Drive Through Tales Ch. 02

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Once upon a time – on a crisp, clear autumn afternoon – William P Snyder was driving home early from work; he wanted to surprise his wife by coming home earlier than usual and take her out to a movie. He thought in order to save time and make a matinee he’d stop off and grab some burgers to take home. So he pulled down his car’s sun visor – where he kept coupons of all kinds in a little envelope he kept there for that purpose – and he found one that offered two for one cheeseburgers, fries, and sodas at his favorite burger stand.

Snyder went to this stand at least once a week, often many more times during a week if his wife was away on one of her frequent out-of-town sales trips. It was, however, very early in the afternoon, much too early for the usual girls to be on duty.

Snyder liked flirting with the girls at this stand because the owner obviously had a thing for sexy young women, and he liked to see them wearing pretty skimpy and girlish uniforms in front of his patrons. Very few women, as a consequence, were customers of Y Wanker Burger. It was amazing, however, how many middle-aged men ate their daily bread at the sign there that read “Cum on in and eat at the ‘Y’.” Will Snyder liked the burgers at Y Wanker Burger just fine, but he liked the girls that worked there much more.

There was one black-haired vixen in particular that he fantasized about many a night driving home. Her name, at least according to the name-tag she wore on her lacy uniform top, was Monica, and she was always on the same shift with red haired Lisa, the other outrageously sexy and flirtatious girl who worked with her on the drive-thru window Monday through Friday nights. Snyder looked forward to seeing them, but he was sure it was too early for them to be working now.

Which was why he was delightfully surprised to see Monica and Lisa walking along the sidewalk a few blocks from Y Wanker Burger. He pulled over and asked them if they needed a ride in to work, and he became even more surprised and happy when the said they’d love to.

As black-haired Monica got in he noticed they weren’t in uniform yet, and when Lisa got in he noticed immediately that she was wearing black fishnet stockings and some really sexy platform sandals. He tried not to stare.

Monica had, however, seen him looking down at Lisa’s stocking clad legs and she just giggled. “Actually,” the black haired siren called, “we’re off today, and were just headed home from the mall. Would you give us a lift home?”

“My pleasure, ladies,” Will Snyder said. “Just point the way.” He introduced himself to the girls, and they admitted they recognized him as a regular customer. Will mentioned the two for one coupons he had, and about heading to the restaurant for dinner after he dropped them off. They all made small talk for the few more minutes it took to drive to their apartment.

Soon they were pulling into the girl’s apartment building’s parking lot, and Monica asked if he’d like to come up for something to drink. Will looked at the dashboard clock and saw that he had plenty of time before he would normally get off from work, and hoping he might get lucky, he accepted the offer. Monica smiled sat that, and licked her lips.

The girls led him upstairs to their apartment, and Lisa shut the door behind him as he entered, and locked it behind them. Monica went over to the television and flipped on a DVD; the screen filled with a young woman getting double fucked by two guys, only both guy’s cocks were in the girl’s asshole simultaneously. Lisa came out of the kitchen with some ice-filled glasses, some cola, and a bottle of 151 rum. Will was beginning to think he’d just won the lottery.

“So, Willy, you like Lisa’s legs, huh? You sure were staring at them real good, like maybe you wanted to lick them or something. So, Willy, do you want to lick them?”

Lisa was pouring two rum and cokes while Monica laid this bombshell out there in the air, and Will looked over toward Lisa with an embarrassed grin on his face. “Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t mind that at all,” he said.

“You guess?” Lisa said. “Come over here you little piece of shit,” she said with a laugh. “Get over here and kiss my ass.” She turned around and lifted her short little skirt, revealing her stocking tops and smooth bare ass. There wasn’t an ounce of fat, Will saw, anywhere on the girl’s body. She was pulling at him like a magnet.

