Dreams of Jean Ch. 02

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Drawing the blinds Ted made his way to the Lazyboy where Jean was slowly collecting herself on unsure legs. Pulling her into his arms he let his hands wander her still trembling body like some trophy. Supporting her from behind, Ted walked her back to the kitchen, and deposited her at the sink and righted her house coat.

His mouth roamed her neck as he reveled in the low moans emanating from Jean, gazing down on her rising and falling chest while her ass returned to the slow grind against his groin. Ted whispered in her hear and after dressing in the laundry room he exited through the back door and made his way across the yard, taking the fence in one bound as he gave a sideways glance toward Faye’s where he saw her pacing the deck with her phone in her hands and listening to the phone ring in Jean’s house.

It was only his second night home but things were back where they had been when he had went away to College. A quiet supper, quiet in that there was no real conversation with the exception of his father blathering on about what he had done and what Ted needed to do, all while shooting out inane advice.

It was probably just this kind of behavior that had driven his mom away ten years ago and frankly Ted was not sure how Annie stood it. Annie his step mom was nice enough in a mousey way but it would be a lie to say she seemed like family, and honestly he was just fine with that. She was quite adept like him at staying in the background and making him feel like, well, a visitor, another fact that Ted was fine with.

After supper Ted’s father barked out to Ted to help Annie with the dishes while he took his showers. Since it was still early, the sun was still up, and he had no better excuse Ted stepped in to help. Ted was just finishing helping Annie clear the table while she started in on the dishes in the sink. Lost in the thought of four hours earlier when he had Jean pressed hard against Larry’s chair. Annie made a couple of attempts at small talk, classes, girls, etc. “Jesus Christ Wayne! Cover yourself up!”

True to form his father had come up the stairs from the basement shower completely naked, something that had always set his mother and sisters off as well. There he stood with his “what?” face on, his penis like a turtle poking out from beneath his beer gut. Ted wondered how the hell he even fucked Annie with that thing, how he managed to get it out from under his gut to do anything with it. Shit, his dad fucking Annie. That was the first time he had ever thought of that.

He could hear his father grumbling something about “my god damn house” as he made his way down the hall. Ted’s eyes made his way up Annie’s five foot, maybe 100 pound frame. Jean was built like jailbait but with nicer boobs. Her skin showed the looseness that came with what must be her fifty of so years and too much time in the sun. After his afternoon escapade he found himself sizing her up trying to imagine how the hell she found any pleasure in sex with Wayne.

When his gaze finally made it up to her face it was turned to him in an apologetic expression, for his naked father he presumed. He shrugged at her bringing a smile, though he was not sure if it came from his shrug or him checking her out. Then in turn she lowered her eyes along his body while she and paused. Apparently he had been thinking about Jean more than he was aware because when her gaze reached his short, he could feel his hard dick shift in his khaki shorts.

His first instinct was to immediately excuse himself but where the hell was he going to go. He knew his father would be back down the hallway soon to pick up the paper, from the table, bark out another round of orders and then head off to bed. So instead Ted opted to simply sit down at the table and putting his raging hard on out of view and begin perusing the want ads for a job. Even though he knew what he was going to do with his summer. While he looked at the ads he could not help but check out Annie. When she would bend over the sink to scrub a pan he tried to imagine he could see the side of her breasts in her sleeveless blouse. Why the hell had he never noticed her before in this lustful light?

Like clockwork, his dad returned complaining about how many miles he had to cover the next day and how no body better fuck with his sleep. He snatched the paper from Ted and whacked him over the head with it and smiled. “You going to go out tonight”?

“Nah, maybe for just a run”, Ted replied.

“Well whatever you do don’t wake us up when you get home. Especially Annie, she can be a real bitch when she gets woke up and then I have to deal with it”. With that he walked out of the kitchen taking a swipe at Annie’s ass with the paper and making her jump. Ted took in her breasts as she did, imagining he could see her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her bra. Ted took the last of the things from the table and made his way over to the sink setting them beside her, smelling her perfume.

