Down on the Farm

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I have always loved animals so when Janice, a long time friend of mine, mentioned this farm called “Shady Acres” that was just outside of town would give riding lessons to anyone interested in it for a small fee. I didn’t hesitate to jump on the idea of it. I already knew how to ride, thanks to the farm next door to my parents and I had always loved spending time with them.

I often begged my parents to get me a horse, more so once the neighbors decided they no longer were able to handle the responsibilities of horses due to their ages. It hadn’t yet happened that I got the horse of my dreams though and with me living in a small apartment in the city, I didn’t think I would get my wish any time soon.

I decided that the farm would be the perfect way for me to get closer to the animals I love and that I would ride out there the next day and see if what my friend had mentioned was legitimate. If nothing else, maybe I could go out there on the weekends to help others learn to love the horses as much as I do by teaching kids to ride.

The next morning I put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, quickly ran a brush through my hair shoulder length blond hair and just enough make-up to make me feel human and went to the car heading for Shady Acres. I felt like a little girl again, racing to the neighbor’s house in the hopes that they would tell me that today I could ride one of their horses.

As I headed out of town I was beginning to think Janice had given me the wrong directions. I was three miles out of town and beyond all the farms and still had seen no mention of a horse farm that offered riding lessons. I went another two miles and had just about decided that I would have to give up the idea until I got better directions when I saw a very tiny sign almost hidden by some brush that read, “Shady Acres”.

My relief was immense because I had found it, but I wasn’t sure that they offered the riding lessons since there was no mention of it. “Why would they be willing to give riding lessons and yet not advertise it or even clear out around the sign so people could easily find it?” I questioned myself.

I turned into the driveway beginning to wonder if I really should. “Maybe Janice had the name wrong?” I thought. It was then that I saw the most amazing horse that I had ever laid eyes on. She was jet black with white socks and a white blaze down her nose. Her big brown eyes seemed to hold the mystery of the universe inside them. All hesitation at continuing up the drive left at that moment. If I succeeded at nothing else, I wanted to ride on her. I just had to hope that whoever owned the farm would understand my need to be close to horses in general and her in particular, that they would be willing to let me ride her.

I pulled into a clearing and was in awe over all that I saw there. First thing that I noticed was the house, an amazing two story log cabin type house. There was a porch that went all across the front and as near as I could tell down the sides with rocking chairs scattered randomly around and little wooden tables sitting around. Each up stairs room looked to have its own set of glass doors and a balcony. I wanted so badly to see inside of the house.

Next thing I saw was the stables. They looked just as glamorous as the house, done also like a log cabin would be. It had a large barn door that opened into a central walkway. There was hay scattered over the floor between the stalls. What I could see of it was all “clean” hay and I was surprised at how well taken care of the horses much be here.

The last thing I saw was a man step out of one of the stalls and come toward the open barn door. He looked at me in confusion, probably because I was still in my car just looking around. I turned off the ignition and stepped out of the car.

I could see his questioning look the closer I got to him and I could also see how handsome he was. His blond hair was slightly darker than mine, or maybe it was the shadow of his Stetson hat that made it appear so. He wore dark blue jeans and a button up western style shirt. His eyes were a soft brown color that I felt sure would change with his moods.

“Sorry to bother you.” I said when I had gotten close enough to not need to yell at him. “I heard that you gave riding lessons here?”

“Hi there. Yes, I give riding lessons to some of the kids in town. Do you have a child you would like for me to teach?”

Blushing slightly I said, “No Sir. Honestly, I was hoping you would let me ride?”

He smiled and the little lines on each side of his eyes crinkled up, giving his face a sexy masculine appeal that I have never seen before. “You want to learn how to ride?” he asked with what I am sure was quite jokingly.

“Uh, no, actually, I already know how to ride. I just had hoped that you would be willing to let me ride since you give lessons and all that. I was raised around horses and miss spending time with them. I live in the city now and there isn’t much opportunity. beşiktaş anal yapan escort If it means I’ll be able to spend time with horses, I would also be willing to give you a hand teaching the kids. Uh, that is if you want me to.” I finally finished my explanation, blushing more since to myself I sounded like a mumbling idiot.

