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This story is meant to just be a quick erotic story, not meant to be all too good. Sorry.


I sat on my new bed, organising shirts, bras & panties, leggings, shorts and skinny jeans and shoes into drawers and cupboards. I took off my clothes and put on some gym shorts and a vest and lay down on my bed, my back sore from carrying all of my stuff.

“Hey, Dita, settling in well?” Mike, my new step-brother, walked in, his muscular, tan chest exposed to me, his lower half covered by a pair of jeans, a Celtic tattoo on his right pec.

“Yeah, though, could you help me out with my posters?” I picked up two movie posters. He fetched me a stool and sat on my bed, watching me stretch, my ass popping out of my curvy frame.

I stuck them to my wall in front of my door, despite my limited height. “Thanks, prick!” I fell back onto the bed, joining him with a conversation.


My mom had moved in with this guy who had a penthouse apartment, several rooms and a son. Mike and I got along quite well, but didn’t talk too much. I got a massive, white room and sliding doors into it, a glass division on the side of my bed, entirely useless. My room was large enough that my bed had a 2′ gap between its sides and the wall & glass. I had a large balcony with a glass railing and a desk in a little outcrop in my room, where I had a mini fridge and a TV. Right next door was a bathroom that me and Mike shared.

I was somewhat short, 5’4″, and had a large pair of tits and ass, pale skin, red hair going down to the top of my ass, a slim, sexy hourglass figure with a cute face with a black pair of glasses sitting on my nose. I’ve had multiple boyfriends in the past, but never even had sex as I only hit 18 recently, even though I’ve always had a high libido. I had two tattoos, a black outline of flowers stretching down my left leg and a pair of hearts on my shoulder along with a nipple piercing through my right nipple, a silver stud, best of all I was shaven clean, smooth.

Chris, my new step-dad, had a 2 storey suet with a room for all of us, not that one of us needed it as mom slept with my step-dad. The parents had a separate bathroom, even on the other side of the apartment to Mike and I, a separate living room as well! I had a large corner bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and a balcony overlooking the entire of Los Angeles so high up that the buildings looked like toys, the beach not too far away.


I woke up the first morning, my phone buzzing with a text. The clear blue L.A. skies over me, reflecting into my room and onto my white bed. I got up out of bed, my naked form exposed to the beautiful city. I picked up my red cased phone, reading a text from mom.

*Your father & I have gone out for the day, should be home at 11 pm!*

I put on pink panties, a white shirt ending at the top of my stomach, and a pair of knee high white socks. Picking up my toothbrush, towel and glasses, I left for the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth, feeling it vibrate in my hand. One hand on the sink with my body leaning over it, my breasts swinging back and forth as my toothbrush was shoved in and out of my mouth. “Morning, Dita. Sleep well your first night?”

“Yeah, loving the view from my balcony!” I looked up and saw Mike in nothing but a pair of grey boxer/briefs, a considerable bulge in his crotch.

“Yea, it’s surprisingly nice! You can see Santa Monica Pier from your room.” He walked up behind me his browned abs and pecs obvious.

“My mom and your dad are out on a date, they’ll be back at midnight, for god’s sake!”

“Not surprising, they just moved in with 2 18 year olds.” he grabbed my hips and moved me to the side, then grabbing his toothbrush and putting paste on it.

“You OK?” I noticed him fidgeting and sweating quite a lot.

“I’ve got a job interview and I’m really nervous. I’ve not even had time to jack off. SORRY!! I don’t know why the fuck I said that!!” He grabbed my arm, upset and terrified of my reaction, but I just giggled, admiring his temporary bravery.

“I’m gonna have a shower, so…”

“No, no, no!” He quickly shot out in a friendly tone, grabbing my skinny hand before I switched it on. “You’ll use up all the hot water!!”

I quickly considered our friendship, thinking he wouldn’t mind what I was about to suggest. “Fuck it, come on in, just don’t look at anything naughty!!” I got in, closed the shower curtain and stripped, Tossing them at Mike. I turned on the shower, getting my red/ginger hair wet.

“Ok, Dita, I’m getting in!” I peeked open the shower curtain and spotted Mike’s 9″ morning wood, my cunt becoming moist as I became hornier. He stepped in, washing his muscular body, my back facing his dick.

“Wash my back, please, Mike?” I handed him a bottle of shower gel and moved my hair so it was resting on my right tit going down to my crotch.

I felt his head poke my ass so güvenilir bahis I turned back and saw Mike’s cock again. “Oh my god!!”

