Dressed for a Wedding

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“So, how do I look?” The eighteen year old girl asked to the boyfriend as she stood in the living room dressed for the marriage both of them would have to go to.

The boy, naked after taking out his pajamas, stopped to stare at her. His eyes went from her shoeless feet, until her well combed, still humid, black hair. The green dress she was wearing had no sleeves, leaving her soft and smooth arms visible, and would almost reach her knees.

She couldn`t stop touching an orange silk strip she had tied around her stomach, and which would have a part hanging on the side of her body. As she bent to grab a small white flower that fell from her hair, he could catch a glimpse of her full-grown breasts. In a second, she took the plant and placed it back close to her ear.

In his eyes, she had always been beautiful. Unfortunately, he doubted she knew how much he adored her. He didn`t answer the question, however. Instead, he walked in her direction. Without moving his eyes from hers, he got close enough to kiss her red lips, taking her gently in his arms, as if touching a fairy, and tightening her perfect body against his, as if the touch was the only way of sensing her. She moved her head to the side, kissing his neck.

In a single second in that position he could feel her entirely. He could feel her silky hair on his face and the point of her little nose on his neck just slightly above her wet lips. He could feel her slow breathing on the almost imperceptible changes of pressure of her firm breasts against his chest, and her heart beats combined with his own. He could feel the nearly insignificant movements of her rips teasing his crotch, her left leg against his, and her both light feet stepping on his ones.

Moving his head back a little bit, he could find space to go for her lips passionately, playing with her tong. They had been a couple for about one year, yet he couldn`t imagine anymore how to live without that beautiful fairy.

He loved that sensation, her arms lightly falling around him, the subtle and sweet smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the warmth of her body, the cute sounds she makes when she wants to stop the kiss to say something.

“Hey! Careful not to rub your dick in my dress, Danny!” She complained, trying to look serious, but laughing. “I will be hugging lots of people with it”.

“You mean… Not to rub my dick like this?” He started moving his rips so that his penis would slide over her stomach from one side to another.

“Yes, exactly like that!” She held tightly his dick with the right hand to stop it. “Wow, how can a dress make you so hot? And, what is that? Cum?” She noticed a little bit of it on her silk strip.

“No worries. I will clean it,” he finished the sentence kissing her once again, and gently holding her hand for her not to release what she was holding. He took a clean piece of cloth from over the table right next to him, positioned his left arm on her shoulder, and his right one rubbing her stomach carefully.

“Hey, listen to that,” she asked looking exited.

“I am listening,” he answered, without taking his eyes from the work.

“It is a riddle. The more it dries, the wetter it gets. What is it?”

“I don`t know. Your uncle Tom?”

“What the hell?! “

“The more he moves, the more sweaty he gets.”

“Shut up. It is a towel, you silly! The more it dries someone, the wetter it gets!”

“Ok, that`s nice.”

“Isn`t it…? Hey, my stomach is not there! You are to loooooow! Wow!”

“Sorry, Cupid, I better not get us dirty before the wedding.” He was already taking his hand off her, when she grabbed it with her free one and kept it on its place.

“I don`t think anyone will be seeing my panties,” she said with a malicious smile, and beginning an up and down movement with her right hand.

From over the dress, the boy kept massaging the area between her legs, without the cloth now. Slowly, her body got relaxed, and she allowed herself to lay her weight on him, just leaving her rips sufficiently separated from him, so that he would have space to do his work, and so would she.

Cupid was crazy about that boy, she illegal bahis couldn`t imagine what would have happened in case the accident that got them together hadn`t happened. One year before, she remembered, practicing archery, she did what seemed to be impossible. The arrow she shot went directly to the border of the target, changing direction, getting out of the shooting area, and penetrating Danny`s leg. That is how they first met, and the reason he calls her “Cupid”.

With the eyes closed, she would focus on the feelings from each part of her body, and visualize the desire: a tiny shiny sphere inside her clit. Just something she would unconsciously do. The sphere would shine more, or less, depending on how much pressure he would apply on it.

Her arms were around his neck, her head on his shoulder. Her legs slightly separated. He could feel her breathing on his neck. The masturbating-like hand movement of her on his penis was extraordinarily awesome, but not hard enough to satisfy him. Her fingers were so light, all they did was make him eager for more. That, unlike the arrow, was no accident.

From time to time the sensation would get so good, he would feel an ever-growing impulse to just take his girlfriend`s clothes off and fuck her without waiting any other second. But he couldn`t. Despite extremely incited to do so, it was so, so, so good like that. Slow was so good. “The sensations so more accurate, precise and well defined than the homogeneous, fast, and constant sensation that the sex would be.” He was thinking.

