Doll: Mother

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This is my story Doll from a different POV.


“It’s just a doll, Mum,” Dai said. “Or is it?”

I chuckled. “Yes and no. It’s really Stacy, but she’s a doll now and forever. Unable to think, but certainly able to feel – and I’m sure she’s loved everything you’ve done to us so far. I know I have.”

“But how?” he whined.

“Magic,” I said. “I’ll explain one day. Now, don’t neglect the poor girl, Dai. Give her the fucking she’s desperate for.”

The call over, I could almost sense him staring at Stacy – at me – wondering, was it really her? Was I really feeling everything he did to Stacy? The mere possibility of any of it being true had his cock springing to life – and less than five minutes after he had emptied his balls into my ass, too.

It was all so horrifyingly wrong, and yet at the same time the thought of me being forever passive and his to use… of the thought that I was being pleasured by my own son…

Kneeling again behind my arse, he thrust once more into my rear, extra slippery now, and this time with the benefit of having just recently come. “This time,” he said, “I’m going to continue till you phone me and beg me to finish.”

Perhaps I should have told him the truth, that the spell had gone terribly wrong – or, rather, the witch who had cast the spell had betrayed me. The spell had indeed transformed Stacy – beautiful, young Stacy who Dai had had a crush on for years – turning her youthful body into a simulacrum. Into a sex doll.

But in a sense, I’d got what I asked for. I’d asked the witch to turn Stacy into a sex doll, and on a crazy, impulsive whim added that I wanted to share the experience, to feel the pleasure of being used – of being fucked – by my own son. Blame the horniness of decades without a real lover to satisfy my needs as a woman, and it wasn’t like it was incest, was it? Not when I wouldn’t be there with him, and he wouldn’t know he was pleasuring his own mother as he fucked what to him was merely a lifeless doll.

The witch had been a young woman, exuding an erotic power that had me questioning my own assumed straightness. The spell had been a little surreal and anticlimactic, some mystical words chanted while winding a few stolen strands of Stacy’s hair about a Barbie doll (that had spent a few hours buried deep in my vagina and, as a result, was wet and slippery). “There,” the witch concluded. “Stacy will feel a strong compulsion to bring herself to orgasm, and at the very moment she comes the transformation will occur.”

We had waited until we had seen Stacy walking down the street, alone, towards her home. The spell done, I rushed over to spy on her through the window, and saw her leaning against the frame of her front door, perhaps experiencing a wave of arousal that washed away even the thought of unlocking the door in front of her.

Suddenly the witch was there with her, guiding her across the road to my house. “Come, sit with us, have a cup of tea.”

“No, no,” Stacy protested, blushing furiously but also unable to resist the witch’s entreaty. I hurried to put the kettle on as Stacy sat nervously. When I was young, we would have said ‘ants in her pants’, and perhaps that was a fair description. “I really can’t stay,” she said, almost pleading to be sent away, but then the witch’s hand was on Stacy’s bare thigh, brushing the dark, pleated skirt up to reveal pink lace knickers. “Don’t…”

“Don’t what?” the witch murmured, her fingertips caressing lace that was wet from güvenilir bahis Stacy’s obvious arousal.

“Don’t stop.” With a whine of frustration, Stacy tugged off her shirt and vest, and unclasped her pink lace bra, and utterly uncaring about what she was doing, or what was being done to her, she pinched and rubbed her swollen nipples while pushing her crotch against the witch’s teasing fingers. She was utterly beautiful. She’d make the perfect toy for my son to play with. I wondered what his cock would feel like in her cunt, and in her mouth and ass and between her breasts…

“Oh God!” she cried. “Put your fingers in me! Please!”

“Let me,” I said, standing in front of her and easing her skirt and knickers down her smooth, perfect legs. “I want you to look into my eyes as you come, Stacy.” I slipped two fingers into her easily. “I want you to imagine my son fucking you.”

She frowned. “Dai?” For a moment she seemed almost about to laugh, but she was too distracted by her own need. “Sure,” she said, shrugging. “Whatever.”

I had never touched another woman sexually before. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed her hunger for my fingers. I couldn’t tell if she was really imagining Dai, but she maintained eye contact with me the whole time as I finger-fucked her wet pussy and the witch continued to rub her clit steadily.