Laughing he said, “As you can tell, I don’t have a load of kids here to teach. Today it’s just me. No kids are coming, and I wasn’t expecting company. Not sure I need the help right now, but, if you want to ride I’ll be more than happy to let you. All the horses are turned out, so we will have to get one up here to saddle. By the way, I’m Trevor.”

“I’m Kate. I hope it isn’t an inconvenience that I came since you weren’t expecting anyone. I can come back another day if you want.”

“No you’re fine. You’re just an unexpected pleasure.” He said with a small wink and I wondered if he was only teasing me.

“I uh, I know that I’ve already asked enough of you, but I was wondering if I could ask of you one more thing. You see, I saw a horse when I came up the drive. She was black with white socks and the white on her nose. Do you think I could ride her?”

“Of course you can. Her name is Raven. She is one of my best. Raven is very calm and doesn’t get spooked by anything. She will give you a perfect ride. She is a big horse though. If you haven’t ridden in a while she will make you sore. Her back is a lot wider than most.”

“Well it’s been several years since I’ve ridden anything. But I think the pleasure of riding again will be worth a little pain.” I stated.

“Well good. I will go and get her. Feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable in the barn and get ready for one of the best rides of your life.”

I did as suggested, and went into the barn while he went to get Raven. I couldn’t believe how neat the inside of the stables were. The one where he kept the saddles and stuff had some hay scattered around, but nothing compared to what most stables have inside them. The stalls where the horses stay had fresh hay. There wasn’t the normal smell of a horse barn, instead it smelled clean. Even pictures on the wall were straight and not overly dusty. The more I looked the more I saw how much he must love his horses to take care of them so well.

I even found a bathroom off the tack room and I went inside it to answer natures call before getting on a horse. I didn’t want to have to stop riding later just to answer that need. Even the bathroom was pretty near spotless. I figured he must have a wife or something that came down to the stables to help him keep it all clean.

I was just finishing up and coming out of the bathroom when I heard Trevor entering the barn. His boots making a soft sound on the hay in the main passageway. “You ready for her?” he asked.

“Absolutely.” I said again feeling like a child excited by some grand adventure.

“Would you mind if I tagged along? I was just finishing up in here when you pulled in and haven’t yet had my ride of the day. I could show you around a bit if you want.”

“That would be great. I wouldn’t mind the company at all.”

“Good. Do you know how to saddle her up or want me to do it?”

“Uh, its been a while but I think I can manage.”

“Great. Here’s her saddle and stuff. I’ll get my horse ready and then we will go.”

Trevor checked to make sure I had saddled her right and I liked his concern even though I knew it came from him teaching kids to ride. Of course he would want it to be safe for them. Any mistakes could be horrible. I watched while he checked to make sure all was well and my eyes were drawn to the way his shirt stretched tight over the muscles in his back.

Raven was a much bigger horse than I had expected her to be, and I even needed help getting up on her back when he was finished. It wasn’t that she was overly tall, but I had forgotten how difficult it was to lift yourself up like that with one foot in the stirrup. Trevor had laughed at me when I asked for assistance, the old foot in the hands routine, and I laughed along with him.

The horse he had chosen to ride was almost as breath taking as Raven. We walked the horses for a while with Trevor explaining that with Raven pretty much all you needed to do to guide her is barely let the reins lay to one side or the other. To speed her up tighten my legs slightly and she will take the hint. Tug on the reins a little to slow her down.

With all the explanations done, I let Trevor take the lead as he picked up the pace a little. I stayed reasonably close behind him, and must admit that I enjoyed the view. If he was good looking to stand and talk to then he was beautiful riding a horse. His body flowed with the horses movements in ways that I had could only dream of. Even when he looked back to make sure I was still with him and then picked up the pace to a run, his body still managed to move beşiktaş bdsm escort as one with the horse. I found it amazing that even with the increased speed his hat managed to stay on his head.