He could feel the tickles of each one of her fingers on his skin. He could feel their exact path up, down, left, and right on his penis. He could feel when one or two nails of her slightly touched him. He could notice when the pattern of the movement would change. He could recognize the difference of temperature between the touch of her warm palm, and the cold touch of the point of her fingers.

Cupid was alternating the way of teasing him. One minute her fingers would be crawling on the head of his dick, like a spider. On the other, they would be playing with his balls. On another one, they would be moving the cock to the left and right, up and down. On the next one, they would be back to the masturbating-like movement. “Slow is good,” he repeated in his mind. “Slow is so good!”

Softly he touched her chin, raising her head. He kissed her once more, and started kneeling slowly, so that she realizes she would have to stand on her own. His second kiss was on her abdomen, then a little lower, and lower, and lower.

She visualized the excitement as a water-like liquid, running down over the areas around the points he kissed. Running not only down, but in every direction.

Laying each of his hands on each of her ankles, he slid them both up her legs, passing the knees, and raising her dress just high enough so that he could get his head under it, then allowed it to fall over him. There was just enough light under there for him to visualize the small wet spot on her panties.

He learnt with her, and, as he slid his hands on her legs, he made sure to be doing it really lightly and slowly, barely touching the point of his fingers on them. He knew she was feeling tickles, as she was slightly moving her legs, clearly trying to control herself.

Just the act by itself of him getting under her dress was extremely exciting. What she visualized was an entire bucket of the liquid, which would be representing the pleasure, running over all the areas of her stomach, rips, vulva, ass, and legs. The small sphere inside her clit seemed to have unleashed a quick pulse of energy on her interior, which rapidly reached every single corner of her body.

Noticing her tickles were getting stronger as he got closer to her panties, Danny just kept playing with it for a while. Already from some time before, he knew about this point between her legs, not on her vulva, or her thighs, but right between them, which was one of her most sensitive parts for tickles if played with using a little stronger pressure. He started working on that, at first without any result, but regulating the strength and speed, illegal bahis siteleri soon she was twisting, looking for a position that could offer her some relief from that terrible annoying amusing pleasure.

“Stop! Stop!” She couldn`t stop laughing as she asked. “Please, Danny!” She had both her hands on the wall in front of her, sustaining her balance. “Dannnnnnnnny! Come on!” More laughs.

In order to find relief, she tried to close her legs, but the boy wouldn`t let it. So, she seemed to be dancing, moving her ass back and forth, to the left and to the right, in a random sequence, and growing speed.

“Danny! Please! Why don`t you come here and I play with your cock some more?! I will suck it! Just stop, silly, stop!” she let a quick scream of pleasure escape with the loud laughs.

Not wanting the trick to lose its effect, he decided to stop before she got used to that. “I will surely use it in the future,” he thought.

He could notice the wet spot bigger now. Danny felt the impulse once again. He waited for a second, willing to keep it slow. It was doing great until then.

His new focus was her panties. Sliding his fingers over all the skin he found nearby, and playing with the border of the piece of clothing, testing its elasticity, pulling it up carefully, and so on, she felt the liquid running over the area. This time, nevertheless, the liquid could be seen by both of them. She was getting really hot, and her boyfriend could see that beautiful wet spot growing very, very slowly.

He began the same light spider-like hand movement Cupid had done to him, starting from her stomach, moving around there, going down to her panties, playing a little more, then going lower, until being right between her legs, playing some more, then moving a little in the direction of her ass, and more, and more…

The pleasure was running slowly now. Not as intensively as before. Instead, another sensation appeared. After the delicious struggle of the tickles ended, a smooth and gentle wave of relaxation went down from her head to her feet, been visualized as a low and slow wave of warm water passing by inside of her.

“Simple, however so pleasant,” he thought as he watched hypnotized the movement of her panties in front of him. “So thin, so light, so soft.” He tried to describe in his thoughts the fabric of the piece of clothing. Only the borders of it had a narrow line of a material somewhat thicker and elastic to some extent. It was not a single fraction of an inch larger than the indispensable to cover her vulva, nonetheless, with his hands he could feel it was not large enough to cover up her entire ass, only the biggest part of it. It was orange, clear enough so that the wet spot could be easily seen.