Will illegal bahis walked over to her and put his hands on Lisa’s ass, which she slapped away viciously. “Did I tell you to touch my ass, shithead? No, I told you to kiss it. So,” she slapped Will across the face, “get down on your fucking knees and kiss my ass.”

Will looked at her with uncertainty in his eyes. “Well girls,” he said, “I guess I’ll be going. Sure was nice to meet ya.”

“If that’s what you want, Willy,” Monica said, “that’s your call. But this two for one coupon is good for today only, and won’t ever come around again. Sure you wanna go?”

William P Snyder looked at Monica with her beautiful black hair and voluptuous form, graced by the most attractive face he’d ever seen, and he knew he couldn’t leave. He looked over at Lisa – she was rubbing her ass and moaning as she looked at him – and he felt his cock twitching in his boxer shorts. The sounds coming from the television, the two cocks thrashing in and out of the girl’s ass, her wild wailing cries of ecstatic pain, only served to heighten his arousal. He was way past the point of no return, and he knew it was pointless to resist.

Will walked over to Lisa and knelt before her butt, and kissed it.

“No, shithead, not my cheeks, I said kiss my ass.” She pulled her cheeks apart and bent at the waist a bit – exposing her little rosebud – and Will buried his face deep within her crack, then thrust his tongue into her hole. Will heard Monica leave the room as he worked his tongue in and out of Lisa’s delicious asshole. He worked it over the surface and deep into the warm, tight hole, feeling his tongue fill up with the musty brown residue that coated her hole, and he took in the scent and the taste as it ran across his tongue and down his throat. He stroked his cock as he worked away on her asshole until he heard Monica return.

“Whoa, Willy, not so fast down there, buddy. Not ’till I tell you to, O.K.? Now, I want you to stand up, but keep Lisa’s little hole nice and wet like the good little shit licker you are, O.K.?” As he stood up, she smeared a big wad of petroleum jelly over his asshole.

Will looked around wide-eyed and saw Monica standing there in black lingerie, garters and stockings, and teetering on top of some really seductive sky-high black leather pumps. She was rubbing some lube on a huge black dildo that was strapped to her waist by a very heavy black leather harness. She had a riding crop tucked under her left arm, and a twinkle in her eye as she looked at him. “Ever been fucked in the ass, Willy-boy, hum?”

“Uh, no, and I don’t think I want to, either.”

“Well, too bad, Willy,” Lisa said mockingly, “cause you know what? See that girl in the video? Monica and I are going to take your little anal cherry today. And you’re going to pay for it with your two for one coupon, too.”

“That’s right, Willy-boy, you’re going to get the daily double! We’re going to nail you with two cocks at the same time! Bet you’re gonna love it, too, Willy-boy!”

Will moved to stand up, and as he did he heard a whooshing sound as Monica’s riding crop arced through the air and made solid contact with the right side of his thigh. He turned around angrily toward Monica, and as soon as he did he sensed a leather hood being pulled down over his face. He tried to resist, and as soon as he did he felt a really intense pain on the tip of his cock.

“Now Willy, don’t make this hard – well, not too hard – O.K., cause we don’t want to hurt you too bad. But on the other hand, Lisa, it might be fun to cut off his balls and stuff ’em in his mouth. What do you say?”

“Yeah, cool, but wait till after we fuck him, O.K.? I want to see him squirm first.”

Will felt straps being tightened on the back of the leather hood, and it was getting a little hard to breathe. “On your knees, Willy-boy!” he heard. This was followed by another whoosh-whack as the riding crop slammed into groin.

Will dropped to his knees involuntarily as the pain of the whip tore into his consciousness. He felt his upper body being pushed down so that, with his knees still on the ground, his asshole was pointing up toward the ceiling. Something cool was rubbing over the outside of his asshole, smearing through the lube massed there, then he felt something incredibly hard and unyielding pushing it’s way slowly into his anus. If he illegal bahis siteleri had been expecting someone caring and gentle, he was in for a disappointment, because he felt the hard rod moving slowly but inexorably down his chute until Monica’s groin came to a rest against his butt. She didn’t move to withdraw the cock, either; she just kept it there, rooted deeply in his bowels.

