Dream Lover

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(This is a work of fiction. No ages are given, but that the characters portrayed in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.)

As I drifted off into sleep, I thought of him, his youthful body, his soft smooth skin, his gentle smile, the way his golden blonde hair caught the light of the sun and gave him a halo of the divine, and his blue eyes looking at me with love, caring and longing. He stood there caught in time, a picture etched into my memory, ever youthful, ever loving, ever beautiful to my eyes, heart and mind. His nudity expressed openness and lack of shame for the feelings he had for me that welled up inside as he stood there before me, looking at me patiently, standing there caught in a moment of time that lingers ever in my mind’s eye. His erect penis oozing precum revealed his desire for me, his willingness to share himself with me. All that love, I held for him in equal measure. My penis too stood at attention being aroused by the thoughts of him, his love, his touch, his smell, his weight against my body while we laid together in each other’s arms making love, kissing with tongues dancing one with the other and further aroused our sexual desire for each other, that binds us at the soul level in our experience united in love.

Sleeps veil came over me, and the lights of conscious thought dimmed. I floated into that restful, secure place where renewal and replenishment dwells for the sleeping beings. Where the cells of my body shed the old and where refreshed anew as healthy beautiful vital and alive cell parts of my physical being. Parts that worked their work to rebuild and renew my body into the youthful body I remembered. As I looked upon his beautiful body, I fashioned mine in his likeness. I grow into that being every moment until it reveals itself to me as I gaze into the mirror at my reflection. The changes I see in the mirror, as I look at myself in the morning, are subtle yet I see this youthful body growing, replacing ever so slowly and deliberately, the old body until one day when I look into the mirror, the old body will be as a faded memory of what I once thought of as being mine.

The renewal continues as I drift off into dreams of us together.

There is a gentle breeze that cools the air and carries with it the sweet smell of green grass, and flowers in blossom. The leaves of the grand old tree I find him reclining against move slowly in rhythm with the breeze. He is there, in the shade of the tree with eyes closed, resting and waiting for poker oyna me to arrive. As I approach he hears the sounds of my foot steps approaching, opens his eyes, looks at me with a loving smile and beckons me to join him at his side in the shade of this grand old tree. He had place a blanket there where he rested with a basket of food and other things to fill our hungers while we spent this time together. I sat beside him, took him and turned him towards me. I softly rubbed his cheek and gave him a little kiss on the lips in greeting.

“Hello my love. It is so nice to be with you once again.” I kiss him again and hug him to me, holding him in my arms, smelling him, feeling his arms around me as is warm breath touches the skin on my neck.

Our embrace ends after a time, then he softly kisses my lips, smiles delightfully at me and says, “I’m glad you where able to come. I was wondering if you would be able to find me.”

“My love for you, my longing to be with you guided me right to you.” I paused for a moment, “You know of course, I love you dearly and would never leave you except that life doesn’t offer me that option at this time.”

“Yes, I know. That makes these times together that much more valuable.” He sits up a bit, turns toward me again and looks at me from head to toes, “Let me take in the vision of my love, my lover.”

“Be my guest, as I too delight in the vision of you.”

Our mutual adoration leads us into touching each other’s bodies. As we kneel on the blanket facing each other, I tug at the base of his white t-shirt pulling it up out of his faded blue jean shorts. As I lift it up, it reveals his soft skin and lightly tanned torso. He helps me by pulling it over his head, removing it. He drops it on the blanket, then as he looks into my eyes, seeing deep into my soul, does the same thing to my pull-over shirt. I remove it and drop it next to his as his hands caress and stroke my ribs. We kiss passionately for awhile, our mouths open, devouring each other, diving deeply into the lustful feelings that are building up in us both. I slide my fingers down below his belly button on down under this underwear where I find his hard dick awaiting my touch. I feel the wet sticky precum at the head of his enlarged penis, then smear it around the opening it seeped out of. As I touch his dick, and finally hold it in my hand, he unbuttons his jeans which drop to his knees. His white cotton Jocky shorts bulge with my hand around his erect dick which now protrudes beyond canlı poker oyna the waist band as though longing for freedom from the confines of that cloth. I continue to hold him and stroke his dick while he pulls down his underwear which rest on his shorts at his knees. My mouth waters longing to devour his dick as I look down upon his beautifully formed cock being held and stroked in my hand. While my lust and longing builds, while I continue to hold his cock and stroke it gently in my grip, he kisses my neck as he undoes my belt. With my belt undone, he unsnaps my pants and unzips the zipper which was bulging with my own throbbing cock, longing for his touch. My pants drop to my knees. I feel his warm touch at first just sliding around my dick head, smearing my precum the same as I had done to him. His touch is warms and causes my dick to get even harder than it was. The sensation of his touching my cock delights me to no end. I passionately kiss him again, his passion meeting mine as we each hold each others dicks in our hands stroking, kissing loving each other. After a time, we break away from each other and quickly remove our clothing leaving us both totally exposed, aroused and longing for the love playing to continue.