Having him under there was amazingly exciting for her. “Sometimes, sex can be so… distant, even cold. Sometimes we don`t feel the proximity. Sometimes it is just a bunch of movements combined with the contact of the bodies. Sometimes it is so superficial,” she thought. “This, on the other hand, is so… different. It is not something I would let anyone do. It is so close. I mean, I am allowing a boy to get under my dress and between my legs! It feels so close, so special, so intimate. It is not like sex, each one doing the best to give him or herself pleasure. It is all about the other, the partner.” She felt like hugging the boyfriend at that moment, as if he was a teddy bear. That thought made the small sphere seem to grow a little bit in her clit.

Danny got his head even closer to the mark in her panties. In it, he felt like he could read the pleasure his girlfriend was experiencing. It was a deformed circle with a diameter of about two inches. He was able to feel its wetness with the point of his nose. Blended with the smell of flowers from the soap she used to wash herself, he felt the scent. Subtle, but present. It was a scent so strongly related to excitement, sex, pleasure, it seemed to have, in his brain, a bond with the sensations related with all those things. Feeling one would mean feeling the others.

Licking his own lips, he started kissing her. At first on her belly, each kiss was canlı bahis siteleri quick and distant from the one before. Meanwhile, his hands were caressing her legs. There were seven kisses on her abdomen, then at least eleven on the left thigh, and around the same on the other. Only with the wet point of the tong, he licked the very limit of skin right before the panties, close to her vulva, between her legs.

That teasing was driving her crazy. The shiny sphere was growing even more. It seemed to be trying desperately to leave her clit and reach his tong, but was trapped in there. If the shiny point was willing to taste the pleasure of someone`s touch, it would have to be reached instead.

The running liquid of excitement, however, was overflowing, submerging all her skin below her thorax, flowing freely, careless of where it would get, or who it would find.

That was when he moved the front part of her panties to the side, uncovering all her vulva. Her clit, together with her inner lips were almost completely hidden by the outer lips. The area was just slightly darker than the rest around it. Looking, he couldn`t see the wetness of it in that light, but when he got closer and started kissing passionately that pussy as if it was his girlfriend`s mouth, it was evident.

His tongue played on it, getting in and out her body, licking the outside and inside, as if the liquids produced by her excitement were feeding him. His hands, meanwhile, were caressing the area around and below her vulva.

Cupid started breathing a little harder. She let her head fall back due to the sudden explosion of pleasure which resulted from the touch, she for so long had waited for of Danny`s tong on the shiny sphere. With her eyes closed, she could visualize the bright shine of that not so small sphere growing between her legs. In addition to that, she could feel not only the running liquid concentrating itself over that particular area before spreading down her legs, but also a sequence of heat waves originating at that point and investing in every direction.

The boy began massaging her clit with one hand, while exploring every corner of Cupid`s pussy with the tong, occasionally moving with his free hand the lips to the side reveling a pink wet warm interior ready to be approached. He could listen to some groaning coming from the girl. Her head was now hanging forwards. She was still holding the wall to keep the balance. “So good.”

One finger inside, moving as if calling someone. Slowly. Sharing the space with the tong.

“So good. So good. So good,” she said as she felt she would cum soon. “Don`t stop. Just a little more. Owh, Owh, OWH! Keep going, keep gooo… OWH! Keep… Keep… Keeep… OWH. It`s coming. It`s coming. Awh! AWh!! AWH!!! AHHHHHW!!!”

Danny could feel it getting wetter. With his tong deep inside, he licked it all, sucking every drop of it.

She raised her dress, so that she could get a small distance from him, kneeled in front of her boyfriend and, gently, pushed his chest for him to lay down on the floor. His penis was totally aroused and already dripping some cum.

Without the use of her hands, she bent and licked it from the base to the top. Bending a little more, she positioned her face so that she could slide his cock over it.

Taking a little of the cum that was already dripping from the point of his dick with her finger, she tasted it in the most sensual way she could, without moving her eyes from his.

“Would you give me some more of it?” She wasn`t capable of avoiding the laugh caused by the exaggerated acting, neither was him. Still, she bent once again and started altering between masturbating him, sucking and licking the head of his cock, looking for more of his cum.

“Are you going to kiss the bride with this mouth?” he joked.

“What about you?” she stopped licking to point his face, as dirty as hers. Both laughed.

“Hey, hey, hey. You better take your mouth out, I am about to…” too late for him to finish the sentence, but fast enough to warn her.

She moved away quickly enough to escape the cum, which fell on his stomach.

“That was great!” Cupid said, satisfied. “Now, you still haven`t taken your shower. Go fast, we are late!”

“I`ll take the shower when we get back, I can clean this cum with a napkin.”

“Not anymore!” she said, spreading it all over his chest. “Go take your shower.”

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