Her cry, when she came, was a loud, ecstatic release of pleasure, but rather than giving way to convulsions, she fell abruptly silent and unnaturally still. Without warning, a tingling sensation built in my womb until suddenly I too felt a rush of orgasmic pleasure radiating out from my centre. With a cry of astonishment, I fell to my knees, gasping, too overwhelmed to think clearly, and for a moment I blacked out –

– but then I was okay again, calm, sitting and waiting. Still very aroused, but lacking for the moment any real urge to do anything about it. The witch was beside me, playing idly with my clit, and another woman was there, on her knees in front of me.

Not until she looked up and I saw that she was me did I begin to understand what had happened. “What -” she said. “What just happened?” She recoiled suddenly, as if in fear of me. “What the fuck?”

The witch chuckled. “She wanted me to turn you into a sex doll. What do you think?”

I understood then that our minds had been switched, that staring out at me through my eyes was Stacy’s confused and terrified mind. “But how? This is impossible.”

The witch shrugged. “Magic. Pretty well done, if you ask me. Not really from your perspective, I suppose, but it could have been worse.”

Stacy frowned. “Worse? How could it be fucking worse?”

“You could have spent the rest of your life as Dai’s custom-made sex doll. Now that privilege goes to Jane, his mum. Nothing like keeping things in the family, eh?”

“Wait, what, are you saying that’s Jane? That she’s still alive?” Her fingers prodded me experimentally. She looked down at herself and finally realised the other half of that. “What the fuck! What have you done to me?” She ran from the room, no doubt searching for a mirror. “Fuck!” she screamed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The witch sighed. “Can’t please everyone. Still, I’m sure you and Dai will be happily.”

Stacy returned, looking thoroughly pissed off. “Wait, so, she wanted you to turn me into a sex doll and give me to her son?”


“Is there any way to reverse it?”

“I could swap your minds back, but türkçe bahis I can’t return your body back to life.”

“I’m not spending the rest of my life as a fucking doll.”

The witch grinned. “Then help me package her up.”


I didn’t realise I had a way of communicating until Dai phoned me. I could hear his voice in my ears, because he was standing right next to me, but his voice was somehow in my head also. “Mum! How? We can’t afford this?”

I had no idea how to even begin explaining what had happened, and besides, after three days stuck in a tea chest, both aroused and helpless, thinking about what he would do to me, I was impatient for him to actually do it. Explanations could wait. So I laughed. “Didn’t cost me a thing – well, apart from the post and packaging. Now go. Enjoy!”

Yet, it took forever for him to get me into his bed, and to finally pay the kind of attention to me that I was craving, but at last his hands were running over my beautiful breasts, my swollen nipples were taken into his mouth, and bitten gently. Despite the exquisite pleasure of it, not a whimper escaped my lips. He explored between my parted thighs, feeling delicate lips, a clit that thankfully he had no difficulty identifying, and then that entrance… soft flesh parting with little reluctance as he pushed a finger within…

… so easily I must have been wet. He slipped a finger into my tight ass, just as easily. My mouth too. Wow – I really was a sex doll, perfectly ready for him to use me. He stripped and knelt between my parted thighs, lining his cock up for entry with the sweet clumsiness of a virgin, but at last he thrust in triumphantly. I wanted to scream my own triumph at that moment, but had no choice but to be a passive recipient of his hard cock.

The friction exciting me wonderfully. If my new life was to be spent being fucked by my own son, I would be happy. He –

Dai pulled out suddenly and went over to his computer. Suddenly the air was filled with porn dialogue: “Oh, yes baby, like that, fuck me.” He resumed his place between my legs and thrust in once again to my welcoming pussy. “Fuck me with that huge cock,” the unseen starlet screamed. “Mmm, yes. I’m gonna come.”

And then he did, his cock pulsing gloriously, his cum pulsing out into the depths of my synthetic vagina. It was enough to propel me over the edge. My orgasm was long and intense, though my non-flesh was still, but my ecstasy echoed from the speakers: “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m coming! I’m coming! Ohh!!”


