Doctor Gets a Prescription Ch. 07

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Ruban literally stumbled as he stepped inside the dark room with just his brief on. The only sign of any light came through the small window, letting in some silver rays of the moonlight through. He stood and tried hard to search for Sujitha, his next feast in Prema’s house. His eyes suddenly brightened after he finally located the bed at the far of the room, close to the wall.

Sujitha was nude on the bed. Ruban could see the bed sheet pushed to the bottom end of the cot. As he inched closer, he could see her legs spread very wide. Her young curvy body was glowing in the little light. With her head resting on the pillow, her left hand was on her right breast. Ruban was thrilled at once. She was squeezing her right breast while her right hand was rubbing her crotch. From a closer view, he could see her hard nipples proudly crowned on the top of her young breasts.

“You kept me waiting for very long,” Sujitha whispered. There was an invitation in her voice that was soaked in arousal. Ruban was captivated watching her lovely body, the one he had longed to watch for several years.

“I can’t believe,” Ruban murmured. “I hope it isn’t one of those dreams.”

“I am sure it is not,” Sujitha hissed on the bed. “Not after I heard your loud sex with Aunt Prema.”

“You heard?” Ruban asked with a gentle blush.

“Yes, I heard everything,” Sujitha wasn’t moving an inch as she spoke. “I heard your groans, her screams and those sexy quick slurping noises.”

“But, I won’t let you scream,” Ruban said and crawled onto the bed. Sujitha kept smiling and slowly straightened her legs. Her eyes gently opened and looked straight into him.

Ruban reached out to her left breast and tweaked her nipple. Sujitha trembled and suddenly shrunk herself rolling into a ball. Ruban let his fingers trail through her curves from the shoulder to waist making her squirm uneasily. He continued feeling her skin by running his fingers over the swell of her hips, her shiny thighs pressing hard against her breasts, her abdomen, her calves and her ankles. Ruban crawled further closing in on her young naked body and pushed her long hair to unveil her shining back. He then gently pressed his lips against her curve on the neck and pushed his lips further till it rested on her left shoulder.

Sujitha squirmed again and her body straightened a little. Ruban’s hands gripped her waist and pulled her close to him. Sujitha sprung at once and turned on her back revealing her frontal beauties to him. They felt a simultaneous current passing through their bodies as Sujitha’s left breast inadvertently brushed his chest as she turned.

“Sujitha chechi, you are simply beautiful,” Ruban muttered helplessly. The proximity of her sexy naked body had hardened his dick magically. With lips fluttering in excitement, he watched her young breasts heave as she breathed. His hands began aching to feel those marvelous breasts. But, began by reaching out to her crotch first and started stroking her tender public hair. Sujitha was biting her lower lips and he knew that she loved the way he had begun. His face lowered further until it reached between her legs.

Ruban gulped a load of saliva as he looked at her brightening face while his finger teased the soft pussy lips through the hair. Soon, he was stroking up and down slowly while his eyes kept watching her squirm all the time. His finger plunged in without feeling any real resistance. His thumb was stroking her clit while his finger kept exploring her cavity. She watched the amazing flames of lust burning in his eyes as he güvenilir bahis kept teasing her little nub. While his thumb pressed hard as he rubbed, his finger dove in and out of her pussy.

“Hello doctor,” Ruban smirked. “How do you feel about your pussy getting examined?”

Sujitha was getting excited all the time, realizing that Ruban wasn’t a novice in sex anymore. The subtle flutter on her lips suggested that she was enjoying it. He kept arousing her by reaching out to one of her perky nipples with his other hand which had hardened long back. She couldn’t resist a gasp that escaped her mouth as he held the nipple with his forefinger and thumb to squeeze it once. He followed it by tugging back the nipple and freeing it at once letting it to spring back.

“Please do it again,” Sujitha squealed with an appeal.

He promptly obliged her by teasing both her nipples with his fingers for a while and watched her gasp and moan in excitement. Sujitha realized that the young man was trying to be as gentle with her as he could. She shivered feeling him flick his tongue over her nipple while his finger began working in a good speed. She squirmed and began to moan. Ruban succumbed to his temptations as he bit hard on her nipple making her squirm and moan.

