Drama Among Drama

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It had been a long time since Mark had visited his old high school. He missed the people, events, and simplicity of it all. He especially missed the drama club, which he had been president of his senior year. So when he was on vacation staying at his parents house for a few weeks, he was excited to visit his old teacher, Mrs. Mary. He just had to wait until the weekend was over to visit.

On Monday morning Mark woke up and looked in the mirror. He had changed a lot in the 6 years since he’d been home. For one thing he shaved his ragged hair, which most people say was the smartest choice he had made in a while. It made him seem older and more dignified than he really was. Once he finished reminiscing he showered and got dressed up to visit his Alma Mater.

“Mrs. Mary! Recognize this handsome face?” Mark shouted as she interrupted her 3rd period class.

“Oh my Lord, Mark!” Mrs. Mary wasn’t even upset that her class was brought to a halt. She couldn’t be! After all, he was her favorite student back in the day. “How have you been the past few years?”

“Well I own a small theater company up North, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a whole lot of time to be an active member.” He had lived up to his dream of owning a theater and having his own company sooner than most people could, but managing the theater took up too much time to be an actor or director.

“That’s both wonderful and depressing news,” she replied, “I’m just happy you found your calling. You’ll find time one day.” She soon remembered she had a class staring at them both. “Oh right, class. This is Mark, everybody. He was my star pupil, actor, and assistant director back when he came here.”

The class mostly feigned interest, mostly just glad to get a break from class for a while. There was one girl in the front, however, who seemed particularly interested in Mark’s story.

“Mark, let me introduce you to the young lady who has had the torch passed to her, the current president of our drama club, Amanda.” The bright girl in front popped up and shook Mark’s hand. Mark had to admit to himself, she was quite pretty.

“Hi, Mr. Mark! I’m-“

“Please, just Mark. I can’t handle being called ‘Mr.’ haha. That goes for everyone in this class!”

“Alright ‘Mark’, I’m Amanda. Nice to meet you.”


Mark decided to sit back and let Mrs. Mary actually teach her class. She had lunch off next period so they could catch up then. It was fun watching her teach the same lessons that she had taught him before. It was even more fun watching these questions stump most her students. Most, of course, not including Amanda. She was impressing him with her pretty extensive knowledge of the classic arts that Mary was teaching. He was beginning to consider offering her a job at the theater after she graduated! But soon the class ended and she left, but only after saying goodbye to her new acquaintance.

“So what’s the şirinevler escort story on Amanda? She seems pretty sharp.” Mark asked over lukewarm pizza.

“Oh yeah, she’s great. Up there on your level in terms of my favorite students!” They chuckled for a bit before she continued. “Unfortunately sometimes I think she’s all I’ve got left in the Drama Club. Her costars just don’t have that same spark of passion that she does. I think we’ll just barely pull off this next play, and even then I need to wait for another teacher to be free enough to help with everything.”

“I could help.” Mark said.

“Really? But you live over 7 hours away, and have a theater to run!”

“We’ll take a season off, we can afford it. I think everyone out there deserves a long rest. Besides, you’re in no place to say no to help. I can direct your play and rig the lights, and you can work on costumes and the soundboard. It’ll be great, just like old times!”

Mary had to admit, she really needed the help. And Mark was really reliable. ‘Ok,’ she thought. ‘I’ll give it a shot.’

“What do you say?” Mark asked while she thought for a second.

“Alright. Auditions are on Thursday. Be here at 2:30 sharp.”


Auditions went fairly well for the short notice on Mark’s part. The script was for a 2 hour drama about a high school in the 60’s and looked really good. After everyone auditioned Mark already had a few lead roles decided. Amanda, of course, got the lead. And after auditions were over and everyone went home, it was just Mark and Amanda in the parking lot, discussing theater.

“I mean, I enjoy Shakespeare, but I completely understand how some people wouldn’t like it.” Amanda explained.

“I love Shakespeare when performed by the right cast, but my passion has always been for the more modern plays.” Mark didn’t want to admit it, but he was impressed with Amanda to the point of being attracted to her. Her physical appearance didn’t help that, either. She was 18, 5’5″, long dirty blonde hair, a firm shapely butt, and what appeared to be C cups. All of this paled in comparison to her smile though. It was intoxicating. Large pink lips, pearly white teeth, and for some reason her hazel eyes only added to the smile. He had to try and keep this professional. “You know, you’re really sharp with the theater scene. Keep up the good work and I might have a job offer for you after you graduate.”

She just smiled at him.

Mark didn’t know how to respond. “Uh, right. Well if there isn’t anything else you might want to get going.”

“Oh I just remembered!” Amanda shouted, as she put her backpack on the ground. “I had a quick question about the script.” She had put the backpack behind her and had to turn around to get to it. She bent over to reach in and grab the script. That’s when Mark finally realized she was wearing a skirt. şirinevler elit escort She took an oddly long time grabbing the script, and when she finally popped back up, she caught Mark with his mouth slightly open and a blank stare on his face. “You ok, Mark?”

