Diamonds Cover a Precious Diamond

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The story I am to write is spread over a few chapters each chapter would follow. Please bear with me that this story and its characters are not real or depict anyone.

I would be happy to receive comments on it.

Note: 1) Acquaintance leads to flow of thoughts, ideas and interactions. This produces a liking. When still more intimate and personal care for the other develops, leads to the heart-love between them. This is then changed to the love of two minds. They come closer. Again the heart takes over the mind. Now the love is mature and ready for anything. This leads to the final act.

The act is most important for it leaves a craving for more and more satisfaction of each other. Here it is that life makes a happy and satisfied couple.

Now let us see. This act has many facets to it with many avenues to be discovered along the course, which is long but addictive. It is like a table full of delicious foods. Many varieties to choose from. If you are asked to pick up your favorite you will take a few dishes and may avoid others. Maybe you will take a new dish to try it out. Maybe you may feel its taste better than all you have eaten and then ask for more of the same dish. You may even form a habit to it. Though you may have never tasted it before in your life. Similarly if another person is asked to pick his foods on the same table, he may pick an entirely different variety from your liking. This gives us a hint that the act has different feelings and different places of arousal in different people. Areas of arousal in intensity may be different for each one. Some may be ignorant to try and please the other by trial and error by conversing and discussing which is sometimes for some a shameful circumstance. This is due to their upbringing.

After all love is giving and sharing to make the other happy and pleasurable. If they do not understand the essence of this sentence then they have failed in their life of love.

The story that I am to write is one where in such ignorance leads to betrayal and further when ignorance turns to become intelligent it is to late. And the conditions change to such a degree that love is turned to lust for the most straightforward and decent person.

2) Sexual behavior in different persons is at different levels. Persons of equal sexual levels make the best partners in life.


Chapter 1

Ebbo is a business executive and a very big factory he owns. He exports his products to many countries.

He has two sons and one daughter. The eldest son Ahmed, a neurosurgeon. The second son, Ali is an engineer. The daughter Fatima is a computer engineer.

A well-set family living in a large villa in Defence area of Karachi.

Ebbo has a friend Rahim who also is in the same business. They sometimes jointly complete export orders at their respective factories. Rahim antalya escort has only one daughter. He has a liking for the doctor to become his son in law, but has never brought it up with Ebbo.

Dr Ahmed: This boy is a timid chap. Even after all his studies and post graduation he never entered into any conversation in sex or its deliquesces. His upbringing is at fault where any such matter would be thought as bad to speak about. Even the mere kissing on T.V. would make them change the channel.

Once the family was invited to a relatives wedding party. Ahmed was also taken to, which he seldom goes.

He is only interested in his patients and his hospital. Here by chance or by God’s will he was introduced to a beautiful young girl. Ahmed, who never saw or talked with any girl except for any work, etc., was feeling his heart beat faster. At first he thought it was nothing but the more he saw this girl his heart overtook him. his mother and sister came to his aid. They understood that he had a feeling for her. She was Nabat’s daughters, a well-mannered family as was their own.

This turned to a marriage with Tasneem.

A great marriage ceremony took place. Rahim to came with his daughter. He was too late, and regretted that he should have talked to Ebbo earlier. His daughter Nida, a beauty with all the curves in the right places and a fair complexion greeted the marriage couple.

The wedding night was a good one for the couple. After the rites and ceremonies they were packed off to the room of play.

Ahmed saw his wife on the bed and moved her covered sari veil to reveal her beautiful face. She shyly looked away. He sat beside her and held her hand. She felt a tinge in her inner self. Her heartbeats became faster. He then asked her to change, pointing towards the glamour room. She went to change. Ahmed took off his suit and put on a loose fitting shalwar and shirt. He now waited.

Tasneem came out in a nightdress she was simply sexy and beautiful. Her curves could bee seen through the see-through nightgown. He started to get an erection.

He asked her to sit by his side. She complied. He had been told to proceed very slowly, as she needed to gain his confidence. Asked her if she wanted to eat anything, she replied in the negative. He poured her a soft drink and took one for himself. She drank fast as if she was thirsty. They put down the glasses.

