Dr. Adam , Roi Commit

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It was dark in the motel room when Adam awoke. Roi was still nestled against him, and he lifted himself on his elbow to gaze at his sleeping lover, whose skin gleamed from the bathroom light, casting soft shadows against Roi’s refined features.

Adam must have been lost in admiration for several long moments, when the silence was broken by rustling bedsheets as Roi arched his back, pressing Adam’s hot, stiffening cock into the groove between Roi’s buttocks. Adam responded with a long, soft growl as he cupped his nut-sac and guided his erection deeper in, reaching around to find Roi, who was just as aroused, a slight, slow smile curving his lips as he awoke.

Roi’s smile turned lusty, and he turned around to face Adam. He pulled Adam closer, their hungry mouths locking on each other, their tongues searching and tasting. They indulged themselves with little grunts of pleasure as they groped each other’s bodies. Passion mounted as they explored urgently every curve and bulge, every flex of muscle, every stretch of firm flesh.

Adam could stand it no longer. He traced a path, alternately licking and kissing Roi’s strong graceful neck, moving down to his chest, making a loving circle around his pec, moving over to his nipple, now licking, biting, sucking. Roi writhed with fervor under Adam’s deliberate ministrations, licking with love bites until he stopped, nibbling on Roi’s lip before deep kissing with husky grunts, driving Roi, groaning, to mounting peaks of incredible joy.

Roi, his eyes bright with wonder, lifted his head to find Adam watching him as he worked his magic, seducing him to complete surrender. His desire to share this feeling welled up, matching his own desire to possess Adam completely. With both hands he ran his fingers through Adam’s hair, somehow finding the strength to pull away–even for a moment it was torture–and treat Adam to his own oral talents, eagerly pressing his mouth on Adam’s neck, tongue tracing around and behind his ear. Adam let out a long, deep-throated groan, mounting to nearly a wail as Roi sucked on the side of his neck.

Adam lay back and abandoned himself as Roi kneaded the man’s incredible bicep, powerful pecs and cobblestone abs, eagerly caressing the trail into the thick silk down of Adam’s pubic isvecbahis yeni giriş hair. Roi’s fingers massaged Adam’s firm skin underneath, moving to one side to grasp Adam’s muscular thigh with his long graceful hand, tenderly, as if in awe. With sudden eagerness he fondled Adam’s ball-sac, squeezing gingerly, lovingly.

Meanwhile Adam had not been idle for long. He lay on his side next to Roi, whose flat firm stomach and dark-haired love trail proved too much for Adam to leave alone. As he caressed the smooth ivory flesh and maneuvered south, he leaned over and once again covered Roi’s full-lipped mouth with his own.

They found themselves stroking each other’s cocks in mutual desire. They kissed even more deeply than before, as if their mutual ardor opened yet another passage to their souls, an ardor neither had experienced ever. Their lips parted and they drew back to gaze once more at each other again, as if to lay claim to an unsure reality.

It was one of those rare moments of perfect knowledge–symbiosis of shared bodies and minds. And certainly, if only a hint, of a common future, full of adventure. This realization struck them, together, and all at once. Time seemed to spin and then halt. They embraced once again, but now it was beyond passion. This time there was a mutual confidence in each other neither had felt on their own. With silent consent and no wasted motion and in perfect synch, they lay facing each other in opposite directions. Gone was the fever of passion, but not its potency, gathering to critical mass. As they began to make love, they knew, with special certitude, that it was a commitment to love and look after each other.

Adam knew from experience that his endowment usually proved a formidable challenge to those few confident enough to attempt to accommodate. But there was only a hint of that from Roi, to whom sucking Adam was a little daunting at first, but the warmth of their new revelation seemed to relax his throat. After a few seconds, Adam’s hardness slid, implacably down Roi’s throat. With his lips pressed firmly against Adam’s pubes, he slowly — but expertly — pulled back, increasing the suction as his tongue slid, inch by inch, over the undersurface of Adam’s shaft, stopping to pay all due isvecbahis giriş attention at the sweet spot, circling and swiping with the tip of his tongue. Roi had been a fast learner, and in his lustful partner he had found an excellent teacher, so that now Adam was reaping the full benefit of that sensual education. Roi teased deliciously; firm sucking followed a series of light love nips over the head and shaft, in turn followed by spiraling licks over the head and shaft, hardening Adam’s cock to iron hardness under hot, veined, velvet flesh.