Her moans weren’t stopping even after he let off her nipple and sailed through her body brushing his lips against her silky skin all the way. She expectantly began spreading her legs wide as she knew that his lips were destined to reach her mound. His intentions were made clear as he pulled out his finger out of her pussy as his lips approached her crotch.

Ruban started flicking the tip of his tongue against her pussy, licking through the hair, across the top of her clitoris, down through the cleft of her pussy lips. He felt her intensity building up as she moaned aloud unable to control herself. He drove his tongue down at her young cunt and slipped it inside.

Sujithas’ body shook as if hit by an electrical shock. “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” she whimpered.

Ruban felt his dick beginning to ache. He buried his face between her legs and his mouth conquered the whole of her mound. His wiggling tongue ran amok over her swelling pussy lips. He was soon in a rage as he began kissing and licking her pussy lips in frenzy. His fingers soon joined the act by spreading her lips open allowing his tongue go about lashing all over.

Ruban wasn’t relenting as he wagged his tongue around her wet pussy until he felt her approaching to an orgasm. He quickened his tongue on her pussy. Sujitha arched and quivered with just her head and feet touching the bed. Her fingers were struck in Ruban’s hair pushing his head against her mound. Suddenly he felt her juices flowing over his tongue as she slumped and went limp gasping for breath. Her fingers clawed the bed after a few gentle shivers rippled through her.

“Oh Ruban!” She called out his name reaching a wonderful climax. Ruban’s tongue lapped a few drops of her juices before he pulled out his tongue from her soggy pussy.

Swiftly moving on top of her, he pinned her quivering body against the bed with ease. They kept exchanging a few glances and some smiles for a while letting their breathing slow down a bit. Ruban was immediately attracted to her pinky lips and he leaned forward forcing his tongue inside her mouth. She felt the itch on her crotch resume once again, this time because of his straining dick pressing hard against her. It took just a split second for her to realize that his meat was just too big for her. “Ruban, it is so türkçe bahis big,” She said with a hint of genuine fear in her eyes.

“That’s exactly what your aunt felt too,” Ruban smirked.

He felt her soft cunt lips against his enlarged dick. Sujitha’s fingers searched and gripped his dick and guided the tip of its head between her pussy lips. Ruban immediately came down a bit heavily on her and felt his head making its way through the parting lips. His hands reached out and gripped her waist before he humped yet again to let another inch move inside her. Sujitha groaned aloud feeling his monstrous dick ripping through her slit.

“Oh God!” Sujitha screamed in agony. Ruban couldn’t conceal a cruel grin.

Their eyes met again and got locked at once. Ruban resumed rocking his hips back and forth disregarding her squeals. Soon, he realized that the whole of his huge dick had managed to penetrate into her wet pussy. Sujitha’s gentle whimpers of agony died down as she began enjoying his deep penetration inside her. Ruban kept going rocking his waist relentlessly knowing very well that his dick was diving deeper and deeper with every hump. Sujitha was beginning to get thoroughly wet inside as her sheath kept expanding to let his dick rig through her hole.

“It is in almost,” Ruban proclaimed proudly. Sujitha smiled in agreement and pulled him towards her body. Their lips met to kiss and soon got consumed in a whirlwind of wild lust and passion. Ruban skillfully pulled her lower lips inside his mouth and chewed the petals gently. Sujitha’s arms held him tight against her mouth by clenching the back of his head. Ruban’s hands crept towards her naked breasts and began caressing her curves.

They began rolling while keeping their mouths intact against each other. Her dripping cunt smartly clenched his throbbing dick as they hugged deliriously going up and down as they rolled. Sujitha managed to raise her legs and send them wrapping around his waist. She was forcing him to go deeper inside her by locking her feet behind his waist. They eventually broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes yet again. Sujitha’s face wasn’t looking pale in agony any longer.

“How do you feel, Doctor?” Ruban asked with a wink. His hands cupped her breasts to squeeze them very gently. His thumbs were tapping on her nipples.

“I am in heaven,” Sujitha murmured meekly.

“Me too,” Ruban admitted, and truly.

“Don’t stop,” Sujitha pleaded. “We don’t have enough time left.”

“So?” Ruban smirked irritably.