My mouth longs for the taste of his dick, so I encourage him to stand up, lean back against the tree trunk with his legs spread and his erect throbbing cock beckoning me to take it into my mouth as I kneel before the alter of his cock. I stick my tongue out first barely touching the head of his cock, licking up the precum that is ready to drip off at any moment. His taste is delightful. I move my lips to the end of his cock, with just my lips around the opening of his dick, and such the remaining precum into my mouth. He grown a bit in delight at the touch of my lips on his dick. I wet my lips with my tongue, then slowly consume the head of his cock into my mouth. As my lips encircle the throbbing cock, my tongue dances around the head, playing with the dick opening and probing it. My mouth then slides down the shaft of his cock. The musky smell of his crotch fills my nostrils and deepens my longing for him, my longing to delight him and make him shoot his load into my mouth. To that end, I inhale his smell and continue to suck his cock. Stroking it with my lips and tongue. All the while, he holds my head in his hands, and plays with my hair. I occasionally look up and see he is truly enjoying the delightful sex play we are having as he smiles and groans at those internet casino moments of deepest delight. As my mouth works his cock, my right hand fondles his ball sack moving his balls around between my fingers. My left hand holds his butt cheek, kneading it as though it where a soft piece of dough.

“Oh God! YES! I’m coming!” he says as he holds my head and plunges his dick deeper into my mouth, fucking my mouth faster and faster until I feel the warmth and taste the gushes of his come in my mouth. I suck it up as fast as he shoots it, savoring every little drop of his manliness. Oh God, how completely I love him! Once the height of his ecstasy has passed and his dick begins to soften, I kiss it again, lick his balls then kiss them too. With my kisses, his dick once again begins to harden. I gently fall back onto my back with my legs spread, looking up at him as he towers above me and begins to come down upon my hard cock. I nearly came at the same time he did, but didn’t. My cock was dripping with precum and so sensitive and aroused that the touch of his lips sent a wave of sexual thrill throughout my body. My body involuntarily convulsed at his touch, my hips thrust forward to push my hot dick into his mouth. I laid back and took in the sensation of his warm mouth on my cock, his tongue licking at the shaft, his lips sliding over the head of my dick onto the shaft sucking and caressing my dick to bring me to orgasm. His efforts where not long delayed since I was already so aroused by our previous play. I watched as his head bounced up and down on my cock, over and over again and his hand held the shaft and stroked it as his lips made room for that to happen.

“I love you so much!” was all I could say before I finally erupted into his hungry mouth. As I spurt my load into his mouth, shot after shot, my love deepened for him, and I know his for me as well.

“God! That was great.” we said to each other in harmony. Then laughed at our simultaneous thought thus expressed.

Having thus satisfied each other’s sexual desire for the time. We laid there on the blanket naked next to each other, enjoying the time we had together. No audible words where spoken but our minds met and conversed in thoughts, feeling, images and sounds as minds that meet in this way can easily do.

Drifting away into the veil of sleep I rested peacefully until the light of the morning such shine through my window onto my face. I turned to my side, to see that he wasn’t there beside me, yet I could still feel his touch, his loving embrace. I felt the gold ring on my finger he’d given me in that dream. Yet it was a dream, but the ring was real. I know I will be with him again, and eventually, we will never have to part again.

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