As we heading into the woods in the back of his house, he leaned down over the horse’s neck as if whispering in her ear, allowing his butt to come off the saddle slightly and my eyes were drawn to the tight denim there. I couldn’t help blushing at the course my thoughts had taken.

The run that we were now doing on horseback was already taking its toll on my body. The very supportive bra that I had worn for my somewhat small breasts still allowed them to bounce rather heavily and I made a mental note that if I were going to be coming here more often I definitely needed to get something that would hold me better. My legs were also feeling the strain of being spread so far apart while bouncing. Not to mention the “beating” my pussy was getting. My pants which had seemed comfortable before were pushing tight against my pussy. It pushed my pants against me harder, so that my jeans were constantly rubbing against me with every bounce of the horse.

We entered into a clearing and Trevor slowed his horse down to a walk again. He yelled back to me asking if I was still “hanging in there.” I said “yes.’ But couldn’t take my eyes off the view the clearing offered. There was a small steam which pooled into a small lake. With big oak trees that were scattered around the clearing as if placed around it by an artist to give the perfect effect.

Trevor walked his horse to the stream and then hopped off coming back to wait on me to do the same.

As I hopped down I felt the full impact of riding again and was thankful for the arm Trevor held out to me to steady myself with. “It’s more exhilarating and more painful than I remember it being.” I said blushing again trying to tug downward on my pants to relieve the pressure on my pussy without him noticing.

He laughed and said, “You’ll get use to it again. Don’t worry. I didn’t bring a blanket with me, but we can sit her until you are ready to go again.”

“Thanks.” I said as I began walking to a nearby tree to sit under in order to get out of the sun which even seemed more brilliant here in this clearing. “It’s beautiful here.”

“I’m glad you like it. It is one of my most favorite spots.” He said sitting down on the ground a few feet from me.

“I can certainly understand why. I didn’t tell you earlier but you have a very beautiful house and stables too. You and your family are very lucky to have this place. How long have you been here?”

“I’ve lived her most of my life. My parents bought it and built it the way they wanted it built. When I was grown and they were getting up there in age, they opted to move into town and I bought this place from them. One day when I get married and have a child, I’ll pass it on to them.”

“Oh. You’re not married?” I said a little too quickly for my own liking and embarrassed myself. “I um, I had figured you were married. It’s a big place for just one person.”

He laughed and said “yeah it is. But so far I haven’t found a woman who loves this place or me as much as they should to become a part of it.”

I could see the disappointment in his eyes and felt bad that we had broached what seemed like a bad topic of conversation. I said simply, “I know what you mean there. I’ve never married either.” Followed by, “Thank You for letting me ride Raven, though. Just in case I forget to tell you later. She is perfect.”, In an effort to get the conversation on a lighter topic.

“No thanks needed. She needs someone to ride her. Some one that enjoys her.”

After that I’m not sure how long Trevor and I sat there talking, but by the time we left the sun had reached its highest peak and was beginning to lower itself toward the western horizon and the more we talked and the more we laughed the more I found myself drawn to him. Yes he was handsome and charming and had the perfect body, but I was also drawn to him as a person, a good ole country boy.

Part of me felt that he was drawn to me as well. As the day wore on I noticed his eyes lingering longer on me. And when he went to check on the horses and came back, rather than sitting a few feet from me, he settled down right beside me. I tried to not think much of it, but I couldn’t help but notice and even kind of hope for more.

I assume it was about four o’clock when he asked if I was ready to go. I nodded “yes” and he stood up, put out his hand to give me a hand up. Standing wasn’t easy at first, my legs were stiff from the unusual activity of riding a horse. He grinned and said “Told you she would give you a good ride.” I blushed.

He helped me back up onto Raven and I almost groaned in pain. Then he got up on his horse, promising to take it easy on the way back for me. I mumbled thanks, still embarrassed that he would know my discomfort.

The beşiktaş elit escort ride back was very slow. He kept his horse at a slow walk allowing me to be comfortable. I made another mental note, this one to thank him one day for taking it easy on me.

