Dream On

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David, David, David — what are you doing to me? Voice deep and smooth as chocolate, sexy and purring; it’s the voice that does it every time. I’ve told you this before but now you’re invading my dreams. How did I get to this point, and will I ever recover? Well, I guess I better tell you about the dream then, but you’ll have to forgive me if every now and then I pause — I think I might need relief!

Well you know how it is with dreams; you start at a point without really knowing the how or the why. In this case, you were at a conference at a large hotel come conference complex in the midlands, how did I know you were there? Who knows, Why did I decide that I was there? This is an even a bigger mystery, but such is the logic of dreams. Anyway, I booked myself in, duly primped and tidied myself, and then the next thing I knew, I was walking cross the bar/lounge area. I was wearing the ubiquitous little black dress and three inch heels, white hair longer than normal and my figure definitely in better shape than usual. You were leaning against the bar; beer glass in hand, and laughing with four or so other guys. The voice and laugh was the magnet, I knew what you looked like but the fact that you were so tall, well in my dream, was a shock. So gathering my courage, I tapped you on the shoulder.

“Hello David I’m…” I didn’t get any further.

“I know who you are” your grin developed across your face, and turning to your friends you said, “Excuse us.” As your hand slipped under my elbow and steered me to the end of the bar.

Then looking down at me you said one word “Yes?”

My mouth was dry and my throat closed, so I just nodded as you steered me on to a table at the side of the room. As we sat I was aware of your eyes following all the contours of my body.

“Why are you here? On line you said never — and yet, here you are”, your voice soft and purring, as if you were trying to sooth a child.

That’s what I felt like, a child, caught in the spell. I tried to look away, but this is a dream and I am brave in my dreams. So wiping the palms of my hands down the skirt of my dress, I looked at you and shrugging my shoulders I said.

“I thought it was time that I broke out of my shell, and reached out and took what I really wanted.”

I heard your sharp intake of breathe, just as the waiter arrive at our table. maltepe escort Standing there between us like an uninvited umpire.

“Nothing for me, thanks,” Then turning to me, you just nodded and said “The lady will have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc”

The waiter nodded and moved away, until I called to him “Room 220. Please make sure it is billed to room 220” He nodded and moved off to the bar.

“Why did you do that? I can buy you a drink” The look on your face somewhere between shock and mirth.

“Because I can! All part of the new brave, independent me” Then as an afterthought I added “Best we keep this bit as “un-date” like as possible.”

Your eyes followed mine over to the bar were four pairs of interested eyes were watching us intently. Your laugh rang out like a bark.

“Thanks for the defense of my virtue. So what have you planned?” your hand creeping across the table to take mine, but I snatched it away, leaving it to rest on my side of the table.

“Ahh, planning — this is as far as I got. I thought a quiet drink and see what happened next”

The waiter appeared with my wine, and he had thoughtfully brought your beer over as well. I kept my head down as I signed the bill, only daring to lift it again when I had the chilled glass of white wine in my hand. Then taking a sip, I dared to look at you. You were leaning back against your seat, one hand wrapped around your glass and the index finger of the other hand gently stroking your bottom lip.

“So this is a semi social meeting, to see if we both like. Will we then part and go our separate ways? Will I return to my friends and carry on with my evening, as if you never walked through the door?”

You looked so stern, but your voice was pure sex. Making my nipples harden and my pussy lips started to swell. I was trying so hard not to mirror your actions; being so aware of the eyes watching, that I put my hands flat on the table and played with the foot rim of my glass.

“Yes, that is exactly what this is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have ordered room service, and it will be delivered in 10 minutes.”

Then standing and picking up my wine glass, I held out my hand to shake yours.

“It’s been a pleasure and a joy to finally meet you.”

But you had other thoughts, and rather than shake my hand, mecidiyeköy escort you turned it over and gently kissed the back of it in a gallant gesture.