“I will bonus veren siteler try not to wake you up” Ted said his eyes still trying to determine if it was her nipples or the fabric of the bra he was seeing.

“Oh don’t worry about that asshole Ted” she replied as she looked up into his eyes and let her hand touch his forearm. What the hell was she doing, sure it was just a touch she thought to herself as he rose from the table, not able to take her mind off of his shorts.

“Oh trust me, I won’t” he replied giving her the first true smile she ever recalled getting from him.

He tried to keep Jean on his mind as he changed, but then he would think of Faye’s fingers, he stretched, and he thought about Annie’s nipples. But he had a mission so he ran, trying to clear these two new guests out of his mind, so he could pay attention to the job at hand. Running his neighborhood by night had always been his escape. Block by block, he had a face, a body, a moment of daydreaming on just about every one. He had delivered their papers, mowed some of their yards, though he was seen as sweet, had always been aloof, sometimes unsettling so.

This was the sexual playground of his imagination. There was Kristi with the druggie dad, and Barbara whose kimono robe had slipped while he was collecting, jailbait Schulyer. Shelia, Brenda, his sister’s old friends whose trips through puberty had been hell on him. The women he saw walking their dogs, hanging up clothes, the list ran on, and on.

It surprised him that Faye had never been given a story like some of these fleeting glances had been afforded. He entered through his back gate and passed along the side of Faye’s house it was the first time he had thought of her as he did it. Perhaps it was that he never had the opportunity to develop the lust the way he had for Jean, or perhaps it was that Faye’s husband patrolled the grounds like a hawk and scared the shit out of him. Her proximity and her unattainability had left her in the background.

But tonight when he reached the corner of his yard he could still hear Faye on the deck, on the phone, giving her best, sarcastic laugh. Listening to her, he thought about her sunglasses turned towards Jean’s, Jean’s head to the window with his dick deep inside her, or her fingers running over her waist. Faye had a worse tank top and cut off habit than Jean but hers were a uniform, Jean’s were camouflage. She showed her smooth 30 something tummy, the freckles fading as they slipped beneath the fabric of her bra. She chose to decorate her treasures, Jean hid hers. When his parents had first bought the house it butted up against a large field behind them that the kids rejoiced in playing in. With the arrival of the new elementary school the field was quickly eaten up by new, more expensive housing projects each competing for what turned out be the largest slice in a meandering semi-circle block with no less than three of their yards touching up along his back fence or to the small common, an undividable patch of ground between them.

His was the only fence as the new neighbors were hard pressed and unwilling to face lawsuit and stake their claim of the patch. So they opted instead for shared shrubbery between them that softened the entry into the common area instead of creating a no-man’s land.

Faye’s property snuck in along Jeans and did not truly touch yet at the point where the patch began she and Jean’s properties were within 12 feet of touching. Because Faye’s house faced away from Jean’s circle where Ted had been such an integral part of Jean’s and the other families who lived their lives, he had very little exposure to her. He had never looked after her kids, never been in her house, and had the distinct feeling that her husband did not care for him in the slightest. Or perhaps it was that her husband was the only one in all his years of chasing his fantasies who had almost busted him.

He could not, would not forget how he had become reckless, wanton in the approach that night when he had heard his voice split the night “Hey! What the fuck are you doing!!” while sneaking over the fence towards Jean’s. After he had bolted from the yard he could still hear him loudly giving chase. His feet chewed up the asphalt with one mile becoming another, his legs regretted not turning towards home. His brain knew better.

He ran like a madman building an alibi. Past kids with a wave at the convenience store, shouting hello to Kristen’s drunken father as he stumbled out of the Oasis bar. He was making sure he was seen by everyone. After all, what kind of perv window peeper could cover that much ground that fast. As his final act of defiance that night he had snuck in his house and changed quickly into different clothes, then returned to the driveway to stretch. Watching the rollers from the cop car a block over as Faye’s husband gave his statement. Eavesdropping on neighbors who had come outside to try and figure out what was going bedava bahis on.