We got back to the stables and this time he helped me down off Raven. I wasn’t sure if he had intended to or not but the way that he helped me down allowed my body to come against his fully, in a way that made it impossible to escape the heat or masculine smell of his body. With him standing in front of me and Raven behind me, I was unable to step back and Trevor seemed unwilling to step back himself.

My five foot three frame had me looking at the buttons on his shirt so I looked up to his face. He was smiling again and asked if I was okay to stand alone. I just nodded “yes” wishing in so many ways that he would kiss me.

I noticed that his brown eyes turned a warmer brown, even with the shadow of his Stetson shielding them, and I actually thought he was going to kiss me, and then he turned away and went about taking the saddle off his horse. I did the same with Raven, trying to get my head cleared of any erotic ideas that may have been brewing there.

When we finished getting the horses ready he turned them out. I was busy putting up all the things we had used for them and he came over to help. We occasionally brushed elbows and had to step around one another. I kept reminding myself that any erotic thoughts were mine alone and that it was best if we hurry up and finish so that I may head home.

Once finished, I said, “I guess I should head home. Thank you for the ride. It was great to be back on a horse.”

Trevor stepped near me, “No need for thanks. I enjoyed today as well and I hope you will return to ride again. Don’t forget to stretch tonight or your legs will really hurt tomorrow. A hot bath wouldn’t hurt either.”

“Thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to do that.”

I turned to leave and he grabbed my arm. I looked at him questioningly and the heat I had seen in his eyes before came back to them now. I was still trying to come up with something to say to him to let him know I wouldn’t mind if he kissed me when he took matters into his own hands and pulled me toward him.

His mouth met mine in a soft caress quickly growing firmer and forcing my mouth to open to accept his tongue.

Trevor’s tongue plundered my mouth completely, leaving me breathless and trembling. Then he broke the kiss. It had begun and ended so abruptly that I wasn’t sure what he wanted from me. I could tell that he wasn’t sure if I wanted it or not and he wasn’t sure how I would respond if he just went for it.

Maybe it was the exhilaration of riding the horse or maybe it was the fact that my jeans had been rubbing my pussy with every movement of the horse, maybe it was just the man himself but I felt bold. I wanted him to continue kissing me like he had just done. I wanted him to put me down on the floor of his tack room and put his cock inside me.

In an effort to show him what I wanted, I leaned into him and kissed him. This time pushing my tongue into his mouth and discovering all the secrets within. His reaction was instant; he pulled me into his arms and held me so tightly that I marveled over his strength as well as my ability to still be able to breathe.

Even though he was taller than I am we seemed to fit perfectly and when I moved my body more firmly against his I could feel his cock pressing against my stomach and I sighed into his mouth.

I will never be sure how long our tongues battled back and forth, though in one way it seemed like entirely too long and in another it seemed like not enough. He was the one to once again break the kiss but this time rather than acting as though he wasn’t sure he only broke it long enough to pull my tee shirt over my head and to help me unbutton his own shirt.

He kissed me again, just as thoroughly as the time before with added bonus of my hands being able to explore his naked chest moments before he began to lower us both to the floor.

He asked if I wanted a blanket to lay on once he had me lowered and I shook my head “no”, not wanting anything to interrupt this moment. I sat up slightly to kiss him again, unable to get enough and felt his hands working the clasp on my bra.

Trevor urged me to lay further back and then slid my bra down my arms and tossed it over to the side. He then left off from kissing my mouth and kissed a trail across my cheek and down the side of my neck, biting lightly and then soothing with his tongue.

His lips trailed down further to my breasts and while he nipped and suckled on each nipple his hand was teasing and pinching the one his mouth couldn’t reach at the time. I was about ready to beg him to hurry when he began kissing a trail down my stomach and stole my breath away.

I felt his fingers on the snap of my jeans and felt the zipper lowering. He sat back onto his knees and I raised my hips when his hands began to tug on the waist band in an effort to help him. In one swift motion he pulled both my jeans my panties down to my knees. Then he worked more slowly pulling them the rest of the way off; kissing each inch of my legs as they were revealed to him. He stopped only long enough to pull my shoes off.

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