Though I was glad he went on to use my mouth, and happy to be fucked again before too long, I found myself wishing he’d do it the way his father had always like it. But I was also really thrilled that Dai was no longer a virgin – and, indeed, that I was the one he had lost it to. Concentrating really hard, I tried to send him a message telepathically: “My son’s a real man now! Try fucking her ass. I bet she’ll love it.”

Imagine my surprise then, the following morning, when I got a reply. He had rushed out of the house, leaving me in bed, and I lay there mournfully, lonely for his touch. Suddenly I heard him, or sort-of. It was more like I read his words and imagined his voice. “Bad enough that my own mother has given me a sex doll. Now she’s giving me advice on how to use it?”

I laughed silently and tried to reply: “It’s poor Stacy I’m thinking of. The girl needs constant attention.” I couldn’t tell if he heard me or not.

The whole day I lay there güvenilir bahis siteleri unmoving, wondering what the night would bring. The rush of pleasure I felt on hearing his voice at long last was as nothing to the burst of delight at hearing him say, “Hi, honey,” and bending to kiss me.

He positioned me on all fours, my beautiful arse presented to him, that tight ring of muscle a seductive sight indeed – at least I hoped so. “Yes!” I wanted to cry as he knelt behind me, lining his cock up for entry. It took considerable effort to breach that rear entrance – but then, gloriously, he penetrated me. I was so wonderfully tight, and felt so incredibly stretched by him.

Again he paused his pleasure for a minute as he hunted for something suitable, and then to the tune of, “Fuck my tight ass with your huge cock,” he resumed his assault on that sweet target. “So fucking big,” the computer screamed as he thrust in hard.

I could tell it was too much for him. He kept halting just to hold himself back from the edge. “You like this, don’t you?” he growled, spanking me.

I couldn’t react to the pain at all. “Harder,” a disembodied voice cried for me. “Harder!” Soon he was pounding into me. “I want your cum in my ass,” the voice said, and he laughed as he stiffened within me. As his cum burst out into the depths of my ass, I wanted to cry, in part because of how good it felt, but in part also because it wasn’t enough. I needed more.

“Oh wow,” he gasped, collapsing onto the bed next to me. With one hand he toyed idly with my breasts that hung heavy, pendulous, beneath me. “I love you, Stacy,” he whispered.

I tried again to send him a telepathic message: “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

His phone chimed and he picked it up, reading a message there, then phoning someone. Abruptly I understood this was how we had to communicate. His voice was in my head again: “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, Dai,” I said, laughing. “I love having my ass fucked – and I bet Stacy loved it too.”

“What are you talking about?” he demanded again.

“Magic, Dai. Everything Stacy feels, I feel too. Every touch on her breasts, every kiss on her lips, every cock in her tight ass…”

Suddenly he pinched my left nipple hard. “Aah!” I cried. “Ouch! Please don’t do that. Bad enough for me, but think of poor Stacy!”

One minute later, he was thrusting once more into my rear. “This time,” he said, “I’m going to continue till you phone me and beg me to finish.”

Except I couldn’t. That wasn’t how it worked. He needed to phone me. If I concentrated hard, I could send him text messages, somehow, but it was hard to concentrate and I doubted he would stop fucking me just to check his messages.

He did seem to continue forever, as well. It was the most passionate ass-fucking of my life. Sometimes it was fast and hard, sometimes slow and deep. After an age, during which I had already come three times, he rolled me over onto my back and resumed in a new position, this one allowing him to look into my eyes while also tugging at my nipples or rubbing at my clit.

Eventually, though, I could feel he was getting close. Pausing, perhaps to catch his breath, he phoned me. “Well?”

“Don’t stop now,” I begged him. “I want your cum in me.”

“Wow, Mum,” he said, laughing. “I never knew what a dirty whore you were.”

“Neither did I… Fuck me, Dai. Fuck your dirty whore of a mother…”

He resumed his thrusting, harder than ever. I could hear myself screaming down the phone line. “Yes! Yes! Fill my ass with your cum, Dai!”

I lay there in motionless ecstasy as his throbbing cock pulsed deep inside my ass for a second time. “Thank you, Dai,” I whispered. “Thank you.”

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