That night he realized that to continue his game, the game must change. He could not outrun everyone, his slinking days were over. His six foot two frame was failing to find purchase behind the bushes. So that night marked his transition into the background. No more sneaking, he made a conscious effort to become less real, and more shadow. Something in the periphery that seemed to belong when viewed by the casual observer. Blending in, until he decided to, wanted to be seen. A six foot two, blue eyed, blonde appearing from a dark shadow. A learned and practiced response that now dictated his actions.

He listened in on Faye still on her deck, still talking on the phone “Well you tell him, if you see him. Well I am just saying if you do.. Well it’s a plan then. You go get your shower on.” He played on her words, making them about him. While it was entertaining, it did nothing like the word shower did for him. He had not spent enough time in her shadows; he was not comfortable in the background of her life. She was a passing fantasy, she wasn’t the dream that he had nurtured. Now he needed to check on that dream.

He drifted along the side of the house, across Jean’s yard and along her house. He swept past visually inventorying each room, door unlocked, no life in the kitchen, sleeping Larry in the Lazyboy. When he rounded the corner he cursed himself for not playing the old game and opening the blinds a little before he had left earlier, but he hoped he was right and there was no need.

When the kids had finally all gone to bed Jean found herself at the counter in the kitchen. Her hips immediately finding the rhythm he had given them. Listening to Faye talk about her plan for Ted and their properties. She thought of Ted’s dick lifting her to her toes. Assuring Faye that she would look into it, she made her way back to her bedroom. She looked over at a passed out Larry in the Lazyboy, who if the same position six hours earlier would have had his lame dick in her mouth as Ted relentlessly pounded her ass, his fingers coaxing yet another climax from her now burning clit.

She was Ted’s toy, she could admit that but what disturbed her the most was that she was so late in knowing it. She thought of his confession, of the years of watching her as she slowly raised the blinds in the bathroom just enough that anyone who was trying to, could see inside.

His Faye moment caused Ted to miss most of the pageant where she for the first time in her forty plus years undressed seductively in front of an open window. At one point, when the hand held showerhead was at her aching pussy she had stood staring at the window, not really sure what she was supposed to see.

When Ted found Jean instead it was after she had gotten out of the shower. The dressing gown was new, loosely tied and open enough that he caught the reflection of her dark pussy hair in the mirror. In the reflection of the mirror she caught his eyes in the light filtering out through the blinds.

Jean was telling herself “restraint” but was unable to help herself as she arched her back, stuck her ass back towards the window, reached her free hand between her legs and dug her fingers into her aching pussy treating it as roughly as Ted’s hard dick had earlier that day.

Lost in the moment she was just about to cum when she noticed that the eyes were no longer at the window. Panic began to come over her. What if it had not been Ted? What the hell was she doing? She was a married woman, who had suffered a momentary lapse of judgment, this had to stop. Denying herself her fourth orgasm of the day she collected herself as well as she could, drew her robe closed, drew the shade and exited the bathroom.

Still a little unsteady on legs tingling from the fire still burning in her pussy she made her way through the house on her rounds. Checked the front doors lock and made her way to the family room where Larry was now snoring in his chair. When she reached the back door she paused to look out the window. She had to stop this, she had to clear her brain, and she had to stop looking. Then she heard the door to the work room begin to open.

Ted had left the bathroom window hurriedly, his hard dick aching and straining in his pants. Normally he would have made his way back home amongst the shadows to his bedroom or sofa in the basement and relieve himself, but after what had already happened that day he was not going to be satisfied with that.

He knew her routines, he knew the house. When he softly entered the back door of the house he could hear Larry snoring loudly in the family room. He ducked inside of the workroom at the end of the hallway by the backdoor and waited. He watched Jean as her hands paused on the windows; eyes searching the dark, fingers extended the curling against the glass before she gathered a breath and reached to turn the deadbolt. Her hand froze when she deneme bonus heard the creak of the door as he stepped out but she did not move. Her gaze was still out the window.