With Roi’s loving attention, Adam felt an exquisite orgasm gather in his groin, now driven to a new height of desire, one outside himself, fostering an overwhelming desire to lift Roi to the same heights. He arched his body, gently dislodging Roi’s incredibly talented mouth.

But as much as he wanted to please Roi, Adam’s few experiences with men years ago, despite their ardor, had been conventional, even routine, but enjoyable in a perfunctory sort of way. Adam had only his own desires and deep affection to propel whatever talent he may have at cock-sucking. Still, their passion, or certainly his own, had already passed the point of no return. He felt compelled to act, and with the surety that Roi would appreciate the effort, regardless of skill, he bent down to his task, first kissing the head of Roi’s cock, then taking it full into his mouth.

Adam need not have worried. Hearing Roi’s clear voice groaning with pleasure erased all his uncertainty and bolstered his confidence. Adam began to experiment, taking cues from Roi, running his tongue up, down and around the shaft, just as Roi had done. Another revelation for Adam: his deep devotion for the Roi fostered all the innate skill he needed to show the depth of his affection. Encouraged, he bent over Roi’s cock and took it all the way.

Roi watched as Adam took him, abandoning himself to the wellspring of desire brought up by his lover. He reached over and ran both hands over and up Adam’s muscular back to the nape of his neck, pressing down, his cock sliding down Adam’s throat. It was then he felt his sharp teeth poke the corners of his own lower lip.

Brazen instinct began to conquer him as he opened his mouth, incredibly wide, like isvecbahis güvenilirmi a tiger ready to spring, bending over toward the soft flesh at the junction of shoulder and neck. Roi could hear the blood pumping through the distended artery as Adam sucked him off with incredible finesse.

Whether or not it was love or the desire to conquer and possess the man as much as he wanted to be possessed himself, Roi couldn’t tell. But he did know that as he approached Adam’s neck, he was driven to almost insane hunger–a lust of the soul, mustering fast to match that in his groin. All he knew was that he must have Adam for his own, stake his claim on him beyond any doubt, for all time. As he bent toward Adam’s neck, he slid his hand under the powerful arms, around the muscular torso; searching for the thick shaft of Adam’s cock, moved his hand up to feel the pre-cum over the massive head. He spread the creamy wetness down the shaft as he closed a firm, gentle hand around Adam’s cock and began to pump, eliciting a deep, thundering growl from Adam as he sucked Roi’s cock with greater fervor; now it was Roi’s turn to groan, and he arched back.

Adam had felt Roi bending over behind him and the passionate breathing on his back. He swore he could actually feel Roi’s lust, like waves of baking warmth soaking from his lover’s body into his own. The hot breath moved from his back, slowing ascending to his neck, as if savoring every inch. When Roi started jerking him off, he felt his orgasm seethe in his loins. He felt Roi tense and pull away from his neck, knowing that his lover was as close to the divine moment as he was himself.

Suddenly Adam was seized with the need for Roi’s mouth — Roi’s incredible mouth — on his own. He arched back, replacing his mouth with a gentle fist around Roi’s cock, facing up toward the ceiling, only to find that Roi had the same idea. Without a wasted movement they kissed deeply as they shot, Adam beating Roi by seconds, offering each other his tribute of cum. They broke their kiss and embraced tightly, as if to join their bodies, as they heaved out joyful, heavy breaths of satisfaction.

They slowly relaxed their embrace, but still clung together, neither wanting to break completely. They kissed again, now searching each other’s spent bodies with mouth and hands: cheeks, nipples, neck, ears. They became aroused again as they explored each other; but the desperate urgency had subsided. No longer was it rushed or galvanizing. Now it gave way to a different, sweeter animal: doting, trusting, sublime.

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