“I can’t help it, it’s morning wood, plus you’re really hot with your sexy ass and big tits!!”

“At least try jacking off!” I turned, covering my crotch and nipples.

“That’ll take way too long!!”

“Fine, well then just fuck my ass!!” I was so horny I didn’t care what I said. I turned and spread my cheeks, exposing both my neat, pink pussy and my tight asshole.


“You heard, if you can’t deal with it on your own then I will, fuck my asshole!!” My pussy was so wet and I wanted to be fucked so badly.

No way my dick is gonna fit in there!” He grabbed my ass, rubbing my hole up and down.

“Go get lotion or lube or something slippery.”

“Why not your pussy?” He rubbed my back and ass, turning me on more.

“You’re not getting me pregnant!! Go get lube. Now!!” He raced off, quickly coming back with some lube. He rubbed some in and around my tight hole then gently pushed against it with his cock head, clutching my hips and pulling me closer.

He found his way in, causing me to gasp loudly in pleasure. He pushed deeper inside me as I rubbed my clit. “Oh my god, Mike, you can fuck an asshole good!!” He pulled out and rammed back in again, causing a loud slapping sound and me to nearly cum, groaning in pleasure.

He pulled me onto his dick until I naturally bounced off his pelvis then fell back onto it again. He began to massage my ass and back, letting go of my wide hips. I fucked my ass for him until he grabbed me again and started to hump me faster, his balls slapping my pussy, our bodies soaked until a hot liquid was shot up inside me, more following, filling up my asshole. I came seconds later from my clit rubbing.

Mike pulled out leaving a string of cum from my ass to his cock. “Well fucking my sister wasn’t expected today, but that was awesome!!”

“Look, Mike, this can’t happen again, ok? If we were caught, god knows what would happen!!” I cleaned his dick. “You’re all clean, now go, get a job!” He jumped out after kissing me, making sure he grabbed my ass during the kiss.


I cleaned out my asshole and put on a pair of tiny shorts and a tank-top that clung tightly onto my frame, ending above my stomach, showing off my tits, stomach and legs. I sat watching TV until Mike came home. “How’d it go?”

“Flunked.” He sat down next to me and put his arm around me, peeking into my cleavage. “Wanna go swim?” He squeezed my hand and pulled me along.

I quickly changed into bikini bottoms, but I left my mid-riff exposing tank-top on. We jumped into the indoor pool, meeting in the hot tub. “During the entire interview all I could think about was us, my cock buried in your ass.” He had an erection trying to break out of his shorts, meanwhile my nipples were poking out of my top.

“We can’t, it’s wrong.” I sounded like I didn’t mean it.

“We’re step siblings. Not related my blood. It won’t matter!” He pulled me in closer, my hand falling on his dick trying to keep upright.

“Mike…” I trailed off, entranced my the size of his dick. He grabbed my hips and flipped me over, standing me up then pushing my head to the side of the pool. I stood there for 5 minutes while Mike massaged my ass with his cock, going down, rubbing my pussy through the thin red fabric. “Fine, I’ll follow you up to your room and you get lube.”

We ran upstairs, wet foot prints up the glass staircase, and his bed was met with his shorts and my panties while he bent me over his desk, his fingers rubbing lube on my ass and cunt which was so wet that he didn’t even need the lube. Mike pushed his way in, his cock enjoying how tight I was while I took in the euphoria of him pummelling my white ass.

I rubbed my clit while he played with my tits, fondling them, and rubbing me, making me moan. He hammered into me faster, groaning as I clenched, tightening my hole. He grabbed my hair, pulling and pushing my head away, moving my body.

I milked his cock of all of his cum, my pussy being tortured by my horniness. Mike finished, flipped me over and plunged 2 fingers into my pussy.

“Fuck!! Mike, that’s good!” He rubbed my clit with his other hand while fucking me, in & out, his cum dripping from my asshole. He sped up, playing with my g-spot, me groaning in pleasure. My teeth and nails dug into his shoulder and back, pulling him closer, filling me with pleasure while he finger fucked me. He fucked me harder and faster, I cried out as I came, squirting all over the desk, floor and Mike.

“Jesus fucking Christ!! That was so fucking good!”

“Why can’t I pussy fuck you already!?”

“God, you’re horny! I don’t want to get pregnant! Buy condoms AND birth control pills.”

“At least take off that vest, I’m completely naked, you’re still wearing clothes!” I took off my sweaty top, my nipples were already obvious türkçe bahis through the shirt, but once I pulled it off my bare tits bounced into Mike’s hands. “Damn!”