He had freed his raging hard on from his short the minute he had entered the work room. He debated what to do next, take her there against the door in the back entry, drag her into the workroom, or fuck her over the sink again, this his time with Larry snoring six feet away.

The thought of it made his hand reach for his dick as he stared at her ass which just minutes before had been exposed to him as her fingers roughed up her pussy. He did not have to make up his mind on what to do next as she drew a deep breath and turned to look at him. .

Entering the room his hands grasped either side of her neck, his fingers digging into her curly mop of permed hair. They met in a ferocious but silent kiss just inside the doorway with the light spilling in from the hall. The sound of Larry’s snoring echoing down the hall.

She strained upwards as he practically pulled her from the ground by her head. His tongue dancing in her mouth, his lips capturing her moans as her hands reached down and slowly slid the length of his dick. Her fingers seized it realizing for the first time that she could barely get her hand around his beautiful cock.

If Jean had hoped for any type of recovery, redemption, it was lost at this point. Her aching pussy was now aching for a completely different reason as it longed to have the huge thing beating the hell out of it again. He lowered her back to where she could stand flat footed and then began lowering her farther, never breaking the kiss, her hands never releasing his dick till she found herself almost level with it.

When he had forced her dick into her mouth earlier in the day he had wielded complete and total control over the action, but this time it was her show to run. Keeping both hands wrapped around it her tongue began to lick and tease at the head. Even if he wanted to slam it once again into the back of her throat her hands were now in the way. He simply stood there, his fingers massaging at the back of her head as she taking cues from their kiss earlier began to make out with his dick.

Her mouth was all over him as her hands worked his shaft and found their way to his balls. The squeezing and licking were more than he could stand, he knew he was moments away from coming and tried to guide her away from his dick so he could finish deep inside that tight pussy of hers.

Jean was going to have none of this. The glorious kissing had awakened something in her and she refused to let go with her hands, her mouth, she was in charge. He felt his orgasm raging up his shaft as she removed her mouth from him, a truly evil smile crossed her face illuminated in the light through the cracked door, as his load exploded over her now exposed breasts and her gown.

Jean was happy, strangely happy, she had told herself that she would be happy if she was able to gain control and end this. She found that her happiness was actually in taking control and the situation and the pleasure. They stared at each other the whole time she was licking him clean, her hands still softly pumping on his dick, his fingers still in her hair. After she had him clean she gently placed his now depleting monster back into his short giving it one final kiss. She waited at the door till she heard Larry’s snoring resume then led Ted to the back door by the top of his shorts looking back at his as she went. As she reached for the door handle she felt Ted’s hand slide up the inside of her legs and into her soaking pussy. Ted spun her around, dropped to his knees, grabbed her generous cheeks in both hands and enveloped her pussy with his mouth. There was a girl in college who every time she had a fight with her boyfriend down the hall would wind up drunk in his room teaching him the finer points of cunilinguis, he was an excellent student.

The moment he sucked her clit into his mouth he could feel her explode in orgasm all over his face. He could not believe how close Jean had been to coming but he refused to let go of her clit, grabbing her ass even tighter, and pressing her against the door, while his extended fingers brushed against her anus causing her to tremble even harder. When her body finally ceased it’s shaking he wiped his face with her gown, rose to his feet, moved her away from the door and exited leaving Jean standing there disheveled, listening to Larry snore.

When Ted arrived back home from Jean’s he was surprised to see lights still on in the living room. He knew his dad would have long since been asleep and generally Annie followed not too long after, well at least retreated to one of the back rooms. He entered through the garage door by the back stairs to the basement and saw Annie standing in the kitchen in a long thin t-shirt that came to mid-thigh taking a drink of water, she turned to smile at him “good run?”

“Yeah, it was real good.”

“Oh Ted, a little bit after you left Faye from next door stopped by to discuss a project with you and your dad. Well actually it has a lot more to do with you. I told her you were out for your run but she said she would catch you later”

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