He took her hand in his and told her she was very beautiful, she looked down shyly. He lifted her chin upwards and made her look into his eyes. She looked on. Then he came nearer to her and kissed her on the cheek. She had a twinkle feeling. This was her first nearness to a man. They had taught her to comply with all he did and obey. He then turned her face towards him and kissed her on the lips. She did not move away. He moved closer to her, their kemer escort bodies touching each other. She felt a fast heartbeat and her breathing became heavier. He kissed her more aggressively. She started to respond. He knew that he had made a break. His hands closed round her back drawing her more close to his body. She felt some heat in her pussy. He then made her stand in front of him next to the bed. And pulled down her gown. She was wearing a laced bra. He got up from the bed and putting his hands around her kissed her again, this time her lips parted. This is what he was waiting for. His tongue quickly moved into her mouth and started exploring. She moved her tongue to meet his. Now the tongue dances started. This created heat in both. He slowly moved his hands and opened her bra from behind. She helped him remove the straps and let it fall to the ground. Out popped her wonderful white, rounded, perfectly shaped breasts. The nipples were erect and pointing with pink areolas. A lustful scene for any man. He saw them and was excited. She wanted them to be sucked, as her lust had grown. His kisses were harder and she could feel his strong erection against her belly. He now moved his tongue to her neck, licking and kissing she was now feeling a bursting hot pussy. He moved lower to her breast pinching the nipple with thumb and forefinger and caressing the other with his other hand. Now he sat on the bed, and dragged her to him, she still standing.

He moved his tongue to her breast licking and then sucking each one of them in turns. She felt her pussy wet and fluids flowing down to her thighs. He then made her sit next to him, and started kissing her, their tongues playing with each other with salvias mixing. He now made her lye on the bed. Her wet panties were taken off by slipping them down, she helping in the process, by lifting her back. Now he removed his shirt and shalwar. She saw an erect and straight penis. He took her hand and put it on his member. She involuntarily stroked it. Moving slowly from top to bottom. He now spread her legs. She still was holding on to his erect penis. He put in a finger and she moved back. He pushed it again till it was stopped by the obstruction. He was happy. He had to break this one with his member. Her juices poured out and she was hot and wet wanting to take it in. He opened her thighs wide apart. The lips were parted and he could see the love hole. He moved around and came to her and on her. He pushed the head of his penis into the hole. It went in and she moaned in pain. He slowly moved it back and pushed it again. It was obstructed. He moved back again slowly. She was moaning wit pain and pleasure. She was also afraid, but had been told that it would pain a bit, but it would give her a wonderful feeling. She did not understand. Its like eating a sweet one would not know konyaaltı escort the sweetness unless he tastes it himself. Now he was ready to take her virginity, all prepared and with a force he pushed his way. She cried in pain and tried to move back, but he held on to her. He moved it back out to some length and pushed again she felt the pain again but in less intensity. He did not stop. He moved many a time in and out slowly, till her pain subsided, as her pleasure came on . Now she was helping him by moving towards him on his thrust to take him deeper. He now got the signal that she was ready to play along. He started to do it faster. She was hot with fluids flowing along his penis lubricating it in every stroke.

He felt her fluids on his penis hot. This turned him on. He started to pump harder and harder. She was moaning and trying to stop screaming, by putting her hand on her mouth, as she was afraid someone would hear her. His thrusts became harder and faster. She was in bliss of pleasure. She forgot the world she forgot everything. She just wanted him deep inside her. He twitched her nipples and then kissed her on the lips. She grew hotter and he grew more aroused. His thrusts were faster and faster. Her body was moving with his thrusts. Her boobs were moving up and down. She was now tense and had a funny feeling. She felt a huge river was to let out from her. She tried to hold back but of no avail. She suddenly relaxed and the fluid moved out. At the same time his thrusts were faster and he knew he was Cumming. He shouted ah ah aah and in the next moment his sperm shot into her. She to came with him, with a small scream and both their love fluids intermingled with each other. He fell upon her and both were relaxed. His penis became soft and out it came with fluids attached to it. They curdled together and a blissful happy sleep overtook them. When they got up next morning, fresh they noticed the blood stain mark on the towel kept below her butts. Ahmed was happy to see this and both were satisfied.

This went on and on daily as the same procedure. They did not try anything new. They were of the opinion that this was it. Both had no complaints. Tasneem gave birth to a beautiful boy the following year and a girl the next year. Ahmed and Tasneem agreed that they would not want any more children. This paved the way for ligation of her tubes.

Ali the engineer had moved to the states, immediately after Ahmed’s marriage for his further studies. Fatima got married to a textile engineer. He had returned from the states and was given to head the production department in Ebbo’s factory. So life pulled on. Ahmed’s children grew up and went off to study in the states. They lived with Ali who was married and settled there.

Ebbo and Ahmed’s mother also moved to the states to manage the office over there. Ali was into other business and also helping his father. Fatima and her husband looked after the Karachi factory and Ahmed looked after his father’s office and his hospital administration. Ahmed was in his forties with his beautiful wife in the thirties. So life pulled on.

To Be Continued…

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