Such is the way with dreams, but I neither knew nor cared, about food, your friends or whether you picked up on body language and hints; and was completely unsurprised when later I was stood in the doorway of my bathroom, dressed only in my matching black lingerie, thigh highs and three inch heels. You sat, still dressed, on the bottom on the bed, as I made my way over to you, and I felt your hands cradle my hips as I stood between your knees. You didn’t speak as your fingers teased the waist band of my panties, then up my back to the catch of my bra. The speed with which you managed to undo the two hooks was impressive, and I only just got my hands up in time to cover and hold the cups in place before it floated to the floor.

“Lucy!” the one word as an admonishment. “I’ve waited so long to see these” you cooed as you peeled my hands away and the flimsy black lace fell to the floor.

Then you gathered my tits together in your hands and you buried your face in their pillowy globes. All I could feel were the vibrations of your groans as they echoed through me. Your mouth latched onto my nipples, first one then the other in quick succession. Nipping and teasing, then licking and sucking. All the while your hands were sliding around the waist band of my panties and sliding them down over my bum. Smoothing around and gently pushing them down, and out of the way; until you reached my knees when they fell to join the unloved bra on the floor. Then, with your hands back on my hips you gently moved me back, sitting there and slowly lifting your eyes to my face you said

“You know you’re going to get fucked don’t you? And fucked hard!”

Words deserting me again and I just nodded. The next recollection I have is of me lying on the bed, the shoes gone and just wearing my stockings. My hands behind my head, propping myself up, and watching you strip. I can still hear the clang as your shoes hit the floor, and see a naked you stood at the foot of the bed. I can still feel your hands, as they slid up my thighs ahead of your head, and the way you pushed your thumbs in either side of my pussy lips to make them pout open.

Then your breath, feeling merter escort cold as it hit the warm, wet softness of my inner lips, and the shocks that it send through me. Your hands continuing to slide up my body, and caress my tits as your tongue flicked my clit. The sensation of your fingers plucking at my nipples as your tongue swirled around my clit, was starting to send me into orbit. Then you stopped, pulling back a little you said

“Show me; show me how you pleasure yourself.”

So I did, taking the index and middle fingers of my left hand and sawing either side of my clit, looking down the length of my body as you watched me, it was so erotic. At that moment, all I wanted to do was to please you; I loved the decedent feeling of slowly masturbating myself for your pleasure. Then your fingers, two of them, thrusting in me and curling to find the sweet spot at the front of my vagina. Oh Christ was I ready to cum, but you stopped. Just like that, you stopped and you sat back on your heels, and started to lick the fingers that had been in me, whilst the other hand was stroking, the now, very impressive length of your cock.

I’ve made the memory of what it felt like to have you slowly slide your length into me. Feeling every ridge and throb of you, as my cunt sucked you into its depth. Your hands under my bum as you continued to thrust home. Then, for the first time, the feel of your lips on mine; your tongue probing and seeking mine, hard and relentless. You were claiming my mouth, just as your cock was claiming my pussy, the taste of you with a hint of me still in your mouth.

Then you just flipped me over and I am on all fours. I feel the pounding of your cock in me, your balls banging my clit, and your hands gripping my hips — pulling me onto you, to meet your thrusts. The unbearable pressure was building and I was clenching. I could only be at that stage, just lost, like a rag doll at the mercy of your fucking. Your back was arched over mine and your clever fingers sought my clit again.

“Come on Lucy. Give it to me…” you growled in my ear

Then I was lost to oblivion, I came hard and squirting. All over your hand, screaming and shaking, I felt your movements quicken and then your release tensing your whole body. The pair of us sweating and panting, and as we slid as one, spooning, down onto the bed. Then you whispered in my ear.

“The next time, it’s your head over the edge of the bed and my cock being fed down your throat”

Then I woke up, my body sweating and the sheets in a very soggy mess.

I don’t recall a wet dream before, but if that’s what they are like, please can I have another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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