Doctor’s visit

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It’s not all sexy. But sometimes, just sometimes you smile and walk with a swagger.

Patient S. Abdominal pain. 26. F.

Post surgery, she was doing well. But we had to monitor for the next two days. I was on call in the post-op ward. I was just doing my obs after meal time. This room housed four patients. Miss S was just finishing her meal as I consulted her chart. Usual greetings. She leaned over, squirted some hand sanitiser and rubbed her hands together.

“No, no, no.” I said. “You must wash your hands properly. Come over to the hand-wash basin and I’ll show you.”

She looked a little perplexed, nodded. Pulled the sheet back and flung her legs out of the bed. The bright red nails of her toes and slender legs drawing my attention. She stood up. Her night wear a thin cotton nightie barely covering the tops of her thighs, little yellow flowers dotting it. Perky breasts holding out the nightie allowing it to cascade over her figure. She was short, maybe 5’2″ with long brown hair to her shoulder blades. I had to will myself to look at her face. She was pretty. Giving me a cute smile, eyes inquiring, lovely blue-grey eyes.

She moved to the basin. I stood beside and slightly behind her.

“First the soap, rub it all over your hands, between your fingers, wrists, everywhere.” I said as she proceeding to rub the greenish liquid over her petite hands.

“Here, like this.” I moved behind her and placed my hands on hers.

There is something special about when hands touch. No, not a handshake kind of touch, but that touch of fingers canlı bahis touching fingers, hand on top of hand. As though it is a personal caress of the heart. As my hands touched hers, as I reached around from behind her, she felt it too. Her head turned looking up at me with those wide eyes, her mouth slightly agape.

“Let me help you.” I said as my fingers slide between hers. She spread her fingers apart allowing me intimate access to her hands. Her skin was so soft and my own hands dwarfed hers. As I stroked her hands, gently turning her hand palm up, my hands sliding over her palms, between her fingers once more. I heard her inhale. I felt her body relax. I moved a little closer, my head lowered to just beside her. I could smell her hair.

“Just like this.” I said in almost a whisper. “Back and forth. Getting between those fingers.” As I spoke I felt her body press softly back into me, her neck turned ever so slightly as if an invitation.

“You have lovely hands Doc.” she replied. Turning her head, looking me in the eyes and smiling.

“Thank you. Now we need to wash.” I leaned forward to push the wash bar, as I did my own torso pressed firmer into her. I was becoming quite aroused. Her hands were so small, so soft and her fingers were such a pleasure to feel.

If she felt my growing hardness, she didn’t say. I was sure she could, as her body was now pressed up against me. I proceeded to wash her hands thoroughly. I had to move away, getting her some paper towel to dry.

She then hopped back into the bed.

“Much better, bahis siteleri all nice and clean.” I said.

“Doc, I’m in a bit of discomfort.” she suddenly said.

“Oh, let me check.” My concern for her after her operation. There could be complications. “Can you raise your nightie for me so I can check?”

She reached under the sheet, pulled the hem up to under her breasts. Wow, her nipples were hard. How did I miss them before. She then rolled the bed sheet down to expose her stomach. I placed my hand there, two fingers pressing into parts to determine pain.

“Any discomfort here?” I asked.

“No. None. Actually it’s a bit lower.” She said, her hand resting on mine. Then she held my hand, moving it below the sheet. I felt the soft fuzz of her pubic hair, the rise of her pubic mound. Her hand moved mine further. I heard my own breathing change. Her’s becoming loud and deep. She moaned very softly as my hand cupped between her legs. Her hand on top of mine moving it up and down.

“I think it needs more attention.” I breathed. Sliding my middle finger between her smooth labia. I felt that exquisite texture of smooth skin, her inner flesh, It felt damp and warm, the tender folds on either side of my finger as I stroked up and down. Her breathing and moaning more earnest. She began lifting her body off the bed, starting to buck her hips and arch her back.

“God Doc, that feels so good.” she whispered. Looking at me with desire.

I slid a second finger as her flower opened for me, allowing me further access. Now all my fingers, bahis şirketleri my hand lovingly caressing her wet pussy in a constant rhythm. She moaned again. The heel of my palm rubbing her clit, my fingertips seeking her entrance, inserting two as I splayed my fingers apart. Now fingering in earnest, seeking her arousal to peak.

Her breathing was so deep. I could see the furnace in her eyes. Her hand reaching out to my arse, giving it a hard squeeze.

“Oh fuck yes.” she moaned. “Right there, fuck.” Her voice cracking in pleasure. Her body almost writhing beneath me.

“Oh fuck, oh god, I’m cumming…” her moans almost a whimper. I could see and feel her shake. Her body tensing on my fingers deep inside her, she orgasmed. “Oh, mmmm.” The words escaping her lips as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. My hand slowing and forced to stop as she clamped her thighs closed over it.

I felt her tremble for a few more seconds before she released me. My hand trailing over her pubic mound and out of the sheets. I looked at my fingers, the tips covered in milky juice. I placed them in my mouth, sucking and licking her cum, tasting her very sexy pussy juice.

“Thank’s Doc. That feels much better.” She said. Her voice almost giggling.

“Good, I have a good bedside manner, they tell me.” I responded.

She giggled, such a sweet, sexy giggle.

“I’ll come back and check on you in another hour.” I said.

“Make sure you do. I think I might have a sore throat when you return.” her implication not lost on me as my cock throbbed in my pants.

And so it happened. An hour later she sucked my cock. The following hour we fucked. She gets discharged today, someone else’s shift. I’ll miss my patient. I just hope she remembers how to wash her hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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