The searing pain was inconceivably overwhelming, and, as Will tried to gasp out his shock, he felt the whip slapping into the side of his thigh again. His body went rigid in shock and pain and his arm straightened out – raising his head – then he felt a zipper in the hood opening over his mouth. He tried to scream but as his mouth opened he felt another rubbery smelling thing enter his consciousness, and then, as it entered his mouth he was instantly aware that a huge latex cock was being forced down his throat. He tried to move his hands but felt they had been restrained. Hands grabbed his hair on either side of his head, and he felt the acrid cock in his mouth begin to slide in and out, a little deeper with each thrust.

“Relax your throat, Willy-boy, and swallow as the cock hits the back, or you’ll choke and vomit. And guess what, Willy, if you do you’re probably going to – well – it might not be too fun.” Monica started to thrust the latex cock lodged in his ass in and out viciously – and whipping his thigh as she did so. Lisa’s hard rubber cock was pile-driving in and out of his mouth, causing him to gag each time it hit the back of his throat.

This was, William P Snyder thought, pure unadulterated Hell.

So why was he, all of a sudden, enjoying it so much?!?

He felt his cock swelling, anticipating each thrust by the cocks in his mouth and ass with a little twitch and swell of his own. His hands were still restrained and on the floor under him, and he couldn’t even touch his cock, but soon he felt that familiar build up growing between his legs, and without any help on his part – or from the girls working him over – he felt cum building up and erupt in little involuntarily spasms from his cock. With each thrust of Monica’s latex cock he felt another twitch and spasm as his cock spat another wad of cum out onto the floor.

And their assault didn’t relent.

Monica drove her cock into his bowels over and over until the sensation built into a blinding blur of pleasure-pain that cut deeply into his consciousness with knife-like precision. He felt his involuntary cumming continue – not as physical eruptions – but as a continuous neurological cascade of kaleidoscoping impulses that racked his mind and body.

Lisa’s mouth-fucking had not relented either, but he no longer gagged. The black latex cock slid deeply into and down his throat with intensity equal to Monica’s, and his jaw dropped to accommodate it on its wild thrusting plunges. His mouth burned from the rubber taste, but the sensation of the cock sliding in and out was hypnotic. He felt himself wishing the cock was real, that it would flood his mouth with cum.

Then both cocks pulled out abruptly, and he felt like he was floating free in space.

Then his body was being guided over one of the girl’s, who was now laying on the floor. He was being positioned over one of the cocks, then pushed down onto it. It must have been Lisa’s, he thought, because it felt bigger than the one Monica had been using. He felt her thrusting up, driving her cock in deeply. It was begining to feel good, he thought. Very good.

Then he felt another cock, presumably Monica’s, pushing it’s way in his ass. At first, Lisa’s cock had slowed a bit as the second cock pushed it’s way in through the wads of lube massed on his asshole, and then a blinding, searing pain had over come him, and he felt himself losing consciousness. The world seemed to turn into a buzzing white landscape of nothingness . . .

. . . until his world was centered on the bifurcating motion of the two cocks driving in and out of his asshole. Will was completely unaware of any other sensation than the cocks as they fucked him. He could feel one cock sliding over the other, both stretching his ass wider and wider as they piled deeper and deeper, until . . .

. . . he felt himself returning to the buzzing white void . . .

. . . and then he would feel the world return to him for a moment, feel the world of driving pain, then canlı bahis siteleri the feeling of dissolving into white immateriality would return, and . . .

. . . the cycle would begin again.