“Do it!” Sujitha ordered.

“Do what?” Ruban asked with a mischievous smile.

“Oh God!” Sujitha slammed her forehead. Ruban began laughing and soon Sujitha joined him.

“OK…FUCK ME,” Sujitha whispered into his ears.

“That’s it,” Ruban giggled. “I will. But not before completing my quota.”

Sujitha wasn’t kept in surprise for long as he jumped on her breasts yet again. His hand and mouth formed a lethal coalition to tease her young globes with a sudden spurt of lust. He held one breast firmly while he took the other inside his mouth. His tongue lashed out at her hard nipples and brushed all around her dark areola. He sucked each one of her breasts with more vigor and hunger than before and moaned heavily on her flesh.

“Ruban…Ruban…be gentle,” Sujitha squirmed and screamed feeling his teeth making a few impressions on her breasts. She was in slight pain although her nipples looked like exploding inside his mouth. Her arms rushed through his armpits to clasp his back while her tense legs güvenilir bahis siteleri held his waist very strongly against her crotch. Ruban slowly left her nipples off his teeth lifting his head slowly from her. He watched her body jerk feeling the nipple tug back.

His eyes surveyed her writhing body and her perspiring face showing some signs of pleasurable pain. She was moaning aloud sounding as though she was crying for some help. The brief interlude on her breasts had helped his dick swell inside her and he began forcing it deep again.

“Fuck me..Fuck me,” was all she could pant, mustering some strength underneath the strong young man.

His hands strongly massaged her breasts. He felt signs of spasm in her muscles as he kept pounding her pussy. He was in a mood to tease her yet again. He slowly loosened his tight leash on her although she gave harder and quicker thrusts against him. His hips raised and slowly began pulling out his dick from the depth of her pussy. He paused once he knew that it was just the head that remained clenched by her sheath.

Sujitha looked perplexed and pleaded, “Why? Why so soon??”

“I don’t want to impregnate you,” Ruban said with a grin.

“Please Ruban,” She yelled in desperation. “Don’t stop, I want you to cum inside.”

He resumed with a bang and started pumping in and out of her soggy pussy. His dick plunged yet again inside the depth of her cunt and soon he was fucking for all her worth. Sujitha was writhing and moaning as dick went about pounding her in amazing speed. Ruban lowered his chest and let it brush against her breasts and feeling her hardened nipples pricking against him. While he motioned his waist as fast as he could, Sujitha was equal to the task as she kept thrusting her waist to take all his thunderous strokes.

He grunted loudly with each of his quick thrusts hitting her depths making her extremely tensed up. Sujitha could feel another orgasm ripping through as his dick bore deep into her mercilessly. Her tried slamming her hard with his waist lifted off her realizing that he was about to explode. He kept groaning louder than ever before as he emptied thick loads of warm cum deep inside her savaged pussy. Her tight wet pussy clenched his dick and milked letting his cum flow like a stream inside.

“Oh Yes! Ruban!! Oh Yes!!”

Sujitha’s body stiffened and got rigid. Her gripping muscles tightened around to hold him hard. Ruban groaned yet again sending another load of come making her shriek. He shook after each shoot that ejaculated out of him while she convulsed.

He gently split her legs to let them fall on the bed. He collapsed on her pressing the whole of his body weight against her. He felt deflated after drying out his energy and began inhaling deeply. He had done something unprecedented and something he had always desired. After a few moments of hard gasping, he looked up and smirked at her. They smiled at each other after recuperating from the excitement and got inside a cuddle. Ruban stroked Sujitha’s hair gently and planted a kiss on her forehead. It was his way of acknowledging his fulfillment.

“I always thought you must be a wonderful man to have on the bed,” Sujitha admired. “I know you have been dreaming about this. I am very happy now.”

“I still don’t believe this,” Ruban spoke as he gasped. “I always wanted to feel your sexy breasts and never thought it would really happen. But, you have given me a feast of my life. I am going to miss you chechi. I can’t forget this throughout my life.”

“I will be leaving this place very soon,” Sujitha said in a saddening tone. She dragged and placed his hands on her sweating breasts. “Have some more fun before you leave.”

Ruban couldn’t conceal his excitement as he obliged immediately. They began all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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