“Uh… Oh yeah, ok, what question did you have?”


The next 2 weeks of rehearsals went as well as they could have when Mrs. Mary finally announced that the costumes were ready and that they could be begin dress rehearsals the next day. This was good because it’s easier to get a feel for your characters when you wear their clothing.

Mark was setting up the stage for scene 1 as the actors got dressed, when he heard Amanda call for him backstage. The actors change in their respective bathrooms, so he figured she had just been the first to get changed. When he went backstage, however, he was more than a little shocked at the sight he saw. Amanda only had the lower half of her costume on, and still only had her bra on the upper half.

“Oh please, you’re a director. I’m sure you’ve seen costume changes before.” Amanda said, referencing his shocked expression.

“Well normally I let the costume manager handle that…”

“Right, whatever.” Amanda said sarcastically, sticking her tongue out at him. She wriggled the rest of her costume on, “Now can you zip me up, please?”

“Um yeah, sure.” Mark zipped her top up and rehearsal soon got underway.

As everyone was leaving for the day, Mark was looking over his notes. Amanda walked up and sat down next to him.

“Hey I just wanted to apologize for making you feel awkward earlier.” She said. She sounded genuinely apologetic.

“Ah it’s no big deal. It’s not like I haven’t seen women half dressed before. I could have just used a warning though hahaha.”

She giggled sweetly, “Good, I didn’t want you to be freaked about it or anything.”

“I understand completely, thanks.”

“So now that that’s out of the way, can I ask you for a favor?”

“Yeah sure, what is it?”

“I have a flat tire… or 2… I kinda need a lift home if that’s ok.”

Mark worried about whether or not that crossed some kind of boundary, but he figured there was no harm in helping an actor in need. “Alright, I can help. Just need to go over production notes before I go.”

“Great!” She said, almost bouncing out of her chair. “I’ll go grab my stuff.”

During the ride Amanda laughed at Mark’s attempts at singing along with the radio, while he laughed at her attempts to dance while sitting in a car. After the half hour drive, Amanda started to grab her things when she asked, “You want me to give you some gas money?”

“No, absolutely not.” Mark protested. “I won’t take your money.”

“Well at least let me get something to drink or eat.”

“I don’t know if I should, Amanda.”

“Come şirinevler escort oooon!” She stomped her foot while she said this. “You’ve been so helpful. I can’t just let you do all of this for nothing!”

After much protest, Amanda finally got Mark to come in for a cold drink and a sandwich. She set her bag down and went to the kitchen. “You just go take a seat in the living room, I’ll bring you your sandwich and a Coke in a second.”

Mark looked around while he sat on the couch. Looking at family photos here and there, several awards in a trophy case, etc. “Hey, Amanda, where are your parents at?”

“Oh they’re at work.” she shouted from the other room.

After several minutes, Mark started to wonder where his sandwich was. “You still there?”

“Just a second! Calm down!”

Within a minute Amanda walked into the living room carrying a sandwich and a Coke, but much to Mark’s surprise she had changed clothes while she was in there. She was only wearing a plaid apron. This understandably took Mark by surprise.

“Uh… What is this?” Mark asked.

“What is what?”

“You’re only wearing an apron.”

“Oh, you noticed.”

“Kinda hard to miss.”

“Do you like it?”


“Be honest.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Ok, I like it. Happy?”

“Yes, was that so hard?”

Mark was very confused. Where had this come from? Was this a test? If it wasn’t, what would he do now?

“Mark the moment you walked into my class the first time I sorta had a crush in you. Once I found out more about your life, well I became even more interested.”

“Amanda, I mean, come on. Is this even ok?”

“I don’t think it matters all that much. I know you think I’m attractive, and I know you’re impressed by everything I know about theater. Just go with it.”

Amanda walked over, put her finger on Mark’s lip before he could say anything, and started to undo his belt. She slid his pants off and knelt before him, staring into his eyes for a second. “Just let me handle everything, Mark. I want you to enjoy this.”

Mark did as she said.

She slid Mark’s dick into her mouth and he felt how soft her lips really were. She was so delicate, yet still hit all the right spots in the right ways. She bobbed her head up and down on his dick, occasionally stopping to lick it from tip to balls. “Mmm, your dick is big, Mark. Nice long, thick shaft, topped by the most beautiful mushroom head I’ve ever seen.”

Mark just watched as she worked her magic, and eventually felt his balls start to tighten. “Amanda, I-“

“Shhh. Just relax.”

Mark came hard into Amanda’s mouth, and she swallowed it all as it came out. Once he was done, she continued to work him for a bit. Once she was finished and she swallowed the last of his cum, she stood up, leaned over, and kissed Mark.

“Now go home and rest. I might need another ride home after rehearsal tomorrow since I won’t have a car for a while.” Amanda told him.

“I thought it was only 2 flat tires.”

“Oops. Well it looks like I’ll need another excuse. I’ll have one by tomorrow.”

And with that, Mark went home to nap. He had a feeling it would be an interesting next few weeks.

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