He was dimly aware that he was cumming again, cumming on the belly under his, and he was awash in the pleasure pain of his orgasm. Then he drifted off again . . .

xx ; xy

When Will Snyder came to he felt cold tile on his back, and he opened his eyes. He no longer saw only the inside of the leather mask; now he saw the blinding glare of bright bathroom lights, then the presence of Monica above him. She was sitting on the countertop by a bathroom sink, her stockinged high-heel swinging in dizzy little arcs above his face.

“You with us, Willy-boy? Thought we might have lost you there for a minute.”

He tried to speak, but couldn’t. He felt with his tongue that he was gagged by something that felt like a ping-pong ball.

“If you want to say something, Willy, you’re going to have to promise to be a good boy. No yelling out, no screaming. If you do, well . . .” She held up a long bladed kitchen knife and pantomimed cutting his balls off. “If you understand, nod your head.”

He nodded that he understood. Lisa moved into view and unstrapped the ball-gag. “Please try to scream, would you, Willy. Please!” said Lisa.

“Now, now, Lisa, don’t tease the boy-toy. Willy, let me tell you the score. You’ve been out for a couple of hours. Your car has been moved over to the mall, and there’s a letter on the dash that says you’ve decided to leave your wife, leave the country, and good bye. No explanation, and you can be sure the only fingerprints on it are yours. You are going to stay with Lisa and me for a year, and after a year, if you’ve been a good boy, we’ll let you go. We’ve done this three times now, Willy, over three years, and not one boy-toy has left us. As a matter of fact, they beg us to keep them after their year is up.

“So, here’s the deal. Will, you stay with us, we use you, we use you any way we want to. After a year, you leave. You’ve already learned how we’re going to use you, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, I can assure you.”

“What if I want to leave?”

Monica held up the knife, made a little cutting motion. “You can, Willy-boy. But you’ll never father another child. And, you’ll make Lisa very, very happy!”

“Please, Willy, please say you’ll leave,” Lisa said.

“Now, now, Lisa,” Monica said.

“What do I have to do?” Will said.

“Anything we say,” Monica said. “Anything.”

“If I say yes, then what?”

“Then you’ll prove your love to us over time. The more you love us, the more we trust you, the more freedom you’ll enjoy. You’ll sleep chained and gagged in a closet until we’re comfortable with you sleeping in the same room with us. You’ll eat our shit and drink our piss until you’ve earned the right to eat real food again. When we’re around, we’ll use you anyway we want to . . . you’ll be our sex toy. I really love cum, I mean really-really love to eat cum, so you’ll be giving me all you can, anytime I want. We have girlfriends – like us – whom you will entertain when we tell you to. You may even serve some of our boyfriends from time to time. Would you like that, Willy-boy?”

“Oh, come on, Monica, you saw all that yummy-cummy he shot on your tummy. Of course he’ll like it!” Lisa said. “So, what do ya say, Will? Gonna stay and make Monica happy, or leave, and make me happy?” She made a little cutting motion in the air.

“I’ll stay,” William P Snyder said.

“No, no, Willy-boy. That’ll never do. You’re going to have to ask us nicely to stay, and you’re going to have to promise to be our boy-toy.”

“Lisa? Monica? May I please stay here with you and be your slave?”

“No, no, Willy-boy. Not a slave. Just our boy-toy.”

“Lisa? Monica? May I please stay here with you and be your boy-toy?”

“Yes, of course you can, Willy-boy. Now, open your mouth real wide . . .”

Lisa and Monica stood over William P Snyder, naked except for their lingerie, and they squatted a little over his face, then pulled the lips of their vaginas apart.

The beaten little man opened his mouth, and closed his eyes as their pee streamed into his mouth.

“Tell us when you get hungry, Willy- boy,” Monica said as she walked away. Lisa put the gag back in his mouth, and checked to make sure his wrists and ankles were securely shackled. “Oh, well,” Lisa said, “maybe next time . . .” She walked after Monica, looking forward to fisting her cunt and eating her ass out all night long. ‘Ah,’ she thought, ‘life is so sweet.’

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