“Come on.” I lay down on his bed, rubbing the sweat off my body. “Fuck, I’m exhausted! Wanna sleep with me?”

“You’re a horny girl, Dita!” I took off my glasses and put them on his bedside table. He lay down next to me, spooning my wet body, squeezing my ass until we fell asleep.


“Dita? You awake? We’ve got 6 hours until mom & dad got home!” I groaned, turning toward Mike I found his erect cock. I grabbed it and slowly stroked it.

“Dude, there is cum everywhere!” I felt my ass, cum pouring out.

“Make me cum again then I’ll clean it all up while you shower.” I sighed and tightened my grip and sped up jacking him off. He rolled onto his back and I lay on top of his legs, putting his head into my mouth, tasting the precum on his dick. I shoved more and more into my mouth, eventually deep throating his dick.

I continued to jack him off, tasting his hairy, sweaty balls. “Oh, fuck yeah, Dita, I’m gonna cum!!” I took my face away and his hot, sticky seed shot all over my face and tits.

“We good? Can I shower?” I drank the cum off his cock.

“Go ahead!” I left, Mike slapping my ass as I wiped off and tasted his cum. I grabbed my clothes and glasses and left.


I cleaned all the cum off my face and tits, washing the cum out of my asshole. I dressed in a slutty pair of white jean shorts which still exposed the bottom of my ass, and a bra with a see through white shirt, cleavage still exposed, skipping wearing panties.

Mike had left the building so I went into my room, enjoying a soda, leaning on the balcony, watching LA go by until I got a text from Mike: *I’m back, wanna watch TV?*

I met with Mike and we watched TV for a bit while I sat in his lap. “Hey, when did you get a nipple piercing, your shoulder and leg tattoo?” I smiled, Mike feeling my leg up and down and nibbled my right tit, chewing on the piercing through my clothes.

“I got the tattoos about a year ago and my piercing I got a month ago. You have a pretty epic tattoo yourself! When did you get that?” I rubbed his muscular chest.

“3 years’ ago, once my actual mom left.” He seemed not to care, but I continued to feel his body out of pity. I felt my lips connect to his, eyes closing, tongue slipping into his mouth. Mike’s warm hand met my cheek, pulling me in.

Mike collected my body and carried me up the stairs, he kicked open his bedroom door and lay me down on his bed, my cunt becoming wetter. Mike took off his shirt and jeans, his cock bouncing out. He reached into a plastic bag and produced a long line of condoms and a bunch of birth control pills in a box. He threw the pills at me. “They take 2 hours to work, so condoms?”I nodded, too horny to listen

I took off my see through white vest, bra and shorts, finding my pussy unbelievably wet. Now completely naked I sat up and turned to Mike, who was kneeling on the bed in front of me, his erection in my face. “Well, sis, how do you want to start?” I grabbed a condom, opened it and rolled it onto his cock.

“How about missionary?” I pulled him onto me by his dick. I kissed him, putting my slender arms around his neck. “Go ahead, fuck me!” The sound of my vulgarity and my commanding tone made me feel more powerful and it turned me on even more.

His cock pushed at my entrance, the lube on the condom mixing with my juices. He pushed even harder, splitting my labia apart. I groaned as he pushed in, deeper and deeper. “Fuck!! Oh my god mike, you’re so fucking big!!”

“You’re so tight, Dita!” He pulled out, then humped back in, deeper, my own cum spilling out of me. I grabbed his black hair, pulling, gently as he kissed my neck. He sped up, shock waves going up from my ass to my tits, my groaning and the slapping of his shaved balls against my ass filled the room.

He continued to fuck me, going from choking me gently to chewing on my nipples all while destroying my pussy with his huge cock. A wave of pleasure built, then came down upon me, euphoria filling my every crevice as my cum poured out onto the bed, my body shaking as I came.

An hour passed and he grabbed my throat again, squeezing gently, as he picked up pace, hammering me harder and faster, my high pitched screams and moans jumping out of me every time his hips met mine, until he pushed in deeper and groaned, his condom filling up with his cum just as I reached my second orgasm.

“Fucking hell, Dita, that was great!” He pulled out and took the condom out of my wet pussy, his sweaty body falling next to my own. I grabbed the condom and drank the cum inside then I grabbed his cock and licked all the cum off it.

“Holy crap, your cum is good! Come here!” I rolled above him and put my arms above him, kissing him. “We’ve got to do this again, güvenilir bahis siteleri sometime! It was great!”

