, I want to be able to evaluate all of you separately, and being full of your sperm does not allow me to do that, it’s quite distracting.”

Lanka moved as if in a trance as he gave her the towel, she very methodically wiped herself in front of us, then, going towards one of the corners, she stepped behind one of those portable medical blinds. We figured there was a shower there as we heard some water running. Once she was done, she stepped back out, her breasts swinging with each exaggerated step as she seductively swung her hips as she walked back to the table.

“Hector, you’ll be next; I know you’ve been wanting me since I first received you from the ‘tube’,” she said, I could hear almost an animalistic growl in her voice.

She once again positioned herself onto the table, having Lanka and I restrain her as Hector positioned himself behind her, lining himself up to her entrance. She looked over her shoulder and gave her ass a little wiggle to tease him, apparently it worked because, in one hard thrust, he buried himself inside her, causing her to gasp at the sudden fullness.

Hector didn’t give her any time to adjust, as he pounded away like a madman, grunting with each thrust. Her breathing was becoming shallower. The sounds of her wet pussy being battered was like some erotic symphony mixed in with her gasps and his grunts. The scent of her arousal was stronger this time, and our nostrils flared as we detected it. By this time, Hector gave one last push and a whimper as he came.

“That was nice, Hector,” she sighed, “I was almost there.” She once again had us release her and she stepped behind the divider to freshen up. Both Lanka and I were painfully hard by the time she returned. “Lanka, it’s time for me to try out that beautiful cock of yours.”

I had to put the restraints on her by myself this time, since both Hector and Raj were slumped on some chairs behind us, just watching with glazed over eyes, neither of them had bothered to dress and they looked totally spent.

Lanka got into position, as soon as the tip entered her, he spasmed. Apparently, the wait was too much for him and he wasn’t able to hold it long enough for a proper breeding. While he was in the throes of his orgasm, he fell out of her, and sprayed her ass with an incredible amount of cum, making a complete mess.

“Now Lanka, that won’t do; to properly service a cow, you must stay inside her at all times, making sure that you fill her up with your semen; otherwise it’s just a waste of potent baby batter.” She said , in a disappointed, yet professional tone.

Once again, she released herself and walked back to behind the privacy screen, after a few minutes of ‘freshening up’ she came back out and assumed her breeding position. I gulped, both in anticipation and nervousness, since I was the one that was ‘up’.

I secured her ankles once again, and ran my hands up her legs, it was a delicious sensation feeling the soft skin and well toned muscle under the stockings she was wearing. I stood behind her, admiring the globes of her ass as they jiggled and moved with her as she shook her illegal bahis rump, testing the restraints. I could see her well used entrance to her vagina, her inner lips flushed and pink, a slight shade darker than her outer ones, which had parted and were completely shaved, or waxed, or whatever it was she did in her personal grooming ritual.

I lined myself up as the others were setting the milking cups back on her udders, a soft sigh escaping her lips as the pumps were turned on. I was extremely nervous and trembling at the prospect of pushing my cock into her, I grabbed myself by the base until my tip made contact with her pussy, just barely pressing into her, I could feel the heat radiating from her soppy wet labia, seeing how a small drop ran down from her clit and onto the padded surface of the bench.

Grabbing her hips, making sure my tip didn’t move from its position, I pushed my hips into her while pulling hers onto me, spearing her with my cock in one smooth motion until her ass was pushed up against my stomach and my balls pressed against her clit, which was extended proudly, the little hard nubpushing into the space between the root of my cock and my overfull scrotum.

She gasped at the initial penetration, but settled in and gave a contented sigh as soon as I bottomed out. Her hips were quivering as I filled her, sending pulses of pleasure all through my cock, from the tip to the root.

“Ahhh, yessss! Perfect fit, I can feel the head of your cock at the entrance to my womb, the perfect position to breed this old cow,” she cooed.

My thrusts were slow and soft to begin with, marveling at the sensation of her inner walls grasping and massaging my cock, I could feel them pulse in a soft yet rhythmic way, coaxing and milking my cock. Then my instincts took over and I began to pick up both speed and force, my animal wanting to claim her, breed her, make her scream. With each thrust, I heard her grunt and pant, egging me on.

“YES! Harder, deeper, make me feel that wonderful cock in my cervix, pound me, FUCK ME!!” She was saying, babbling on.

I was getting what you called tunnel vision, all I could see was her perfect ass bouncing as I thrust in and out of her, my cock jumping from the sensations of her velvety canal. Suddenly, I felt like there was a fist grabbing my cock, squeezing it hard. I pushed in as deep as I could go and felt something cover my cockhead, locking me in place her vaginal walls milking me. With a bellow more animal than human I came, feeling the rush of my semen shooting out of me and filling her.

After what felt like an eternity, although more like a minute or so, I collapsed on top of her, making sure I was still partially held up by my arms. Panting, I managed to regain some composure and stood up on wobbly legs. My cock slipping out of her, and surprisingly enough, only a small amount of my semen dribbled out.

“That’s the correct way to breed a cow, John. When you feel them begin to cum, you must push in as deep and hard as you can to make sure you have cervical lock and you can impregnate them, otherwise the odds of breeding them successfully are diminished and most of your sperm will come rushing out.” Ms. Church said, back to her instructor voice.

She once again released herself and went behind the screen to clean up, when she returned, she was dressed once again in her short skirt and lab coat. I could tell that she was feeling quite good about herself and a satisfied dreamy look in her eyes.

“That’s it for today gentlemen, go ahead and head to the dorms and relax, you have the rest of the day off to do whatever you need to do, we’ll continue to test and train you tomorrow.” She said, “Raj, if you could come back here a little later, I think I’m going to need to help you a bit more.”

With that, we all filed to the mess hall, for some reason I was feeling ravenous. After grabbing a few items to eat, we went back to the dorms, I felt exhausted, yet still had the excited energy from finally losing my virginity, and to a hot MILF of a hucow. Reading for a bit, my eyes finally closed and I drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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