Dorm Life Ch. 1

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Rebecca loved living just down the hall from Robert. In the coed dorm, life was different. She never expected to fall for the shy guy down the hall. He was tall and blond, and had his priorities in line. She was a curvy brunette with a flair for music, but couldn’t quite find her niche. One day, when she was finishing homework, he dropped by her room.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Just finished my homework. I am so glad to get that out of the way. What are you into tonight?” Rebecca wanted him to stay for a while, so she scooted over and gave him room to join her on the futon.

“I was just wondering, if um, uh, you might want, um to go out with me sometime. It doesn’t have to be now, or any particular time.” He was being nervous, but he was so cute.

“I would love to, is tomorrow good?” she asked. She had been wondering if the sparks she felt around him were shared.

“Yeah, that would be great. I’m going to go on to my room now. Will I see you at dinner?”

“Of course, if I have to eat that cafeteria food, it should be with good company.”

After dinner, instead of parting ways at her door, as they typically did, she invited him in. Her roommate, Jaime, was gone for the evening. They sat down, and turned on the TV. Rebecca sat as close to him as she could. Robert looked at her, smiled, and gently took her hand. He stayed late that night, and they talked for hours. The next morning, he came by to walk her to class. Rebecca was so surprised to see him there, and she never expected him to lean in and kiss her gently.

“Good Morning.” He said

“Good Morning to you.” She replied. She was really thinking, I didn’t expect to see you this morning. What are you doing here?

“Don’t you have a 9:00? I thought you might like to walk down the hill with me.”

“That’s very sweet. But I’m not quite ready. Will 5 more minutes make you late?” she asked. Rebecca had never been one for punctuality, and she still had to get dressed.

“No, that’s fine.” He replied. beşiktaş escort He was really thinking, damn, I wish I didn’t have class this morning. I really would like to crawl in bed with her. Her breasts are so full, and begging my hands to grab them. Oh no, I’m getting hard. Don’t think about her… 1×2 is 2, 1×3 is 3… that’s a little better, concentrate.

Rebecca got dressed in the bathroom that separated each room. When she emerged, she saw Robert sitting on the futon with a serious expression on his face.

“Penny for your thoughts,” she asked him.

You, me, bed. “I was just thinking, um, about the, uh, way you have your room set up. It’s very homey.” He barely escaped that one.

“Oh, thanks. We like it. Are you ready?” She was wishing she didn’t have class, or that she was the type to skip it, but she knew she wasn’t.

That night, while she was getting ready, she took all the pains girls take when they are going out with a new guy. She shaved, washed with good smelling shower gel, and washed her hair with special shampoo. If anything was going to happen, she wanted to be prepared. He came by to pick her up at 7:00. Dinner was at a local Mexican restaurant, and then they went to see a movie. The sat in the back of the theater, just holding hands at first. Robert put his arm around Rebecca, and she snuggled closer, dropping her hand to his knee. When she saw that he was paying more attention to the movie than to her, she snaked her hand up his thigh, and stopped right at his hip.

“What are you doing?” he asked. He was shocked that she would touch him in such a public place.

“Just putting my hand on your leg. Do you want me to move it?” she asked with mock innocents.

“No, but two can play at this game” He whispered. His hand that draped across her shoulder dropped to the top of her breast. Her nipple hardened instantly.

“Mmm, look what you do to me.” She mumbled quietly as her hand came into contact with his cock, it hardened under her touch.

Then beşiktaş eve gelen escort both stopped commenting, and started to kiss deeply, making out in the theater like 14 year olds, but with a little more knowledge. They both knew this was the beginning.

Robert was glad his roommate had gone home for the weekend. They kept their passion in check at the theater, but when they got back to the dorm, they bypassed her door, and went straight to his. As he fumbled with his key, she whispered to him.

“I want you. I want you hard and hot deep in my pussy.” He almost lost it right there. His cock was tenting his jeans, and was ready for her. He got the door open and he took his shirt off as they fell into the room. Hers followed, as well as the rest of their clothes. They made it to his bed, and she kissed him, her tongue dancing in his mouth. His hand found her pussy. She was so wet, ready for him. He dipped a finger deep inside her, and pulled it out. She whimpered, willing his finger back. She wasn’t disappointed. His finger became two, and he pushed deep in side her. He kissed her, but she pulled away.

She kissed his neck, licked his nipple, and ran her fingernails across his stomach. Her mouth met her hand at his hard cock. He almost blew his load right there. When her tongue touched the tip of his cock, he moaned. She licked it like a sucker for a second, then licked down the underside. As she licked back up, he ran his fingers threw her hair. She took the tip into her mouth, and started to suck it, while her hands played with his balls. He told her he was close, and she let up long enough to tell him that was her intention. When she took his entire cock into her mouth, he thought he was in Heaven, but when she sucked hard as she pulled him out, he knew Hell. He was torn, and knew he couldn’t last much longer. Using one hand, she started to stroke him, while sucking the tip, and she felt him spasm. When he started to cum, she stroked fast, beşiktaş grup yapan escort sucked and swallowed all of it. He was definitely in heaven.

“That was amazing.” He wondered how he would pay her back.

“Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.” She dipped her finger down to her clit, and started to stroke herself. He was shocked, not that he didn’t like it, but he didn’t expect it. She kissed him, and he tasted his cum on her tongue. That turned him on more than he expected, and his cock started to harden.

“I’m so wet, and hot for you. What are you going to do about?” She asked.

“I’m going to make you beg for release,” he replied with a grin.

He stopped her hand as he dipped his head for a kiss. “My turn,” he said. He leaned down and started to flick his tongue across her nipple, it hardened more than before, and he started to suck it. She moaned her pleasure, and arched her back for more. He turned his attention to the other breast, and nibbled it gently. She sucked in a deep breathe as her heart started to race. He took his finger and dipped it into her hot cunt, while he sucked her breasts, one then the other. She wanted more. She wanted his hard cock deep in her cunt. He reached back up and kissed her, their tongues dueled as he guided his now rock hard cock to her hot, wet pussy. He teased her pussy lips with it, and she whimpered. He thrust in just a little, then pulled out almost completely. His next thrust was deeper, then next deeper than that. The last was all the way in, and she marveled at how well they fit. He held it there, deep in her cunt while she kissed him. Then he pulled out and teased her clit. Back in he started to thrust deep and slow. She urged him to go faster, harder, and he did. They were both breathing hard, hearts racing, when she started to spasm around his hard cock. She milked him into his second orgasm with her hot cunt. When they were both spent, she laid her head on his chest, and her knee across his legs. He wrapped both arms around her, and they just cuddled. She reached up to kiss him, smiled at him, and told him how glad she was that he asked her out. He looked down at her and smiled.

“I’m glad you said yes. I was so afraid you wouldn’t.”

“I hope you’ll ask me again,” she replied.

They slept the sleep of the dead that night, and each dreamed of what would be next.

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