I fixed my unbalanced glasses and stood up to leave, collecting the pills and my clothes when Mike said “I got you a present, Dita!” He handed me a box with a plastic front and inside I saw something that made my arousal jump up, it was a realistic 9″ cock, looking exactly like Mike’s, but with a sucker cup on the base.

“Dude, you got me a fucking dildo that looks just like yours! Why?”

“Well you were clearly a virgin, I figured you would want some kind of a masturbation toy.” I took it out and felt the rough, veiny, latex dick.

“Well thanks, this is actually really similar to yours.” He smiled as I left, clutching the cock.


Mike made dinner, and we ate at the table in our living room, talking about stuff like us doing anal, or him watching me use the dildo, both joking. I wore the same as earlier, but I skipped putting on my bra, my nipples poking through the gaps in the white netting shirt, causing a large bulge in Mike’s shorts.

“Hey, wanna hang in my room? I finally set up my old TV!” I grabbed the collar of his shirt pulling him down to kiss him.

“Damn, Dita, you’re far too hot!” He followed me up the stairs, staring at my heart shaped ass. We lay on my bed, I straddled his waist, kissing him, my tongue inside his mouth, his in mine, Mike slowly lifting up my thin white shirt, never taking it off.

I felt his erection poking through my shorts and in between my ass cheeks. “Hey, get my phone and record this! It’ll be so hot!” Mike grabbed my red phone and stood up, filming me.

I picked up the dildo and rubbed it against my lipstick covered lips, licking it and pushing it in and out of my mouth. “I’m rock hard!” I put my finger up to my mouth to shush him, then I pulled down my shorts, my clean, tidy pussy obvious to the camera. I groaned as the latex cock entered my soaking cunt.

“Oh my god!!” The balls of the dildo collided against my ass. “Come here!” I moved onto my stomach, taking off my shirt, facing Mike, grabbing his shorts and dropped them, his cock hitting me in the face. I held the base and sucked on the head, licking and tasting his cock.

Mike brought down the camera so that it was it was looking straight at my face, recording me sucking my brother’s cock. I winked at the camera then pushed it even further into my mouth, it pushing against the back of my throat. Mike grabbed my hair and pushed even more down my throat until my lips were pressed against the hairless base around his cock.

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and I sucked on his balls, tasting the dried sweat on them. I pulled my dildo out and turned my ass to face Mike, lying on my back. He pointed the camera at my shaved pussy while I spread my labia, showing off my moist hole, soaked in my own cum and self lubrication.

“Put it in.” I said in a sexy voice, rubbing his cock gently.

“No condom?” He stroked my leg tattoo, feeling upwards.

“I’m on the pill, just go in.” He lifted me up by my legs then pushed in, only going half way in before I began to pant. I wrapped my smooth legs around his muscular waist and pulled him in until our hips slapped together.

It took 20 minutes for me to milk him dry, during that time we had moved me into a cowgirl position, Mike still filming my creamy cunt taking his dick and his hand on my tits, nipples erect. He suddenly heaved upward and hot juices shot into my body, filling me up, wave after wave of his hot seed filling up my womb & pussy until he finished.

I got off, a puddle of cum on Mike’s cock. “Fucking hell, Dita!” I grabbed the dildo and stuck it to the glass division, then turning away from it. I bent over then moved back, the cock entering me. I felt it heave in & out of me as I fell back & forth.

Both my and Mike’s cum poured out of my pussy and down my leg, he recorded the dick going in and out of my cunt. I continued to hump it, rubbing my breasts. I sped up, moaning as I did so, getting more high pitched the faster I got.

I humped even faster, squeaking out as my cunt squirted out my juices, my groans of pure pleasure, waves of euphoria washed over me, my creamy cum all over the door and cock. I put the cock into a drawer and fell onto my bed, sweaty, and passed out.


I woke up, duvet covering me, the sun rising. All of the cum had been wiped up and my naked body had all the cum wiped off it. I got up and picked up my towel & toothbrush, skipping clothes. I went to the bathroom, finding Mike, covering my naked body with my towel.

“Don’t bother, it’s nothing I haven’t seen!” I laughed and put my arms over his neck, my tongue slipping into his mouth.

“I’m not on the pill right now, so anal?” He smiled and pulled off my towel, picking up a bottle of lotion on the sink. Mike gripped my hips from behind and pushed his way in, kissing my neck.

Then there was a knock on the door. We hid behind the door and I opened it slightly inward. “Dita! You have a good time yesterday?” I made sure she couldn’t see so much as a nipple, only my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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